I started writing this as series of oneshots of the Red Sentients on Krytus's team, all interlocking and derived from the events of Axis of Evil – Part 2, Ascent of the Red Sentients – Part 1 and 2. Currently, that series is in doubt, since I have a lot on my plate right now, but since Kyburi is my favorite new villain, I decided to finish the shot on her and post it as a stand-alone story for now.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5, pure and simple. The instances relating to KrytusxKyburi is from my own mind, since I saw hints of it in AotRS – Part 2.


The gear-like locking mechanism on her prison seemed to be stuck. Even in the thralls of forced hibernation, the female could feel the rough rocking of her chamber as an unknown force tore at it, desperate to crack the seal. How she was able to tell was unknown – perhaps a waft of non-recycled air, leaking in through the tiniest of cracks, was responsible for her hazy thoughts and fragmented dreams to start forming as solid wholes again.

Her senses began to awaken after who knew how many years of slumber, her disused systems regaining some of their old sharpness. Her eyes perceived a figure – blurred by the frosted glass-material, but undoubtedly Red – yanking away at the front of her chamber, trying to fully crack the seal. As her audio receptors went online again, a voice managed to traverse the barriers and enter her mind; the words it carried excited her as much as the voice itself did.

"You're almost free, Kyburi."

With a final, monumental pull on the wheel, the seal finally gave. Warmer air rushed in, causing the cold, moisture-filled atmosphere of the cyrostasis chamber to condense into steam and obscure what her liberators could see. The door slid back, allowing the female Red Sentient a somewhat-free view of those standing outside. Through the vapor, two Red Sentients waited for her.

The thinner of the pair, head domed as always, was in an animalistic crouch, like he expected her to leap out and attack (which, considering her bad temper, probably wasn't a bad idea). His yellow eyes shifted like a cornered prey animal, all parts of him tensed to jump back if she attacked. The thought amused her, but she was far too pleased by the concept of freedom to lash out at her ally – she said ally because amongst their elite group, she had only one true friend, and he was the other member of the duo.

Krytus was standing closer to her former prison than Kytran was; obviously he had been the one to crack it open. The stockier male had much more relaxed body language than Kytran, indicating no fear, but he watched quietly, waiting for her to rejoin them in the fold.

Better not keep the boys waiting.

Smirking, Kyburi stepped out of the coffin-like prison with one high-heeled foot, relishing her freedom to move. As she emerged dramatically from the steam, she laughed in her throaty voice, which was slightly rusty from disuse. "I'm back!" she cried in the midst of her laughter, sounding more than a little unhinged as she privately celebrated her return to the Multiverse's events.

Kytran did not ease out of his ready position even after it became apparent she had not changed in her imprisonment. Krytus, however, seemed more than pleased by her revival – and with good reason, she thought to herself, a little warmth blooming in her core as she looked at him, the glorious young leader of their rebellion, fighting against the constricting treaty that shackled the Red Sentients, stunting their civilization's growth and making them weak.

Before their capture, she would have followed him to the ends of the Multiverse, because she knew he was right. She still would.

"You look as lethal as ever, Kyburi," Krytus said in his curiously low, soft voice. The words were a compliment, a sort of in-joke amongst their unit of elite rebels, but at the moment she realized more important things that doing her half of the crack. Krytus' words had reminded Kyburi that she had been locked up in a stasis chamber for who knew how long, and she had no idea she had last drained electricity from some hapless Sark. The power core that stored her stolen energy was bone-dry, as was her main core; in the regards of the Sentient races, she was famished, even though her shell gave off the appearance of a young, healthy, well-fed, black-and-red human woman.

"I'm starved," she snapped, good humor gone in one of her mercurial mood swings. Something moved in the corner of her eye – a Red Sark, standing closer than was safe. One of her eyes shifted to catch Krytus' again; when he gave no indication of protest, she reacted.

As quick as a striking snake, her claw-like fingers grabbed the "neck" of the Zurk, which cried out in its strange binary tongue as her nails dug deep into wires. Her powers then took hold, causing waves of electricity to come pouring out of the robot and into herself; she gritted her teeth in hungry pleasure as her cores were filled almost to maximum.

Whoever caught me was smart – having me retain my drained power in cryostasis is a bad idea, since it could cause me to awaken. Not like their caution helped much, in the end.

The Zurk finally gave, its single eye turning black as the last volt was sucked out of its body. Offhandedly, her interest lost the moment it was lifeless, Kyburi flung it directly at a cliff side. Even as it crashed loudly into the rock this Battlezone was made up of, she whirled on her heels and leapt into the air, calling on her newly-restored power to form her vehicle around her.

Red energy surged around her, converting into metal and wires in a way that would dumbfound lesser scientists, twisting into shapes around her shell. The Ventikus took shape around her, the six limbs and skeletal wheels gripping the rocks around her, slamming down just before the edgy scout and unmoved Krytus.

Seated behind the controls of her infamous "spider-car," Kyburi's good mood returned right away, and she cackled once again. "I always get a charge out of that!" she quipped, her thin face drawn into laugh lines as she made one of the most obvious puns in the history in the Multiverse.

Before she could continue, though, her sensors alerted her of movements going on in the Battlezone; movements she was not alone in detecting. Krytus and Kytran whipped their heads around towards their origin, and three sets of eyes watched as a pair of Red Sark engaged five unfamiliar vehicles – unfamiliar to Kyburi, at least. Krytus and Kytran seemed to recognize them, as both males snarled in irritation; Kytran's was like a wolf's, while Krytus' voice had altered, the same way it always did when he was mad, or something wasn't going as he planned.

"Kytran, Kyburi," he ordered, his voice becoming that of the leader she had followed so gladly in her time awake. "Slow them down."

Without hesitation, the slimmer male leapt towards the intruders, his uni-wheeled vehicle forming around him as he charged. Thrilling at the thought of the first combat since she had been cast into sleep, the female Red Sentient was hot behind him. She spared one metaphorical glance back; her rear scanners informed her that Krytus had formed his more conventional ride and was speeding off deeper into the canyons.

Off to go wake the others, no doubt. They wouldn't want to miss this stomping match; Kyrosis, the old flamebrain, would give us hell if we woke him after we sent these interlopers to oblivion.

Well, no matter. Kyrosis would grouse about it, but at heart he would be glad to just be awake. And before the fire-driver could spoil her fun, she would make sure the Multiverse remembered her as the best warrior.

Lips drawn in a diabolical smile, Kyburi fed more power to the Ventikus, leaping forward to face the organics ahead and to make the Multiverse quake once again.


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