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"Here he comes."

"Kat, shut up."

"How can you not be into him?" Katherine sighed, leaning fully back against the large, oak tree. "He's hot."

Maddie grinned, her eyes looking up from her notes. Curiously, she let her eyes rake over the distant boy's form. "I never said I wasn't into him."

"So, you do like him?" Katherine perked up, hazel eyes brightening.

"I never said that either."

"You are so frustrating, you know that? If I had known you'd be this ridiculous, I would have never befriended you in the first place."

"Yeah, but then you would have been deprived of such a fabulous friend," Maddie laughed when Katherine made a long face that begged to differ.

Maddie had only just moved here to Massachusetts a couple weeks before the start of a new school year. Her loving parents were curious scientist who had just agreed to travel around the world to study life. Although she adored her mother and father, Maddie was unwilling to give up her education to that kind of life. As her parents prepared their new trip, she had received a scholarship to the elite school of Spenser Academy. She had accepted the invitation to move here in a heartbeat. Anything to get away from her hometown was fine with her.

On the day she registered in to receive her assigned dorm room, she had the delight in meeting Katherine Fitzgerald, her new roommate. The two girls hit it off instantly. Part of why that happened was because Katherine's personality was so much like hers. Bu the end of the week, the girls were inseparable, stuck to each other like glue. From then on, there was no Katherine without Maddie, or no Maddie without Katherine.

"You really don't like him?"

"I'm not answering that," Maddie replied, scribbling neatly onto her notes.

The subject of their conversation was none other than the infamous Reid Garwin.

Across the shady field in which Maddie and Katherine were currently sitting in, the blonde haired boy sat in the quad of the campus, surrounded by a gaggle of giggling girls. Known as the resident bad boy of Spenser Academy, he was considered the most rebellious of his group, the Sons of Ipswich. The other three sons were Caleb Danvers, Pouge Parry, and Tyler Simms—all four boys wanted by the girls of this school, which was pretty much no surprise there.

Garwin sat, flirting shamelessly with the girls around him. Of the Sons of Ipswich, he was quite well-known for his not-so-implicit paramours or his notion of one night stands. He used those girls as much as they used him in return. In the end, all that was left was a good story to tell of how great sex was.

Since Maddie was a newcomer to their community, she was the last to here about these Sons. She's heard about the legends of how those four families were derived from witches and magic, or something like that. Unlike other girls, she didn't ponder too much on it. It was hard to believe that those boys came from magical families, when she didn't think magic existed at all.

"Are they always surrounded like that?" Maddie asked dryly, when the three other Sons joined Garwin in the middle of the quad, Soon after, even more girls than before seem magnetized to the boys.

Katherine nodded in affirmation. "Always. Those girls are idiots."

There wasn't a tone of jealously in her friend's voice, but Maddie still wondered. "Why?"

"Because they all know that Pogue Parry is already taken. He's been dating Kate Tunney since sophomore year. And they know there's no chance with Caleb. It's like he's not even interested in girls at all. Did you hear about the new transfer girl?"

"Who's she?"

"My God, don't you hear the gossip around you, Maddie? How can you miss this stuff?" Katherine asked incredulously as Maddie grinned sheepishly. "The girl that transferred a couple days ago is Sarah Wenham. I think she came here from Boston Republic."

"Sarah Wenham?" Maddie tapped her nimble fingers to her chin, eyes clouded in thought. "Wenham…oh, she's that new blonde girl, isn't she?"

"Is that how you know her as? The blonde girl?" Katherine asked patronizingly.

Maddie ignored her last statement. "I have Home Economics with Sarah."

"She's a nice girl," Katherine responded. A moment later, her face scrunched up in disgust. "Ugh. Abbot's staring at you again."

The other girl looked up from her notebook, yet again, and followed Katherine's gaze. Not too far away, a tall, curly-haired boy was eyeing hungrily and directly at her. He wore the school's letterman jacket, so it was safe to assume that he either played football of some other sport. A smug smile was stretched on his face as he was with his group of friends. Even though that Kira girl was latched onto his arm, he nodded in a cocky manner and winked when Maddie was looking his way.

