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Lego House-Ed Sheeran

I Won't Give Up-Jason Mraz

The next few years passed by quickly. With every year, Alec and Magnus grew closer and with every day, all the fears and pain of the past faded away into memory. Sometimes they fought, sometimes they laughed, sometimes they laid in bed until late into the afternoon. They never grew into that boring routine that some couples got stuck in. There were always new surprises every day and new reasons to smile when they woke up in the morning. Their love never came to a standstill but kept growing and growing; neither questioned if it would ever stop.

Over the years they shared their passions and talents with each other. It took a while, but eventually Alec let Magnus take him clothing shopping. Alec would never tell Magnus but he actually loved his new wardrobe. It was still him, just less holey. Alec had eventually perfected the art of making pancakes – although it took a few food fights – but after a failed attempt at spaghetti, he decided cooking would never be for him. He stuck to microwaved and boiled meals when it was his night to cook. He had eventually got Magnus to sit down and read Romeo & Juliet. He still didn't understand the story, but when they watched the 1969 movie version, he burst into tears at the end. He was still trying to get Magnus to read Hamlet but Magnus had resorted to saying that The Lion King was all he needed to understand that play. After about a year and a half, Alec had randomly asked Magnus to teach him how to draw. Magnus was an amazing teacher but Alec was just as bad at art as he was cooking. Magnus's works were like the Mona Lisa and the best Alec had ever managed was a misshapen attempt at a person that looked like something Magnus probably did when he was two.

In Magnus' second year of university, he switched his History major for one in Communications. Alec joined the school newspaper and made his way up to Editor-in-Chief. Magnus continued to show his work in art shows, but as an unspoken tradition, they always left the building together. Alec started writing a book second year and finished the summer of their third. Magnus had read it and thought it was fantastic – Alec doubted his opinion since as his boyfriend, he almost had an obligation to say that – and Alec was looking into getting an agent and getting it published after graduation.

Things were perfect; Magnus was on his way to being a famous New York artist and Alec was on his way to a top spot on the New York Times Best-Selling List. For the first time in their lives, everything was exactly as they wanted it to be.

Graduation rolled around quickly. To Alec, it felt like if he blinked, he'd miss it all. Alec and Magnus were so busy with exams and final preparations that they barely saw each other in those last few months. And that was probably a good thing because Alec had a burning question on his mind for Magnus that was just bursting to get free. They'd been together three and a half years at that point and Alec knew that there was no one else he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. There was no one else's voice singing off key at 6 in the morning that he wanted to wake up to. There was no one else's cooking he wanted to come home to after a long day. There was no one else's arms that he wanted to be in. There was no one else that his heart ever wanted to love. Magnus was everything and until the day Alec died, hewould continue to be everything.

Alec had it all planned out how he would propose to Magnus. They were going to travel through Europe the summer after graduation. One of Magnus' favourite places was Florence, Italy and Alec had arranged for a traditional Italian dinner at the Piazza Michelangelo, overlooking the city. It was nothing too extravagant, just them, the city, and the Italian sun setting over Tuscany (and yes, a bowl of spaghetti.) But, as things had always happened with them, nothing went exactly as planned. They took a few wrong turns down the cobblestone roads and were lost within minutes. Thankfully Alec had taken Italian all through high school and was able to ask for directions back to their hotel. But by that time, the sun had set and it was pouring rain. They ended up pulling in to the closest restaurant and sharing a plate of spaghetti. Alec wanted so badly to ask him as he had planned but it wasn't the place.

That was when they found themselves in Rome. Magnus had always wanted to go to the Trevi Fountain and make a wish to see if it could really come true. And in retrospect, what occurred there was so much better than what Alec had originally planned.

They had set out for the fountain at night hoping to see it lit up and less crowded than in the day. But as had been their luck on the trip, it was pouring rain again. But they didn't seem to care. No one did. Under the magic of the lights of the fountain and the soft lap of the water pouring into the pool echoing around him, Alec and Magnus felt completely uninhibited, not even caring to take out their pocket umbrella. They both threw their quarters into the water, making silent wishes that unbeknownst to the other, were exactly the same.

And that was when Alec seized the moment and right there, surrounded by tourists under the stars of the Italian sky, he got down on one knee. He took out a small box that he had carried with him the whole trip, opening it up to a silver engraved band. That was when he finally uttered the words that had been at his lips for so many years. Magnus' 'yes' resonated through the historic square and the few tourists that were sticking out the rain, clapped for the newly engaged couple. Magnus threw his arms around Alec, whispering in his ear that the wishes really do come true. They proceeded to dance in the rain, playing with the water in the fountain despite the fact they were sure it was illegal. But they didn't care. They were happier then they had ever been in their lives and they were going to remember it. Magnus had made a point to show off the ring and in his euphoria had told multiple people that he was going to get married, even though none of them understood a word he said.

