Challenge Word: Blue

WARNINGS: No warnings, pre-series non-Stanford drabble – ie Dean's in it;-)

100 Words (per MS Word Count)

Post-Hunt Assessment

by Swellison

Twenty-five year old Dean trudged into the motel room, expediently closing the door by falling back against it. He slowly crossed to the bathroom, ditching his coat on the bed in passing. Flipping on the bathroom light, he hiked his shirt up and stared into the mirror, cataloguing the hand-sized black, blue and purple bruising down his right side. The fugly got him good, before he'd ended it.

Grabbing the bucket, Dean half-staggered towards the door. His injury needed tending, but the ice wasn't gonna fetch itself.

He returned, catching his cell's missed message: 43-56-14, 94-24-42.

A new hunt. Fan-freakin'-tastic.

A/N: I was missing the old Sammy, so drabble Dean is, too.