"That's disgusting," she muttered, grabbing around for her things.

"Tell me about it," Katherine shot Aaron Abbot a death-worthy glare. "Can you blame him though? You are rather desirable."

"Is this the moment of truth, Kat? Are you finally admitting those feelings you've had for me since the first time you saw me?"

Katherine took a swat at her. "You're sick."

"Sick enough to see a doctor?"

"Sick enough to see damn psychiatrist."

"I'm not crazy," Maddie defended for herself.

The two girls straightened their skirts when they got up, brushing any grass pieces that had stuck onto their uniform in any conspicuous way. Their next class didn't start for another ten minutes, so they walked leisurely through the tightly pact crowd that nearly encamped themselves in the crowd. It was almost suffocating, and Maddie hadn't really wanted to take that path, but that was the only way to reach their lockers.

"Hey, Maddie! Katherine!"

A boy with brunette colored hair was jogging up towards them, a slight flush on his cheeks indicating that he had apparently been jogging the entire time. He was a cute boy, with very cute dimples. Maddie had seen him before. He was one of the popular kids amongst this school. It was too bad neither of them (okay, Katherine, in this case) had class with this boy.

"Hi, Justin," Maddie smiled, followed by another smile coming from Katherine.

"Hey," he repeated, his cheeks flushing not from the warm heat, but by the two pretty girls in front of him. He scratched the back of his neck nervously. "I'm, uh, throwing a bonfire party down at the cliffs this Friday. You girls wanna come?"

Maddie looked to Katherine. "Are we doing anything Friday?"

"Friday?" Katherine cocked her head to the side. Well, the girls had been planning on going on a shopping spree in the outlet mall, but judging by the mischievous glint in Maddie's eyes, both of them could be flexible on their plans. "No, we're not busy," she nodded at Justin. "Sure, we can go."

"Alright," he grinned, flashing an earnest smile. "Thanks. I'll see you girls there."

"See you there," Maddie waved at his retreating figure.

When the word 'bonfire' was mentioned, Maddie could picture kids singing songs and roasting marshmallows around the fire. Maybe that was because she came from a small hometown. The bonfire Justin was throwing probably had spiked drinks and kegs littered all over the place, and that served as no surprise. After all, this was a teenage party, and some teenagers practically needed alcohol like bees needed honey. Maddie was not a drinker whatsoever, and she would ignore the looks she got when she refused a bottle of beer.

"Bonfire at the cliffs," Katherine tittered when the reached their lockers. She opened it, grabbing her books for her next class. "It's basically an empty campsite."

"What's wrong with that?"

"The cops are going to show up halfway through the party."

"Is it illegal to have a party there?" Maddie peered into her locker.

"Sort of. One teen died at a cliff party a couple years ago. The teen's parents were such a nuisance, the city had no choice but to ban the cliffs as a setting for a party. And yet, here we are, doing it anyway."

Maddie wiggled her eyebrows. "Rebels without a cause."

She stuffed her books in her bag, set to going to her next class. By now, the school bell already rang, and the hallway was littered with noisy students. She looked back to see Katherine tagging along behind her, since they had the next class together: History. For some reason, the subject of History was mandatory for all four years of high school, in the state of Massachusetts, not to mention the small town or county of Ipswich.

"Maddie, watch out!" she heard Katherine's urgent call behind her.

"Huh? What are you—oof!" Maddie's surprised noise was muffled when she slammed into something solid, and not to mention painfully hard. The books she was holding scattered onto the floor. "I'm sorry," she apologized, not really looking at who the person she bumped into was. She bent down to pick up her books.

"I got it," a deep voice told her, as the person bent down instead.

She knew that voice. Sort of. Maddie bit back a sigh. Of course it would be Reid Garwin of all people.

Maddie looked over to the girl that had been hanging onto the boy's arm. "Hi," she said to the unnamed, unfamiliar, brown-haired girl.

"Hello," the girl smiled awkwardly.

