Code Geass: Awesome of the Rebellion

Chapter 1: Awesome makes a EPIC win!

Hey everyone! This is my first time ever writing a fanfic and I hope you guys reading this like it! :D

It was an ordinary day at Lelouch's school. Except it was not an ordinary day cause a knew student was cuming to the school.

Lelouch wen to his class and sat at desk and the teacher was introducing the new student to the class. The new student look like Lelouch only he had completely blonde hair but he also had pitch black hair with made him look awesome

"This is the new student. His name is Awesome and we will be learning at this school." teacher said

Awesome sat at the desk next to Lelouch witch was empty.

"Hi I'm Awesome the new guy." said Awesome happfully

"Im Lelouch." he said with smileface and shook Awesome's hand

Class was over and the students left the class.

"Hey I want to talk to you." Lelouch saided to Awesome

Awesome and Lulu went outside of the school and found a place noone would find them.

"So what do you want to tell me?" Awesome asked

"I am actually the rebel leader Zero." he said back

"So do you want to kill me because I'm a prince of Britannia?" went Awesome

"Wait, your a prince of Britannia? So am I!" Lulu shouted and was smileface

"Oh that's funny ROLF." said Awesome "Can I team up with you?

"Why would you want to join Japanese terrists?" Asked Lelouch

"Cause I am half japanese!" said Awesome

"Oh, okay lol." Lulu was lolface


There was a japanese terrist shooting at some british people because he was mad at them. Suddenly Suzaka came with a gun.

"DROP THE GUN OR I'LL SHOOT!" he shouted loud

The terrist dropped his gun but Suzaka shot him anyways and he died. Llyod came over to Suzaka.

"Good job Suzaka. We'll maek sure to give you lots of medals when we get back to England (Britannia's capital)."

A soldier came from nowhere and ran to Suazku.

"Quick we are under attack by Zero's black knights and you have to help!" he shout

"There's no time to lose!" Suzaku got in his Lancelot knightmare (a knightmare is like a mech only awesomer) and went to the place the terrist were attacking

Lelouch and Awesome where attack the britannian soldiers with the black knights and they were all in knightmares. Lulu was in his Zero costume and Awesome was in his own costume which looked like the Zero costume only cooler and it didn't have a mask cause Awesome didn't need to hide his face.

"Hurry we must help the japaneses by killing these soldiers." Lelouch said as he shoot his gun

Some britannian soldiers in knightmares jumped outta nowhere and charged Awesome but he used his mind control Geass on them.

"I Awesome de Brittania order you to GTFO." he said and the knightmares ran away

"Oh you have Geass also and the same one I have too!" said Lelouch with surprisedface

"Actually I have two Geass." Awesome said

"WTF HOW DID YOU GET TWO?" Lelouch yelled with very surprsiedface

"I asked nicely." he replied

"Oh okay." Lulu said then lolled

Suzaku appeared in his Lancelot and attacked Lelouch with mech sword.

"I must defeat you Zero because you are an evil terrist!" he yelled furiousfully

"Why are you fighting against the Japaneses when you are japanese?" Lulu asked

"Because I must avenge my father's death!" Suzaku yelled with more furious

"But we're your friends, do you really want to kill your friends?" said Awesome

"Oh I guess don't want to do that to my friends." Suzaku said then switched sides

Suzaku shot guns at the britannian knightmares and killed lots of them. A big knightmare with a big gun shot at Awesome's knightmare and destroyed it.

"AWESOME! NOOOO!" Lelouch was shockedface

Awesome was still alive though even though his knightmare was blown up.

"My second Geass is a life Geass that I can use to bring anyone back to life if they die including me if I die." he said

"That's awesome I wish I had that Geass." said Lelouch who only had a mind control Geass

Awesome ran at the soldiers and beat them with his hands. He was military trained like Suzaku so he was really good at fighting almost as good as Suzaku. He killed the britannians with his hands and grabbed their guns and shot them.

"Hey that looks like fun I wanna join." went Suzaku

Suzaku jumped out of his Lancelot and ran at the soldiers. He started kicking them in the face and they died and he beat them all with Awesome's help while Lulu did nothing.

"Thanks Awesome your a cool guy." he said and gave thumbs up

The three of them went to the landcruiser were Clovis was hiding it. Suzaku kicked the door open and Awesome went inside. The soldiers inside all shot themselves.

"Wow did you use you're mind control Geass on them?" Lelouch asked

"No they just saw my face and didn't want to fight me so they killed themselves." Awesome answered

Lelouch and Awesome walked to Clovis.

"Oh no my two brothers have cum to kill me!" he said scaredily

Awesome and Lulu got Clovis on his knees each put a gun to his head and Boondock Saints'd him.

"Yay! Clovis is dead and now the japaneses will be free!" Lelouch said

"I may have helped you this time but next time we meet well be enemies." said Suzaku and then he left

"That's enough terrism for today let's go back to school" said Awesome and they did

Lelouch and Awesome were back at school. Shirley walked up to Lelouch.

"Hey Lulu, want to go somewhere with my after school?" she said with big smile

"No. I don't like you because your ugly and annoy me." said Lulu with meanface cause he was a jerk

Shirley started crying and Awesome comfert her with hug.

"It's okay. Lelouch didn't mean to hurt your feelings." Awesome said because he was a nice guy

"Oh your so nice Awesome! Do u want to go out on a date with me?" Shirley asked

"Sure." said Awesome and Shirley was really happy

Lelouch was watching from behind a corner.

"That bastard stole my girlfriend! He must die!" he said with evilface