Star Wars

The Good Left Undone

Chapter I


The End

Naruto Uzumaki's gaze was unflinching as he watched his opponent, augmented eyes seeing every twitch of his muscles and every movement of his chakra. His opponent was one of the last two living members of Akatsuki, the organisation of S-class criminals which turned his life upside down and tore everything he ever loved from him.

Five years, five long years of struggle and fighting, of loss and grief, of anger and hatred. Naruto had thought that it was over when he defeated the first generation, but Madara Uchiha was a truly twisted and conniving individual, and he had rebuilt the organisation in the shadows after his supposed defeat, making his presence known when Naruto tuned eighteen.

The entire Hidden Leaf village had been completely unprepared when the Akatsuki attacked them directly. When they resurfaced he had been elevated to the rank of Jonin, High Ninja. He was the next candidate to become Hokage, selected by the Sannin herself.

Even he didn't see this coming, and the worst thing was that he should have. He had eventually inherited Jiraiya's vast spy networks, and had become a master of the art to the point where Tsunade said the old pervert would be smiling down at him, wherever he was. He should have seen this coming, but Akatsuki had completely avoided his network, any of his spies who found even the slightest of information probably died before they could relay it.

Ten S-class Shinobi infiltrated Konohagakure no Sato that day and caused such havoc, took so many lives just to get what he possessed. There was a reason why they were all considered S-class, S for suicidal. Unless you were considered an S-class Shinobi it was suicidal to face one, let alone ten.

He could still see the partially collapsed Hokage monument, the burning corpses of the buildings. The faces, by the gods he could still see the faces. Faces of friends, who had once been laughing, smiling, were ashen and lifeless, blood spattered over their final expressions before death. Naruto had made it his mission to hunt every last member of Akatsuki down and purge them from the earth.

And he had done it. For five long years he had hunted, fought and killed every member of that thrice damned organisation. He had found and destroyed the Gedo Mezu, nullifying Madara's dreaded Moon Eye Plan and scattering the entrapped eight Biju to the four winds. Every single one had succumbed to the last hosts merciless hunt. Now all that remained standing between him and the architect was this man, one single man, a man who Naruto had once considered a brother, but now looking back he scoffed at the notion. His brother had died at the Valley of the End all those years ago, all that remained was a shell whose only craving was that of vengeance on the world.

He had finally caught up to the two Uchiha. It would all end here, deep within the deserts of the Land of Wind, the great ruins of an ancient town surrounding them. A relic from a time after the Sage separated and dispersed the Biju, when the Ichibi no Shukaku freely roamed the deserts, leaving trails of devastation once every century. This town was one of the relics of that time, and even after the great beast had been sealed it had never been repopulated. It stood there, a reminder of a darker age.

Sasuke Uchiha showed no emotion as he returned Naruto's glare. Once Sasuke was defeated he would face down Madara, and finish this feud once and for all. "You're the last one."

"So it would seem."

There were no words spoken between them, instead they both blurred through a set of hand seals, finishing at exactly the same time. Both Shinobi were considered the best in the world, considered in the same league as the likes of Hanzo the Salamander, and the Legendary Sannin. They had even been likened to Madara Uchiha and the Shodai Hokage Hashirama Senju.

"Katon: Karyū Endan!" Sasuke took a deep breath and exhaled a stream of liquid fire towards his opponent, the flames so strong that they combusted the grass between them. Naruto didn't even flinch, opening his seal to call upon the Kyubi's chakra and use one of his own original Jutsu.

"Ninpo: Ichibi!" His chakra became visible, encompassing him like a mystical blue fire. His living energy twisted and morphed behind him, extending from his body in time to form a single tail of pure chakra, it writhed for a split second, before circling around him in time to block the streams of flame. His tail shrugged the attack off, before streaking forward at his command, imbedding itself in the earth where the Uchiha once stood as Sasuke took to the skies in a chakra propelled leap.

Naruto rushed through the dying flames of Sasuke's fire technique, making the hand seal of the dog as he took a deep breath. "Fūton: Shinkūgyoku."