Reid stooped down to pick up the other person's books. Just because he was the 'bad boy' doesn't mean he was particularly that way all the time. As he gathered the books together, he noticed the class this person was having next. It was History. He had that class next. When the books were in his hands, he stood straighter and preceded to hand the books to the other person.

"Here you…" Reid's voice faltered when he saw a swish of black hair, and the sweet smell of honey and apples that had come drifting across his nose. He found himself staring into a pair of eyes that wasn't exactly blue, or green, or brown, but gold. It was pure gold, like butterscotch.

Maddie turned her head slightly, the corner of her eyes catching view of what her best friend was looking like. Katherine had an expression that was mixed with shock and amusement, all in one. The brown haired girl that had been hanging off of Reid's arm was silently staring at the boy, wondering why he was all of the sudden so quiet and just standing there. On the other hand, Reid stood there, wordlessly gawking at the girl in front of him.

"Can I have my books back?" she asked when the silence was too much for her. When Reid still remained quiet, her hands carefully took the books away from his arms. She sent him a small smile. "Thanks."

Reid swore his heart did backflips when she smiled at him. This can't be happening.

She was about to ask him if he was alright, knowing that if Reid Garwin was silent for more than a five minutes, something was obviously wrong. As she opened her mouth to ask him, Maddie felt slight pressure in her arms, suddenly feeling Katherine's nails digging into her forearm. Holding her books with one arm, and being dragged hurriedly by another, she struggled to wave or even say good-bye to Reid or that brown haired girl without resisting the urge to yelp in the process— Katherine's nails were pretty sharp.

Reid watched as she was dragged away, his throat becoming oddly dry. He ignored the consistent tugging on his arm as Jessica (or was it Jane?) tried to pull him. The brunette smiled seductively at him, and for once, he didn't feel anything for it. He didn't react to it as he was used to doing. Without really thinking, he pushed her off and started walking to his locker alone, leaving the girl offended in all means.

"What the hell was that?"

The blonde haired boy turned to the voice of Pogue and instantly groaned. All three Sons were leaning near his locker, identical smirks on their smug faces. When you have bothersome friends like them, it's hard to keep them out of your life, whether you want them in it or not. Considering what he was feeling right now, all Reid wanted to do was ram his head into a wall. That, or scratch those smirks off their faces.

"Seriously, Reid, what happened there?" Tyler grinned, moving away so that Reid could open his locker. "You were standing there, staring at her like an idiot," he chuckled when the blonde grumbled incoherently.

"Who is she?" Reid asked, wanting, no—needing to know her.

"Now you want to know?" Caleb shook his head in amusement. "You could have asked her, but you chose instead to gawk at her," he merely smiled at the glare Reid sent him. "Maddie's been in our History class since the beginning of the year."

Reid froze. He turned to Caleb. "You know her name?"

Caleb chuckled, leaning against the row of lockers. "Yeah. I also sit right next to her."

In the classroom, Katherine stood in front of her desk, glaring consistently as the other girl plopped herself down to the chair, taking out her notebook and other needed supplies. The girl narrowed her hazel eyes at Maddie, demanding an explanation without really saying anything. She crossed her arms at her chest, tapping her foot against the floor loudly, since she knew that Maddie hated that sound, and she waited.

"What?" Maddie asked, annoyed when the tapping had gone on for more than a minute.

"I thought you said you didn't like him."

"I don't like him."

"Then tell me what had happened earlier," Katherine ordered firmly. "So you bump into him and you drop your books everywhere and while he's picking up your books, you say hi to that whore he was holding onto—weirdo— and then he doesn't say anything when he looks at you. How is that?"

"I don't know. You know him better than I do. I'm new to this school, remember? Does Garwin always stare at girls like that and doesn't speak at all?"

Katherine shook her head earnestly. "No, when he comes across a new girl he starts flirting with her. He doesn't stare at her like he did to you."

"You think I scared him?" Maddie asked, her head tilting to the side.

"Scared him speechless," Katherine laughed at the thought.

