I dream of Harper.

Little one shots of the Wizard's character's dreaming of Harper.

Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place W.O.W.P W.O. of Waverly Place W.O.W.P W.O.W.P


" It's so fucking hot today, damn and the Ac is broken" said Alex as she wiped the sweat off her forehead. Her father,Mother and two brother's went to the mall to get a new AC but still it was hell waiting for them to get back home with it. She wish the heat didn't affect a wizard's magic or she would Ice the place down. Alex looked around and deiced to see her best friend who happen to live in her basement. Alex smiled thinking of Harper in short short's and a small tank top on. Harper was perfect in her eye's beautiful hot smoking body that made this heat feel like nothing. As Alex walked down the stair's into the basement she notice that it was a lot cooler down here then up stair's.

" Harper, where you at I'm bored and it's so freaking hot upstairs." said Alex as she flung herself onto The red head's bed. Harper walked out in a black bra and black thong's. Alex froze she could feel herself getting hot by the minuet . Harper's body was hotter then she could ever imagine, if she stood by a ice berg she would of melted it.

" I think just wearing this will cool you down. So strip and let's she how cool you'll get. It's okay I'll be fine with you in your undies on my bed Alex." said Harper as she grinned at Alex. Alex swallowed the drool in her mouth and took off her clothes. She was just in a pair of boy short's by Joe Boxer's and a simple purple bra.

" Now how does that feel, a hell of a lot better I bet" said Harper as she moved closer to Alex.

" I don't know It's still feel's hot in here" said Alex as she looked over Harper's body like a starved man looking at a full plate of food.

" Hmm, well maybe you need to relax. I'll help you relax." said Harper as she said the last part into Alex's ear. Alex could smell the sweet smell of Harper's perfume. Harper took off Alex's Bra and threw it over her shoulder.

" How does that feel any better or are you still hot." asked Harper in a husky voice.

" So so hot, so hot" said Alex as she looked into Harper's brown eye's, she could see the lust in her eye's, the hunger something she never seen before in the redhead.

" Then let me help you" said Harper as she dropped to her knee's. Harper slowly ran her hand's down Alex's body till she got to her boxer's. Alex shiver as Harper touched her. Harper slowly took off Alex's boxer's and smiled at Alex standing in front of her in all her naked glory.

" Your truly a goddess Alex, but would you like to help me cool down." asked Harper as she slowly stood up and looked at Alex. Alex licked her lip's and moved closer to Harper. As she took off Harper's undergarment's she notice how soft Harper's skin was , how smooth and cool to the touch.

" Are you okay Alex you look like your still hot, your face is all red." said Harper as she smirked. Alex looked around trying to think of something to say to Harper but all she could think of was throwing the red head on the bed and making sweet magical monkey love.

" Umm, umm" said Alex as she looked back at Harper. Harper pushed her on the bed. Alex watched Harper craw on her and slowly grind her body to her's.

" You know what they do when you have a fever they make you hotter, so that's what I'm going to do Alex. I'm going to make you hotter then you ever been before." whisper Harper into Alex's neck.

" Harper" moaned Alex as she felt Harper's finger's trace line's up and down her pussy. Harper slowly put one finger into Alex's moist pussy.

" Ghha, mmm god Harper" said Alex as she moved her hip's with Harper's hand's. Harper grinned and moved faster and added a second finger into Alex.

" Are you getting hotter Alex am I making you HOT" said Harper as she licked Alex's neck.

" Mmm, yes I'm so hot." said Alex as she closed her eye's as she felt her body spasm from Harper's thrusting finger's. Harper speed up her pace and thrust harder. Sending Alex to a bliss nirvana.

" GOD HARPER, " yelled Alex as she woke up in the middle of the classroom. Everyone looked at her as she yelled. Alex blushed and tried to hide her face.

" Yes Alex is there anything I can do for you," asked Harper as she looked at Alex.

" Umm, nha I'm good sorry." said Alex as she wiped her forehead.

" Your Hot, Alex" said Harper as she leaned forward and wiped Alex's face with a cool cloth.

Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place W.O.W.P W.O. of Waverly Place W.O.W.P W.O.W.P

So who's next Dean , Megan ! Tutor Hmm should I do that one to. But you have to pick so I can write . As always no Zeke. Maxine will be to hard sorry