Violet awoke to a bright light obstructing her vision, letting out a quiet groan she attempted sit up but a firm hand pushed her back down. The light was removed and Violet recognised Scarlet leaning over her. "Easy now, we wouldn't want you to make any sudden movements" Scarlet said as she helped the teen super into a sitting position. She was back at home, on the couch in the living room. "Your father found you outside the front door and brought you inside" The young scientist said answering Violet's silent question. "You can come and see her now, she's awake"

"VIOLET!" Bob Parr rushed over to the couch and engulfed his daughter in a bone crushing hug. "Mr Incredible she can't breathe. Let her go!" Scarlet scolded softly as Bob sheepishly let his daughter go. "Bob honestly you could be more careful!" Helen said a little annoyed as she approached Violet and patted her head. "How are you feeling honey?" Stretching her arms a little the raven haired teen responded "A little sore but I think I'm alright" Not taking her daughter's word for it Helen shot a questioning glance at Scarlet. "She'll be fine Mrs Parr, she just needs a little rest" Scarlet said whilst packing up her medical supplies.

"Well now that's sorted, Helen you stay here with the kids. I need the location of the Underminers, I have some unfinished business to sort out" Bob instructed before making his way to the case where his super suit was kept. "Wait a minute! Why am I supposed to stay home with the children? I'm just as capable as you are of taking down these villains" Helen snapped at her husband who flinched but stood his ground. "Honey someone has to stay home with the kids" Violet and Scarlet exchanged nervous glances. "Yes somebody does but I don't see why that can't be you!"

"Hey, hey what's all the commotion out here?" Rick asked dressed in his business suit, cell phone in hand. "Rick, perfect timing, I need the co-ordinates to the Underminers current position. Would you also please tell Helen, for the safety of the children, that she needs to stay home and just for once in our marriage let me handle this?" Helen seethed "So what are you saying Bob, I'm not a good enough superhero? Rick I'll need those co-ordinates from you as well, my husband is being pigheaded"

"Well I hate to be the cause of a marital rift but neither of you can have the location, because we don't have one" Rick replied and punched some numbers into a tracking device. "What do you mean you don't have one?" Both Helen and Bob asked. "The last signal we got was on 223 Main Street which was where Violet fought it out with the Underminers. After she got away they just disappeared, none of our sensors in the city have been able to detect them. We seem to think they've gone extremely deep underground, for the moment"

An awkward silence ensued and Rick cleared his throat before moving to the couch "How's everything Violet, that was a big group of uh... moles you took on" Violet nodded as Helen and Bob both took seats "What happened to my classmates? Is everyone alright?" By this time Scarlet had finished packing her belongings and took a seat in an arm chair opposite the teen super.

"They're all fine Vi, the super program set up a tent outside the police station and made all of you classmates step inside for 'shock treatment' which was actually a 24 hour memory wipe so they won't remember anything" Scarlet replied cheerfully while Violet looked disheartened "A memory wipe? That means Tony won't remember the kiss… oh well at least my identity is safe from him. For now anyway" Helen on the other hand eyed her daughter suspiciously. "Exactly what were you doing with a large group of your classmates when you were meant to be out on patrol?"

Both Helen and Bob peered intensely at their daughter who struggled to come up with an explanation "Well I was out on patrol when this old couple came up to me complaining about a noise this party was making on Main Street and I went to have a look and it was everyone from school…" Bob cleared his throat "Hang on a minute young lady, do you mean to tell us that you blew off your patrol duties to go to a party?" Moving closer to her daughter Helen adopted her 'scary mother' face "Open your mouth Violet!" The super teen shook her head but her mouth was forced open and immediately Helen was able to smell alcohol.

"Vodka! Young lady you were DRINKING?" Helen asked furiously as Rick and Scarlet awkwardly excused themselves from the living room. "Mum you don't understand! I never get asked to go to parties at school and the minute I arrived everyone wanted to be friends with me and offered me drinks! For once I wasn't the outsider, can't you see how important to me that is?" Letting out a frustrated sigh Elasticgirl shook her head. "I understand Violet but the drinking aspect is dangerous, what if the whole city had been in danger and you were too intoxicated to do anything about it? You need to be more responsible" Nodding Violet accepted the lecture as Scarlet and Rick returned from the kitchen with water for everyone.

"Rick what's been done about Jessica? After all it was her house that got completely flattened?" Violet asked tentatively as she took the water from Scarlet. "Agents reported back to me saying that her mother's memory had been wiped as well and we've relocated them to a new home" Rick replied before announcing that he and Scarlet had to return to headquarters. Bidding them fair well Helen and Bob turned back to Violet "I know, I know. Time for bed" the teen super said with a weak smile before trudging up the stairs.

Jessica's POV:

"What the hell do you call this?" The familiar sounding voice of my mother woke me up and I ran towards the exit doors of the police station "MUMMY!" I yelled loudly before double checking to make sure everyone else worth paying attention to was gone, nothing more embarrassing than looking like you care about your parents. "Jessica darling, why the hell am I at the police station?" My mother drawled, she'd been out getting a new blonde perm for her hair while the party was going on and that hadn't turned out well.