In that moment, the Sons of Ipswich came barging in, ceasing their conversation. With a wink and a knowing look, Katherine left Maddie to go to her own seat. The History class was like a small auditorium: the seats arranged to look as though you were in a theater. There were long benches of seats that kept ascending with each step. The school was way fancier than Maddie's old school, and she was actually grateful to be here.

She noticed Reid standing off to the side, his eyes scanning over the rows of seats. Although she would never admit this out loud, she had to admit that he was good-looking. Really good-looking. He wasn't one of those guys that were totally ripped with bulging muscles, but his build indicated that his muscles were there and they were definitely define. He was tall, maybe a foot taller than her or something. When she had bumped into him, she had to crane her neck to look at his face. It was a handsome face— a certain paleness that could match her own skin tone, and bright blue eyes that seemed to sparkle on its own.

The blonde haired boy cocked his head, blue eyes training over the rows until he stopped. It took Maddie a while to figure out that he was staring at her. Again. She crossed her ankles beneath her desk and leaned forward, meeting his gaze without shrinking back. She lifted a hand at him and gave a short wave, smile donned on her face.

Reid widened his eyes slightly, but he smiled back. He didn't expect another smile from her, and that just caused more complications with his nerves. What the hell was wrong with him? If he had been himself, he would have been next to her, flirting with her until he secured a date with her. But here he was, standing in the side of the room, probably looking like the same idiot he had been out in the hall. He dared himself another look at her before he followed Tyler to their usual seats.

Maybe I did scare him, Maddie thought as she furrowed her brows. She had never scared a boy like that before, and wondered whether that was a good or bad thing.

"Hey, Maddie." She looked up to see Caleb Danvers looking down at her, grinning widely.

"Hi," she murmured quite listlessly, since she was pent up over the 'Reid thing'. "I'm going to ask you something, Caleb," she stated bluntly.

Caleb smiled at the notion. "Go ahead."

"Is your friend okay?"

"What? Reid?" Caleb's eyes flickered towards his friend in quiet amusement, his dark eyes glinting. When she nodded, he continued. "You just caught him by surprise."

Maddie tapped her nose with the tip of her pencil. "What did I do to surprise him?"

"He's just never seen you before."

She wanted to disagree, considering they've been having the same History class together for three whole weeks, but she didn't say anything. She let her eyes flow back to Reid's form, who was currently straining his eyes on the large and thick textbook in front of him. The blonde boy, feeling her gaze on him, turned his head to the side, gravitating to her direction. He looked at her for a slight millisecond before turning his attention back to the book.

She heard a chuckle besides her. "He's actually reading his textbook," the dark haired boy continued laughing.

"You're saying he's never read it before?" she asked, joining in his laughter.

"Nah. He never opens that book." Or any other book.

"And here I thought I scared him pretty badly," she grinned, although she did felt bad if she had indeed 'scared' Reid Garwin. "Can you tell him I'm sorry?"

"Sure thing. Hey, what was your answer for the last question…?"

Rows and seats away, Reid glared heavily at his book. It was surreal, even for him, to actually be reading crap from the History book, particularly about the Bill of Rights. He was feeling tense—each page being turned by his hand could guarantee a tear from that book. He was also stiff and even feeling so straight-laced was making him annoyed. More than twice he had craned his neck to see her, to observe her features, her structure. It was insane. He barely knew this Maddie girl. He was never one for jealously, but seeing her talking and laughing with Caleb made something snap inside of him.

He wanted to throw something.

Maybe even use.

"You're staring again," Tyler noted, unable to hide the smirking glee in his voice.

Reid ignored the statement. "Is 'Maddie' really her name? Or is Caleb messing with me?"

"Yeah, 'Maddie' is her real name," Tyler chuckled at how agitated his best friend was feeling. "Madeline Bennett. She moved here from Texas during the summer."

"How do you even know this?"

Tyler rolled his eyes. "Because I talked to her, idiot."

He talked to her? Sweet, shy, quiet Tyler had talked to her beyond Reid's knowledge?

