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"Mom, do we have to?"

The scene before Hiccup reminded him of a similar one that had occurred half a lifetime ago. Like a film it reeled through his head.

"Hush," the Viking woman whispered warningly. Forcing a pained smile, the girl's mother accepted the chief's offer. "We'd be delighted." Of course she wouldn't be. But whoever said 'no' to Stoick did not live to tell the tale.

"Thank you." Stoick replied and before he left children alone, he hissed in Hiccup's ear, "Stay out of trouble."

The young Viking's eyes bore through Hiccup.

Eight years later, those same icy eyes shot daggers at him. Eight years ago, those eyes were less distinct and her rude remarks to her mother of "not one of us" etc detracted from the intensity. As time passed, Astrid had perfected the art of emitting the perfect death glare.

He didn't want to close his eyes: Astrid would know where he was headed and her snide comments would bring him right back out.

He opened his mouth and her stare intensified. Hiccup backed away, fell off the front step, then blushed, and pretended it hadn't happened. It wouldn't have been as embarrassing if he hadn't developed a liking for her which he wasn't good at hiding.

"Stop that!" was the first thing that came out of her mouth. She loomed over him and ordered, "Get up. You can do it on your own."

One moment, with great difficulty, his back throbbing, he lifted himself off the ground. The next, Astrid dragged him into her house, slammed the door, and raced around drawing the curtains.

As soon as Astrid's glower was off his back Hiccup regained his personality. "Well, hello, Hiccup," he said sarcastically, "how are you?"

"Does Hiccup always talk in third person?" Astrid retorted.

"Not usually. While we're not on the subject of greetings, how are you?"

She returned to staring him down. "Stop messing around. It's bad enough that I have to practically babysit you, but the talking, it's got to stop."

Confused as to what he was even doing that upset her, Hiccup looked at her and tried not to think about how beautiful he thought she was, or the way the sunlight coming in through a crack in the curtains reflected off her hair…

"Hiccup!" Her icy sharp eyes replaced the sunshine. "Thor, give me strength, were you even listening to me?"

He shrugged. "Sort of."

She rolled her eyes. "Very funny. You weren't listening. Just stop talking. Seriously."

But he couldn't stop talking. He had way too much to say and no one who wanted to listen to him. Did he ever?

"Alright then." He plopped down on the staircase next to her, sighed, and attempted to casually ask "So what do you want to do?"

Astrid groaned. "Really, Hiccup? It's not a play-date. In fact, it never was! Do you think that we're kids again or something? We're definitely not. Things have changed since then. I don't need someone to play with. I'm not…experimenting. I don't need to hang around others to validate my existence. I know who I am. Shouldn't you?

"And anyway, do you honestly think that this about what I want to do? There are a lot of things I could be doing right now and you're not exactly helping the situation. You're here because you'll wreck the house if you stay inside and wreck the village if you go out."

"Thank you for summing that up."

She had gotten less blunt over the years and this was a step in the wrong direction. Sort of like she was reverting to her childlike state. Did all women do that? When his mother was still alive he'd seen her do that all the time. He rested his head on the staircase and closed his eyes.

Before he knew it, he was flying. Over seas and towering cliffs through the fine morning mist of… wait, where on Earth was he? Was he even on Earth at all? He couldn't tell. Nothing looked familiar. But he had never flown before, so how could it? And more importantly, how was he flying? A whoosh of air whipped past his face and fire flew out of thin air before him…

"Oh gods, Hiccup, what have you done?" screeched a voice.

Astrid brought him out of his world. Maybe this explained the flying. Maybe a dragon had flown by and caused the disaster. He hadn't been paying attention. Anyway, no matter what he tried to tell Astrid, her mother, or his father would not believe anything he said.

Who would believe anyone who had been caught red-handed falling from the sky and breaking an enormous hole the Hofferson roof?

How Hiccup did that was beyond him.

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