The proposal was not as Alec had planned it, but nothing in their relationship had ever been planned. And so it was perfect. And the thing was, neither of them needed a big huge show of a proposal, but something small, something spontaneous and special. It was those kind of proposals you remembered, when something inside you just snaps and pushes you to your knee. And then those words come and there's no stopping them. They're not planned and normally come out in a stuttering half understandable declaration of love, but they're the ones from the heart. Every few years they went back to the fountain and they danced-rather it was raining or not-they laughed, they even sang, and every year Magnus took a new bottle of water from the fountain. It became a tradition, one of many they would share over their lifetime.

They waited two years to get married. They wanted to wait until they both had steady jobs and could afford the wedding. Alec didn't want to ask his parents for anything but, surprisingly, they gave a lot. Ever since that first night when Alec had come out, his parents had really started to like Magnus. Maryse actually came to realize that she and Magnus had a shared interest; art. Now Alec had a hard time getting the two to stop talking. Magnus was truly a part of the family and even Jace came to warm to him, well, as much as Jace could. They were friends but they would never call each other up to chat or anything. That was Magnus and Isabelle. Sometimes Alec would find Magnus talking to his sister into the early hours of the morning. They were always going on some shopping spree or another and Alec counted himself lucky that they got along so well.

The wedding was nothing extravagant, surprisingly, considering it was Magnus. But Alec wasn't one for grandeur and Magnus only had about a handful of friends from school and work to invite. They decided on a 75 person outdoor summer wedding in his parents' backyard, overlooking the lake. It was a beautiful wedding, something Alec had thought he'd never have. He had many memories that night that he'd never ever forget. Jace and Isabelle had made quite sure to tell every embarrassing story of Alec during their speeches, Magnus had purposely smudged cake on Alec's face during the cake ceremony-much to the delight of the crowd-and Alec had almost forgot his vows he was so nervous. They had wrote their own, both of which end up being really long and sappy, but just perfect for the two of them. Alec had never seen himself getting married, it had always just been a far away dream. But yet there he was, standing under an alter with the most beautiful, amazing man in front of him saying 'I do.' The whole thing felt like a dream and when he woke up the morning after, he expected it all to have been one cosmic joke. But there Magnus was, laying next to him as he would continue to forever.

Both of their careers kicked off after the wedding. Magnus opened up a successful art studio downtown and Alec published his first novel. All their dreams were coming true together. The years passed and they saw their friends and family marry and have their dreams come true too. First it was Isabelle and Simon and then it was Jace and Clary. Max unfortunately, looked to be a bachelor for a while. Life went on as it always did, with laughter and happiness filling every touch, every smile, every kiss that they shared. Every day was like the first and even on those days when they stressed each other out and they fought over simple things, they knew tomorrow they'd be okay.

But there was something missing from their perfect family. Both were in their late 20s when Isabelle and Simon had their first kid. It was a little girl and right away Magnus saw how the child lit a flame in Alec. They had talked about children, both surrogacy and adoption. But they hadn't really committed to anything yet. When they first started talking about it, Magnus was scared. It was an initial fear that went away with time but he kept thinking, what if he turned out like his father? But he made himself push that thought away and told himself he would raise his children as his mother raised him. That's who he would be.

It was in that moment, that little miracle from Isabelle, that Alec and Magnus shared one look that said they were ready. It wasn't easy. They spent time thinking about surrogacy but then decided they didn't want to have a kid that was only biologically one of theirs. So they decided on the long process of adoption. They waited months, filling out paper work, seeing multiple social workers, and just waiting. Then finally, eight months after they started the search process, a little girl became theirs.

Her name was Sophia, and she was their little pride and joy. They spoiled her-mostly Magnus-and they loved her more than anything. She wasn't always easy, sometimes Alec and Magnus questioned if they were cut out to be parents, but they made it work. They tried their best and after a couple years they really got the hang of the whole thing, falling into a lovely routine with their daughter. She grew up fast. It was like if Alec just blinked it would all disappear, which was why he had about five photo albums already of her. He took pictures of everything because he didn't want to miss a thing.

Sophia may not have been biologically theirs, but you wouldn't know that if you spent a day with her. She had developed Magnus's talent for art at a young age and she and Magnus spent hours on end holed up in the studio doing art. She had adapted Alec's inability to cook, inability to match her clothing colours and his appreciation of good books. She was smart like Alec was in school, sitting at the top of her class in everything. She was as stubborn as both Alec and Magnus combined, she was witty and sarcastic like Magnus and calm and protective like Alec. And like both of them, she never gave up.

And, she loved the fact she had two dads. She never shied from telling people even when Alec and Magnus warned her to be careful sometimes. She was both of her Daddy's little girl and everyone knew it. She was everything Alec and Magnus could have asked for and more and sometimes they had to wonder how they got blessed with such an angel.

"And so they lived happily ever after." Magnus smiled as he closed the fairytale book, butting it on the bedside table.

"Daddy, no. Please read me another one," their daughter begged, her wide blue eyes enough to make both her fathers give in.

