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Harry James Potter was staying in Grimauld Place with his godfather Sirius Black for the past 2 months. It was summer time, and he had just ended his fifth year in Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry. He hadn't had to go to his relatives' house this summer. Why, you ask?

During the battle in the Department of Mysteries, Harry had known it was all a trap. He was supposed to be in Slytherin after all. He knew that Voldemort hadn't really had his godfather, having studied Occlumency with Snape that year, he had read enough about fake visions being sent to the mind to know the difference. He had gone in there knowing what he had to do, and he had done it. He had ended Voldemort, once and for all.

What Voldemort didn't know when he had used Harry's blood for his resurrection, was that he then gave Harry control of his body. Harry could rid his blood from Voldemort's body when he wanted to. When that had been done, he was as good as dead. Harry set his body on fire, and the Dark Lord Voldemort was no more. Most of his Death Eaters were found and taken to Azkaban to receive the Dementor's Kiss. There were a few others, lesser in rank than most, that were sentenced to a cell, but either way, they were all captured. Peter Pettigrew was questioned and they found out that Sirius really was innocent. It had been a good night all in all, tiring but good.

So, here Harry was, the end of the summer, and he had one more thing to get done before he went back this year. You see, Harry was in love with his godfather. He knew it was wrong, in his mind, but he couldn't seem to get his heart to believe the same thing. Maybe it was because he was the only person who had shown him real affection, not just in a friendly way. Maybe he had just been under the Crucio curse to long in his fourth year. He didn't know, but he didn't care either. All that mattered was getting Sirius to see that it wasn't a bad thing.

Sirius had to have some idea of his feelings because it seemed to Harry, that at every word out of his mouth, there was an innuendo laced in it somewhere. One night, Harry had come down to get something to drink, and as he was bent over in the fridge, he felt fingers creep up his spin. Seeing as he was shirtless, the skin on skin contact made his nerve endings instantly on end. He had straightened quickly, muttered something under his breath about being tired, before trying to make a beeline for the stairs.

If only Sirius could have left it at that.

"I hadn't meant to scare you, I just couldn't resist." He had said.

Harry's dick had taken that as a welcome sign and had gotten to full mast in under 3 seconds. He said that was alright, obviously without turning around, and made his way up the stairs with a quiet 'good night' following in his wake.

Although, there had been something in Sirius' voice that had made Harry wonder if maybe his feeling were returned after all, he was just too scared, or harbored to much guilt, to act. The next day, he acted as if nothing had happened, so Harry followed suit.

But now with only a week left, he would ask Sirius. He would ask him what he felt. Harry knew that this could end two different ways. He could end up with his heart broken, or incredibly happy. And to say that he was terrified would be the biggest understatement of the millennia.

That night, would be a night he never forgot, no matter how long he lived.

He and Sirius had sat by the fire in the dark living room, Sirius with his usual nightly glass of firewhisky, and Harry with his coffee. The living room had to long sofas facing each other, both a deep burgundy, a big, comfortable, fluffy recliner in between them, same color, and a long coffee table in the middle, made of a deep cherry wood. They all were facing the fire place. Sirius sat in the recliner and Harry sat on the sofa to his right. It was now or never, Harry thought.



"Can I ask you something?"

"You just did." He responded with a chuckle.

"I am serious."

"So am I."


"Alright, alright, what is it Harry?"

Sirius heard Harry take a deep breath then let it out slowly.

"What would you say…if I told you that I loved you?"

Sirius was puzzled for a minute, not grasping what Harry meant. "I love you too, Harry. What would think I would say?"

Harry got up from his spot on the couch and knelt in front of his godfather. "No, Sirius. I mean I love you. I am in love with you."

Sirius, for a moment, thought Harry was kidding. But one look into his beautiful emerald eyes told him otherwise. Sirius sat there shocked for a minute, lost in his thoughts.

Of course, he had fantasized now and then about his godson, had even wanked to thoughts of his hot mouth around his cock, but he had always banished those thoughts quickly, saying that he just needed to get laid, and besides, the guilt and shame would always eat its way into his chest.

He didn't know what to do. He didn't want to tell Harry he didn't feel the same way, Harry would take that horrible wrong he knew, so what did one say when their godson said he was in love with you?

"Harry….I love you, I always will, but only as my god son. Think of what James would say. Do you think he would want to see his best friend with his son, even if it was only because I'm 20 years your elder?"

