Final Fall

- R i k u / D e a d M a s t e r -

Their green eyes shared the same sad story and the same sad fate…

He offered her a hopeful hand through auspicious eyes. He was tense and tranquil at the same time – she was steps away from a fatal fall off the overhang, and yet her identical green eyes flashed emotions of freedom.

She took a silent step back with a furrowed face, warning him not to come closer.

"Come back," he quietly pleaded, "You don't have to do this."

Her lips did not quiver a reply. She stood still, with her bony legs firmly planted on the crumbling cliff.

A feeling of dread formed in Riku's throat and he closed his eyes.

She wasn't going to come back.

Not now, not ever.

After a long pause, his eyes opened and flashed with the same liberating look she had given him.

"…Then, at least take me with you."

He took a step forward to join her.

She took another step back and flung her reaper at his face, telling him not to come any further.

He swung it out of his way with ease, and fell to the dark abyss below.

Another step back.

He gave a wry smile as he advanced closer and closer.

The darkness had toyed with both of their hearts, and now all that was left was an empty void…

He grabbed her by the waist and tugged her into a tight embrace. He buried his face into her black ringlets.

He would go wherever she wanted to go.

She pried at his shoulders, digging her claws into his pale flesh, hoping that perhaps he would let go of her from the piercing pain…

But he didn't let go.

"Let's take this final fall…together."

As she arched her back to try and desperately force him off of her, she could not support both of their weights.

Her dainty foot slipped from the cliff.

…And his along with her.


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