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This is FUTA meaning that Bella has a little extra in her that I chose to use.

Also,Vampires sleep in my story.



"Come on Bella! This is going to be fun" I whined at Bella,who was sitting in the passenger seat of my yellow Porsche. " I could give you a full session of Bella Barbie and then I could do your nails. Give you the full human sleepover experience." I chirped at her.

I really have no Idea why shes putting up this much of a fight. We already know that she's going to give in sooner and later and I bet on sooner because we're already at the house. And no one bets against Alice.

It's been 3 years since my idiot of a brother,Edward had left Bella. I honestly believe that he really thought he was doing the right thing by leaving, but it just fucked everything up in the long run. I had already seen a vision of our lives with Bella in it since the moment she had walked into that cafeteria in Forks High. My vision was of a vampirized Bella and Edward getting married again for the seventh time. It would have been their 50 year anniversary and everything was perfect. Bella eyes were butterscotch gold and she had one of the most dazzling smiles I had ever seen on her, She looked stunning in a off-white mid-thigh wedding gown and a white sideways veil. Her hair was one of the most unique auburn color I had ever seen with the most natural red highlights ever. A perk from being a vampire.

Edward too,looked gorgeous and his hair was for once not defying gravity. It was slicked down a little with a little curl that popped out in the front. He was wearing a fabulous black and gold suit that accented his eyes. It doesn't matter anymore. He messed up his Happy Ever After.

When we finally decided to go back to Forks to try and make things right with Bella we found a very different her waiting for us. Bella had grown up and realized that she was a very beautiful woman and she knew it. She wasn't the self-conscious teenager Bella that had to depend on somebody for everything. She was a real sarcastic broody bastard but we don't know the cause of her brooding. Another big change was that she wasn't human. She not a vampire or wolf but she is definitely something else. It was hard at first but she eventually forgave us and let us earn our ways back into her life. She just doesn't trust us enough yet to tell us what she is.

"Alice all of those things you were way to girly for me. Can we just get this over with already? I have better things to spend my weekend doing ya know." Bella dead-panned with that deep,husky voice of hers. That's another thing that's changed. Bella has always been a tomboy but now she radiated this aura of raw, primitive energy that was slightly masculine. She was getting out of the car with her now black shoulder-length hair. The bangs were short and choppy with a little part to where Bella could comb most of it over to the side.

She swaggered over to my door and opened it for me. When she bent over a little and basically just picked me up with one hand and set me on my feet I could see the lithe muscles flexing in her arms and could faintly make out her toned abs through the tight-fitted purple plaid shirt. I heard a cough and looked up to see Bella smirking a little at me. " You like ?" Bella husked out with an arched eyebrow and waltzed into the house.

I really don't know when it started but I have somehow found myself in this tangle of emotions with Bella. I wouldn't really call it love but it sure as hell is lust. I think it started about 6 months after we came back. Me and Jasper had just broke up because he had found his true mate in a lovely girl from the south. She was a newborn and his friend Peter had called him down for he could help with her gift. I really wasn't surprised when he came back and told me how he had fallen in love. I always knew that Jasper and I wasn't meant to be;we were just a phase in our lives for we wouldn't be alone when we needed someone the most.


It was about 2 in the morning and me and Bella were a marathon of True Blood. We were on my bed,leaning on the headboard with Bella's to warm arm around my shoulders. I know we already see like a couple but we really aren't;I just like to cuddle okay?

On the screen we could see Sookie and Bill. They were at his house and was about to make love. The room seemed to grow smaller and smaller until the only thing I knew and felt was Bella heartbeat and warmth. I could tell both of us were no longer watching the show but we could still faintly hear Sookie's cry's of ecstasy.

Me and Bella both seemed to had leaned towards each other at the same time and our lips met halfway.

The kiss wasn't slow or passionate but it was hard and rough and it hurt. Underlying Bella's scorching lips were the inferno of our lust and I knew that we wouldn't be able to stop this time.