It was a low blow. He knew it was. But he had no other choice. He had to make Harry see that this wasn't right, before he really got hurt.

"I think my father would want me to be happy. You as well. Why would he want anything different?"


"Please Sirius. I know that we could be happy. I could make you happy. Please let me show you. Let me love you."

Before Sirius could say anything to stop him, Harry's lips were on his. He stayed frozen for a minute, but his lips didn't leave. They just slowly moved, trying to coax a response from him. Finally, Sirius gave into his greatest temptation. He started to respond to the kiss, liking the feeling of Harry's lips more and more.

Hands burrowed their way into his shoulder length, dark brown almost black, hair as Sirius grabbed Harry and pulled him up to straddle his lap. He had dreamt of this, never allowing himself the pleasure of actually having it, but now that he did, how was he going to let it go again? He knew he would have to soon, but right now, he would just enjoy the feeling, and deal with the consequences later.

The kiss went from slow and sensual, to heated and passionate quickly. Sirius soon stood, urging Harry to wrap his legs around his waist, and carried him blindly up two flights of stairs to his room. He laid him gently on the bed and broke the kiss to look down at the sight he made.

Harry's hair was always mussed, but now it looked even more so, his chest was heaving trying to catch his breath, his green hooded eyes darkened with lust, desire, and the most prominent, love. All in all, he was the most beautiful thing that Sirius had ever seen. He told him so.

"Please Sirius. Make love to me." Harry begged in a breathy voice that only further increased Sirius desire for him.

He quickly began to divest himself of clothing, saving Harry for last. Once he was full naked, he crawled on top of Harry, kissing his soft lips. He pulled away, only to continue on down his neck, sucking the flesh, tasting a light sheen of sweat and Harry's own musky flavor. He grasped the hem of Harry's shirt and tugged upwards, indicating for him to sit up so he could pull it all the way off.

Harry got the message and sat up so he could get his shirt off himself. Once it was gone, Sirius ran his hands over his chest, tweaking each nipple in turn, before lowering his head to one, sucking like a baby would from their mother. Harry moaned above him, and Sirius knew that sound would forever be embedded into his head. He kissed down to his belly button, swirling his tongue inside, fucking the opening with it. He continued to tease it while his hand traced the top of Harry's jeans lightly.

"Please, love, stop teasing me. I need you inside me, please."

But Sirius didn't want this to end anytime soon. If this was the only time he could have Harry, then he would make damn sure he made it last. But he would be merciful just once this night. He continued down to Harry's waist line, undid his jeans, and pulled them, along with his black briefs, down his legs and off. He looked down at Harry's erection, it looked about 8 inches in length and 2 in girth. It was uncut and absolutely the most beautiful body part on this boy in front of him. He leaned down and licked at the drop of pre-cum leaking from the slit. He tasted slightly bitter, a little salty, but more sweet than anything. He fell in love with the taste instantly.

His own cock was so hard it was almost painful, but he could wait. Right now, he just wanted to worship his young lover's body. Speaking of which, Harry was writhing in pleasure, jutting his hips upward gently, wanting Sirius to touch him. He took in the sight of his godfather's body fully and almost drooled. He had hard muscles, a light sprinkle of body hair between his pecks and a line of dark hair leading from his belly button down to his beautiful prick. It stood out from his body at about 9 inches. He was a tad nervous, seeing that this was his first time, but he trusted Sirius not to hurt him.

Harry felt a warm, wet mouth close around the head of his cock, and groaned in ecstasy as Sirius started to suck gently.

Sirius lowered his mouth to the bulbous head below him, and wrapped his lips around it, teasing Harry with light suction, not nearly enough to bring him to orgasm. He started to bob his head up and down, hallowing his cheeks to take him in farther. Suddenly, he took Harry's entire length into his throat, sucking hard, his nose nestled into Harry's wiry black pubic hair, chin on his balls. He looked up just in time to see his back arch beautifully and a delicious moan to come out of his mouth.

He released Harry's cock, and moved to mouth his balls. He took first one, than the other into his mouth, before taking them mouth in. He lubed then copiously with his saliva, leave strings of it connecting his mouth and the sac together when he moved it yet again.

Sirius lifted Harry's thighs over his shoulders, spreading them wider, finally seeing the hole he was about to become very familiar with. He let his tongue snake out and trace it, barely close enough to tickle. Harry whimpered above him, he knew that his teasing was working. He pushed closer, loving the taste, and plunged his tongue in as far as he could. He retreated and plunged back in, in and out, in and out, before alternating to just rimming the entrance.