"Is she going to Davis' party?"

"You're going to have to find out when you get there."

It was no doubt that the Sons of Ipswich would be invited to any party of the sort, and Justin Davis' party at the cliffs for that matter. If they weren't there, then most likely, everyone else that had been invited wouldn't be there as well. The four boys drew people in with effect, not even bothering to try at all. If the small town of Ipswich had any celebrities, the Sons would be it. Everyone knew of them, and not just high school students. People surrounded them because they adored them, they wanted to be a part of their exclusive group, and they wanted to be them.

He didn't know how she was so attractive to him, in such a short time.

Madeline Bennett had none of that gamey appeal that Reid was used to seeing. She didn't have a big bust, didn't wear clothes that were ten times too tight, no fake tan, and there wasn't even a trace of make up on her delicate face. She didn't have the air that was too seductive or a sultry figure. She didn't dress with clothing that were low-cut, or skirts that barely covered the panties underneath. She wasn't a slut. She wasn't too eager. And she wasn't looking at him to get laid.

No, she was the exact opposite. She had a body that was too slender; a body models and anorexic girls would literally die for. Her body resembled a twig, one that walked. She looked as though she only weighed ten pounds, and though her tiny body was very apparent, the smallest of curves could be seen, blending in with her form. She had pale skin, a skin that would be impossible to get a tan on, even if she was out in the sun the whole day. Her rare, golden eyes were surrounded by long, dark lashes that created shadows against her fair complexion. Her bangs swept to the side, almost brushing the top of her eyelids, and her black hair fell softly to her waist.

Beautiful, was the only thing he thought when he looked at her. He didn't think she was beautiful because he was just saying that just to sleep with her, or he wasn't saying that because he was drunk. For once, and he could honestly say this without denying it, he thought she was beautiful because she simply was.

The air was thick with heat as teens and partygoers grinded with their dance partners, the proximity of their bodies extremely close, and the flush on their cheeks tingeing with pink. It was late at night on that Friday and the coldness was beginning to peek in. Breath vapor the came out of people's mouths indicated that it was freezing, amidst the tight crowd, the sway of dancing bodies, and the warm, scorching liquor of alcohol that was continuing being passed around.

Maddie was currently lost. She had also lost track of wherever the hell Katherine was. To pass time, she had been asked by random guys to go out and dance. It was alright, despite the fact that some of them tried to feel her—for lack of better words—ass. By the next half hour, she was entirely pissed out of her mind and would probably deny dancing with anyone for the rest of the night.

"Maddie!" The pale girl turned her head to the side, spotting a blonde girl and a dark-skinned girl waving at her. "Come over here!"

She smiled, shoving her hands in the back pocket of her jeans. "Sarah," she bumped into the blonde girl intentionally and nudged her way between the two girls, producing a laugh from them. "That's better," she said when she was sandwiched between them. She looked at the dark-skinned girl, "Hi, Kate."

"Where's your other half?" Kate grinned, looking around. "I never see Katherine anywhere without you somewhere nearby."

Maddie made an impish noise. "She ditched me. I've been spending the last fifteen minutes looking for her."

"She'll show up soon," Sarah reassured. "Come on, you guys, tell me about some people. The only people I know are Katherine and you two."

Kate pointed to one girl that stood a few feet away, her chin pointed in the air and her red curls cascading down. Maddie instantly frowned at who she pointed. "That's Kira. She's a bitch," the dark-skinned girl plainly pointed out and then she pointed to the boy standing next to Kira. "And that's Aaron. One thing you need to know about him is that he's a prick and he treats girls like dirt."

Sarah nodded. "Got it."

Something in the atmosphere changed just then. It wasn't because she was really cold or anything like that, but Maddie couldn't help but feel small, involuntary shivers run up her spine. Her feeling this surely wasn't on her own accord.

"Who are they?" Sarah asked in a tone that could be described curious, though there was awe hidden beneath it.

Four silhouettes were making their way down the cliff, their steps matched in long strides. As soon as they stepped out of the darkness, they were instantly showered with greetings, hellos, smiles, and flirts. For some reason, the small group seemed to be headed towards the three girls.