He released the air from his lungs, infusing them with his chakra to create several compacts bullets of wind. Sasuke saw them coming with the unnatural clarity of his activated Sharingan, and twisted his body in a corkscrew, missing the strikes by mere millimetres. He landed in a crouch, skidding slightly across the dirt as he struggled to remain standing.

Naruto was already rushing towards him, already going through the subtle changes of activating his Sennin-Modo, his Sage Mode, eyelids changing colour to a pinkish orange, eyes changing from azure to a noble golden yellow and the pupils reforming into bars.

Naruto cocked his right fist back, gathering chakra into his palm, and lashed out at Sasuke. The Uchiha was able to jump away, but watched in horror as the ground quaked and cracked when Naruto struck the earth. Sage mode allowed the user to access the natural energy of the world, known commonly as Senjutsu and dramatically increased their fighting ability. If that punch had connected the Uchiha would have been reduced to a crimson smear on the ground.

Fighting Naruto in Taijutsu was hard enough without adding Senjutsu and the Frog Kata that came with it into the mix. In Sage Mode going against Naruto in Taijutsu was akin to suicide, so instead Sasuke kept his distance, firing off several fire based Jutsu to keep the blonde off balance as he retreated. Before them was the ancient town hall, roof and walls half collapsed. The Uchiha ascended the stone steps, unleashing a hail of fireballs to keep Naruto out of Taijutsu range.

The blonde retaliated, firing off a swath of wind bullets at his opponent in a vain attempt to hit him. Naruto frowned as he cart-wheeled and corkscrewed, dodging various low level fire techniques before retaliating accordingly. Sasuke wasn't fighting at all like he expected. He wasn't using his Mangekyo Sharingan, and he wasn't trying to get close enough to use his lightning based arsenal or Genjutsu abilities.

Then what the hell was he doing? Leading him into a trap? It was possible. He knew Madara was around here somewhere. He could sense the immortal bastard's chakra signature, though he was doing an almost perfect job of hiding it. Nothing could properly hide when Naruto was drawing on the Kyubi to augment his senses.

Sasuke skidded to a halt, unleashing one last massive fireball, and disappeared through the half destroyed double doors. Naruto frowned as he sidestepped the flames, stalking up the stone steps towards the entrance. He brought his hands together in a familiar seal, calling out the name of the first high level Jutsu he ever learned, "Kage Busnshin no Jutsu."

He created ten clones, and sent them into the town hall. Five in through the main entrance, another five encircled the structure searching for others exits. With ease the blonde jumped in a chakra propelled leap, landing silently on the flat roof of the desert dwelling and entering the building through a shattered window on the second floor.

The only light came from the outside. It was obvious any artificial light would have burned out years ago, and with the time of day the shadows made it hard for any regular human to see. Lucky enough he was not regular. In Sage Mode his senses were sharpened to near inhuman levels. In Sage Mode he could see in the dark as well as he could see in the day.

He stood on a balcony, overlooking the expansive open space which was probably once the reception. His five clones had cautiously crept through the reception, only to be ambushed by the Uchiha from the shadows. Naruto guessed by his influx of memories that Sasuke had taken out two of his vanguard before they knew what hit them, and was in the middle of fighting off the other three with Kusanagi. It wasn't long until the Uchiha whittled down the remaining three to two, then one, and it was obvious that the Uchiha thought the last one was the real one.

Sasuke still underestimated him, even now. Sometimes Naruto wondered if his once friend now bitter enemy even heard that he had spent the last five years hunting down the S-rank Shinobi of Akatsuki, and that he had taken them down. Oh sure sometimes he had help in the form of Oinin and ANBU from Kiri, Suna or Ame but most of the battles ended in a one-on-one duel to the death.

Though he couldn't take all the credit for killing Kisame, the scourge of the Hidden Mist was a powerful opponent, and it took the combined effort of him and Konan to bring the big man down. He had even given the shark mans sword, Samehada, to her as thanks. Come to think of it he hadn't seen his fellow apprentice in a while. He needed to make a mental note to visit Ame.

