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Pucks P.O.V

Summer was the ultimate freedom from school. Even though it only last for two months it was still the best two months for any teenager, but for Noah Puckerman it was heaven for him.

Summer was the only time of the year Noah hit what he likes to call his 'Lucky Streak'.

During the summer a lot of sad and alone women need there pools cleaned and that's not all he could do for them, but this summer was not going to be like all the rest.

After joining Glee club and losing his mohawk Noah started to change the way he thought about things. He started to feel guilty when he bullied all the kids he did at school and it made him want to be a better person.

After watching his only child, whom he and Quinn willing gave up for adoption, being adopted he needed to change not for himself, or his mother or sister but for his daughter.

He wanted his daughter to be proud of her real father when she grew up and started to ask about him, but all these things were not the reason this summer was going to be different from all the rest.

The reason this summer was going to be different is because this summer Noah would have to attend summer school in order to move onto the next grade and still play football next year.

It all started a week and a half after summer started. He got a phone call from the school saying he had to attend a meeting with the principle.

He and the principle were not on the best terms and this could only spell trouble for the young jock as he drove to the school.

As he pulled up and looked around the parking lot it was deserted and he had never seen it this empty except for the time he spray painted the five easiest girls to have sex with name on the football field, Santana being the first on the list.

He got caught and had to repaint the whole football field and no one beside the jock and the principle knew about who did it.

As he turned his truck off and got out of his beat up vehicle, Noah made his way to the main doors since they were the closest to the Figgins office.

As he made it to the principles office he noticed Azimio and Karofsky leaving. As he walked past them with a grin on his face they couldn't do nothing but look forward.

"Idiots must have failed again and have to do summer school." He said to himself as he opened up the glass door and stepped inside and was met with a scowl.

"Ah Mr. Puckerman please come in and sit down." The foreign man said as Noah chuckled at his accent.

When the jock got seated and looked back the principle he was now holding a file and could read the name on it. It was his file and when the other man noticed the teenager was looking at the file he cleared his throat.

"Do you know what this is?" Noah looked at the thin file and noticed some more on the mans desk which were huge compared to him. He finally shook his head and the other man snorted before he rubbed his temples with his free hand.

"This here is your academic file for high school and this." The other man said as he bent over in his chair to pick something up. Noah heard him grunt and bring up a file that was bigger then any on the principles desk.

The jocks eyes went wide when he dropped it on the desk and the whole room shook." Is your permanent record." Noah took a second to take in the large file.

"This file contains every bad or wrong thing you did at William McKinley High School." The older man said as he sat back down taking deep breaths.

Noah looked at it some more before sitting back in his chair." So what? You want to make some sort of agreement or something? Is this blackmail?" The jock said turning his head and looking around the room.

He didn't care that the older man wrote down everything the jock had down wrong. He just wanted to get this over with so he can start his summer.

"No this is an understanding." The foreign man said opening up the Noah's academic file." This file contains all your grades and credits for high school." He said placing down two separate papers down in front of the jock.

Noah leaned up and looked at the paper. He couldn't tell how to read this so he just sat back in his seat.

"And these are your academic activities you have done for high school." He said as he handed the boy a single piece of paper which had three names on it followed by a description on how well he was in both groups.

The names were Football, Basketball and Glee and judging from the way these were typed Coach Tanaka and Mr. Schue both typed these.

"So I'm confused what are you trying to tell me?" Noah said looking from the paper to the other man.

"I'm showing these because sports don't really affect how well you do in school and it most certainly doesn't help with your academics, but Glee gave you this option." The older man said as he put back the papers in the file and set them down on his desk.

"And that option is for what exactly?" The jock didn't know what was going on or why this whole meeting was for.

The older man pinched the bridge of his nose before speaking." I'm trying to say is that you failed this school year. You won't be going onto the next grade and you will have to repeat this year."

Noah's face froze as he heard the word failed. This was not the way he wanted to start his changing. He looked around the room trying to put together what he could say, but all he could do was stutter.

"But how, I did all my work in my classes."

"Yes you did the work for the classes you went to. You skipped out on three major classes you need in order to graduate. History, Math, and English." Principle Figgins said as he pulled the jocks attendance recorded for all his classes and pointed out the three classes he skipped out on.

Noah took in that he did in fact not go to those classes as they were boring and the teachers wouldn't let him sleep.

"Now I'm going to give you two options. Option one is that you attend summer school all summer until the week before school starts for next year. You will go in the morning for six hours. After you will go to a tutor who will monitor and help you with your work. The tutor will also take in your attendance so I can make sure you are going to that tutor. You can not skip out on your tutor for any reason unless it is serious." The jock nodded and gulped as he waited for the second option.

