11 October 2010

X-1999 and the characters from that show/manga do not belong to me. I am just borrowing them for a little while.


by Zuzanny

lionette AT mailcity DOT com


The bridge was collapsing around him. But the roar of the wind, the moan of the buckling metal beams, and the crashing of once-bridge objects into the waves below were incredibly dull in his ears compared to the scream of his own heart. He knelt clutching Seishiru's blood stained body to himself, sobbing against the blood sodden chest, smearing his own face in the cooling liquid. He didn't hear the voices of the others as they called out to him. He didn't feel them tugging at his clothes and arms, trying to get him out of harms way. He didn't want to go anyway. His whole reason for existing was now dead by his hand. There was no-

Subaru's eyes snapped open with panic and he found himself standing on the footpath of a busy city street in the middle of a bright sunny day. School girls chattered away, giggling to themselves as they walked past in their cliques and far too short uniforms. The traffic lights beeped away as people crossed the intersection. Somebody jostled him as they crossed and swore at him. Subaru stumbled and caught his balance, apologising profusely to the scruffy man, who then just vanished into the crowds. Subaru backed away from the cross walk until solid brick of a building was pressed against his back. There were people laughing. There were people smiling. The birds chirped and chased each other around as they scavenged for scraps.

Subaru blinked hard again, opening his eyes slowly, only to find the world around him unchanged. Nobody payed him any mind, which should have been completely wrong considering the amount of blood he was covered with, right? Slowly he lowered his eyes and raised his hands, expecting to see blood coating his arms, and instead found the clean white sleeves of a business shirt equally clean white fingerless gloves. Slowly, ever so slowly, Subaru then turned his whole body around, looking for a window clean enough to see his reflection in, wondering if he had somehow been zapped into another person's body...

Subaru stared with horror at the reflection that greeted him

Two wide emerald green eyes from a face much smoother and younger than should be, under the dark hair styled just the way his sister liked.

Subaru screamed.

To be continued?