Diamonds are Unbreakable

This is a fan fiction story of Vampire Knight with a made up Vampire Knight OC- she only has my name and slight similarities.


Name: Julia Smith

Hair: Golden Honey Blonde, darker than Aidou's, more color and thicker and more volumized than Ruka's, it parts on the left and hangs over her right eye, ends at ribcage/right above mid back

Eyes: Diamond Blue, very clever and thoughtful eyes, cloud over when thinking deeply

Quick Bio (You'll learn more as you go): Think of diamonds, gold (not in the rich way color wise), and protection when you think of her and you'll have a basic outline. You have She is 5"6 (shorter than the real me) and she is very strong physically and mentally, so don't worry about her breaking down in the middle of the story unless something seriously serious happens or backing down from a fight. ;) She's a real rebel. (Me: HELL YA!) Her history's revealed throughout the story. She likes to protect people and is a shoulder to cry on, a person to rely on, and a trustable friend- You get it.

Author's Note:


Julia's POV

~You've Got One Life~

As I was walking through the cobblestone streets walking to what was soon to be my "home" in sorts I kind of felt weird. I felt as though something big was going to happen in my life at this new place and that I was going to be the only sane person. How to describe it? You know when you're in school and everyone's laughing and joking around and suddenly the teacher comes in and everyone doesn't notice except you? Well that's what it's like- may not be center point, but it's close and the only way to describe it sanely.

I'm dressed in high lace chucks (black and white) that go up my calves and ended at my knees with long socks underneath, a baggy black hoodie with white and orange designs, loose-ish black denim jeans with my awesome white fabric belt my friend bought for me at the mall one time, and a short black T-shirt with a design on the front in English that said "RIOT!" -Which I highly doubt anyone will know what says well since I'm in Japan and all-Oh yeah I forgot to mention that.

I'm currently in Japan walking to what is to be my new transfer school -since I came from America and all; duh if you haven't guess already. My new school is called "Cross Academy."

'Heh, guess people think they must be really religious or something. I didn't know there were Christians in Japan hehehe…' I knew the truth though so I shouldn't mindlessly joke about that to myself.

ANYWAY, since I'm walking why don't I tell you about what I'm planning on doing now and why the hell I'm here in the first place:

I'm here first of all because I got the opportunity from my now dubbed "ex-school" to come and transfer to another prestigious private school in Japan. Since I had already known the language because of my obsession with anime/manga and all of those FREE language class opportunities at my ex-school I decided "Heh, what the hell, you only got one life."

As for what I'm planning to do… I only plan to stay for about one year or so -then go back to America and finish my last two years of high school with my friends at my soon to be un-ex-school. Confusing isn't it? Good, I like it to be.

So now currently as I'm walking I'm thinking 'Good thing I rarely sleep anyway or I'd be in for it with that flight I just would've gotten jet-lag from.' I only have my two duffel bags FULL of clothes, laptop, IPod, Nintendo (what I get bored), and whatever else I needed for basic necessities in Japan for a year.

The only things I didn't have placed in those duffel bags on my shoulders is my necklace which has a medium sized silver chain and on the end the claws or teeth of all the animals or fish (sharks) I've hunted or fished- Yes I know GASP!-and my phone which I'm currently waiting for my friend to text me back.

'It's not too bad in Japan.' I thought to myself, roaming through possibilities of fun in this place. So far it all adds up to: 0, zero, nada, zip- Yep, I'm gonna need something to get me through this year here. I should've just stayed in Philadelphia and stuck to online manga and late published English dubbed anime…

'Finally,' I though after I found the school in sight… I decided to be the rebel I am and did whatever randomness I thought of doing at that time- which was apparently running up to the school gates- not waiting for them to be unlocked-and hopping over them. I did it with perfect grace even with the heavy duffel bags full of my 'precious' items. I didn't mention there was someone walking to the gates possibly to unlock them at that very moment for me did I? I thought not.

