ABA: The Sailor Moon/ Gundam Wing Quarrel: Part 2

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Ok and now fo what's this is about. This goes under the Anime Battle
Arena.^_^ This is a Gundam W and Sailor Moon crossover one. This is only
for pure fun and comedy. Enyjoy!

Gundam Wing characters: Heero, Trowa, Duo, Wufei, and Quatre.
Sailor Moon characters: Sailor Mars, and Sailor Moon.
Any others... the pizza guy and he's someone I made up. (obviously)

Sailor Moon, Gundam W Quarrel: Part 2 (FIGHT!)
Written by: Neko no Baka AKA Smor14@yahoo.com


To Heero's disappointment, Sailor Mars had no objections to the fight when
she woke up. But luckily, for Heero, Sailor Moon did and he got to
persaude her and Quatre with his gun.

Duo, in the meantime, had called Pizza place and ordered 3 large pizzas.
One cheese, one meat lovers, and one with chocolate sprinkles. Along with
a two 12 packs of soda.

"Um...Duo? Why chocolate sprinkles?" Quatre asked.

"Because they refused to put chocolate sauce on it, tch." Duo replied.
Then grummbled about how they should have an all chocolate pizza or

"Um...ok..." Quatre said.

The pizza guy showed up shortly after that with the soda, two normal
pizzas, and one interesting chocolate sprinkle pizza. He gave the group a
questionable look. "Who wanted the choclate sprinkle one?" The group
pointed to Duo who was more than happy take it from the man. Duo situated
himself and began eating his idea of pizza. Then when starting a second
peice, was interupted by being tapped by the pizza guy. Who obviously
wanted his pay.

"OH.... You wanna be payed!" Duo said. The pizza guy nodded. " Well My
friend and I have a bet on this fight between our friends teamed up
against each other with those girls on there teams." Duo said pointing to
two girl that the pizza guy classified as hentia chicks that he'd seen
pics of in a magazine. Duo continued, " Anyway, so the 'LOOSER' has to pay
the fee of the pizzas. So.. you'll have to wait till the fight is over.

The pizza guy thought a minute, glaced at the girls, then sat down. " Ok
works for me. You gonna start soon?"

"Yeah, sure. Shall we start the fight?!" Duo asked turning to Trowa, who
only nodded in reply."OK, then lets get this going. Heero!"

Heero was still pointing his gun at Quatre and Sailor Moon. He grinned
evilly. "Fight."

Mars launched into her attack yelling, "Mars Fire Ignite!" Sending waves
of flames towards Quatre and Sailor Moon. Both of who jumped as the ground
beneath their feet was ignited. Sailor Moon continued to dance on the
flames while Quatre mannaged to get to a safer spot.

Then Wufei jumped in and booted Sailor Moon out of the flames. He walked
over to Sailor Moon, who was still on the ground recovering, and whipped
out his sword and prepared to finish her with one swing. Then paused
remembering that he wasn't suppose to "kill" them, but knock them out. He
Growled agrivated, and reseathed his sword and cranked back his fist to
sock her. Sailor Moon looked up to see him ready to knock her one and
cryed out," NOOOOOOOooooooo!!!!!" One hand was on her cystal and the other
in front of her, sending out a huge blue blast at Wufei.

"NOOOOooooo! WUFEI!" Quatre said holding his head while he watched Wufei
skid across the grass, looking badly beaten. "WE SHOULDN'T BE FIGHTING AT
ALL!!!" Quatre screamed. Then went into a heavy eerie breathing.

The other Gundam piolets just stared in shock to see Wufei go down.

"great.. ", Mars said drly. Then started up another attack," Mars..
Burning..Ma-" Then Was cut off by an uncanny laughter.

" A aahahaahah Wahahhaa...." Quatre laughed with a shadow covering his
face. He then lifted his face to have his eyes reveal that he had
definately snapped; if you couldn't see it in the face and the eerie laugh
that is. " NONE of YOU should have been FIGHTING AT ALL!!!!" He yelled.
And charged, to everyones surprise, Sailor Moon, and slugged her one right
in the face, sending her flying back and spralling her on the grass.

" What the hell.. SHE was one your team IDIOT!" Mars yelled. As soon as
Quatre turned to look at her, she wanted to take her words back, and run
quickly away.

Quatre let out his weasal laugh and charged Sailor Mars. " Your the one
who's the IDIOT! WAHAHAH!!"

Mars managed to duck one of his first, but got the other one planted in
her stomach, knocking the wind out of her. Sailor Mars fell down on her
knees. She recovered quickly and whipped out her leg spinning on one heel
and tripped him. She stood up and ready herself.

Quatre got up, and threw his fist at her, and she caught it. She threw her
fist at him and he caught it. Then Quatre headbutt her, causing Sailor
Mars to stagger back holding her head. Before she could move Quatre
grabbed her and lifted her above his head and did a body slam. *crowd:
"OUCH!"* Mars didn't get back up. Quatre Laughed out like a weasal and
started to leave saying he would punish everyone, that is till Trowa came
up behind him and knocked him out. All the gundam piolets were slightly
amused. While the pizza guy was confused. And Duo was wondering just who's
group one the fight.

" So now what? Who's group won. I mean Quatre took down one of his own
players and you took down Quatre who was on the team you betted on. And
besides he was in phyco mode when he took out everyone.. so that shouldn't
count." Duo said." I mean no one really has a chance when he goes

Trowa was gonna aruge his side when the pizza guy interupted." That's ok.
The pizza free. Watching the hentia chicks up close works for payment
enough. " the Leterous pizza guy said and with that he left.

"Um...ok.."Duo said. And with that he shrugged to the rest of the group,
and went back over to his pizza.

Author notes: Sucked, huh. *crowd: sure did!* Well...I wrote this when I
was sick...and read to many comedy and battle areana like fics. I bet your
saying you could write something TEN times better. Well then DO and Send
it to me! ^_^ I just thought a example might be nice, and it was kinda
fun. Well WRITE I DARE you!