"Sons of Ipswich," Kate answered, a blissful smile on her face. Her face turned ecstatic when she caught sight of long-haired Son, launching herself into his arms and kissing him sweetly. "You're late," she pouted.

"Sorry, I had a thing with the family," Pogue leaned in to kiss her again. When they parted for the second time, Pogue grinned at the girls. "Hey, Maddie," he inwardly chuckled, not resisting the urge to look over at Reid.

Reid didn't expect her to be here. He didn't think she was the kind of girl for these type of things, but nonetheless, he was kind of glad that she was here. Maddie looked awfully cold in what she was wearing. She was donned in dark, skin-hugging jeans that only showed out more of her thinness. A black, leather jacket covered over her blue tank top, which to no one surprise, did not show part of her cleavage, not even a hint of it. Her pale collarbone and her neck were the only parts of skin that was showing, but even so, she still looked good.

"Pogue," Maddie responded lightly, slinging an arm around Sarah's shoulders in a friendly manner. "Guys, this is Sarah," she paused to let the blonde girl wave at them.

Introductions were made all around and the seven of them lapsed into a comfortable conversation. Maddie took no part in it, straying off to the side, her eyes scanning the crowd for her missing best friend. If she couldn't find Katherine, how was she supposed to get back to the dorms? It wasn't as if she had brought a car here with her when she moved here.

"Looking for someone?" a quiet voice mused from beside her.

Maddie looked surprise when she looked at the person next to her. "Reid," she started, her tone calm. After the little incident, they had no other accidents in the hallway, nor had they interacted with each other. Of the four Sons, she was distant with him the most.

He nodded down at her before smiling. "Hi."

Nice smile, she heard herself think before she could stop herself.

"Did I scare you?" Another stupid blurt.

Reid tilted his head at her, his brows furrowing. "No. Why?"

"Well, I tried talking to you the other day in the hall, but all you did was stare at me. I was wondering if I did something wrong."

"Oh." One moment was filled with a strange silence, and the next moment, Reid was laughing. Maddie found herself oddly compelled to the sound of his laughter, feeling herself draw closer. "I just never noticed you before. Where were you from?"

"Texas," she grimaced at the name. "I hated that place."


"It was boring," she laughed when she noticed a wide grin spreading on the blonde boy's face. "Seriously, it was. Nothing ever happened there and if something did, it was the same stuff every time. I do like it here better."

"Are you thinking of staying here?"

"Yeah, for the rest of my senior year."

Wordlessly, Reid stuck out his hand, his blue eyes piercing through hers. "Reid Garwin."

Oh right, they haven't been properly introduced. After all, all she did was knock into him carelessly, causing him to pick up her books, and to have him stare at her as if she had grown another head.

"Maddie Bennett," she gave a smile, and shook his glove-covered hand. She noticed the slight tingling feeling when she touched him, but she didn't say anything. She couldn't help but wonder when his cocky side would kick in, the side she had seldom seen when he was with other girls.

"Aw, would you look at that," a hard tone cut through the air, the voice taunting. "Garwin's got himself a new slut that'll last him for the week."

Reid looked over the girl's head, his eyes turning stone cold. Who else had a sluggish, pathetic attempt at a deep tone other than Aaron Abbot? Yet, the blonde boy had managed to catch something in the intruder's voice. A taunt it was, but there was a certain longing laced hidden underneath that tone. When Abbot mentioned the word 'slut', Reid caught the other boy's voice wavering slightly. He also detected jealously, and it was all so apparent to Reid that Abbot secretly coveted for Maddie Bennett.

"Abbot," Reid responded, his voice low and calm.

Aaron smirked down at Maddie. "What are you doing here with him? Come with me, you should be with a real man."

Maddie didn't try to hide the snort she was holding back. "Really? Tell me where this real man is because I don't see him anywhere," she grinned at Reid, causing both to laugh.

