No Ordinary Kids

By DeweyFinn21

"Hey our parents said we needed to tell someone our story. So basically we were in a plane crash."

"And we lived."

"Well duh we lived J.J. otherwise we couldn't tell this story. Okay so when we got home we learned of some things. To name one is we now have superpowers."

"Yeah but mom and dad got the cool ones."

"J.J. I think you can talk when I'm finished okay? So anyways our dad got super strength and near invincibility, and our mom can go really fast."

"Yeah and all I can do are some math problems."

"J.J. Okay now I can read minds and our life was as normal as it could be. Until that one kid showed up in our life."

"Okay Daph my turn. It started out at school and there was a new kid…"

Please review. Tell me of anything new that happens. So far I have only seen the pilot and the beginning of the second episode.