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Sparrow, Hammer, and Fate were traveling down the winding staircase eager to bathe after the battle and mini celebration that followed.

The air was still slightly thick with the smell of ale, smoke, and gunpowder, but as the girls skipped farther down the stairs and closer to the spring their noses were finally able to admire the fresh air.

The moon above shone beautifully casting a magical glow around the spring.

It seemed as if at any moment magical fairies would spring from the waters below and sing in merry glee at their peaceful domain.

Fate trotted over quickly to the water's edge passing Sparrow and Hammer.

"Oh just look at that Sparrow it's all so lovely!"

"Oh look over there!"

Sparrow pointed towards the center of the water where a small army of fireflies danced like a parade of happy wisps.

Sparrow closed her eyes and took in the feelings all around her. She felt all the energy from all the forces of nature. She could feel it all; even it seemed the heartbeats of the fireflies.

Hammer slowly began to remove her clothing. In the moonlight her figure appeared effervescent. Though Hammer had a muscular figure, since she had returned to Albion she had lost much weight.

She reached behind her head and began to undo the roped she usually put into her dreadlock style her. It fell behind her back like a flow of ribbons. She was a truly gorgeous woman.

Hammer made her way to the water's edge and dipped her foot.

"Oh it feels wonderful!"

The mid summer's air must have helped in warming the water.

Hammer continued into the water as it reached her hips she pushed herself forward into the water and dived under. She popped back up seconds later. Pushing her hair out of her face, she waved to Sparrow still on shore.

"Come on Sparrow you have to get in love it feels fantastic!"

Sparrow took note and began to undress herself.

As she slipped out of her monk robes, her womanly splendor can in to view of shadows and moonlight.

Sparrow removed her bandana and let all of her golden hair down. Opening her eyes, they lit her face like blue fireflies. Sparrow smiled a big grin as she skipped to the water and jumped in.

The feel of the water on her skin was so refreshing and relaxing. She felt her entire body almost open up to the sensation. She let her mind go and drift off, something she had not done in a long time.

She could hear Fate near her swimming like a wild man! And Hammer sigh in pleasure from the waters.

As she looked above the moon smiled down to her and the fireflies spun around her as if compelled. Slowly Sparrow closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes again she was still in the water, floating on her back, her plump lips open. She switched her eyes right and left and saw no sign of Hammer or Fate.

She looked back at the shore and saw a figure. It was a man or at least Sparrow thought it was. The figure was tall and thin. Slowly the figure came into view.

It was Reaver!

Sparrow felt a sting of anxiousness, but it soon drifted away when Reaver began to slowly enter the pool with her.

Suddenly Sparrow noticed that Reaver was naked. His lower half had already slipped into the water.

His face was calm almost tranquil except for his mouth with retained the sensual smile that she herself found more and more arousing the more she saw it.

By now the water was to Reaver's neck and he began to slowly swim his way over to Sparrow.

Sparrow let her body lightly touch the surface of the water, outlining her figure but revealing nothing. She floated back in the pond till her back softly touched a large rock in the center of the pool.

By now Reaver had caught up with her and was closing in the space between then.

After Sparrow blinked, Reaver's face came into complete focus.

His black hair was sprawled all over his face, and water dripped from his head sending little beads down his head and touching his lips which emerged feelings Sparrow had never had before.

See looked into his eyes which were burning with a passion; she could almost feel the heat radiating from Reaver even in the now cool water.

Sparrow realized that she was breathing heavily and her body was trembling from a feeling she never experienced before.

She pulled a hand from the water and put it on Reaver's face. Reaver closed his eyes as if he had had a thousand pounds lifted off his body. He slowly rubbed his head against Sparrow's palm.

Sparrow allowed her other hand to lift from the water and as if by magic she stayed afloat on her own.

She let her hands explore Reaver's face. She felt all over the immortal, her hands studied the man that had been changed by and had shaped history. Reaver's eyes locked once more with Sparrow, pleading eyes that begged for more.

Reaver closed the gap between the two and the bodies touched.

Sparrow gasped and she felt a surge of electricity run through her body her hands dropped to Reaver's shoulders for support. Reaver let out a low groan as he felt the same sensation.

Sparrow opened her eyes and moved her face forward. Her and Reaver's mouths were inches apart. Without words and only their soul revealing eyes, Sparrow and Reaver both leaned in.

Sparrow felt her mouth exploded with fire as Reaver's lips assaulted hers. Reaver pushed Sparrow back against the rock. Reaver wrapped his arms around Sparrow, and she pulled her hands to his hair and held on.

The passionately fiery kiss seemed to go on forever but the two soon needed air.

The two gasped for air as they held tightly on to one another.

Every inch of Sparrow's body felt alive. Her Will lines were glowing so bright the entire pond had alit with its magical blue color, transforming the pool into a magical center. Even the fireflies on the surface picked up the color and created a dazzling sight that could make the gods themselves weep and lust after.