"Mrs Davis, I'm Constable Richard and as part of a state wide lottery competition you've won a brand new house! All of your belongings have been transferred there and a car is out the front waiting to drive you" A smug grin broke out across mother's face as she dragged me out of the police station and pushed me into the waiting car which drove to our new home. "Mum like what the hell are you doing?" I asked as I inspected my newly manicured nails for damage. "Collecting our new house of course! Too bad if they mixed up the winning tickets in that lottery draw because I'm sure as hell not giving it back for no one!" As we pulled into the driveway of our new home my mother raced inside and let out a loud yell.

"HELL YES! HANK IS GOING TO BE SO JEALOUS HE DIDN'T STICK AROUND FOR THIS!" Walking into the house I rolled my eyes, so typical. It was still small as anything- seriously six bedrooms and only 3 bathrooms. How tacky. Mother was at the phone shouting into it "YEAH THAT'S RIGHT! A BRAND NEW HOUSE AND I BET YOU'RE SORRY YOU DIDN'T STICK AROUND TO ENJOY IT SUCKER! SHOVE THAT UP YOUR BACKSIDE!" Slamming down the phone she turned to me "Go on upstairs honey and pick a bedroom, its late" I walked up the staircase and picked a room. Hank is the name of my father, well before he left anyway, now he's barely talked of…

(FLASHBACK: Jessica's Childhood)

Jessica's Age: Newborn

"HANK! HANK! HAAAANNNNNKKKK! GET IN HERE!" Rachel Davis yelled at an ear splitting volume as her husband Hank Davis entered the room with a baby Jessica in his arms. "What is it now dear? I've only just gotten Jess to sleep?" Hank said in an exhausted voice as Rachel continued to apply makeup to her face. "I'm going out tonight which means you're on baby duty. Also I'm in desperate need of more foundation, goodness knows how… HANK! HANK! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?" Hank's eyes snapped open as he found himself falling asleep.

"You've been going out every night since Jess was born! You're being a terrible wife and an even worse mother! Having a baby means you have to sacrifice your own needs. Jess needs us. Both of us!" Hank replied as Rachel finished applying her lipstick. "A terrible wife and mother huh? Don't be stupid Hank; it's your job to take care of Jessica while I go out. Got it?" Rachel said towering over her cowering husband who shook his head shakily. "I knew you'd see it my way, later sweetie"

Fast Forward 10 Years

"I DON'T KNOW WHY I'VE WAITED 10 YEARS TO DO THIS!" Hank yelled loudly as he began throwing clothes from the wardrobe into the suitcase. "YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME! HOW DARE YOU LEAVE ME WITH OUR DAUGHTER TO RAISE!" Rachel screamed back across the room. A now 10 year old Jessica hid behind the door to her parents' bedroom as she watched the argument unfold.

"You know what Rachel. I CAN leave you, you don't control me and that's something I've been too blind to see. You've been bullying me ever since Jessica was born and I'm sick of it. Laura was right I was too scared before but now I have nothing to lose. WE'RE OVER!" Hank said determinedly and closed his suitcase before making his way downstairs.

"WHO THE HELL IS LAURA? YOU'VE BEEN HAVING AN AFFAIR HAVEN'T YOU! YOU DIRTY CHEATING BASTARD!" Rachel yelled loudly as both adults pushed past Jessica on their way to the door. "NO SHE'S MY THERAPIST RACHEL YOU MORON! THE ONLY REASON I EVER STUCK AROUND THIS PLACE WAS FOR JESS BUT I'M SURE YOU'LL KEEP HER FROM ME NOW!" Hank said as he opened the door with one hand and tried to manoeuvre his suitcase with the other.

"THAT'S RIGHT HANK, IF YOU WALK OUT THAT DOOR NOW YOU CAN NEVER COME BACK. YOU'LL NEVER BE ALLOWED TO SEE JESSICA AGAIN!" Seeing Jessica at the top of the stairs Hank froze and gave a sad smile and a wave to his daughter before slamming the door closed behind him. Rachel stood rooted to the spot as she stared at the door in disbelief.

"Mummy, where has Daddy gone?" A young Jessica approached her mother not really understanding what had happened. Rachel wiped a few stray tears from her eyes, she knew she had done it and was responsible for driving her daughter's father away. But instead of admitting she was wrong, Rachel taught Jessica a lesson that would disadvantage her for the rest of her life.

"Jessica your father was a spineless man who didn't have the guts to stay here and deal with the hardships of life. Instead he ran off with his skank of a therapist and has left us here alone. Learn a lesson from this, if you want anything in this world you have to be dominant and forceful to get what you want. If you aren't like this people are going to take advantage of you. Nice people finish last"

The next day at school Jessica decided to use this information her mother had given her. There was a new girl who had recently joined their class, her name was Karen and Jessica had been friends with her since she had started. "Hey Karen! Over here!" she called out in her sweetest tone and the small blonde haired girl flashed Jessica a big grin before skipping over to her. "Hi Jess!" Karen exclaimed "You kept my secret right? Promise?" Jessica smiled cheekily before nodding her head.

The day prior Karen had told Jessica that she had a crush on Derrick in the next class and Jessica had sworn to her that she wouldn't tell a soul. "Listen up Karen. I'm in charge from now on and you'll do whatever I say or else I'll tell the whole school you love Derrick!" Jessica said in her most menacing tone and just like her father had cowered before her mother, Karen cowered before Jessica, meekly nodding her head and swearing her loyalty.

This was Jessica's first taste of complete power and dominance. She decided she loved it.

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