Jacsong swa shaving trouble getting p still becaust da imp hair soul was being mean to him and jacoNS wasj ust wanting to go to lis aand save her but the imp would nto let him.

"Mister imp LEPLASE I am trying to save a life and redeme meyslef" Jacoskn sadi to th eimp in ihs brain but he dim p laughed and didn't let him move still. "You are my prisonger for EVER" the imp said back and laughed some more meanly

"BUT I AM HUGNRY""" Jacosn said to the imp and the mp froned "whell I guess you can eat some food fromt hat microvbave"
"okay that's coo.,l" Jacons got up and grabed the imp's old body from the bmaicrowave and eated it and it tasted like bacon and nutella.

and the imp thought it was gross that Jacons was eating his body.

SUYDDENLY URILE came from aboeve and told Jaconson "YOU MUST GO NOW AND SVE THE LEISA" he said pointing at him and frowning "hat is taking you so long"
"I was hugnry and i at ethe imp bakc har" facisn said and jurl frowned "tha twas nOT A BOGOOD IDEA" YOU MUST GO TO SAVE LEIS NOW

OKAY" JACOSN SAID" and ran to the door (lol I had capslock on) and then he was out the door and thi imp in his head did not lik this but Jacskon want anywya.

L:ESA Jacons yelled at the top of screaming and lisa opened th edoor and said "oh no!" and cxlosed the door again and Jackson did not smile becaus this was serious "LIS AI MUST SAVE YOU " He said.

Lisa opent hed oor and siad "I do not nnedd sveing from you Jackson you are MEAN go away"
the imp thout this was funny and it laughed and jackson did not and he said "but lisa" and she hit him. "BYE" she scrmad and pushed him away from her house 50 miles away.

She felt bad aob ut histting him but she did what she needed to do and then she went back inside to make a sndwoich for herself and eat it by herself and then she wished she could have made Jckson a senadwith.

50 miles later

Lis a was tired and she sat down at the ;place where jackosn lnaded (and she ne w he landed ther because thehr was a jackson mark) and then she was sad because hs e wouldn't see him! and Jackson was hiding behind a tree the hole time. He did not come out because he was scared that she would throw him agan
the imp thought this was still funny so he laughed so mr more and he leaghed so hard that jackson laugehd and lis aherd him "hello" she said

"Jakcosn is that u" she questind and he did not say anythign but he giggled sum more "stop it' he said to the imp in his brain "NO it said back"

"JACKSON I KNOW THAT"S YOU" she said scremaingly and jackson sighted and came out from the tree solowly
"hi lisa' he said and she started cryign becaus eh ewas still talking scaryishly.

"Okay what do you want chackson
" she said and he smiled "i'm here to save you" and Lise looked at him surprised and was confused.
'but you tried to kill me" she said
no that was your dad lol lisa come on trust me" he said and treid to hug her but it wasn't him doing it the imp was making him! but leisa nhugged him back anwyas because she was a nice person and Jackson smelled good.
"okay I will do it" but if you try one thing I will shoot you with my Gun " she said to him and she showed him her gun and he gulepd. "okay lisa'
and then they walked all the way back to leisa's hous and it took 50 miles to get there and when they got insdie her house they were tired and hugnry and sweety and they both needed showers so lisa got some towleds and stuff and they tooks howers.

the imp thought that lisa's place was mesy but jakcosn didn't care because he was supposed to save her life not be mean about how clean or messy her house was