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Chapter 4

"Follow me Alice. Rex is in the garage." Bella called out from in front of me. I followed her outside and around to the side of the house were her garage was. Bella pulled out a key and unlocked the garage door and it collided with the ceiling with a bang. In the middle of the garage was her Harley Davidson Nighstar who she had affectionately called Sugar. It was mostly black and orange and was low set. Like the original Harley's and not today's Ducati based bikes. I never really bothered to learn the parts of a motorcycle but I bet if I asked Rosalie she would know everything. Both Bella and Rosalie were motorcycle enthusiast which seemed to be about the only thing they had in common. I gave Rex a closer inspection and noticed something new about it.

"Really Bella, Batman?" I asked with a quirked eyebrow. Bella was hiking one leg over the seat but when she finished she looked at me.

"Hells yeah. Everybody knows Batman was the only real badass from Marvel. He also always has the best wheels too." I looked at Bella and at her seat to see that it only fitted her and wondered were I was going to sit at.

"Your forgetting about Superman. The guy who has lasers for eyes and superhuman strength." I told her retortly. Bella gave that strange laugh and pretended to wipe sweat off her face.

"Your really funny Alice. No your fucking hilarious. Superman can crush a car, which is something we both can do and he has laser eyes, which is something I have but of the better variety. " My eyes widened hysterically and I bet I looked like one of those Barbie dolls but she has laser eyes. Did being a weretiger give her extra powers too?

" Do you really have laser because if you do that so cool. You have to show me." I said in a big rushed sentence. Bella put her hands up keeping me off of her because I did get a little excited and was practically mauling her from her seat.

" I said a laser of a different variety,but I do have a laser. I can show you later but only after you come with me." I looked at her questionably because I really didn't see a possible way for both of us to fit. Bella must've known what I was thinking because she gestured to the little space in front of her.

"Alice you can fit. You are a midget after all." She said teasingly. I walked over to her and slapped her in the back of the head lightly. I put one of my legs on the other side of the bike thankful for its low structure. There wasn't anymore room so I just sat down awkwardly on Bella's legs, careful to avoid being directly on her lap.

Bella looked down at me then rolled her eyes. She slowly turned the handle and Rex gently pulled out of the drive. Before she could protest, I gracefully hopped off the bike and closed the garage and locked it. When I went to sit back down again,Bella roughly pulled me back into her stomach and onto her lap.

I tried to look up at her but I couldn't really turn because Bella's arms were around me tightly to reach the handle bar and my head was tucked up under her neck. "Isn't that a lot better?" I heard Bella say somewhere in my unconscious but it didn't really register because I felt alive.


I didn't really know where we were going but it was obvious once we arrived in front of the movie theater. Bella pulled into the parking lot and abruptly stopped right before hitting a pole. I got off of Bella and made sure to slow down my movements for I could look human. Bella got off of Rex and walked to my side. Once we got to the ticket booth turned me," What do you want to see,babe?"

"Confessions of A Shopaholic." I answered automatically. Confessions of A Shopaholic is one of my all-time favorite movies. It also doesn't help that Patricia Fields did an amazing job on the wardrobe. It must've been my lucky day because they were doing a special showing just for tonight.

"Come on, Alice. Can't we see something else? Preferably scary?" Bella had a mocking smile at the end because she knew nothing in there was capable of scaring us.

"Please Bella!" I whined and started pouting. No one could resist my Pixie Pout,it was practically certified to get you whatever you want. Bella only stared back at me.

"Sorry Sweetcakes, but you are not making me sit through another 2 hours of watching some chick play dress up." I guess Bella was going to make this difficult. I straightened up and clasped my hands together in front of me and started quivering my bottom lip striving to look heartbroken and innocent.

Bella steeled her jaw and glared back just as fiercely as I was pouting. With frozen eyes Bella turned around to the guy in the booth who looked bored and pissed off,and in her most pleasant voice asked,"Two tickets for The Wolfman please."I looked at in disbelief. She was the one taking me on a date; Normally the date gets to chose the movie. But then again, nothing was normal with Bella. I rushed up to the booth and lightly pushed Bella out of the way. "Confessions of A Shopaholic." I told him in my serious voice.