"Option number two if you do not choose number one is that you will be held back and I will turn these in to the school board." The man said as he tapped on the jocks permanent record." And they will make sure you can never get into any college, but if you choose number one I'll throw this away and you will be given a clean slate."

Noah didn't have to think twice about his options he knew which one he wanted and he was going to take it." I choose option one. I'll attend summer school and I'll go to the tutor."

Figgins smiled at the teenagers' choice and stood up." Good choice son. I assure you this will be the wisest choice you've ever made in your high school life."

Noah stood up as the other man did." So when do I start?"

Figgins walked around his desk and opened the door for the boy." You start Monday which is tomorrow. You will come by the school first, get your books and assignments and then you will go to your tutors' house."

Noah made his way to the door before he stopped and never caught the name of his tutor." Who is my tutor?" The jock said turning back to the man and gave him a confused look.

Figgins gave him a smile and patted him on the shoulder." Go to the library and wait. I'll send your tutor to you when they get here." He said.

Noah made his way down the quite hall towards the library thinking how his summer just got ruined, but at least his life was over. Now he had a shot at going to college and getting out of Lima.

As he pushed open the library doors and found that he was the only one in the room he made himself comfortable in one of the sofas by the magazine table. He pulled out his cell phone and started to text Quinn telling her everything that Figgins told him.

After everything they've been through they managed to become the best of friends. She was the only girl Noah was friends with who he didn't want to have sex with.

After having his baby it changed the way he thought about her and after talking with her they decided that they were just going to be friends and with that they were the best of friends.

Noah felt his hand vibrate as he looked down to see that the blond girl has replied to him.

"Wow that sure sucks. You were never in school before and now you've got to spend the whole summer." Noah rolled his eyes at her bluntness and typed a quick reply back saying how this was good for him and about the whole tutor thing.

A few minutes later the girl texted back and Noah's phone was already open."If you say so and who is your tutor?" The jock propped his feet up on the magazine table before he replied to her with a I don't know.

Her text back to the boy was almost as fast as the one he sent and all she said was 'I'm here for you'. Sure she was. The Cheerios always went away for the summer and she managed to go with them by blackmailing Sue into letting her go.

The jock set his phone in his lap and picked up a magazine. He let his head fall back and placed the magazine over his face to block out the light. He stared in the dark until closed his eyes. He slowly started to fall asleep out of boredom.

Kurts P.O.V

Summer for most it was fun in the sun but for the rest that were bullied there whole school year it was a safe haven. To Kurt Hummel it was paradise and the only time he wouldn't have to see anyone he didn't like.

It also was the time of the year where he wasn't bullied by anyone. They must have better things to do then pick on him. But he didn't care all he cared about was having fun with his friends or he thought he would.

A couple of days after school was let out for the summer Mercedes informed Kurt that she had to go to her grandparents and she would spend almost all of June and some of July in Illinois.

He didn't let that fact that his best friend would be gone almost all of the summer get to him. He had other friends like Quinn, Santana and Brittany.

When he called them and all three said that Sue was taking the Cheerios to Florida for the summer Kurt wished he didn't quit at the end of the school year.

He thought about everyone he talked to and it all came down to the people in Glee.

Tina and Artie pretty much told everyone what they were going to do for the summer and Kurt didn't want to be a cock block.

The brunette didn't really know Mike all to well and didn't really want to.

He thought about Puck and his face soured. He moved onto the next available friends who were Rachel and Finn.

Kurt let out a laugh upon thinking of ever hanging out with Rachel. If he did he would end up burning her entire dresser and closet in hopes of getting rid of her horrible fashion.

But he could hang out with neither Rachel nor Finn since the little walking fashion murder was taking Finn with her and her dads to New York for the summer.

Kurt thought about Finn.

Since Finn and Carole moved in with Kurt and his dad the two teens have been getting along much better. Kurt's dad, Burt, turned the guest bedroom into Finns room so Kurt could still keep the basement and Finn even asked the young boy to show him how to work at the shop.

Kurt was happy that Finn has moved in with him even though his feelings for the taller teen have changed from love to a brotherly love.

Finn has even got comfortable being alone with him since there fight they had about the room arrangements.

The taller boy even has gotten in the habit of calling Kurt 'lil bro' even though Kurt doesn't like to be called that.

Kurt thought his summer couldn't get any worse until he got a call from the school one Sunday morning saying he had a meeting with the principle.

Kurt was surprised when the school called since he never gets in trouble and he knew he passed since he always makes nothing lower then A's.