Aaron flushed angrily. "What are you laughing at?" he snapped, directing it towards Reid. He smelled distinctively of alcohol. The curly haired boy took a step closer. "Why aren't you screwing around with some whore?"

"You complain too much," Reid raised an eyebrow at the other boy. "Your mom didn't seem to mind when I did her."

Both Maddie and Aaron stood for a moment, shell-shocked at what Reid had just said. Was that really true? The golden-eyed girl peered at Reid curiously with a look of apprehension on her face, but then she saw a tiny, mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes. It was a lie. Now that she thought about it, what he said was actually a good lie.

"Fuck you," Aaron growled, striding even more closely.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Reid was too busy paying attention to Maddie to hear Aaron's snarl. The small girl was right between them, which was a vulnerable spot to be in for someone her size. With a raging Abbot on the other end, she could easily be a victim of his impending wrath, and she might suffer an off-aimed punch by the asshole.

Just when Aaron raised his hand and took an aim—and like Reid expected, it was an god-awful aim— Reid managed to pull Maddie safely behind him, having helped her evade an attack that would have struck her right on her face.

Seeing that he missed, Aaron took no hesitation in preparing for another aim. Reid had gripped his hand in a fist and clenched his jaw, nearly biting jaw muscles as he easily duck the latter's hand. After avoiding that, Reid quickly swung his hand back and threw a punch, his fist colliding roughly with Aaron's cheek. Reid smirked when he heard the satisfying sound of bones being broken as he drew hand back. Not letting time for Aaron to recoil at all, he packed a punch to the curly boy's midsection, causing Aaron to gasp and fall back. A trickle of blood ran down the corner of Aaron's mouth as his hands straddled his own stomach. A moment later, he passed out cold.

Reid glared down at him with abhor. If Aaron hadn't been drunk, he would have had a better fight with Reid. A wave of mocking disappointment flew over the blonde at how quick the fight was. At the same time, he felt alright with it, and he wouldn't have to look forward to seeing Aaron's face around him anytime soon.

"He's such a dick," Maddie said bluntly as she came to stare down at Aaron next to Reid. "You didn't really sleep with his mom, did you?" she asked, the corners of her lips tugging up an inch.

"Why would I sleep with someone who gave birth to that?" Reid wrinkled his nose loathsomely at Aaron.

Maddie laughed. "True."

"Hey, guys!" the music abruptly stopped, and Justin Davis had taken the speaker into his hands. "I just got a call from a friend nearby! He says the cops are coming; they're already on Oakland Road!"

The bonfire party erupted in complete pandemonium as teenagers struggled off the cliffs to get to their cars, to run away from the scene, plainly just to get away. The numerous fires along the ground had been put out by, not water, but by alcohol beverages since they had no other option. The lights and speakers were taken down, and where it had been so bright was now so dark.

"Need a ride?" Reid asked her. Aaron had taken up most of their time, and the two didn't get to talk much.

"That's okay. Katherine's probably waiting for me at her car," she supplied, tripping over a root. Luckily, she didn't fall flat on her face. If the lights had been on, she would have been embarrassed.

Reid smiled at her in the dark, even when she couldn't well see it. "Sure?"

"I'm sure. See you at school?" she asked, and Reid nodded in response, although that seemed like a pretty stupid thing to do, so he made a noise in approval. "Oh, and by the way, don't be afraid to talk to me, all right?" she added with a teasing tone.

"Okay," Reid couldn't hide his laugh. On impulse, he reached over and mussed up her hair. "See you, Maddie."

Maddie grinned, fixing her hair, but liking the way he touched her like that. "Bye, Reid."

He could feel her walking away in the distance, noticing the breeze that replaced the warmth he had felt at his side when she was there a moment ago. Off to the side, he could hear her voice berating someone, and he could hear another voice retorting something back. She was probably with her friend, Katherine, right now. He shoved his hands into his pockets, whistling tunelessly in the night as he made his way back to Tyler's Hummer. Their conversation had been short, but it was definitely a start.

Reid wanted her.

He didn't want just her body.

He wanted her.