Dean discovers that nasty ghosts sometimes live up to their name - even if it's a silly one ...

Disclaimer: I own nothing, shame really ...


The Winchesters crept along the landing in the deserted manor house. "The locals call the spirit 'the Blue Boy'," Sam whispered.

"What is he, a friggin' smurf?"

"No Dean, it's because …"

A sudden unseen force landed a heavy blow into Dean's back, sending him toppling face-first down the staircase.

"Aaagh-aagh-aaghcra-ap-aagh-c-crap …" Dean tumbled down the steps, arms and legs flailing wildly as he rolled and bounced;

"aaagh-crap-aaagh-cra-crap ..."


He landed heavily in an untidy pile of twitching limbs.

Sam dashed down the steps after him and squatted down beside his groaning brother "no, dude, it's because of the bruises he leaves!"