"Two tickets for The Wolfman,now please. " Bella countered in a not-so-nice voice that was akin to a rumbling growl. She was leaning against the counter with both hands spread out threateningly close to the glass and even I could see the animal that was sheltered by a thin layer of skin. The boy in the booth looked dumbfounded and kept glancing between me and Bella. We both were very serious but I really doubted my look was enough to conquer Bella's dangerous aura. The guy seemed to make up his mind and hurriedly punched some buttons on the computer. " Two tickets for The Wolfman,hope you have a nice day!" The guy said with fake enthusiasm.

Bella nodded at the guy and took my hand while I glared at him."Alice, I know you wanted to see that movie but it's really not that big of a deal." Not that big of a deal! I fucking love that movie and there doing a 1 day special to see a 4 year old movie in theaters and it's not that big of a deal. I huffed angrily and snatched my hand out of her grasp. Bella just sighed and grabbed her popcorn.


Me and Bella was sitting in the back of the theater,where it was the darkest and the movie was close to the end. The Wolfman, Lawrence was in a asylum where they was supposed to be "curing" him. I don't know anything about my past life, which is highly unusual for a vampire. I sometimes get little flashes of a memory and all of them are things I could have went without knowing and this particular scene was a little to close for comfort.

They had Lawrence strapped onto this long piece of board that was more like debris hovering over a pool. I had a sickening feeling that I knew what was going to happen next. I abruptly clasped the arm rest and didn't hold myself back enough and I could hear the crack of metal being bent. I was shaking; shaking so hard that I could have been mistaken for a mutt and Bella leant over and put her arm around my shoulder successfully pinning my arms to my side." Sweetcakes,what's wrong? Just calm down and talk to me."my fears were confirmed when they started inching Lawrence lower and lower and inch by inch until he collided with the water. Everything was so dark and I could barely even see. I could litterally feel the ice water rushing through my veins, numbing my arms and legs and it felt like my heart was going to freeze over, but none of that was possible because I was long dead and that made me realize it was a memory. I started sobbing that strange dry-heaving that us vampires do to release heavy emotions. Why should my first complete memory be of something so horrible? It wasn't fair.

Bella stood up and bent down and picked up my limp hands from my sides and wrapped them around her neck. She picked up my full body from my abdomen then turned me around to gently cradle me like a baby. My legs were dangling only a little from one of her arms and her other one was supporting my head onto her shoulder. " It's okay Sweetcakes. Everything's going be fine. You're okay. Don't worry." She whispered into my ear. She kept repeating it like a mantra as she carried me and I was so utterly thankful that I didn't have to go through this alone. Everyone was looking at us strangely and I didn't want to see the confused faces,so I just buried my head deeper into Bella's better-than-chocolate scent.

She carried all the way out of the theater and once we got to her bike, she made sure to keep me wrapped safely in her arms and covered by everything that's her. I looked up from where I was buried in Bella's shoulder once I felt the bike stop. "Walk with me." Bella requested.

I slowly got up from the bike and immediately felt Bella's warm arm wrapped around my shoulder's. We started walking until we got to the beach. Bella let go of me and ran around a minute checking for humans so I just sat down in the sand;not caring about my clothes. Bella must've been settled with what she found because she nodded to herself and walked back over to me.

"Sweetheart, you remember when I told you I would show you my powers one day?" Bella asked me. I nodded. Bella continued, "Well, here it is."

Bella took a deep breath and phrased into her tiger form, only this time she didn't stop at the usual gorgeous white and black fur and instead kept phrasing. I gasped and marveled at how beautiful Bella truly was. I watched in amazement as water, seemingly coming from the air, compacted and reshaped itself inside of Bella until it was frozen solid. I could see all the rippling of the water particles still inside Bella's translucent fur. I reached out and touched it and, much to my surprise, found that even if it was ice, it was as hot as a furnace. I didn't get to relish in how Bella's warmth made me feel human because, all to soon, she was gone.