But he just shrugged his shoulders and got ready.

Every Sunday was when the Hummel's did laundry until Finn and Carole moved in. Now it was like everyday they did it and on days like today when all of the good clothes the little brunette owned were dirty and he needed them to be washed.

He looked at the clock and seen that he only had ten minutes to go to the school for the meeting he had with the principle he had committed fashion Abuse.

He looked in the very back of his closet and pulled out a box which read 'Clothes from Grandpa'. His mother's father was a kind and sweet old man who had no fashion taste.

He sent Kurt all sorts of clothes that he bought from Wal-Mart and the boy promised himself that he would never wear them and burn them when he got he chance.

But now he had to wear them and as much as he would love to wear Rachel's clothes then these he didn't have a choice.

The only thing that was at least nice enough was a pair of tan shorts and a plaid shirt that he could at least match with a tie.

As he put on the clothes he apologized to everything fashion. When he was done he sat down in front of his mirror and applied his make up, moisturizer, and everything else he did before he left the house.

When he was ready he left his basement and headed up stairs.

When he reached the living room he noticed that the TV was off and that meant his dad was at the shop.

He walked into the kitchen he spotted Carole making lunch and smiled at her when she looked up at him." Hello sweetie. Are you going somewhere?" She asked as she put together three sandwiches.

"Yea, my school called and said I've got to come out for a meeting so I'll be out for a few. " He said as he opened the refrigerator door and pulled out a bottle of water.

Since Finn and Burt were getting along so well and so much in common. Carole tried to do the same with Kurt. To his surprise they had a lot in common then he thought.

Carole was a better cook then Kurt was and she taught him a few things and helped improve what he cooks.

She knew a little about fashion and when Kurt made a comment about what's popular in the fashion world at dinner she would always answer him which made him feel good that he could talk to someone now.

She always let Kurt pick out her outfits for when her and his dad went out and she always hugged him and said he was the best.

"Alright. If you need me call, but If you could hurry home when your done I would like you to help me pack Finns suitcase before he leaves tonight." Kurt knew just as well as Carole that Finn would pack only a toothbrush and deodorant and would wear the clothes he had on.

"I will. I'll see you later." He said before leaving the kitchen and making his way to the front door. He grabbed his keys off the key hook and put his shoes on.

When opened and spotted his 'baby' sitting in the driveway a smile was already on his face. His navigator was his life. He loved that car more then any article of clothing he owned.

As he made his over and got in he adjusted everything since his dad took it out last night to put new tires on.

He cranked it up and let it idle for awhile before pulling out and heading to the school.

On his way there he thought about what he was going to do this summer since all his friends had plans and he didn't.

He could spend the summer with Carole getting to know her better or he could go stay with his grandpa and hangout with his cousins. They were both nice, but he just wanted to have fun during the summer like everyone else.

When he arrived at the school he was shocked to see Pucks truck sitting in the parking lot. When he remembered that the truck was bound to break down eventually and started to laugh at the thought.

He pulled in behind the dumpster and flinched. He made it a habit to park here since it would be easier to get thrown in, get out, go to the bathroom, get cleaned up and still make it to class on time.

He turned his car off and got out. Walking up to the main doors he was glad that no one was here to see him dressed like this besides the principle.

Turning a corner he saw Principle Figgins sitting down at his desk.

He walked up to the door and knocked on the glass. Figgins looked up and waved for him to come in.

The brunette opened the door and stepped inside. He took a seat in the chair at the front desk. The seat was warm and Kurt wondered if the foreign man got a seat warmer for his chairs.

He was brought out of thought as the man cleared his throat." Hello Mr. Hummel. How is your summer going?" Kurt just rolled his eyes at the foreign mans attempt to make conversation.

"It was going good until the school called. You know summer is a time away from school?" The brunette said as chuckled at his own joke.

The other man didn't get the joke and simple continued." Well the reason I've called you here is because I just went over your college application you made. You want to go to Ohio State University correct?"

Kurt nodded his head and fixed his bang that fell out of place.

"Well you have the grade and credits to start, but they are looking for something more."

Kurt gave him a confused look. He read over the forum several times and everything standard on it Kurt met.

Seeing the younger boys confused Figgins spoke up." You see you have what it takes, but they need someone who is good with people skills."

"Sir I assure you I have great people skills. I get along with almost everyone in the school. Almost everyone there is some that don't meet my eye." The brunette said going into detail about his people skills.

The foreign man simply put up his hand to silence him." I know, I know but they need documented proof of this and I've got an idea for you."

Kurt raised an eyebrow waiting for this 'idea' the man spoke of.

