A/N: I believe this is my first ever Sparrow/Reaver fanfic.

With the third game coming out in like sixteen days I figure why not start one that ties into the third game ^_^.

Just so some things are clear from the get-go I'll go ahead and explain the world of this Sparrow of mine.

In this story Sparrow will be female Good/Pure, will have mastered Will, Strength, and Skill, will have long blond hair basically the current most beautiful woman in the world (Move over Lady Grey lol) and glowing Will lines but will NOT be a giant or hulk . I hated that for female Sparrow that made me so mad hope that is gone in the third game yuck(Though people in real life like that are perfectly fine and beautiful just not for my Sparrow o_O)

Also I believe that Sparrow, Rose, Theresa, Hero of Oakvale, etc are all descendants of Scythe aka William Black and as such are immortal since they are the only characters shown to be able to use all three skills.

This Sparrow is a virgin, never married (Friend of Alex), and chose Love in the Spire.

Has been named Queen of Albion and owns like everything lol.

Since I'm guessing Fable 3 takes place in like mid 1800's/Industrial Revolution/Victorian era I'll say this story takes place in the 1790's to give time for the birth of Logan and I'm just giving a name sicnce I made the name up for Reaver as his real name the Hero of Fable 3 shall be named after his father so his name will be Paris (boy).

I played the game as both genders but for some reason I just feel like Sparrow was a girl (also the scene were Sparrow is shot out the window I see the girl's hairstyle every time and the video after that when they are in the gypsy camp I see the little bun).

Because of this and the belief that she and her family are immortals who better to pair with than another immortal Reaver!

Also I don't know if anyone else thought about it but Logan looks like Reaver to me so I was like they should be father son big time! They should totally make a DLC for the hero of Fable 3 to find their other parent with children of female Sparrow locating Reaver!

I think while she's still not an enemy in the game Theresa will narrate most if not all of the story since she told Sparrow of her children's father. Anything else I cannot think of right now will I will try to put on here later so people understand the way of the world in this story. Alright enough talking lol! ^_^

Theresa: Do you know the tale of two of Albion's must unique lovers? Whose lives and fates were interwoven in a story of friendship, love, betrayal, comedy, war, and death. Whose actions affected the world in ways that none could have foreseen but me. Their story began something like this….