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Sasuke's messages will be in print like this.

Naruto's will be in print like this.

Happy Birthday Naru-chan

"Who am I kidding?" I whispered to myself. I sat on a bench outside my school, hoping at least one person would tell me happy birthday before the weekend.

Sighing in defeat, I went to my locker. Having planned to skip out early, I opened it and peered into the depths of my messy locker.

"What the fuck?" I pulled out a box wrapped in pretty deep blue paper with a big black bow. On the box was a white piece of paper that simply said, "Happy Birthday Uzumaki." I stared at the box. "Calm down. It could be a prank." I ordered myself; However, I tucked the box gently into my backpack and left for home as quickly as possible.


I walked circles around my table, staring at the box I had yet to open; my first birthday present ever. I poked it with a stick and stepped back. Nothing. "Hmm…" I sat down and slowly, gently, started to unwrap the box.

It was a black box with Samsung and Verizon on it. I tilted my head slowly. "Samsung? What's that? Verizon?" I opened the box and stared down at a black cell phone that had Samsung above the screen and Verizon underneath. It was black with a small camera lens on the back and could slide open to the right. "A phone?" I held the power button and watched the screen come to life.

"Your voice was the sound track of my summer, do you know you're unlike any other? You'll always be my thunder. I said, your eyes are the brightest of all the colors, I don't wanna ever love another! You'll always be my thunder! So bring on the rain and bring on the thunder."

The phone started to play music and vibrate in my hand. I dropped it on the table and fell backwards. It stopped and I looked at the phone; there was a blue message that said I received a text. I selected "view now" using the big button in the middle of the top of the key board.

Reply to this message so I'll know when you've got it on.

The message said. I frowned and fumbled with the buttons until it looked like I could reply.

Who is this?

Someone who cares.

I felt my eyes water at that. Whoever it was, they were very good at texting and must've had their phone right next to them because the response had been almost instantaneous.

How'd you know it was my birthday?

You told the whole school moron.

I frowned. I was still deciding if this person was nice or not. It was really hard to decide when they called me mean names. But they got me a present, an expensive one too…

Why'd you get me a cell phone?

Because you said you didn't have one.

My brows furrowed. I could tell just by the things they said that this was someone I actually talked to at one point. Who was this person? No one ever talks to me.

When did I say that?

When I asked you. U forget about me already?

I hugged the cell phone close to my chest and closed my eyes. Someone cared about me enough to get me a present; someone liked me.

I'm sorry.

It's okay. I'm not all that memorable.

I'm sure that's not true. I'm just stupid.

Ya got that right. With a capitol s.

Bastard. Urusai.

Lol, stop being so cute.

I blushed darkly and stared at the screen. Cute? Me? No way. He must've meant something else.

Can I call you?

My eyes bulged slightly. He wanted to call me? What for? To talk? To say something mean. I gulped and started sending my reply.


"Yeah, I'm walking on a tight rope. I'm wrapped up in vines. I think I'll make it out, just gotta give me time. Strike me down with lightning; let me feel you in my veins. I wanna let you know how much I feel your pain."

The phone rang. I looked at it. Call from Thunder. The screen said. The big button was underneath the answer icon; I pressed the button and held the phone up to my ear. "h-hello?" I whispered.

"Uzumaki." Was the soft, baritone voice on the other side; my guts clenched at the smoothness of the voice, the sheer familiarity.

"Your name's Thunder?" I held the phone tightly.

"No. It was just a song title. I thought it might give it away but I guess not." He chuckled softly and I closed my eyes, memorizing that sound. "So you really don't remember?"

"I'm sorry." I said. He sounded so sad in his voice, a really beautiful voice to be sure.

"You'll remember when you see my face." He grunted softly.

"When will that be?" I asked with baited breath. "When can I see you?"

"Look outside your window." Thunder ordered. I ran to my window expecting him to be there, right outside the house. I couldn't see anything, it was so dark. It looked as though even the streetlights were off. Then there was a loud bang followed by a shrill whistle; an explosion in the sky brought my attention to the bright sparkling letters far above our heads.

Happy Birthday Naruto Uzumaki

Tears clouded my vision and I lowered my head. "Do you like it? I spent weeks trying to get it just right." I stared out to the darkness in front of my house again and nearly jumped.

There, in the middle of my lawn, was a boy around my age. He had midnight black hair and matching coal colored eyes. His skin looked unnaturally pale in the iridescent light of the fireworks. He was staring at me with a smirk and had a cell phone held up to his ear. It took me a moment to recognize that infuriating smirk.

I ran to the door and threw it open, dropping my phone on the way. I leaned against the door frame and watched him hang up his phone and put it in his pocket. "Teme…" I whispered. He walked towards me.

"So now you remember?" He said, standing in front of me. "I told you didn't I? Watch the skies. But you didn't. I told you I'd light the sky with your name." I stared up at his face.

"It's been four years teme. Of course I'd forget. Who wouldn't forget about you?" I said. This was Uchiha Sasuke. My Sasuke. My Sasuke that every girl wants. But he wants me. I should've known from the song, our song. I'm such a baka.

Uchiha Sasuke was a friend, the only friend I'd ever had. I met him when I was fourteen and only knew him for such a brief period of time, but it was enough. Enough for him to fall in love with me and say he wants me Before we had to go our separate ways. It was long enough for him to promise he'll light the sky with my name and come back for me.

