Pact –the shocking news

My steps echoed through the halls as I made my way to the visitor room. Movement wasn't even worth my energy at this point. Dragging my feet like the living dead I inched toward the door. Everything about my life was starting to fade with out a trace. Hell one month ago I was a regular teenager, athletic good grades and a girl friend. The best thing to enter my life, me best friend. But now she's gone and i'm here alone. Reaching the door I stretched my arm toward the knob. Hesitating only a moment before curling my long fingers around it. Pushing the wooden door open my heart racing. Hoping that it wasn't my mother awaiting me inside. My heart sighed with relief as I found the ugly yellow comfort room was empty. I took my seat longing for my visitor to enter quickly. The more time I had to my self the more time Emily had to invade my head. Suddenly, the smell of Emily filled my nostrils as if she was in this very room. I remembered how it felt to have her fingers intertwined in mine. God how much I love her words could never describe. Em was always there for me she was a best friend and more. Her decision to kill her self baffled me. She was so happy, no one would have ever that she was depressed not even me; her closes friend. Emily and I had gone way back. We shared a crib together for Christ sack. We grow up together got in trouble together even tried are first drink together. She was my other half and that was the truth no matter what people said. Sad as it is I'm a suspect to her death and in tell the trial I am damned to my cell where my life will no longer exist in tell proven innocent. Life in jail is sitting on your bed every day and night. Your personality is sucked out of you at the door. Pushed around in the crowd with plenty of terrifying people right next to you. The lunch might as well get up and walk off your tray, I rather eat dirt then that crap. But the worst part of jail is the silent alone time you get 24/7. I sit there and relive the night of Emily's death over and over, it plays in my head. The warm night breeze blows her hair in my face the small engulfing me. The memory of are last kiss infests my mind, shutting the real world out. I'm there with her cradled in my arms as she turns to look at me. I search her eyes trying to find the slightest amount of hesitation but finding none. She is lost in my eyes as if watching a movie inside them. I wonder what she's thinking, and then I hear the trigger pull back and the bullet exit the gun into her temple. She falls limp in my arms her head falls back and every thing goes black. One single tear falls from my eyes down my cheek. I hear the door knob turn and quickly wipe the tear from my face leaving only a single tear streak. Jorden, my lawyer walks in with a folder full of papers. The folder is labeled Emily Gold. In black sharpie. His face is both relived and tense all at once as he sits down. He draws in air, and then starts with the regular questions. "Do you have any idea why Emily Gold would want to commit suicide"? For the millionth time I answer "no sir I honestly have no idea". And that was the truth Em had never explained to me why and I suspect I will never really know let alone understand the complete reason. Jorden sighed and said "It has come to my attention that Emily was 6 weeks pregnant when she dead". Only a single word hit me the worst "pregnant". Suddenly I was sort of breath and my head was spinning. I gripped the chair as Jorden went on. I could only make out so much of what he was saying the pounding of my heart over powered his voice. The last thing I caught was "it was yours its been conformed….. Blackness boxed me in as I feel into a twisted dream only containing pain, despair and rage.