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Harry groggily looked up from the chest he was laying against, into the face of his husband, Sirius Black. He smiled softly, sometimes still not believe how good looking Sirius stayed, even though he was getting older. almost 44 years old and not a gray hair nor wrinkle in sight.

Harry, as quietly as possible, rolled out of the bed he shared with his loverfor the last 5 years, his husband for 4, and walked into the bathroom. As much as he loved sex with Sirius, sometimes he didn't really enjoy the feeling of his come still in his anus.

When he was sure the water wouldn't burn the skin from his body, he stepped under the spray of the shower head, moaning as the strong water pressure helped work the kinks from his muscles.

He had only been in about 5 minutes before an amused voice broke off another of his moans, "You know, I'm beginning to wonder if I have a reason to be jealous of running water."

Harry smiled, but didn't reply; just pulled the shower curtain open. Soon, he and Sirius were washing each other's bodies. Gently rubbing the soap along the hard planes of muscle on his lover, Harry sighed in content. He never wanted this to end.

Sirius must have been thinking along the same lines because he pulled Harry to his chest and whispered, "I love you, Harry."

Harry looked up into the eyes of his lover, seeing the emotion that had just been proclaimed. "I love you, too."

Harry closed his eyes and leaned his head back, letting the water cascade down over his hair; rinsing away the soap, letting it swirl down the drain. He felt lips meet his own and he eagerly kissed back. He opened his mouth for the tongue probing at his lips, moaning at the familiar taste of his lover.

Strong arms wrapped around his waist, lifting him against a strong body. He wound his legs around Sirius's waist, feeling his back being pushed against the wall. He moaned loudly as he felt Sirius's erection brush against his. His arms wrapped aroung the other man's neck, fingers combing through hair.

Harry knew they wouldn't be leaving any time soon.


Later that day, Harry sat in the living room, reading his newest book. He admitted to have taken a liking to muggle romance novels. He loved to get new books, simply because some of them gave him ideas to try out with Sirius. Harry was sure his lover had been shocked to find out that Harry was kinky. Harry chuckled at the thought.

Soon, Harry was wrapped up in his memories. Harry remembered the day he had left Malfoy Manor to get back to his lover. He had found Sirius in the kitchen with a soft smile on his face drinking a cup of tea. Harry had walked up behind him, wrapped his arms around his waist, and whispered, 'I love you' into his ear. Sirius had taken Harry upstairs and made love to him all night long. There had been no rushing, just two people getting to know one anothers' bodies. It had been one of the best nights of Harry's life.

When Harry had told him what had transpired back at the manor the next day, the look in Sirius's eye when Harry mentioned what he had said to Severus, could only be descibed as unadulterated lust. They had explored that fantasy the next week and Harry had made a point of going into detail when he told Severus just how it felt. It had been hilarious to watch Severus's face morph into an expression of horror, then disgust, then anger when he realized everyone was laughing at him.

Harry had to change his train of thought, and quick, because he could feel his cock twitching to life and Sirius wasn't here.

Ron and Hermione still weren't talking to him, but not because of Draco and Blaise anymore. They had proved Sirius's rather irrational fear right when they had thought it incestuous for Harry and his godfather to be in a sexual relationship. They had seen the news of their wedding in the Daily Prophet and had come right over to Grimauld Place, demanding answers they really had had no right to; though Harry told them anyway. They had told him how disgusted they were with his behavior and that his parents would be ashamed of him. Harry hadn't really cared what they had to say, he knew his parents wouldn't have cared if he was in love with a hippogriff, they would have been happy as long as he was. He had told them that if they couldn't say anything worth hearing, then they could leave. He hadn't talked to them since.

The way he looked at it, he deserved better. If they couldn't accept his choices and support him in anyway possible, then why should he worry about it? He was in love with his godfather, and yes it might be wrong on some levels, to some people; but it wasn't to him. Love was love; there was nothing else to it.

Harry sighed. He did sometimed miss them, but it was the thought of what they had said about his and Sirius' relationship that made him know they weren't worth his time anymore.

He shook his head away from the depressing thoughts, not knowing what to think about that didn't either get him horny or make him feel like crying. He figured he would try to get some sleep.


Harry was asleep. He could tell because of the way it was slightly fuzzy around the edges of his mind, but the dream seemed so real. It really didn't feel like a dream at all.

Harry was sitting on the bed he shared with his husband in Grimauld Place, reading one his books; like he would any other time. Only, this had one major difference. His belly was protuding far away from the rest of his body; he looked about 8 months pregnant.

Sirius walked into the room, "How's my baby doing today?"

Harry looked up and replied, "He's fine. A little restless but Poppy said that was normal this far along in my pregnancy. I think he is more than ready to come out."

Harry placed his hand on his belly, feeling his little boy kick in response. He smiled softly, feeling Sirius get onto the bed with him. His lover's hand covered his own.

"After 5 years, we finally get a baby of our own. I bet he'll have your eyes, Harry." Sirius whispered softly. He obviously didn't want to disturb the peace of the moment.