"Naruto…" He breathed out, taking a step closer to me. I felt his hands on my upper arms.

"Yes?" I choked out, watching him lean into me.

"Urusai." He pressed his lips against mine in such a passion filled kiss that I thought I might die from the intensity. He lifted me up and started carrying me back to my bedroom. "I want you. I can't wait anymore." He insisted. I nodded and let him lay me out on the bed. I watched him undress, taking every inch of skin as it was bared to me, but as he got to that I had to avert my eyes.

"Sasuke…" I whispered. His hands were gentle when he started undressing me. I raised my face for his kiss and he obliged me happily.

"Do you lave lotion or anything?" Sasuke whispered when my clothes were gone. I nodded slowly and got him lotion, resisting the urge to cover myself from him. "Thanks dobe." He said. He put some on his hand and slicked up his fingers. His free hand took mine. "Spread your legs?" It was a request, not an order. I could back out. I looked into his eyes.

I can accept from him and spread my legs, cross the line of no return. I can run to my bathroom and beg him to forgive me, ask if we can take it slowly. I spread my legs and closed my eyes, clenching his hand.

The first finger stung, quite a bit actually. I tried to keep from making too much noise. The second finger stung even more, and I choked back a sob. It was the type of sting that burns like getting lemon juice in an open cut. His fingers moved in and out slowly, relaxingly, and the sting wasn't so bad any more. It was a dull throbbing ache. I still couldn't see what was so good about it. I looked at him, my breath hitching as the third finger slipped in and created a much sharper pain.

"Relax dobe, if you don't it'll only hurt more." Sasuke whispered in a worried voice. I looked at him and forced my body to relax. My leg had been shaking pretty badly. I trembled and watched him as he moved his fingers about, watching my face intently. "You're pretty brave dobe. This'll hurt like a bitch but I promise you I'll make sure it's good for you before we're done." He said. I believe Sasuke now. He always keeps his promises.

"Hurry it up, stupid teme!" I snapped softly. He positioned himself and I wrapped my legs around his waist, waiting for it. "Tem-EEHHH!" I yelled out when he pushed in. He did it fast and it felt as though my ass was being torn in two. Tears leaked down my face and I looked at him. He started kissing all over my face while whispering sweet nothings to me. He was trying so desperately to calm me down.

"Dobe… I'm sorry that had to hurt. I wish I could take all the pain away." He cooed softly, petting my hair and still keeping a firm hold on my hand. I shrugged and tried to ignore the pain.

"I'm okay because you promised you'd make it better…" I whispered. "And even if it didn't feel better, I'd still do it with you all the time because you like it and I'll do anything to make you happy."

"You make me happy when you look at me. Dobe." He said softly. "Happy eighteenth birthday, usuratonkachi." He nibbled on my lower lip. His body shifted and there was a strange sensation in my stomach that made me tremble.

"Sasuke…" I mumbled, looking at him. I squirmed and that strange sensation filled me all the way to the roots of my hair. I gasped softly. I wriggled a bit more and the sensation, like a pleasant burning (one that I would compare to the feeling in my stomach when I guzzle the broth of my ramen while it's still hot), was taking over everything.

Sasuke chuckled, like he knew exactly, and started thrusting in and out slowly, letting me feel it, figuring out what things I did like and what things I didn't. I was breathing harshly from my nose to avoid making any unpleasant sounds. "Feels good now right?" Sasuke murmured in question. I nodded and watched him, his body was beautiful, moving with the pale moonlight making his sweat-slicked skin glistening. He was too beautiful.

"Sasuke… I love you…" I whispered, wrapping my arms around his neck tightly. He kissed me and his movements became harder and faster. I could feel the heat of him so very deep inside of me, and going deeper still.

"Naruto… my precious Naruto…" he growled out as he locked his dark eyes with mine. "So beautiful…"

"Ugh…. More… Sasuke… I need you…" I whined. He complied readily, following my every wish and demand and hope and I was so glad he did because it made everything so utterly perfect.

"I Can't… Naruto…" He bit my ear and grabbed my dick, jerking me along with his thrusts inside. I cried out louder. My world was dissolving into a beautiful mixture of colors and sounds and sensations. It felt as though I was running up a mountain, almost to the peak, closer and closer by each second. And then, as I reached the top, everything broke. The mountain crumbled from beneath my feet and I was falling through darkness, falling for eternity. But Sasuke was there, his body still hot inside of me. He was collapsed on me, breathing heavily, as though he'd just ran a three mile dash. And in the haze of pleasure and incredulousness, I realized that we came together, at the same time.

"Sasuke…" I murmured, He lifted his head and looked down at me. He smiled softly and kissed me.

"Waaaaaaaaay better than the blow job you gave me on my fifteenth. Don't you think?" He asked with that infuriating smirk of his. I couldn't help but smile and nod to him.

"For both of us." I said. He got a wet wash cloth and started cleaning us up. When he was done, he laid beside me and pulled me into his chest, holding me as close as he dared.

"Was it a good birthday?" He asked, hugging me close. I hugged his shoulders, relishing in our combined body heat.

"The best one yet." I told him. He smiled and kissed my forehead. I let myself be lulled to sleep by the steady strong beating of his heart.