Am I Possesive Just Because I'm Claiming What's Mine?

Helena didn't make a sound as she stood on the Steele's patio. She didn't even breath. It was pitch black out as she peered through the glass doors at the Steele's living room. She knew that they wouldn't be able to see her, due to the fact that the light from the room would just reflect right off the glass. They would only see her if they came very close, and if that happened, Helena could be out of there in a millisecond.

She had only dropped by that night to check on Josh. The night prior she'd had to have her sister Stella give the poor thing head trauma so he wouldn't remember the encounter they'd had. She hadn't wanted to, but it was for his own good. Still, she wanted to make sure he was alright. So that night, she'd gone over to the Steele's to check on him.

She'd found him in his living room, sitting down on an old brown couch, holding an ice pack on his forehead. A moment later, a girl walked into the room. Helena knew that this girl couldn't be one of Josh's sister. Her skin, her hair, her eyes . . . None of it matched Josh at all. This girl couldn't be his sister. After a second, Helena realized that this was the girl from the beach the other night. In her hands, she had two mugs.

"Got your coffee," Helena heard her say through the glass, as the girl danced over to Josh and giving him one. "This one's your's."
He raised an eyebrow at her. "What did you do to it?" he asked.

"Nothing," she said, "Honestly I didn't do anything to it. Please Josh, even I'm above kicking someone when they're down."
"I am not down," he argued, "At least not anymore then usual."

"You just got out of the hospital," she explained, "I'm not gonna spit in your food."
"Fine . . . But if this tastes like anything other then coffee . . ." he trailed off, taking a sip from it.

"Well?" she prompted.
"It's clean," he decided, placing it on the end table next to the couch.

"See? I told you."
"Congrats," he mumbled.

"So how's your head?" she wondered.
He shrugged. "Kay . . . The pain meds helped. But I really hope this doesn't turn into another scar."

"Can I see?" she asked, her voice taking on a strange edge that Helena picked up on.
"Sure," Josh said, obviously not detecting what Helena had.

He took the icepack off his forehead to reveal a stitched up gash above his eye with bruising all around it. The girl gasped very quietly.
"Does it hurt?" she asked softly, reaching out to gently place two fingers on it. Josh didn't move.

The girl then, slowly, leaned over him and touched her lips to the injury in a butterfly kiss. Helena watched, shocked, as the girl pulled back slightly to meet Josh's eyes. Helena didn't know what she saw there, but whatever it was, it convinced her to lean down more and kiss Josh on the lips.

Helena was mortified as Josh kissed her back fiercely, and even grabbed the hood of her sweatshirt to pull her down to him. She conceded and sat down on his lap to better continue their kissing. She had her hands on his waist while he had his fingers in her hair.

Helena couldn't believe what she was seeing. In a burst of some kind of unfamiliar anger, Helena screamed and put her fist through the glass door.

"Can I see?" Lola asked, trying to keep her voice normal.

She was looking down at her best friend, Josh, where he sat on the couch, holding an icepack to his forehead. With his whole family out and about as usual, she'd volunteered to stay with him after he'd gotten home from the hospital. She didn't mind having to 'babysit' him. In fact, she was secretly thrilled about it.

"Sure," he said, taking the icepack off of his head. Lola made a little "ooh" noise at the sight of it. It wasn't really that horrible, but it did look like it hurt. A lot.
"Does it hurt?" she asked in a gentle voice, reaching out to touch it tenderly with her fingers.

Josh didn't say a word and she refused to meet his eyes. Following some sudden gut instinct, she leaned over and pressed her lips gently to the bruised area surrounding the gash. She pulled back slowly afterwards, looking down at Josh, somewhat shocked by her own behavior.

Josh looked up at her with those pretty eyes through those long dark lashes. There was an intensity in his eyes. A longing. An approval. It couldn't have been more obvious to Lola if he had given her a thumbs up. She could tell by the look in his eyes. He wanted this.

Acting on impulse, she leaned down even further and placed a kiss on his lips. The initial shock was startling. After so many years of having a crush on him, she was finally kissing Josh. Despite how foreign it was to be kissing her best friend, it also felt right. Very right.

And when he kissed her back she swore she was in heaven. His lips were so soft . . . The way they moved against her with a hunger and passion that she herself knew well. She'd been feeling the exactly the same way when she lusted after Josh all those years.

She moaned when she felt him tugging at her hoodie, trying to get him closer to her. She caught on and sat down on his lap so they could kiss with more ease. She placed her hands on his hips, feeling the warmth there. She felt his hands knotted in her hair.

All of a sudden there was a crash followed by a shrill angry cry. Josh jumped and Lola screamed as she jumped to her feet. The little tiny pieces of glass rained down onto the floor. The dog ran into the room, barking his head off.

"Vinnie!" Josh commanded, getting to his feet and putting up his hand to stop the dog. Vinnie halted at the edge of the glass, whining and spinning around anxiously.
"What the fuck just happened!" Lola demanded.

"I don't know but it just had to happen today," he muttered.
Trying to force her heart beat to slow down, Lola walked over to the shattered glass door and peered outside. She didn't see anything.

"Did someone throw a rock or something?" she wondered.
She watched Josh inspect the area around the door. "I don't see anything . . ." he said, "It just . . . shattered."

"I'll go get a broom," she mumbled, walking over to the hall closet to get a broom. She felt just a tad shaken up. A broken glass door and no apparent cause. Not to mention that angry scream she'd heard just before it shattered. It was all just a little too creepy for her.

She returned to find Josh crouched on the ground, studying the scene of the crime while holding on to Vinnie by his collar to keep him from stepping into the glass.
"Do you know what happened?" she wondered.

"No . . . But I know who did it."