"No, sweetheart. That was your other one. Now go to sleep. You have school in the morning."

"Please Daddy." She looked from Magnus to Alec. "Dad, please let him read me another one."

Alec smiled at his daughter from the doorway. "Tomorrow night we'll read you as many as you like, okay? But tonight you need to get your sleep."

Sophia sunk down into the pillows defeated, sticking out her lip in an action reminiscent of Magnus when he didn't get what he wanted. "Fine."

Alec crossed over to Sophia's bed, leaning down to give her a kiss on the forehead. "Goodnight Sophia."

"Goodnight Dad."

"Goodnight sweetheart. I love you forever and ever to the moon and back," said Magnus.

"And even further," she stretched out her arms as far as she could, smiling.

He kissed her on the forehead after they shared the same line that was once said between him and his mother. He never knew where his mother had got it from but he had decided to carry on the tradition with Sophia. And Sophia had even added her own part to the saying which warmed Magnus' heart every time. Magnus flipped off the bedside light as he stood up. He smiled at Alec on the other side of the bed as they watched their daughter's eyes slip shut in sleep. They both crossed over to the doorway, taking one last look at Sophia before closing the door behind them, leaving a small slit open between the door and the jam. They quietly walked across the hallway into their own bedroom, shutting the door behind them. They got into their bed which still had canary yellow sheets. Originally Alec wasn't so sure he'd get used to them, but they had grown on him in university and now it was just the colour they bought.

They pulled the covers over themselves, automatically moving to the centre of the bed where they faced each other. Magnus slipped his arm around Alec's waist, holding him close.

"She's growing up so quickly," said Alec.

"Before we know it she'll be dating," said Magnus with a smile.

"Don't say that. I don't think I can deal with that yet."

Magnus laughed. "We'll deal with it when we get there. For now, let's just think about not messing up the costume for the school play this time, huh?" he joked.

Alec pushed at Magnus playfully. "I did not mean to sew the outfit shut so she couldn't get into it. I told you from the beginning that wasn't my kind of thing."

Magnus just smiled. "Why don't you focus on helping her learn her lines and I'll do the costume? Sound like a plan?"

"Sounds fantastic."

Silence fell between them as they just looked at each other. They tended to do this, to fall into breaks in their conversation where they didn't need to say anything. They just laid there and enjoyed each other's presence, lost in one another.

It was Magnus who broke the silence.

"I remember the days when we used to stay up like this and I used to tell you what I loved about every piece of your body while I kissed it, and now we're discussing our daughter's costume for a school play."

"Funny how fast things change, huh?"

"They don't have to." Magnus raised a seductive eyebrow that had Alec's heart beating faster. He leaned forward, capturing Alec's lips with his. Alec moaned against Magnus, pulling him closer. Magnus pushed against Alec, taking him in. No matter how many years went by, he didn't fail to lose himself in these moments. Every kiss was like the first, sending Magnus's heart into a whirlwind. There was nothing he loved more than being in Alec's arms. It had become the only place in his life that was simply perfect. When things went wrong in his life he could always come home to Alec and he knew that everything would work out. Sometimes they did fight and he questioned if they'd talk the next morning, but each time, they did. They talked it through and they got over their fight because that's what couples did. They fought but they loved each other, and Alec and Magnus loved each other in a way that was very rare. In today's world people are so caught up in the material aspects and think that that's what's important in life, but Alec and Magnus learned together that in the end, they only would ever need each other and Sophia. They had the world in each other's arms and everyday parts of Magnus questioned if it had all been a dream. But everyday he learned that it wasn't and each day became more beautiful than the last.

With Alec, Magnus felt wanted. Special. With him, he felt like he was truly and honestly loved. He wasn't scared anymore. He wasn't broken. He wasn't anything that he had once been. Because in Alec's arms, he was loved. Alec had taught him how to love, how to open his heart and feel again. Alec had taught him that if one thing was true about love, it was that you can't hide from it and run. He taught him that you've got to take a step even if you might fall, because taking a chance is better than standing still.

He taught him that love doesn't wait. Love doesn't tell you when it's coming and it won't expect to be welcomed with open arms. Love won't be quiet. Love won't be loud. It won't be understood yet you'll know everything. Sometimes love's ugly. Sometimes it's the most beautiful thing in the world. Sometimes love is peaceful. Sometimes it's destructive. Sometimes you wish it would go away and other times you wish it was all you had. Love is the biggest contradiction that ever existed. Love's your life line. Love's your death. Love is everything and nothing.

Love is life.

Love is unstoppable.

I love you Alec, forever and ever, from the moon and back.

That's so corny.

It's true. Forever Alec. It'll be true forever.

Are you sure?

Have I ever broken a promise to you?


Then there you go.

Forever's a long time.

As long as I'm with you, forever will never be long enough.

Thank you everybody for reading this and sticking with me. I couldn't have done it without each of you.

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Be the change,