I dream of Harper.

Little one shots of the Wizard's character's dreaming of Harper.

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Max was filling up water balloon's whistling a tone only he knew. Max was planing on dropping water balloon's on people. But not any water balloon's theses water balloon's had yellow dye in them , so it would make the water turn yellow. It was a very evil plan, it was winter , there was snow do the math. You don't have to be a Justin to know yellow warm water dropping on people with snow on the ground equal's a yuck factor. He was grinning even Alex wouldn't think of this, only he Max Russo could think of something so nasty.

" Hey, Max what are you doing." asked Harper as she walked into the Russo's kitchen . Max looked at Harper she was dressed in black sweatpants and a Giant's Hoodie sweatshirt. Her hair was down, like he loved it. Harper moved in when her parent's moved to Pittsburgh. He knew Harper was Alex's best friend but he couldn't help himself from staring at her wondering what's under her clothes. How that milky white skin felt, how her full pink lip's tasted and how soft her hair felt. He spent many sleepless night's think about her.

" Max, earth to Max come home" said Harper as she waved her hand in front of his face. Max didn't notice Harper was that close to him, he could smell her perfume and her shampoo. He smelled Lilac's and strawberry's.

" Umm, I'm filling these water balloon's with water and yellow dye . Then I'm going to drop them on people. You see it's snowing and the yellow water hitting the ground it'll look like pee." said Max as he grinned. He saw that she had a disgusted look on her face, but then it changed into a smile.

" Well, I have nothing to do so... can I help" asked Harper as she smiled at him. He loved that smile, it made the whole room glow.

" Sure , why not I love to have company." said Max as he had a huge grin on his face. He never had time alone with Harper. The only person who really had time with Harper was Alex and he was always boiling with jealousy.

" So Max what do I do." asked Harper as she looked at the three buckets full of water balloon's. Max handed her one of the small bucket's and took the two big one's himself.

" Your getting pretty strong Max" said Harper in awe of how he was handling both the bucket's full of water balloon's. Both Max and Harper walked out to the balcony and place the bucket's on the floor.

" What's next." asked Harper as she looked at the people below them. It was lightly snowing and max could see her breath.

" Well, grab a balloon and drop one and hide." said Max as he garbed her hand and placed a water balloon in it. Max moved Harper's body closer to his.

" I'll show how, don't worry Harper I got you" whispered Max into Harper's ear's. Harper giggled and dropped the water balloon. After a half hour they ran out of water balloon's.

" That was so much fun." said Harper as she smiled and looked at Max. Max smiled back , Harper never looked so beautiful in his life. Her cheeks where red from the cold and hey eye's glowing with the joy of mystify.

" You look cold Harper let's get you in." said Max as he open the door. He hadn't notice but he was cold to. He was only wearing a short sleeve shirt and blue jean's.

" I am cold." said Harper as she smiled and walked inside. The house was dark they where the only one's home. Harper was shaking. Max smirked maybe he could get closer to Harper and warm her up.

" Here let me warm you up." said Max as he wrapped his arm's around Harper, hugging her from behind.

" Mmm, thanks this is nice and warm." said Harper as she looked deeply into Max's eye's.

" I can make it hotter if you want Harper. Would you like that, would you like me to heat thing's up" said Max in a very husky voice.

" Yes, heat thing's up Max." said Harper as she turned around in his arm's. Max leaned forward and gently kissed Harper on the lip's. Harper deepen the kiss holding his head tighter to her's.

" Mmm, Harper" moaned Max as he slowly walked her to the couch. He laid Harper down. He didn't know how it happen put in the short time both of them had there clothes off. Max could see Harper's bountiful bossism, her milky white skin and her fiery bush. Max slowly trace every part of Harper's body with his hand's. He could hear her whimpering in pleasure, moaning his name.

" Max , no more games take me now please" said Harper as she looked at him with so much hunger in her eye's.

" Anything you say" said Max as he slowly inserted his cock in to her. It wasn't huge but it was going to do the job. It was5 inches long and 2 and a half inches thick. He was proud of it and Harper was going to love it.

" Oh, Max" said Harper as she wrapped her leg's around his waist. Max could feel how wet she was , how wet she was for him. He slowly went in and out of her, but hearing her scream harder and faster. Max kept on pumping in and out of Harper faster and harder giving Harper all he could give her and more.