"I've got a student that is in summer school who needs a tutor. If you tutor him for the whole summer I'll document it and send it over to OSU."

Kurt knew that his idea was going to be bad. It was summer and Kurt would have to waste it being someone's teacher, but he needed to get into OSU and if it meant one summer it was worth it.

"Alright I'll do it." Kurt said and he received a smile from the other man.

"Perfect then Mr. Hummel go to the library and meet the person you're going to tutor. If he is still there. I'll join you two in a few seconds. I have to gather something's up." The foreign man said looking around on his file scattered desk.

Kurt got up and walked out the door. Thinking about whom the person he is supposed to tutor could be it came down to someone in the sports programs which means they would not get along.

Coming to the library doors Kurt took a deep breath and relaxed."Alright Kurt this is it. All you have to do is help this poor sap the whole summer and it's off to OSU when you graduate."

With a smile on his face the teen opened the door and stepped inside.

Normal P.O.V

It was dark and the only light coming from two windows. Kurt had never been in the school when it was deserted like this and it was kind of creepy.

Making his way to the middle of the room he seen someone sitting in the chairs by the magazine tables with a magazine over there face. Kurt couldn't make out who it was and walked over to them.

"So what when your in school you sleep? No wonder you're in summer school." Kurt said as his only response was a soft snore.

Kurt put on a smile to hide his anger at being ignored. He stretched his leg back and kicked the side of the table causing the other teen's feet to drop to the floor with a heavy thud.

The other teen jumped up in his seat and rubbed his eyes. Kurts eyes went wide with shock as he seen the person he would be spending his whole summer with.

When the other teen yawned and got a good look at who woke him he stopped breathing.

As they both looked at each other nether could speak until they could form words.

"Puck!" "Hummel?" They both said simultaneously.

The jock looked at the boy before him and took a good look at him and what he was wearing." Hummel is that you?"

The brunette balanced his weight on his not throbbing foot before answering." Of course it's me you idiot." He said snapping at him.

Noah ran a hand through his no more existing mohawk and rubbed the back of his head." You look different. You're not wearing expensive clothes." He said taking in the other boys' current fashion.

"Well I'm not perfect Puck. It's not like everything I want I get." He said fixing the wrinkles in his horrible shirt.

Both boys stood in silence for what seemed like forever. Noah not knowing what to say to the boy who he bullied for years and Kurt not wanting to talk to the boy he hated more then Azimio and Karofsky.

Finally as Noah gave it a lot of thought he decided that he would apologize to the young boy for everything he has done to him since they would be spending the whole summer with each he thought they could at least be friends.

As Noah started to say something until Figgins came into the room talking on his phone.

When he came up to the teens he closed his phone and smiled at them." So you two have met and you both know why you're here."

Noah was going to say something, but Kurt spoke first." I'm sorry but is there anyone else I can tutor besides Puck? I mean we don't get along, he bullies me everyday at school and I'm sure I speak for both of us we don't like each other."

Noah stayed silence letting the teen speak. Everything he said about the jock was true except for the jock not liking the brunette. Its not that he didn't like him he didn't like the fact he acted better then everyone.

"I'm sorry Mr. Hummel, but he is the only one we have that you can tutor and he is the only one who can tutor you Mr. Puckerman." The foreign man said pointing to the jock.

Noah stayed quite not knowing what to say as Figgins continued to talk.

"Now remember Mr. Hummel that if you want to go to OSU you have to do this understood?"

Kurt huffed and rolled his eyes."Fine." He said crossing his arms and looking away from the jock and the foreign man.

"And need I remind you Mr. Puckerman that if you don't want that file turned in you will go to summer school and to Mr. Hummel." Noah nodded not trusting himself to snap at the older man.

"Great then you two can leave and have a great summer." The principle said leaving them alone in the library.

The jock looked up at Kurt and seen that the boy was still looking away. Taking in what all just happened Noah decided it was now that he was going to apologize and make peace with the young boy.

As he was about to say something Kurt spoke first." I'm going home." He said before walking away from the jock and leaving the room.

Noah sat there for a second before getting up and following behind the other teen.

Kurt made it out to the parking lot and got in his car. When he went to slam the door something caught it and he looked back only to see hazel eyes meeting his own blue ones.

"What." Kurt bluntly said not really caring what the jock had to say.

Noah could feel the anger coming from the younger boy and it kind of hurt that all of it was focused on him, but he did deserve it." I just wanted to say…. I'm sorry for everything mean I ever did to you Hummel."

Kurt raised a suspicious eyebrow to the jock and just looked away from him."Whatever."