So here it goes… "Hello." I say in my sweet, reserved, angelic voice for all of those who don't know me yet to show I actually CAN be nice when I want to be. Falsities come out of my mouth and through my actions like oil. That made a mentally tsk' at myself.

The man- who I knew quite well actually- seemed surprised by my actions. I smirked to myself knowing he'd not recognize me after all these years. Still confused? Good.

After his partial paralysis was over he said "Hello, and welcome to Cross Academy, I am Chairman Kaein Cross." In a false voice I had already distinguished to be his nice voice as well.

Distracting myself from my already spinning thoughts I asked in amusement and in total awe to the youth I saw still in him- because even after all these years he looked the same.

"You're the chairman here? Wow you look far too young to be, you certainly must be a teacher or a flunky!" He laughed at that and his false smile was replaced with a genuine, happy smile. I returned a small one of my own showing some teeth.

After controlling himself from his laughing fit he put an arm out for my bag and said "Yes I am most certainly the Chairman here. Wouldn't you like some help with those? They look quite heavy."

I smirked at this. "Oh, you mean these old things? - Please, they're light as feathers." I assured him waving it off with my free hand that wasn't in my pocket. The motion sent my hood falling back and my hair falling down from its old position in my hood.

Suddenly though he grabbed them from me, a motion I was quite unused to. I tensed and then relaxed when I realized he wasn't stealing from me like those old Philly boys used to before I got myself a reputation when I beat up that guy... Yeah, truth is I'm quite strong even when I don't want to be. And to others at least my stamina is amazing.

"I insist!" He suddenly said making me jump back to reality and look at him with clear eyes again.

"Alrighty then," I laughed not knowing who this man was in front of me anymore. I mentally sweat dropped

After that he brought me to his office and got out some paperwork I had to fill out tonight.

"When you're done all these papers just bring them to me, alright?" He asked.

I gave him a nod. Not knowing that what he said next was out of his curiosity.

"Are you the daughter of the Smith's?" I smirked at this and finally out came the truth.

"Yes, I was wondering when you'd notice it was me Kaein." I said in my real tone for once probably shocking the daylights out of him. Let's just say my normal tone is… interesting. (Her real voice is mesmerizing and makes your heart pound and hairs stand up at the same time hehe)

Truth is me and Kaein are old friends through my father. My father is in the business at the Vampire Hunters Association with him. Yes- I know you probably are confused now.

Long story short: The association is for Vampire Hunters. Everyone who works for them is to keep humans safe. And, real surprise, I'm the daughter of a secret operative of the association known as "The Bloody Rose." His gun was given to Kaein when he died since I didn't need any weapons… except myself. ( That was such a made up name- I'm horrible with names lol and titles, but interesting with the whole "I didn't need any weapons... except myself," neh?)

"Look at how much you've changed! I hardly recognized you! You're strength though hasn't changed any and-"he went on and on about how I haven't changed and then suddenly when he said "-and my son and daughter will certainly be great friends with you!" At this I was confused.

"Son and daughter?" I asked confused, I thought he never had kids…

"Oh, that's right. I forgot to mention it. My new children were orphans. Their names are Zero and Yuki. Yuki's family was-"I cut him off. "You mean you're housing the human pureblood here?" I knew everything, like I said I'm the only sane one.

"You know?" He asked suddenly shocked. I decided to tell him, "I've known."

"But," I continued "I've never heard of this boy… Zero? Was it?"

"Yes, his name is Zero Kiryu."

"A Kiryu is here too?" I said suddenly interested- I knew about the Kiryu's too, but not that Kaein was housing one. 'Interesting' I thought.

"Yes, and they're both considered my children. Only Yuki calls me Daddy though…" He said sadly with tears streaming down his face.

I got up and patted him on the back with a comforting smile. "I'm sure I'll make great friends with them, old friend."

I looked up with the sudden sound of two sets of feet walking towards the door.

"Here they are now!" Kaein suddenly exclaimed in his happy-go-lucky attitude, making me smile.

Author's Note:

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