He pushed the thoughts down, seeing Sasuke run his blade through his last remaining clone, which exploded into smoke. Naruto took the opportunity, forming a Rasengan in each hand as he stepped off the railing and fell towards his wayward teammate. "Senjutsu: Rasenrengan!" Sage Art: Rasenrengan

Naruto slammed the two fully formed Rasengan into Sasuke's abdomen, watching as the Uchiha's face contorted in pain before the backlash sent him flying back, slamming against a pair of double doors made of oak, and breaking through the strong wood, shattering the doors. Naruto sighed, deactivating his Sage form to conserve chakra as he began walking. Sasuke wouldn't be beaten so easily, not in a million years. He honestly expecting one of the Mangekyo techniques, like Amaterasu or even Izanagi, but found to his surprise none came as he stepped through the remains of the oak doors.

Within was a large chamber. The roof was half caved in, filling the room with rubble and debris. He saw the destroyed forms of tables and chairs. In fact he put Sasuke through one of the last usable tables. He stopped in the centre of the chamber, eyeing his opponent as he shakily got to his feet. "Come on Sasuke. You can't beat me fighting like this."

Sasuke spat out a gob of blood, before he smirked, "Even after all these years you're still a gullible dope."

Naruto arched an eyebrow, "Come again?"

Sasuke's smirked held, before he blurred through a mass of hand seals and kneeled, slamming his hands onto the ground. "You truly are hopeless Naruto. I led you here on purpose."

Glyphs and runes began to appear on the floor, snaking across the broken stone tiles to form a circular Iron-clad trap seal which stretched from one side of the still usable portion of the chamber to the other. Naruto smirked as the seal work, obviously the work of a master, which immediately excluded Sasuke. This was mainly because the young Uchiha was standing within the outer layer of seals, and was trapped by the outer barrier. "Unless you started researching Fuinjutsu I'd say this isn't you're handy work."

The Uchiha scowled at him, but Naruto continued, kneeling to the ground to run a hand along the central seal, a circle covered with elemental seals which surrounded him. "Hmm, this is the work of a true seal master. I'd say about Jiraiya's or my level. I suppose that means it wasn't your handy work huh Teme?"

This time the Uchiha openly snarled at him, which made Naruto chuckle. How he loved to rile the traitor up. It was one of his favourite pastimes these days. "You'd be correct, Naruto."

The blonde looked up at the owner of the voice, perfectly balanced on the remains of an old stone beam. Madara Uchiha hadn't changed his attire much over the years. He still wore that swirling orange mask over his face, his black hair was still short and messy, and his form was still completely hidden by that Akatsuki cloak. "Is this your handy work, old man?"

Madara chuckled lightly as he stepped off the beam, landing on the cracked floor as if he hadn't missed a beat. "Yes it was. One of the strongest trap seals, even a Jinchuriki of your power will be unable to break free from it."

Naruto shrugged. "Also means you won't be able to come to me. The Iron-clad trap seal is an S-rank technique in that while it imprisons the target it also erects a barrier stopping anyone from entering." He looked at the two circles, each one the foundations of a barrier of invisible energy. He sighed in annoyance. "This is going to take a while to release."

The young Toad Sage made to reach for the massive storage scroll tied to his lower back, only to stop mid-reach when Madara chuckled. "There's no need for that. I'll be finished long before you nullify the seal."

"Oh," Naruto was interested. What was the crazy old fool planning? "So what are you planning?"

"Why Naruto," Madara chided mildly, "I thought you would have noticed by now. Take a closer look at the seal."

Naruto frowned at the immortal, but shrugged and did as asked. He looked around him, his eyes examining every nook and cranny of the seal within seconds. A slight widening of his eyes was the only sign that he had noticed. There were extra runes and lines running throughout the seal, glyphs which he knew shouldn't be there. They served no purpose for the seal. Then he took a closer look, and cursed under his breath. There was another seal under the first, just as intricate as the last.

