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Picnic at Asgard

Chapter one

River scampered around her flat, desprately trying to find the perfect things.

The message on the psycic paper had been clear.

"Pick you up at 7.
I'll try to get the time right.
See you soon, sweetheart x"

River had been ready at six. However, at six fifty she'd realized that she couldn't possibly wear the dress she had on. It just screamed despiration. Not exactly the message you wanted to send on the first date. Now it was six fifty seven and River was putting on the third dress when she heard the whirring of the TARDIS.

"Master." K-9 reported, his ears and tail wagging.

"Oh shoot!" River said in exaspiration.

She went to her window to see the Doctor stepping out of the TARDIS. He was dressed in a tuxedo with long tails, a white undershirt, and a purple cummerbund and tie. River smiled, knowing the perfect dress.

"Gimme a minute." she called down to him, then turned to her dog. "K-9, I need the shoes that go with the white dress. Can you get them?"

"Affirmative, Mistress." he said, and rolled off to River's shoe area.

River smiled and pulled back all the clothes in her closet to one side. Against the wall was the perfect dress. She had only wore it once to her senior prom, but she didn't have the heart to get rid of it.

She carefully put it on, gleeful that it still fit. It was a strapless white dress with ruffles along the top and bottom if the torso, smass faux gems that sparkled cool colors from the chest arranged in intricate designs to the waist, two lavender ribbons that criss-crossed over the waist, and a skirt that looked like the petals of a flower blooming from her hips to her feet.

K-9 came back into the room, a pair of white, open-toed shoes with a slight heel and bows on them. "Mistress. I have the shoes."

River smiled at him. "Thank you K-9. You're a good doggy."

"Affirmative." K-9 said, nodding.

River put on the shoes and twirreled in front of her dog. "Well? How do I look? Am I hot?"

Lights on K-9 blinked. "Thermal censors indicate that Mistress is at normal temprature."

River laughed. "Thank you K-9." she paused, "I'm nervouse..."

K-9 looked up at her. "Mistress does not need to be nervouse. Master and Mistress will have fun."

River smiled. How was it that this tin dog always knew what to say? She petted him. "Thank you. Now, let's go see the Doctor."


River carried K-9 down the stairs and into the garden with her small handbag. The Doctor was leaning against the TARDIS, sniffing the air. River had planted apple grass in her garden instead of regular grass. Now it smelled heavenly.

River's stomach did flips. This would be their first date. Well, their first proper date. Running for your life from aliens wasn't exactly what you could call a "date." But this...this was, and the thought of being in that intimate of an atmosphere with the Doctor made her hearts skip a beat.

The Doctor turned as River set K-9 down on the concrete path. "Hey boy!" he said as K-9 rolled over to him.

"Greetings, master.

She watched as his eyes widened and eyebrows raised. It made her giggle to see HIS face astonished for once. She twirreled around for him as she did for K-9.

"Do you like it? Because I can put on something else..." she said teasingly.

"No! No." the Doctor said, too quickly and stepping forward. A hand was behind his back, and it made River curious. "I love it. Where did you get it?"

"Cant remember." River said, looking down at her feet a bit shyly. The Doctor...he was the only guy that could make her act shy. "It's my old senior prom dress."


"Don't laugh." River said with a laugh, jutting a finger to his chest and acting mad to hide her embarassment. Maybe the dress was a bad idea after all...

The Doctor smiled, leaning forward and kissing her forehead. It was funny how she would stress over everything when it came to him. "You look beautiful and..." he brought from around his back a bouquet of beautiful, rainbow flowers, each petal blooming out into a different color. "These are for you, my darling."

River's face lit up. "They're beautiful!" she exclaimed. She smiled at him, wondering why she had even been worried.

The Doctor beamed. He slid a hand around her waist and snapped. The doors of the TARDIS opened.

River smiled, that familiar feeling of excitement swimming through her. She turned to K-9. "Be good! If anything happens, I have my communicator."

"Affirmative, Mistress." K-9 said, nodding. River patted him and his tail and ears wagged.

"No big parties." the Doctor said jokingly.

"Negative." K-9 said

"Good boy." the Doctor told him, patting his old friend. He turned to River and led her into the TARDIS with a hand on the small of her back. It made River's cheeks redden to feel his hand lower than it usually was.

Once inside the TARDIS, River beamed. She'd missed the ship. "Next stop?" River asked as he buzzed around the console.

The Doctor grinned at her, pulling the lever. "Everywhere."

With a whirr, the TARDIS was gone...