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Clare's POV

My next few classes went by fast. Everyone, even strangers, were asking me why I got called down to the office. They heard rumors of my display earlier today. Apparently it's a little hard to believe that I, Clare Edwards, walked into school without a uniform. And looking like a hooker.

I guess I have a reputation. For being good.

As I walked to lunch, I caught Eli in the hall. He looked shocked that I was still at school.

"Clare, they didn't kick you out?"

"Nah, I got off easy because I'm such a good student." I rolled my eyes. I remembered what I thought about in Simpson's office though earlier. Taking down the school. Not literally, but the school needs to change back to the old Degrassi. I could enlist Eli in my 'army'. Adam too.

"So, Eli. Would you be interested in another one of my propositions?" He looked at me warily.

"Clare…you're not going to do anything too irrational, right?"

"No worries, this one is for a good cause. What if we you know, set our sights on something bigger. Such as Degrassi."

"What do you mean?" We continued to our lunch table that Adam was sitting at already. I waited to explain my plans until we were with Adam too. That way, I wouldn't have to explain twice. All I told them was that after Vegas Night, Degrassi wasn't Degrassi anymore.

It was some kind of crazy jail now. And that needed to change. And I know we can do it, just not alone.

Adam and Eli looked at each other and nodded. They responded in sync. "We're in."

Adam's POV

Clare was right. Stuff needed to be changed. The only problem was, we needed a crap load of time to plan. Time that Clare would no longer have since she was going to be grounded.

The rest of lunch period, we discussed possible ideas and a plan of attack. Of course, I was the one stuck with writing them down. One of the lists went like this:

Steps to taking down the Adminitstration:

Think of some ideas

Get other students to support us

Piss off the teachers so they go back to normal.

other stuff too…

Crappy list if you ask me. We couldn't think of anything. We're brainstorming failures. How the hell did Clare expect to make this work without a game plan?

All the good comic book characters plan their attacks.

Not us though.

We were going to have to spend every lunch period planning this. Eli and I had to do some afterhours work without Clare though.

"Guys, I think we should keep this on the down low until we actually figure out what we're doing." I stated.

Eli looked at me, nodding his head. "You're right. We're pretty pathetic right now."

At least we were all on the same page.

Clare's POV

After school, I considered not going home right away. Since that's exactly what my mom wanted. But since my behavior has been so bad lately, she'd also expect me to not come home. Why not give her a surprise?

"Mom, I'm home." I said, as I entered my house. Get ready for a looooong lecture, Clare.

"Clare Edwards. What makes you think it's okay to disobey us? You've never done this before; what brought this on? First, you miss your curfew. Then, you get your lip pierced and buy slutty clothes. You wear these whore clothes to school which break the school rules. And now I find out that you also have a boyfriend? Is he the cause of this? Is this boy a bad seed?"

I looked at her in disbelief. She really didn't want to blame me for what happened. I knew this because if she blamed me, she'd also be blaming herself for 'going wrong while raising me'. Yeah. Well maybe she shouldn't have sheltered me my entire life.

"Mom, no one put me up to this. All of these choices were my own. Eli – my boyfriend – he's a bit different, yeah. You'll notice that as soon as you meet him. He's different in a good way. I've never met anyone as caring as him. He's a bit rebellious himself, but don't you dare blame this on him."

"Go to your room. Never talk back to your parents, Clare. Give me your phone. Go, now." She had that tone of voice that mom's are so good at. She didn't yell; I could tell she was disappointed though. I've never heard her use that voice at me.

And I loved every second of it.

It was like an adrenaline high that I got when I was in trouble. It was so different; so energizing.

I quickly deleted my text messages, turned my phone off, and handed it to her. I was up the stairs as fast as I could go so I could go online and talk to Eli and Alli.

Eli-gold49 – how'd it go Blue Eyes?

Clare-e23 – let's just say I won't be able to text you for a while. That's the only thing my mom did though. She was soooo mad. It was great.

Eli's POV

Clare-e23 – let's just say I won't be able to text you for a while. That's the only thing my mom did though. She was soooo mad. It was great.

Did my Clare Edwards really just say that? When did this change happen? I don't get it. But yet again, I have to let her express herself. Or else I'd be a hypocrite.

Eli-gold49 – wow Clare, that's cool, but am I gonna get to see you anytime in the near future?

Clare-e23 – my mom didn't say anything about not leaving the house, so what about tonight at like 11? I could sneak out my window, just in case.

I couldn't refuse this offer. Sneaking out felt dangerous, and dangerous was hot.

Eli-gold49 – sounds good. I'll be waiting down the street at 11. see you in a few hours. No Morty tonight – he broke down. Xoxo

Eli-gold49 has signed off.

Off I go to get ready for my midnight adventure with Clare.

11pm, midnight, same thing.

Clare's POV

I did my homework just like normal and pretended to go to bed at 9:30.

"Night, mom. See you tomorrow."


She was still pissed. Good, she deserves it. Maybe if I keep being an awful child, my dad and mom will band together and stop fighting. To fix me.

I wrote Fortnight fanfiction for 45 minutes, and then I put on some of my old Clare clothes. It was cold outside – no corset weather.

I climbed out the window as carefully and quietly as I could and to my surprise, I didn't fall or even stumble.

I heard someone whisper my name. "Clare. Clare, is that you?"


"Of course, who else would be waiting for you at 11 o clock at night?"

"Oh you know. My various male admirers. I have many, if you didn't notice." He giggled, and wrapped me into a hug.

"So, Clare. What are we up to on this fine evening?"

"Well, I did have an idea."

I laughed and grabbed his hand, beginning to lead him away from my house.

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