"Look underneath the underneath." Naruto muttered his deceased Sensei's words like a prayer, before turning a glare at Madara. "Are you out of your…wait, don't answer that. You are out of your mind! Do you even know what kind of a seal this is!"

He could see the mirth in the bastard's one visible eye. "Yes, it is."

Naruto grit his teeth, before his eyes once again flashed across the expanse of seals he was trapped in. On their own these created a powerful entrapment seal. But the adage of these seals had never been tried before, at least not by him. The added glyphs were an over-exaggerated version of the seals used in explosive tags. This meant one thing. This was a two way seal, one to trap him and the other to create a bomb.

"What is it?" Sasuke frowned, touching the outer barrier only to be hit with an electric jolt.

"It's a two way seal." Naruto answered for the elder Uchiha. "One was a trap seal, and these extra markings are explosive runes, larger versions of the standard seals used in explosive tags. One of these would be enough to level a small house, but all together it'll be enough to turn the entire town into one huge crater."

Sasuke's eyes widened slightly, before he turned a glare at his ancestor. "Is this true?"

"I'm sorry Sasuke." Madara answered. "Without the Gedo Mezu we cannot extract the Kyubi, and with the Biju freed there is no way we can complete the mission. The only way to survive is to remove the Kyubi container."

"You mean the only way for you to survive." Sasuke spat angrily.

"You've been betrayed Sasuke." Naruto chuckled sadly. Besides the situation he was standing tall and proud, arms folded across his chest. He did not fear death. His friends, family and village were all dead. He would only be joining them. "I have only two regrets. That I have to die with you and I wasn't able to take Madara with me."

"Sorry to disappoint you, Naruto." Madara smirked under his spiralled orange mask, before kneeling in a crouch, hands blurring through a set of hand seals. Another seal, this one an activation glyph, appeared at his feet, with a long line leading to the main seal. He finished with lightning speed and slammed his hand into the seal. The glyphs began to glow a soft blue, running along the line and encompassing the entire seal.

Sasuke looked down at the glowing runes in a mix of fear and fascination. Naruto just stood still, his eyes not leaving the Uchiha elders single Sharingan orb for a second, "Death at last."

Madara nodded, before his entire body began to distort and swirl, a sign that he had activated his teleportation technique, safely transporting him to a safe distance from ground zero. Slowly the glow intensified until it was blinding to even Naruto's augmented eyes. The last thing the blonde saw was an incredible bright light before he blacked out.

The result was instantaneous. On a cliff ledge safely away from the town Gaara, his siblings and three ANBU squads watched on in horror as the ruins vanished in a huge explosion unlike anything anyone had ever seen. Before long a huge mushroom shaped cloud of gray smoke filled the usually cloudless skyline. It would be another hour before the smoke cleared, leaving nothing more than a huge crater, full of crushed rubble and debris. It would be another five days of continuous searching before the search for Naruto Uzumaki's body was called off.

Madara escaped the net of ANBU Suna had put up around the ruins, and he continued to be the main target of the Oinin Divisions from every village for years to come. He was eventually cornered and killed in the Land of Rice by a united force of ANBU teams from Lightning, Water, Sand and Rain. The Raikage himself was the one who ended the Uchiha, for his brother, for his adopted daughter, and for the kid who contained the Kyubi.

A monument was placed at the sight of Naruto's death, naming all those who died in the world's war against Akatsuki. The names of the Jinchuriki, as well as those from every village who died were inscribed on the ten storey tall marble memorial stones. In the centre were the stone statues of the nine Jinchuriki. Naruto's statue stood in the centre, and on his plaque were messages from his surviving friends.

Author's Note 1: I had started writing this a while ago, before I started on my Long Way From Home story, but I kind of began to lose my mojo midway through chapter 4, so I uploaded the first chapter, hoping that I would be able to get my muse back with some outside help. This will be a Star Wars/Naruto crossover story, two of my favourite universes moulded into one, with two of my favourite characters of all time also moulded into one.

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