" Max , Max Oh god MMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXX" yelled Harper as she moved her hip's in perfect harmony with his thrusting. Max could feel her breast bouncing up and down on his chest.

" OH , HARPER I'M GONNA CUM" yelled Max as he could feel his hard dick tighten ready to shoot his load into her warm wet pussy.

" Cum inside me Max, I want to feel your warm gooey seeds in me." said Harper as she warped her leg's tighter around his waist. Max nodded and grin he let's his load go and came all over Harper's inside.

Max woke up panting, sweating. He looked around he was in his room. It was just a dream, just a dream but how did he wish it was true if felt so real. But he knew Harper's room was in the basement and his room was on the second floor. So close but not close enough.

Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place


"Morning Mr. Russo, I was cleaning the attic and I found this jacket. It say the Italian buckaroo." said Harper as she held the jacket and black cowboy hat out to show him. Jerry smiled he hasn't seen that jacket in a long time. He looked at Harper she was dressed in simple white short's and a red tank with a bright yellow smiley face.

" This was my plan B if I didn't become The Family Wizard. But then I meet Theresa and well you know the rest." said Jerry as he touch the sleeve of the jacket.

" So ….. what is a Buckaroo . Is it like a cowboy" asked Harper with a sweet innocent voice. Jerry looked at Harper, she was so beautifully . Long red hair, creamy white skin, bright green eye's and a body full of curves just in the right spot's.

" Yup, just like a cowboy. " said Jerry as he turned around fast, he could feel himself getting hard just looking at Harper. He didn't need her seeing him hard, she would be disgusted his whole family would hate him and look at him with shame.

" Well, why don't you show me some moves then cowboy" said Harper as she put the jacket on and place the hat on her head. Jerry turned around and looked at Harper. She looked so good in his jacket and hat. She had a seductive smirk on her face.

" What I don't have any moves." said Jerry as he swallowed hard. His throat was dry and he could feel his man hood ready to rip threw his jeans.

" Oh, I bet you have some move's Mr. Russo. Let's try them out huh" said Harper as she walked up to him and grabbed his manhood.

"Harper. What are you doing" said Jerry as he looked at her with shock.

" Come on Cowboy show me what you got." said Harper as she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him full on his lip's. Jerry kissed her back he tasted sweet sugar. He couldn't help himself he knew he shouldn't but he wanted her. He wanted Harper and he was going to have her.

" Oh, god Harper your such a good kisser." said Jerry as he ran his hand threw her hair.

" Mmm, so are you Mr. Italian Buckaroo. Now let's see if you can buck me off." said Harper as she unbuckled his belt and slid his pant's and boxer's to his ankle.

" Mmm, wow Mr. Russo your definitely a big bull. Let's see if I can handle this." said Harper as she went on her knees and took his manhood into her mouth. Jerry knew this was wrong but how can something so wrong feel so good. Her mouth was so hot, her tongue was slowly licking his dick. Making swirl's and long strait stroke. She sucked the tip and message his ball's. He never had a blow job like this before hr could fell himself ready to explode.

" Now that your all stiff , it's time for you to buck me off." said Harper as she slid off her short's. To show that she wasn't wearing any panties. He looked at her lovely red bush how much he wanted to taste her. He dropped to his knees and licked his lip's.

" Sorry, Mr. Russo I'm going to ride you like a cowgirl should ride a Big bad bull." said Harper as pushed him on the ground. Harper crawled on to and slid herself on to his throbbing penis.

" Now try to buck me off, Italian Buckaroo." said Harper as she smirked. Jerry smirked back and stared to buck like he was told to. He held on to her hip's keeping her in place and he pounded into her as hard as he could. Harper as grinding him and moving with so much grace that it was driving him crazy. He could feel that he was ready to let go , but not yet he wanted this to last. Thinking of how hot Harper was in his jacket and hat. How seductive she was, like a siren calling him. He needed to be the big bad bull that she want's him to be.

"You want a big bad bull , well here you go" said Jerry as he flipped her over so she was on her knee's , but he was still inside her. He pounded her like a jack hammer. As he's thrust got harder , it was hard for him to control himself.

" Mr. Russo, Mr, RUSSSO" yelled Harper as he came inside her.

Jerry woke up, panting he looked over to his left to see his wife soundly sleeping. Silently praying to God for that. He looked downed he needed to clean himself off before his wife woke up or he'd have to explain why a guy in his 40's was having a wet dream. But he would love to have that dream again.

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