Prompt: "Do you want to know something?"
"I'm telling you anyway."
"Damn, Berry. Shocker."

"Do you want to know something?" Rachel says, and Puck can't help but scowl. Seriously, when he's in the middle of foreplay he doesn't want to hear anything but moans of pleasure or something along the lines of "More" or "Oh God, Noah." Anything else is an unwanted distraction from the end goal. So, he answers her honestly.

"No, not really."

Rachel is shocked and seems to ponder his words for a minute before saying, "Well too bad, I'm telling you anyway."

"Damn Berry, shocker," Puck says, his tone dripping with sarcasm.

Rachel was truly offended. In a kicked-kitten voice she says, "I was just gonna say that no one can get me as worked up as you do with just one touch and that you should touch me more because it felt so good."

That's all the invitation Puck needs. The halted foreplay resumes, and pretty soon, foreplay turns into the mind-blowing sex they've both been craving.

"Hey Noah," Rachel says, while they're laying in the bed in post-coital bliss.


"Do you want to know something?" Puck's already got this question wrong once. He's not making that mistake again.

"If that 'something' is about my kick-ass sex skills, then my answer is and always is hell yes," he responds.

Let's just say, Puck definitely wanted to know what Rachel told him, and he proved her statements true a few more times that night.