Bella had pulled away from the kiss but I could hear her labored breath and erratic heartbeats.

"Alice you do know that if we go through with this nothing will ever be the same?" She questioned me with those chocolate eyes burning into me. I just scooted onto her lap with me legs wrapped around her waist and started laying sloppy trailing down to her neck.

I could tell Bella was trying to resist but we have both been fighting and wanting this for so long that now that it was here we really didn't know what to do. With my legs around her waist and my hands in her hair I could feel everything and something that wasn't supposed to be there.

Me and Bella collectively looked down to the growing monument that was proudly standing up in my honer. Bella blushed a beautiful scarlet that hasn't appeared on her cheeks in a long time and looked up to see my reaction. I always knew Bella was special but not this special but it really doesn't matter. Bella is still Bella and that isn't going to change.

I could tell that Bella really didn't believe me when I told her it's okay so I took off her shirt and trailed kissed downward and payed extra attention to her breast. Once I got to the waistband of her pants I slowly unzipped them and pushed them down and her cock sprang free.

It was a marvelous appendage at about 9 inches long and 3 inches thick. I let out a low moan of want at the thought of Bella inside of me. I licked up the shaft with light quick strokes of my tongue until I got to the head. I looked up at Bella who was watching me with lust-darkened eyes. I held her eyes because I wanted her to see me do this.

I licked a circle around the head and moved one of my hands to the base of her shaft. I slowly started pumping with my hand and covered the head with my mouth. I felt a drop of peppermint flavored pre cum make its way from the slit and licked it and moaned from the taste. Bella was getting worked up and let out a growl from that. My eyes widened because I forgot all about Bella not being human and wondered what kind of new experiences her species would bring to the table.

Bella suddenly somehow flipped me over and ripped off my clothes in under 30 seconds. Before I had time to react she was between my legs and furiously attacking my clit. She tweaked it,bit it and sucked it for all that is holy and I soon felt that familiar tension in the pit of my stomach and knew that I wouldn't be able to hold out that longer.

I was moaning and bucking harder and harder trying to get that wonderfully talented tongue to stop kidding and give me what I needed. Sex was never like this with Jasper. Jasper was tame and predicable and boring where as I didn't know what Bella was going to do next. She wanted all of me in every possible way and she was going to get it too. I thought I was in heaven until everything got much better.

Bella had inserted 3 of her long digits into my heated opening and was pounding away with inhuman strength. When she reached up and kissed me sloppily on the mouth and I could taste myself through her was all that I needed to get pushed over the edge.

I may have already came and was tired but Bella was no where near finished. Once I had calmed down a little and was only letting out soft moans Bella steeled the cock of her head right at my opening and gently pushed in.

Once she was in as much as she could fit inside of my tight hole she slowly started moving in and out.

I really don't know how to describe how good and right and whole I had felt in that moment. Bella had started going faster;so fast and hard that truly showed that she was not human and I couldn't control my screams or moan.

Suddenly I felt some sort of extension come from her cock and it latched on to my innermost and sensitive spot and it turned Bella's powerful stroke into measured taps that I had never felt before. This was one of the most pleasant feeling I every had and I never wanted it to stop.

I could tell that Bella was about to cum because she started going faster and deeper with each stroke and I think she filled me up so much that I swear her cock licked the insides of my throat and my eyes rolled back.

When I came again I bit Bella's shoulder so hard that it would surely leave the imprint of my teeth. Bella soon came after wards with a low growl of my name. She came so hard that some of the cum leaked out from my hole onto her dick that was still firmly inside of me.

After she caught her breath, she rolled over and pulled me on top of her and tiredly kissed me with the promise of talking in the morning.

While she was sleep I played with her hair and thought about things.

My feelings for Bella weren't love but I couldn't promise that it couldn't grow into it. The last thought I had before I succumbed to sleep was I sure have a story to kiss-and-tell to Rosalie about now.