Reaver recovered more quickly than Sparrow and soon began lovingly kissing and sucking on Sparrow's neck. Sparrow cried out and Reaver nibbled her silky skin, causing her to grab his hair tighter.

Reaver slowed his adoring kisses and pulled his head back to Sparrow. Sparrow sleepily smiled to Reaver and attacked his lips now. Before Sparrow knew it Reaver forced his self back into the power, when he thrust his tongue into Sparrow's hot mouth.

Sparrow could feel her own tongue being used and began to use hers. The longer the kiss went the deeper it appeared to go.

They broke it once more.

Reaver slowly slid Sparrow up. Sparrow weakly used her arms to climb onto the rock in the center of the spring and laid down. Reaver was not far behind her. His green own eyes casted a color of their own as if aglow themselves; as he crawled over to Sparrow.

He slid on top of her and between her legs.

Sparrow pulled him down and turned him over. Sparrow straddled him and leaned over and slowly began to kiss over his chest.

She started at his Adam's apple and made her way down.

Though he was tall and lanky Reaver's body was in excellent condition. His muscular frame and soft skin lured Sparrow to kiss more and pleasure Reaver.

Reaver's head was stretched back and his eyes closed, as Sparrow traced all over his chest.

Reaver let out soft moans as he felt electricity hit him every time Sparrow touched him.

Sparrow stopped and looked down at Reaver. He opened his eyes and looked at her with his eyes on fire.

Reaver quickly pulled her down and the two started kissing again.

They slowly rolled off the rock and back in to the water and went under. They twisted in the gentle currents and their lips never left each other.

Sparrow's Will lines had now effected the surface and beneath the spring. The flowers under the water glowed bright blues, greens, and purples, as the couple slipped lower and lower in the water.

The fireflies dashed into the water and swam around the pair as their kiss continued. Reaver and Sparrow felt their eyes began to open as they needed to breathe. Neither wanted to stop, but opened them at the same time and found themselves awake.

Sparrow found herself still in the spring, and Reaver in the encampment of the Hand. Both shot up gasping for air.

"You alright love?"

Hammer and Avaritia asked in two different places but at the same time.

"Yeah." Reaver and Sparrow said calmly.

Hammer began to make her way to a shore with Fate and Avaritia pulled her head out of Reaver's tent.

Sparrow laid back in the water and Reaver his bed. Both closed their eyes and realized they could smell one another still and taste the other's lips. They opened their eyes and both looked up.

Pass the moon, and pass tent ceilings, they searched for one another in the sky and felt a bitter sting when they could not see one another.

"One day." They said in unison and relaxed.

After an unknown time to her Sparrow, she lifted herself above the water. Her feet touched the surface and she stood there, as if a fairy herself she danced in the moonlit pond on the surface.

She worked out the final bits of stress and felt a complete sense of peace. Slowly she crossed to the shore on the surface. She picked up her clothes and slowly clothed herself and made her way back to her room at the temple.

In the small distance, Walter laid against a tree trying to catch his breath. He hadn't meant to see Sparrow in the pond but had come down to relay a message.

His face and ears were bright red. He was trying to get his breath back after being left breathless and speechless. In all his years he had never laid eyes on a creature as magnificent, benevolent, and pure as his queen. She was perfect in his eyes.

He tried to lecture himself that his feelings were becoming inappropriate and that he needed to remember his place, but in the time since meeting her personally, fighting by her side, and the unexpected show at the spring Walter was transfixed.

Sparrow has bewitched me and I don't want her to ever stop.

Walter closed his eyes and sighed. When he was sure Sparrow was back up at the temple he made his way back too.

In the morning Garth had already boarded a ship and was on his way back to Samarkand to prepare the kingdom for battle.

Sparrow stood by her window in the early morning hours and watched the ship sail. She felt a sting of sadness at seeing Garth leave again, but knew he would be back as soon as he could.

"Come back soon Garth." Sparrow said aloud and to herself.

Light spilled into the room from the open ceiling casting an almost bright shine on everything.

"There is yet one more place we can go to look for allies your majesty. The Bandit Coast." Walter stated boldly.

Alex huffed to himself. "You intend to try and acquire the aid of thieves, murderers, and assassins?"

Walter smiled. "Well I personally thought enticing them would work a bit better."

Alex rolled his eyes.

"Walter has point. The bandits have as much to lose as we do. If Lucien returned they would have no place in his kingdom." Sparrow stated.

"Yeah anything not inside a fanatical collar wearing society wouldn't last two seconds to the bastard, especially if he's walking around as a god. " Stated Hammer rather cold. "Also true and we wouldn't want that now would we?" Dante added with his trademark grin.

Alex slammed his hand on the round table the five of them were seated around.

