Secrets to Beauty

Tally and Shay go to Cross Academy!

This is an Uglies Trilogy and Vampire Knight crossover. You won't understand if you don't know the stories.

Oddball Out

Gliding through the new forests of this world was agonizing. Because of no metal to magnetize their hover boards they had to overheat their fans until they were white hot in their infared vision. Each of their tattoos were covered under smart plastic that they'd have to wear for most of their time there because nobody in Tokyo knew about Specials or Pretties and would get a shock to see their cruel beauty and wild tattoos linked to their heartbeats spinning. Also, their skintena was turned off just to be safe.

You must be wondering who they is. "They" is Shay and Tally Youngblood, and they're the 'Cutters' the "special" Specials and Dr. Cable's favorite specials. Since it is their job to take care of all special circumstances they were called to Cross Academy in Tokyo- the still undeveloped part of the world now a day.

Apparently they were called on a circumstance involving people disappearing in and around a school called Cross Academy. Tally and Shay got to go on this case because they were the youngest and could easily fit in with high school students. Plus, they would be the best to handle the old Rusty's lifestyles since they themselves were once Smokies. They were truly special.


"Yes, Doctor Cable?"Shay asked monotone, which Tally was confused about. Sure they hadn't been called on many missions since Zane died and Tally went away with David only to be brought back by her friend now by her side. (David was allowed to stay an Ugly and live wherever he wanted, courtesy of Tally persuading Doctor Cable.) But, Shay had been unusually blunt and dull lately.

'Must've been the cure' Tally thought sadly, she was still a full special. Shay was aging now just like any other normal person, but for some reason Tally seemed to not age. Tally was the only Special who hadn't taken the cure. She was the oddball out.

"Girls, there's a special circumstance for you." And so another Journey began…

Authors Note:

It's a short start, but the rest is all longer.