Noah looked down. He knew he wouldn't get 'apology accepted' or 'I forgive you'. "Well I got to come to the school every morning until one. So do you want to get together at around three and start?"

Kurt thought about it for awhile. He really wanted to forgive the jock, but just couldn't bring himself to do it. When ever he thought about Puck the only thing that popped in his head were all the times he was mean to him and all the slushy and dumpster dives he gave the brunette.

"Sure, but were doing it at my house." He said putting his keys in the ignition and turning them over bring the engine to life.

"Alright I'll come to your house three." Noah said letting go of the door so it can be closed. He stepped back as it drove off and out of sight.

He walked back to his truck and left the school behind.

Pucks P.O.V

On his way home Noah came to a decision. He wanted to be a better person. He wanted to change not for anyone, but his daughter and he would start with Kurt. He would form a friendship with him and they would be friends and not enemies.

It was late when Noah came home and everyone was asleep. The TV was on and the only thing on the screen was a game show.

He walked by and turned it off before heading to his room.

He toed his shoes off and fell onto his bed. That night he thought how he would be spending his whole time with the one person he bullied his entire life. He was going to make peace with the brunette and he would become friends with him and make him admit that they were friends.

Noah picked up his phone and went through his contacts. He came to Kurts name and opened the text message menu. He typed a text to the brunette and closed his phone.

He looked over at his clock and it was a little past eleven. He had spent the whole day at the school and it wore him out. He closed his eyes and drifted to sleep.

Kurts P.O.V

Kurt pulled up in his drive and was met with a very nice charger. He got out and walked up to the door only to be met with the sound of Rachel Berry talking about New York.

As he opened the door and walked inside he saw two men sitting on the couch with Finn and Rachel standing beside them and Carole walking in with drinks. Burt walked down the stairs and seen Kurt walk in.

"What was the meeting about at school son?" Kurt looked up to see his father and smiled. They walked to Kurt basement and as they did he told him everything. About how he might go to OSU and all he has to do it tutor Puck.

"Do you really want to do this son? I mean isn't he the one who is always bullying you?" The brunette nodded before sitting down on his bed and pulling his phone out." Yea, but I have to deal with it if I want to go to OSU."

Burt just shrugged his shoulder and smile." Alright if you want to, but promise me you'll tell me if he does anything to you that you don't want him to." Kurt nodded and gave his dad a smile.

"Ok come up and say goodbye to Finn. You won't see him all summer." Kurt frowned at the thought if Finn leaving. They were getting along so well and becoming so close.

Kurt followed his dad back upstairs where Rachel and Finn were standing in the doorway of the front door with Carole crying and hugging her son.

Burt walked up to her and put a hand on her shoulder. She smiled and stepped back. The older man took off his hat and wiped his forehead with the back of his hand before he held out his other one.

Finn smiled and locked hands with the man and shook.

Burt stepped back and Kurt walked up. Finn smiled at him which made Kurt blush a bit." What are you smiling about?" Finn chuckled." Just thinking about how much you'll miss me."

Kurt looked away."Whatever." He said as he held out his hand.

Finn looked at it and smiled. He stepped forward and embraced the smaller boy in a hug. Kurt was shocked, but just stood there before patting the taller boy on the back. Finn stepped away and ruffled the brunette's hair." Later lil bro."

Rachel linked arms with Finn and smiled at Kurt." Have this summer Kurt and practice your singing voice because next year were going to work twice as hard and beat Vocal Adrenaline.

Kurt just smiled and shook his head as they both left out the door. Kurt turned around and walked back to his basement. As he made it down to his room he fell onto his bed.

He felt sad that he wouldn't be able to hang out with Finn during the summer, but he was glad that he finally accepted the young boy for who he was.

Kurt turned his head and noticed his message light was flashing on his phone. He reached over to his phone and touched the touch screen and brought the whole phone to life.

He seen his text message icon flashing and he clicked on it. He had a new text message from an unknown number. He read the text which said 'Don't forget. We got a date at three.'

Kurt gave the phone a confused look until he read the signature that said Puckzilla and he rolled his eyes. He added the number under 'Idiot' and set his phone on his nightstand.

He crawled under the covers and set his head down on the pillows and started at the wall. He laid there for awhile until he closed his eyes and drifted to sleep. He started having a dream about Rachel going to use the bathroom in the airplane and the whole bathroom falling out from under her.

This put a smile on the boys face as the dream changed to one of him lying in the dumpster and Puck jumping in and laying next to him with his arms behind his head. Kurt turned to face the jock and all Puck did was turn his head and smile at the boy.

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