City of Tomorrow's Memories

A fanfic by Cappie-Chan

Edits and touch-ups (song lyrics selection) by Poppy

Background reading of interest:

Inu Yasha, a manga series by Rumiko Takahashi (vol.11 vol.14)

Category: AU, Romance

Rating: 90% PG-13 and scattered 10% NC-17 :P

Chapter 1: Tokyo

Inu Yasha pondered his surroundings. Yes, this was indeed different from where he was born and raised. Only a few times had he ever seen the city's skyline near his house, and now there he was. This was all very hard to swallow, because now he had to get used to city life. Hopefully he would not run into his brother. After all, Tokyo was a very big place, and how likely would he run into him here?

Inu Yasha inhaled deeply, coughing slightly as a truck belched its black fumes right in his face. Yes... living in Tokyo would certainly be interesting.

Sesshoumaru grinned imperceptibly as he sipped a cup of coffee in a small quiet café. His almost golden eyes flicked toward the usual landscape of Tokyo University. Being a senior there and the top of his class, he could now look down on all the students. He smirked. This was the first day of his last year at this place. Soon he would be out in the world, getting away from this school that choked off all his talents. Overall, his years at the University had been quite uneventful. Although he had dated a few times, he found the girls in Tokyo (along with those in his hometown) to be stupid and insignificant.

Perhaps, if he were willing to wait, he would find her outside of this college. But this was not what he wanted. He, Sesshoumaru, needed no one. Soon he would be out of these glass walls. However, this was not what really concerned him at the moment. He studied his watch and supposed he should get going. After all, to be late as a senior on the first day was unforgivable.

Inu Yasha studied his map carefully and deduced that he was in the right place, but he could not be quite sure. There were too many streets, and all the kanji looked the same as if there were a thousand "Temuza" streets in Tokyo. He took a deep breath. Being a stranger here, he felt it was best to ask for advice. He looked around. Indeed, the old man in the shop window looked as if he could not hear or speak, let alone see.

In one fluid motion, he caught a hint of movement and turned around to see a girl walking hurriedly out from the subway. He ran up to her, adjusting his leather bag on his shoulders. Were all these books really necessary? He found his voice and called out, "Good morning."

The girl glanced behind her, assuming the announcement was not directed at her. She was mistaken. However, despite the embarrassed scowl on his face, he did not seem like one of those perverts that so often lurked around the subway.

She raised her eyebrows and smiled slightly, "Yes?"

This guy seemed to be having a hard time speaking. He looked both angry and frustrated. "How do you get to Tokyo University?"

She blinked, "Where exactly? I mean, Tokyo University is pretty big. I'm a student there myself."

"I could tell." He sounded slightly bored, and this irritated her. Of all the nerve! He was asking HER how to get THERE. The least thing he could do was be polite.

She glanced down at her watch. WHAT!? Her mind screamed. She had only five minutes to get to the classroom. To be late on her first day as a freshman was totally inexcusable. What would the professors think? Sure, she might be able to slack off later in the semester, but it was ALWAYS vital to make a good first impression.

"Helloooo?" the man grumbled as he too consulted his watch. "I do have to go to a class myself. If I know where it is."

"Do you have your schedule?" She questioned quickly, her eyes glancing in the direction of the campus.

"Uh, yeah it's in my bag. Let me get it out." He sighed as he began to unzip the bag.

"No. Come on. No time." She wrapped her hand roughly around his and began to walk briskly. Hopefully she would not be too late.

He yanked his hand free and mumbled, "I'm not a child. I can follow you."

As the two walked through the crowded Tokyo streets she called from behind her, "Who's your teacher?"

As Inu Yasha recalled, it was Satake. Yes, that was it. Satake.

"Satake-sensei." He answered.

The girl whirled around. "You mean Satake-sensei who teaches the History of the Warring Period at eight o'clock?"

"Yeah, that's him." He nodded as he kept walking. She sure did not seem to be in such a hurry if she was going to stop walking. Feh. The girls in Tokyo were certainly idiots.

"That's my first class too! Why didn't you say so sooner?!" She yelled as she once again grabbed his hand and set off in a mad dash toward the campus.

Inu Yasha sighed. Yes, living in Tokyo would certainly take some getting used to....

Sesshoumaru looked out the window. What a boring day it was. It was just too sunny and clear. He was tired of this continual drawl one day after another. His eyes slid back into the room. Being seated at the highest row certainly had its advantages. Like a cat waiting to strike, he could watch all his victims. He could casually observe the slow and painful process as this class got the better of them: their grades dropping lower and lower as the parties become more important than the work. His lips twisted evilly. Yes, it was always nice knowing you were superior to everyone else...

The bell rang and the few remaining students shuffled in. Yes, young freshmen, fresh meat. His eyes glistened in the light as he patted his long hair (one of his few prides). Satake was a hard teacher, however, if not interesting. It was a nice way to end his college years with an amusing class. Yes, Sesshoumaru thought, he would enjoy the History of the Warring Period of Japan...

"Damn!" Inu Yasha heard the girl curse as the bell chimed its solemn tune across the campus.

Certainly, this young little thing would not be the type to swear. Inu Yasha smirked. Perhaps the girls in Tokyo were different from the ones back home...

"It's all your fault!" The girl screamed in annoyance as she broke into a sprint.

"What!?" Inu Yasha growled, "How is it my fault!?"

The girl scoffed. "Yeah, it's not your fault at all for making me late!"

Inu Yasha sighed as they continued running, (to god knows where.)

Suddenly he slammed right into something soft. Her back, he supposed. She put her finger to her lips. Gingerly, she opened the door and slid quietly inside. The sensei's back was facing them so they scuttled along quietly, that was, until the door slammed shut. Professor Satake turned around and glared at the two with an evil eye.

