The Prequel of the story, prepare to read a story for Sasuke. Happy late Birthday Sasu-chan!

The Lonely Boy

The sky was already at the midpoint in the sky, indicating it to be around noon. The day was hot and I was already irritated. I sat on the swings of the park, playing with my lighter and watching the flames dance in the light breeze.

I looked at my watch. 12:07 PM. In just two hours and eighteen minutes I'd be exactly fifteen years old. It's pretty sad when you start counting down the seconds. I'm just anxious for the day I can finally leave my hell hole orphanage.

I sat there wondering exactly how many minutes it would be until I was sixteen and could legally apply for emancipation when a pair of feet stepped into my vision before me. I looked up at the scrawny boy wearing an ugly orange and blue jump suit thing. His eyes were as blue as the ocean and as deep to boot. His hair was a wild mess of golden wheat spikes, and across his tanned face resided three lines, like whiskers, on each cheek.

"Hi." The boy said quietly. I looked at him with raised eye brows. Lately he's been talking to me. At first, I'd respond now and then to his questions with monosyllabic replies; Now, however, I find myself being drawn into his conversations.

"What took you so long dobe?" I asked. "It's already noon." He blushed and handed me a blue popsicle.

"Urusai! I was getting ready when I heard the news say it's the hottest day of the year today and I know how you like to wear black clothes so I ran out to buy some popsicles on my way!" He defended, taking the swing beside mine.

Uzumaki Naruto was a small boy that no one ever talked to. Parents wouldn't let their children hang with him because he had no parental guidance. They feared he'd lead their kids astray. Funny thing is, these are the same kids I see doing drugs or having sex in the closed off jungle gym every day. Naruto doesn't do any of that stuff.

He's not like me either, he's more innocent. I had a family once, they ruined me for future years and then died like idiots. It's not like Naruto didn't have anyone. It's just that his grandfather was never home, leaving him to fend for himself. It's not like he minded either. He was happy taking care of himself so far.

"-And of course, when I show up, on the hottest day of the year, you're sitting there wearing black skinny jeans and a dark blue hoodie! Can I ask this real fast, what the hell's wrong with you?" he was blabbering. As usual, he didn't stop talking so I could go deep into thought. Whatever. "Her, are you listening to me?" He yelled, flapping his arms. I nodded.

"Moderately." I said, nibbling off a piece of the popsicle. "I like the heat. I hate wearing t-shirts and shorts. It's weird." I said quietly. He shook his head and shed off his jacket. He wore only a black tank top. I froze and my eyes wandered over the slim figure that was more obvious when he was dressed like this.

"What do you mean by moderately? Huh teme?" He ignored most of my statement. He does that. When he hears something he doesn't like, anything that sounds even remotely like a depressed thought, he'll ignore it then compliment me about it later when he thinks I've forgotten about it.

"I mean, I have to pick carefully when to listen to you because your stupidity is contagious. If I were to listen to every little thing you said, I'd be in my grave by now." I muttered. He glared at me while crunching loudly on his flavored frozen liquid. I turned my head in his direction. "What? It's the truth." I said with a shrug. He tackled me off the swings and we fell into the dirt. This was also a new facet of our strange relationship.

Naruto says punching someone pushed them away. So he said, when he gets angry at me, he's going to kiss me instead. It actually works too, when were frustrated, we start making out and all that frustration just melts away. We're not dating, and usually we're more secluded when we do this but apparently, something's really bugging him today.

His lips were hard and forceful on mine but I had no problem returning the violence in disguise. I kissed him back just as harshly, taking in the moans that went straight to my groin.

"What's got you so riled up?" I whispered, taking his cheek in my hand. He looked at me and there was a sadness in his eyes.

"If we had never started talking… what would you have done today?" He wondered aloud, playing with the string of my hoodie even as he hovered over me and people began to stare, wondering if we were fighting.

"Sat alone on that swing all day like I did before you started talking to me," I admitted, nodding my head at the swing. He pouted.

"No one should be alone on their birthday." He whispered in a soft sad tone of voice. I stared at him. "The fifteen year anniversary of the day you were first pulled into this world by cold hands that held you awkwardly and a tender heart that marveled at your existence."

"dobe…" I reached my hand up to his face slowly but he pulled his head back. I tried to keep my eyes from wandering along his long tan neck, he's only thirteen for fucks sake!

"No teme… let's go to that spot." He said. I gulped and followed him as he stood and walked. We went to my old house, abandoned and in need of repair. "It's your birthday today and you like me. So I want to give you a good present."

"What? How do you-"

"You talk in your sleep. A lot. It took me a while to make out how I felt about the things you said. But now… I like you too Sasuke. I mean, you're a total teme and you only think of yourself, but you always listen, even if it's only moderately. You don't ignore me. You let me speak my opinion and you tell me things you wouldn't tell any one else. You're the first real friend I've ever had and I'm so happy that you like me when you could have anyone you want. So I want to give you myself for your birthday." He was blushing and pushing at the floor boards with his toes.