"This is serious with Garth returning to prepare Samarkand; we have only two heroes available to us in all of Albion. Bandits are not the only creatures that prowl the Coast. There are fouler creatures yet in the world and we can't afford a wounded hero when war is thrown on us!"

Everyone soon came to the realization of Alex's comment.

Sparrow put her hand on Alex and looked him in the eye.

"My friend there is a chance that none of us will make it through this whether we defeat our enemy or not. Everyone must realize that one or all of us may die."

Sparrow looked around the table fully.

"If anyone does not wish to make that sacrifice I completely understand and don't blame you. I don't want anyone to feel forced to be here, if you wish to leave you must do it now, we have passed the way of no return look back now or keep moving forward."

Hammer looked at Sparrow with fire in her eyes.

"I bloody didn't come all this way to quit! I'm in it old girl to the end."

Dante shook his head playfully.

"Hmmm go down in history as the guy that turned his back on such a suicidal quest I think not!"

Walter shook his head in a powerful yes.

"I swear to serve you my queen, Sparrow until the day I die, I promise to never abandon you."

Alex smiled.

"Well you would never get anything done in the world without all us crazies. You know I'm in love always."

Sparrow smiled all around.

"Alright then I think we all know what we have to do." That evening the gang made their way onto a small ship and set off for the shores of the Bandit Coast, yet as they set sail; there was another place that Sparrow wondered could offer aid to her army.

The distant region that was full of dead things.

It an all too familiar place to herself and Reaver.

She had a cloak wrapped around herself as the cold evening air brushed her face and through her golden hair. Her blue eyes pierced through the darkening sky. Sparrow kept her eyes forward as she sailed on the waters of Albion.

There was no going back now she could only go forward, and that was the only place she planned to move forever. She held a new resolve now. No longer would she ever cave or give in. She would fight on and willing give her life for Albion and all continents, for all peoples. Sparrow stood at the deck and watched on into the night.

"Your majesty land is in sight." Walter had made his way into her cabin and lightly touched her shoulder. Sparrow blinked at him and sat up to stretch. She smiled at Walter and he nervously smiled back.

"I thought I asked you to call me Sparrow!" Walter blushed.

"Sorry S-Sparrow."

"See was that so hard?" "

Walter smiled back. "No."

"Good! So were almost on land excellent! I'll get ready right now." Sparrow practically jumped out of bed causing Fate to open his sleepy eyes and stretched his self.

Sparrow stepped behind a semi see through privacy screen.

"Are you excited Walter?" Sparrow asked as she began to undress. Walter began to blush intensely as he partially watched.

"I would not say excited Sparrow, nervous, uneasy, those are better words."

Sparrow had removed her night gown and stopped before putting more clothes on and put her hands on her delectable hips.

Walter was practically drooling and trying his best to stay cool and take his eyes away from Sparrow's heavenly figure.

"Walter! You have to more confidence. We'll have to work on that together. It does no one any good if you panic and freak out every time something goes out of plan you'll hahahaha! Believe when your with me I'll always protect you!"

Sparrow smiled behind the screen. Walter smiled to himself.

"You are incredible Sparrow! You are so perfect. I can think of no one better to rule Albion than you. And I think I love you."

The last part Walter whispered to himself.

"What did you say?" Walter snapped back to reality. "That your people love."

"I'd hope so!"

"You'll never have to worry about not being loved Sparrow."

Sparrow finished putting on her top and walked from behind the screen.

She started towards Walter. "Walter could you tie me up?" Walter felt his blush deepen and Sparrow only giggled. Sparrow turned around and pulled her hair forward. Walter walked up behind Sparrow.

Each could feel the other's body heat. Slowly reached for the strings but allowed his hands to brush down Sparrow's back. He slowly began tying up the string being careful not to pull to tightly. Finally he finished. Sparrow turned back to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks solider!" Sparrow brushed past Walter and started out of the room. Walter was frozen still, almost lost in the moment that had past forever. Sparrow stopped at the door and turned around.

"You do know I could have Hammer do that." A smile formed on her perfect lips.

"And don't think I didn't notice you at the spring. I've got my eyes on you Wally." Sparrow spoke playfully and walked out the room. "Balls!" Walter trudged out of the room and up to deck to group up with the rest of the group.

"Here we are the Bandit Coast!" Alex let his arm point in the direction of the shore.

The pine wooded forest looked incredibly more menacing than Sparrow remembered it.

Sparrow, Hammer, Dante, Walter, and Alex and climbed into a smaller boat and made their way to shore.

The waves were a bit foreboding as they rocked almost viciously as the companions grew closer to shore.

Finally they landed. Sparrow hopped out of the boat first and felt her feet sink into the sand.

"Who votes we enter the creepy forest in search of bloodthirsty bandies?"

Everyone raised their hands playfully, and the companions made their ways into the legendary woods.