"I hope he has yours. I love your beautiful ocean blue orbs." Harry leaned forward, bestowing a loving kiss to the older man's lips.

Sirius chuckled almost inaudibly, "Your silly."

"Not silly. Just desperately in love. Still, after all these year."

"I love you, Harry.

The baby kicked again and Sirius chuckled once more, "And I love you too James."

Harry smiled lovingly at his husband. Harry really hoped that one day, this dream might come true.


Harry woke slowly, tears leaking from the corner of his eyes, his hand immediately going to rest on his stomach. It was flat, unlike his dream, but he swore he felt something move inside of him.


It had been a month since that dream had occured. Harry hadn't had it again, though he did tell Sirius about it. Sirius told him it was probably just his want for a child and at the time, Harry had thought the same thing. Only now he wasn't so sure.

The past few day Harry had been feeling nauseated. Almost every time he ate, he threw it right back up. Hell, even when he didn't eat, he threw up. Sirius was getting worried; it was lasting longer than a normal stomach sickness would.

Harry calmed his husband's nerves the best he could, but no one could really calm him down all that much. Not until Harry promised to go see Severus, that is.

Harry decided to go when Sirius wasn't home; if his suspicions were correct, he wanted time to adjust before he filled Sirius in. It might sound selfish, but he knew his husband would respect his wishes.

When he came to Malfoy Manor to see the retired Potion's Master, Severus wasn't overly happy to see him, not that he ever was, but he wasn't down right cruel either. Harry knew he could have gone to St. Mungo's, but he trusted Severus more than any other medi-wizard, something that he found horribly shocking, and he wanted to be examined by someone he knew well.

"What brings you here today, Mr. Potter?" Harry was slightly nervous about the results, but he knew he had to do this.

"Well, I've been feeling rather sick to my stomach as of late. I know it isn't abnormal or anything, but I need to know if I could possibly be pregnant."

Severus's eyes widened in surprise momentarily, porbably at the bluntness of Harry's question, before he regained his composure. "I will have to do a few tests."

The older man took out his wand and started muttering spells. Lights of certain colors flashed from his wand as he did different tests, examining his vitals and searching for other things that could cause the nausea.

The last one he did was the pregnancy test, having not found anything else that could be the problem. If he pointed his wand at Harry lower belly and the light turned pink, he wasn't pregnant. But if it turned blue...

Severus said the spell that would make Harry the happiest man alive if it were positive, and after a moment, a light shown from the tip of his wand...


Harry screamed loudly as another wave of pain washed over him. Sirius was holding his hand telling him everything would be alright soon, that they would have there healthy baby boy with them. Harry tried hard to hear his love's voice, but the pain was so intense, it was almost all he could focus on. Also, having Severus Snape between his legs, looking at Harry's dialated anus, wasn't helping matters either.

"Now, Harry, I need you to push on the count of three. Ready, one, two, three." Severus said in a firm, but somehow soothing, voice.

Harry screamed again as he pushed as hard as he could. He had read about child birth, male and female alike, and they hadn't been kidding when they had said it was like squeezing a watermelon out a hole the size of a lemon when dialated; not that the dialation helped at all. He wanted to sneer at the thought but was in to much pain to do so.

"One, two, three; push."

Harry pushed again, and he felt the head of his baby crowning. He had to push a few more times before he felt his little boy's head leave him.

But if he thought the head was painful, pushing out his shoulders were even worse.

He screamed anew as he attempted to push his baby out. He should have gone with the cesarian, but he had thought it was to...to...oh hell, he couldn't think of the word at a time like this.

Soon though, his shoulders were out, and the rest of the boy's body followed relatively easy, not nearly easy enough for the Harry, but at least it was quicker than the babies upper portion had been. What had felt like eternity to Harry, had really only been about two hours. But that didn't count the time between when he went into labor and when he had to push.

He watched through tired hooded eyes as Severus spanked his baby's butt to get him to start crying. When he did, he went through the motions of cleaning and putting him in the little clothes Sirius had made sure to bring him. Harry had already forgotten what they looked like.

When he was all done, his baby was laid in his arms. He looked down into deep blue eyes, noticing immediately that they had flecks of emerald throughout. He had Harry's nose, Sirius's lips, their eyes mixed... Harry laid the baby down and started to count his fingers and toes.

1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10 fingers

1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10 toes.

He smiled at his baby, softly tapping his nose, already knowing what they were going to name him.

He looked up at his husband of 5 years now, seeing tears in his eyes.

"Welcome to the world James Draconis Potter-Black."

Well, there it is. Two things. I don't know if I got the birth right, but I tried my best to get it as realistic as possible...what with it being a man giving birth and all. Anyway, two, I don't know if I spelled Draco's full name right. All I know is that I like the name and wanted it to be Harry's baby's middle name. So, I hope you all enjoyed it. I kow it probably could have been better, but that was what I had had in mind for some time now.

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