"Naruto, you're only thirteen. I'm not going to take you." I said, pinching the bridge of my nose. This conversation was giving me pain in both heads. "Besides, what makes you think I'm good enough for you?"

"Don't you dare start talking like that on your birthday you teme! Just hurry up and make love to me!" He grabbed the front of my hoodie and pulled me closer for another kiss. There was no anger in that kiss, only soft, gentle, tender lips moving against mine in an epic mission to make my heart flutter and my stomach drop. I moaned softly and kissed back, running my fingers gently over his sides. Words of protest tried to fill my head but I only listened to the half-heartedly. I only managed to catch a few here and there like thirteen, wrong, and gay.

"We can't Naruto…" I whispered when my voice was found. He looked at me, water swimming in those lovely eyes.

"I won't listen to your half-assed reasons. You want me and I want you teme. Let's be together!" He yelled.

"I'm not saying I won't date you usuratonkachi! I'm saying I won't have sex with you right now!" I yelled, striking him over his head. He held the top of it and whined.

"Itai… ne… teme, that really hurt." I chuckled and sat down, pulling him beside me. I kissed the top of his head.

"Gomen, you just make me so mad sometimes." I chuckled. "Want to see my newest creation?" I pulled out a small ball with a string for a fuse from my pocket. Naruto nodded excitedly and snuggled close to my side as I lit the ball and rolled it away from us. It exploded with a series of pops but the colors coming off of it were d many different shades of blues and grays and Naruto was watching the excitement one might see on the face of a child.

"Oh, it's beautiful teme!" He said. "You're so good at making fireworks! Are you gonna make that your profession?"

"Yeah. I'm gonna try to go to college to be a pyrotechnician." I admitted. He beamed up at me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Maybe one day you can purpose to me in fireworks, like in Gintama*!" He said.

"Usuratonkachi! That's a manga! Nothing is logical in there!" I snapped. He frowned in a sad pout and my conscience decided to kick my ass. "Well… I guess it's not completely illogical… I suppose if I tried with more than one firework and experimented with the sequences at which they ignite, a reaction like that might happen." He hugged me tightly and squealed like a child.

"Really teme? You'll do that for me?" He asked, tugging on my shirt. I sighed in defeat and nodded.

"I'll try my hardest and strive for the day I can make a firework that properly asks you to marry me." I said, kissing his nose. "My cute little Naru-chan." He growled and hit my shoulder.

"Teme, you like to be touched down there right? All guys like it. I heard some girls telling each other that they heard you telling a guy you'd make him suck you off cuz you really liked that if he didn't stop being mean." My face turned red. Yes, I said something along those lines, but it was meant as an insult, not sexual perversion.

"No, Naruto, I don't like it that much. You're still too young and I won't let you- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I yelled when he started undoing my belt.

"Just lay back Teme. It's your birthday and all you've done today is make me happy. It's time for me to make you happy." He said quietly.

"Happy in the pants?" I yelled, trying to push him away. The first rub against my crotch was all it took for my restraint to break. I pulled my hands away in defeat and let him open my pants and pull out my dick. His face was bright red as he started stroking it, looking every where but at what he was touching. "Ahh… dobe…" I moaned, tilting my head back. He looked at me and started just licking it while his hand moved. I moaned louder and met his curious stare. Eyes that were so full of hope and wonder and love stared up at me as he licked at my dick like a cat lapping at cream.

"It doesn't taste all that good but it's all right because it's Sasuke, and I like Sasuke even though he's a total teme. I'll do anything for Sasuke-teme." He mumbled just before slowly putting it in his mouth bit by bit. He got in as much as he wanted or could fit or whatever and started licking and sucking and even running his teeth on it now and then, giving me weird chills and shudders up my spine.

"Naruto, your hand…" I groaned. "Touch the rest with your hand." He started touching what wasn't in his mouth as though he was petting a cat. I groaned because even though it was sloppy and inexperienced and not at all what I wanted or needed, it felt amazing because it was Naruto doing. Uzumaki Fucking Naruto was sucking my dick and it felt like heaven because this was the boy I'd been having dreams about and wanting for so long that I couldn't contain myself from moaning loudly or gripping his hair when he just started thrusting his mouth up and down on me, taking it in and out as quickly as he could.

I tapped on his head. "Ah… Naru… c-coming…" I stuttered out, gripping his hair. He kept going; though I'm not sure if it was because he was oblivious to what "coming" meant or if he just didn't care. Either way, I yelled out his name and stilled his head as I came in his mouth. He coughed and sputtered as he pulled back but I saw him swallowing it all.

"Ne, teme… warn me next time, will ya?" He asked.