"I presume you two have an explanation for being late to class on the first day..." he sighed, crossing his hands.

"Uh... well, actually she made me late because she didn't know where the class was." Inu Yasha lied between his teeth.

"What?!" The girl seethed, nearly punching him.

Inu Yasha nodded wisely. She was such a pushover...

The girl sighed, accepting defeat. (For now at least)

"I am sorry Sensei, it will never happen again!" She sighed, bowing low.

From high atop the room, Sesshoumaru studied the two dumb freshmen. How obvious, the boy is lying straight out. The girl is smarter; feigning defeat.

He studied the boy more closely. His perfect eyesight could not fool him so much... as to make him think that this was his lowly brother down there. At least he had (somewhat) learned how to act in public. He was such a mess throughout high school: getting into fights and having no skills at all with the ladies. Tsk tsk, such a poor and stupid brother I have. I thought I could go to Tokyo to free myself from the past... It does not seem that way now.

The two took their seats, promptly took out their papers and pencils, and began furiously writing notes on what they could. The class was so full of information that by the time the one hour-and-a-half was over, their hands were cramping extremely hard. As the class inched out the room, the girl's eyes caught the upper right of his paper. She stared at him wide-eyed.

"Ne, your name is Inu Yasha?" She questioned.

Suddenly the boy turned red.

"Shut up." He said angrily.

"Your mom named you... Dog Demon?!" The girl inquired, humor and astonishment in her voice.

"She liked mythology, okay?" Inu Yasha grumbled as he walked past her. God, every time. Now he would NEVER hear the end of it. Why had he been so careless?

He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around, sighing. "What?" He was surprised to see an outstretched hand, "I'm Kagome."

He studied her face. There was no sarcasm and no teasing, just general friendliness. He sighed in resignation and offered his hand to shake hers. He was interrupted by an almost-too-familiar voice behind him.

"Amusing to see you here, Inu Yasha." The voice taunted him, silently laughing under its breath.

The voice could be of no other...

Inu Yasha turned around, silently praying to the gods. Of course, as many a time before, his wishes were not answered. He frowned. Why? The question shot through his head. Now that he was away from his past, why did he have to run into it here?

"Sesshoumaru..." Inu Yasha growled, rolling his eyes.

"It is quite a surprise to see you, of all people, here." Sesshoumaru regarded his brother in cool contempt. His record was forever marred by his brother's acceptance into this school. His plan of four perfectly uneventful years would soon come crashing down before his eyes. Why did it have to be that his brother, his stupid inconsiderate brother, had to go the same university as he? And even more astonishing (as well as perplexing) was that his idiotic half-witted brother had to be in the same class.

He casually noted the girl who stood behind him. She was pretty, but nothing extraordinary set him off-guard. Perhaps the only distinguishing feature she bestowed was her eyes -- a brilliant shade of blue. However, he, Sesshoumaru, did not have the time or patience to study her.

He smirked softly, "It will be amusing to watch your downfall."

Inu Yasha narrowed his eyes. Things would not be different here. Once again, he would slowly sink into his brother's shadow.


He had an extreme urge to punch him right now and bruise that beautiful face. But he was beginning anew here in Tokyo, and none of the past mistakes should be repeated.

Kagome studied the two intently. There was definitely no "fraternal love" between these two brothers. She looked at the man who had just appeared. As much as she hated to admit it, he was beautiful. The way he held his body and his long silvery hair seemed to whiff up nostalgia in her. This man looked as if he were not destined for the time they were situated in. He looked as if he belonged in the days of mysteries and forgotten secrets...

She blinked. If she did not do something quick, there would be bloodshed. She stepped forward cautiously. The way this man was looking at Inu Yasha reminded her of a panther waiting to attack in the darkness. She shivered. This man was not someone she could take lightly.

Inu Yasha glared at his brother. His life had always been like this, his brother the ruler and he the servant. How happy he had been when Sesshoumaru had traveled to Tokyo. How his mother had cried... Inu Yasha wondered: is she crying for me now?

Kagome stepped forward suddenly. The world had stopped in that moment. The man's eyes turned toward her. Kagome silently gulped. His eyes were really piercing. No matter... she was determined to stay put.

"Hello. I- I thought it was interesting what you were talking about with the sensei. About the castle fortifications and the use of the shoots and rocks... oh by the way I'm Kagome. Higurashi Kagome." Her voice rang rather clearly. She blushed. What the hell was that? What kind of an icebreaker was that? What the heck was I thinking? She cringed.

Sesshoumaru studied her fixedly. Although she was not much to look at, she did have the ability to get out of trouble. So far he had seen her first tactic: feigning defeat, and now he was introduced to her second: diversion from target. Against his better judgment, he decided to let her win this battle. To cause something now between Inu Yasha and her would not reflect highly on him, and although he despised his younger brother, he did not want to make his entire college life a living hell. (That was assuming Inuyasha could manage to stay enrolled for a semester)

He walked down the steps, ignoring the enraged Inu Yasha and the girl who stood behind him. It certainly had been an interesting morning...

Inu Yasha turned around, still a bit flushed with anger. For some reason, his brother always brought out the worst in him.

"Sorry about that. Me and my brother don't exactly get along." He huffed as he continued putting his books away.

Kagome smirked as she brushed past Inu Yasha, "I think I could tell." Really, she thought, this boy certainly had a hot temper.

She walked down the stairs, studying her schedule. For her first class it certainly had been remarkable. As she wrapped her hand around the door handle she heard Inu Yasha's voice behind her, "Na-Kagome. Sorry for making you late."

Kagome turned around and smiled, "It's alright."

She walked into the hall, thinking to herself, I still have my revenge...