When he felt Harry was lubed up enough, he pulled away, enjoying Harry's mewl of disappointment, dropped his legs, and got to his knees. He looked deep into Harry's eyes, looking for hesitation, fear, any sign that he didn't want this. When he didn't find one, he muttered a lubrication charm for his fingers, no matter how much he lubricated his hole, you could never be too careful. He slowly breached Harry's tight ass with his index finger, the hot cavern sucking him in farther. He moved it in and out a few times before he worked in a second finger. Harry surprising never tensed up, only moaned at the intrusions. Sirius vaguely wondered if he had done this before, to himself maybe, but banished the thought quickly. He felt Harry was ready for a third finger, and soon he would be ready for much more.

The third finger was next to the others deep inside Harry, and Sirius pumped them in and out trying to find his prostate. When he did, the moan Harry let out, was perfect.

"Please Sirius, I want to come with you inside me, please make me yours."

Harry's begging was the last straw for Sirius. He pulled out his fingers, murmured another lubrication charm, and lined his now slick erection with his lover's hole.

He slowly pushed against the tight ring of muscles, watching Harry's face for any signs of discomfort. His head inside, he slowly, inch by agonizing inch, pushed into Harry's tight heat, not stopping until he was balls deep. He leaned over his godson, kissing away the pained expression on his face. Harry felt like virgin tightness surrounding his dick. He never wanted to leave this heaven.

Harry's moan of "move" broke his trance. He started with slow shallow thrusts into the man below him. When he started to moan as Sirius hit his prostate, he sped up, using longer strokes. Soon, he had them both panting and close, so close, to orgasm. He wrapped his hand around Harry's forgotten cock and pumped along with his thrusts. Harry came hard after only the third pump, his body having been so stimulated before Sirius entered him. His ass muscles clenched down on the cock inside of him. The spasm of Harry's muscles pushed Sirius over the figurative edge to orgasm with Harry. Long spurts of sperm filled Harry as they moaned each other's names.

Harry woke up about an hour later lying across his godfather's chest. It took him a minute to recall why he was here, but when he did, feeling his lover's come leak out of his hole, a smile covered his face and he snuggled closer to Sirius.


Sirius' voice surprised him, he'd thought he was still a sleep. He looked up at his face and knew something was wrong. He had this cold, distant look about him. It sent a feeling of dread straight to Harry's stomach.

"Sirius? What's wrong?"

"This can't happen again, Harry. I won't let it happen again. It was wrong to have done it in the first place."

"Why not? I thought-"

"You thought what, Harry? That this was more than just a fuck? You are my dead best friend's son. You are my godson. You think that you love me, but you are only 16. You will get older and realize that you didn't and regret this. I know I already do."

By the time he was done, Harry had felt his heart crack in his chest. Never before had he felt this much pain, physical or emotional. The Crucio didn't even hurt this bad, and that was fueled by the hatred of his enemy. But Sirius' voice, that cold, arrogant voice, was enough to bring Harry to his knees.

But, surprising even himself, his voice was firm, though he sounded resigned, with his next words. "Fine. You can go on like this never happened, you can even regret what we just did together. But know this, I won't. I will spend the rest of my life loving you whether you believe it or not. And I am sorry. I'm sorry that I even tried."

Harry then got up from the bed, slipped on his shirt briefs and pants, and grabbed his wand. He walked to the door, but before leaving, he turned around and said one last thing.

"I am sorry that I ruined our relationship Sirius, I know that it will never be the same, but I am not sorry that this happened. That we happened. I love you, Sirius. More than you will ever know. I will fire call Dumbledore in the morning and go back to Hogwarts early. Goodbye."

With that he walked out. Out of the room. Out of Sirius' life. With only the hope that he can contain his tears until he got to his room. And that maybe one day, this pain would go away. And in the morning, Dumbledore didn't ask to many questions.

Sirius watched Harry leave with tears in his eyes and a heavy heart in his chest. He didn't understand why he felt this way. He didn't love Harry anymore than a father would their son. Although, no father should fuck their son, it was still true nonetheless. Wasn't it? People would think it disgusting, and wrong, if not for their age difference, then it would be the fact of them being practically family. He made the right decision. Right?

Then why did he feel like he had just made the biggest mistake of his life?

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