"You… BAKA YAROU!" I shouted. "I did warn you! I told you I was coming!"

"How the hell am I supposed to know what that means teme?" He countered, standing and glaring at me.

"How could you not now? Your grandfather's the biggest hentai writer in the world!" He blushed darkly.

"I don't… I've never read his books from start to finish. I just can't get into them…" He admitted. "It gets to the dirty parts where he's kissing her or touching her boobs and I lose interest. He sends me a copy every time one gets published but I don't like them very much. I don't get far after that." He shifted nervously and I couldn't help but chuckle just a little.

"I orgasmed Naruto. It's also called coming or letting go. I tried to warn you but I thought you didn't care. Apparently, you're just that innocent." I grabbed his chin and kissed him, tasting myself in his mouth.

"Yeah, I get that now teme. Thanks for the heads up. Anything else I need to know?" He asked. I smirked at him.

"I'm clean. Tested true, and I've never been the whole way. If I'm the first one you've ever done anything with then you're fine but if I'm not, even if it wasn't willing, you should get yourself tested for STDs. Anytime you have sex with someone who's done it with more than just you since the last time they tested, you should get checked. An STD can kill you depending on which one it is. And always use a condom when undergoing any kind of penetration." It kinda pained me to tell him this but it's better if he knows, in case we don't last.

"Well I won't need to worry about that stuff because the only one I'm ever going to do anyone with is you, teme!" He shouted, face redder than ever before. I simply shrugged and tried to hide my smile.

"Then I'll do the same, dobe." I said. He nodded.

"You better. Bastard." He huffed. "Walk me home. My teeth feel all funny and I keep getting distracted by it."

"Hai, hai." I agreed and walked him to his house. We stood at his door for a long moment while he stuttered and fiddled with his keys. "If you want me to kiss you, then just ask." I told him. He blushed and nodded before leaning in to me. I kissed him and hugged him.

"Happy birthday Sasuke-teme. You're fifteen now. Soon I'll be fourteen." He smiled as though it was something to be proud of. I felt the kick in the ass delivered by my conscience.

"And until you're sixteen, I'm a pedophile by legal terms. Statutory rape, that's what this was. There was no anal penetration, but there was plenty of oral. Is oral penetration still covered by the statutory rape laws?" I wondered aloud. Naruto blushed.

"Will you shut up and go home you stupid teme!" He snapped, rushing inside and slamming the door. I leaned my head against the cold wood.

"Sweet dreams dobe. I'll see you tomorrow." I told him. I left for my own house and walked in through the front door, not caring how late I was.

"Uchiha!" The proprietor shouted. I looked at the woman with distaste. "Don't glare at me like that. You're being sent to military school in two days. Pack your things."

"WHAT?" I shouted. I stared into the busty woman's amber eyes with a heated glare.

"It was in your late father's will. He's sending you to military school from beyond the grave. Say good bye to your boyfriend in the morning because tomorrow's the last day you'll have with him until you graduate." She said, walking away.

The only thing running through my head was a wondering of how I was going to tell Naruto.


"You're what?" Naruto had a tight hold of my shirt. Tears were already rolling down his face. I frowned in sadness and took his hands.

"I promise you, I'll come back to you as soon as I can! Until then, please, watch the skies to the north. Watch them every night. I night I have it perfect, I'll light the sky with your beautiful name! Naruto… dobe… I love you so much. Please, wait for me. Promise me you'll wait. Even if you forget about me, you have to wait until I can come back. If you'll still have me… I'll do anything to be with you!" I swore. He nodded, wiping his tears. I kissed him, harsh and passionate and needy. "What's your cell phone number?" I asked him. He looked at me, blinking.

"I don't have one." He said.

"Then I'll have to get you one as soon as I come back." I swore. He nodded and laid his head on my chest. We laid like that, on the floor in my old house, until morning came and I had to leave.


I stood before my line of fireworks. Everything was all ready.

"Look outside your window," I ordered my blond quietly. I lit the fuse then started running for his front lawn. The park was only a five minute jog from his house, thank the gods. Running, I could make it there in half.

I could see Naruto in his window, staring teary-eyed up at the sky. "Do you like it? I spent weeks trying to get it just right." I told him. His eyes turned down and I knew then that he saw me.

"Teme…" He whispered in wonder. I smirked.

"So now you remember?" I asked, trying not to be put off. It was four years ago after all.


Ha, you didn't expect me to end it there did ya?

*In Gintama volume 7, lesson 56: "Eating Ice Cream in Winter is Awesome," a great firework artist tried to ask his wife to marry him in a firework. Unfortunately, it said "CARRY ME" instead. I used this reference to tie in with the fireworks thing because that chapter was actually very beautiful. If you've never seen or read Gintama before, I highly suggest that you do. It is amazingly funny and random. Many of my ideas for stories come from chapters or plot developments in Gintama.