Just Something that popped in my head no real time setting, but if I had to say one

I would pick just after Ziva returning from Somalia. It doesn't have the beeeest title but I guess that happens.

Hope you enjoy! :)

Disclaimer: I do NOT own anything NCIS related I just like borrowing the characters ;)

Ziva David stood at the edge of the NCIS building roof. She had her hair in her natural curls

because she knew he had liked it like that. She wore her dark pants and purple sweater because

she knew he liked those on her. The wind blew back her hair and dried the tears from her face.

Why did she ever think that he could possibly love her? She was a broken woman who could

never be loved by anyone she didn't deserve love she didn't deserve life. Ziva held onto the silver

Star of David necklace as she looked down onto her concrete destiny and took a step forward.

This is what she wanted...to leave everyone behind she loved her seragate family,but it didn't

feel right. Knowing that Tony could never love her just made the pain in her worse she couldn't

handle it and after Somalia she felt disgusting and sick of herself. Ziva crumbled the paper,It

was a blank page but maybe just maybe they would understand and so...she stepped off the

edge whispering "I'll see you again soon Tali".It almost felt freeing they way she felt everything

turning black...the pain?...it didn't last long so please don't feel bad.

*ring* *ring*

"Yeah, Dinozzo"


"Gibbs?Gibbs!Who...who is it?"

"Its Ziva,Tony she's at Bethesda."

"I'm on my way!"

So Tony started his very short journey to Bethesda hospital I guess he did learn a few new things

from Ziva. He broke more laws than a person can count and not getting pulled over once he was

pretty much amazed at himself.

After having a very short conversation with the nurse at the desk he ran into Zivas room yelling

her name. He sat down next to the bed, and held onto her hand,He was actually truly...crying. Tony

Dinozzo was...crying.

"Ziva! Ziva who did this to you? Who was the bastard that did this to you? I'll find them Ziva and I'll

kill them I promise I'll kill them with my bare" Tony was whisper yelling, but Ziva soon

interupted his rant.

"Tony!" She yelled as best she could,she hadn't spoken for hours."Tony I did this,I did."

"Zi...I..why?Ziva could see the terrible confusion, and hurt on his face.

"Because you'll never love me." and at that she started to cry speeding her heart rate.

"I love you Tony,and I always will."

"Zi I lo"


"Ziva" Tony whispered to himself as he watched her slip away "I do love you."

Well that's that. Tell me what you guys think. It is my first fanfic I have other stories I've been

thinking about posting too. Do you guys think I should have put other characters in it?

I don't know in my mind the team was kinda in the waiting room letting Tony have his

time with her. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed :)