Disclaimer: Not mine, unfortunately.

Challenge Word: Blue

Word Count: 100

Shivering, he clutched his jacket tightly around himself.

Blue colored his nails.

His eyes were closed; the darkness easier to handle when he could pretend he had control over it.

The industrial size freezer had been foreboding, taking up nearly the entire basement.

A suspect in multiple cases of missing persons, Andrew Neiman White had rented the location under an alias that the local police had missed.

Sam had not.

Unfortunately, White's ghost wasn't thrilled with strangers in his…office.

Separated, one was thrown into a wall, the other the freezer.

Shotgun blasts reassured him that he'd be rescued soon.


A\N: Hmm…so. I wrote this and it's kind of all over the place. But I kind of feel like the jumpiness is reminiscent of the starting stages of hypothermia so maybe it works? Anyway, hope you like it. Also, which brother do you think is the one in trouble? I'm curious to know.