Well I had fun writing this story. I got a lot of positive reviews for this and I was glad people enjoyed reading it. This was my first ever Glee story and my first ever PuckxKurt story. Look forward to a sequel, but for now I think I'll give it awhile till I actually start working on it.

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"Burt calm down I'm sure he is fine and just sleeping." The small tan car that belonged to Carole pulled into the Hummel driveway and before the car was turned off the driver door was already opened and closed.

Burt Hummel took giant steps as he hurried up the path to the front porch. Putting his hand on the doorknob he got more nervous as it was unlocked.

Pushing the front door open the older man looked inside. It was only 11:00 in the morning, but it was dark and quiet in the house and growing up with a sixteen year old boy Burt knew better.

Walking inside he went to his son room. Carole walked in behind him and shaking her head."Burt I'm telling you he is fine. I'm sure he is asleep in his room." She said carrying her luggage and setting them down at the foot of the stairs.

Walking back up Burt shook his head and mumbled something about burglars before walking into the kitchen.

Sighing Carole walked into the living but stopped and smiled at the sight she seen.

Burt walked out of the kitchen and seen her standing in the living room looking down at the couch. He walked beside her and looked down at the sight.

"Now that is just too cute." She said as she clasped her hands together.

Nether boy's position on the couch had changed, but Noah was snuggled up closer to Kurt and Kurt hands rested on the older boys back.

The only sound in the room was the snoring of both boys as their breathing was in perfect unison, but that soon changed.

"Kurt Bruce Hummel!" Burt yelled his voice shaking the whole room. Noah's eyes shot open in a flash and he went to sit up, but rolled off the side of the couch.

Kurt opened an eye and rolled over on his side."Great wakeup call dad. I should start using you for an alarm clock instead."

The older man looked at his son and turned his attention to Noah who sat still on the floor. Burt Hummel had the jock on edge as it was mix of worry and anger.

Carole giggled and walked off into the kitchen." I'll make snacks and get some drinks."

Burt's face was red and if wasn't for the fact that Kurt was only a few inches away from him Noah was sure he would jump on him and beat him.

"Kurt get up we need to have a talk." Burt said giving Noah another glare before walking in the direction of the kitchen.

Looking over at the small body rolling over Noah thought about getting up and running for his life, but when Kurt leaned over and kissed him on the cheek he didn't feel so scared of the older man anymore.

The sudden fear of his death by the hands of the Burt Hummel came rushing back as he sat across from him at the kitchen table. Kurt was sitting beside him, but when Carole and Burt had a silent conversation with their eyes she asked Kurt to help her bring in the rest of the luggage.

Now he was left alone counting the seconds before he was going to die. Noah didn't know if the older man was messing with him because he would look over to the knife set sitting by the sink and back to him with a grin on his face.

Noah was getting more and more nervous and almost jumped out of his skin when the older man cleared his throat.

"So do you want to tell me about what has happened while I was gone or should I expect the worst after how I found you two?" Noah was going to answer but didn't know how.

He was just going to tell the older man that he loved his son, but he would have to go in depth and he was sure Kurt wouldn't want him to give out anything to his dad.

Burt raised an eyebrow at the jocks silence."Well? Are you going to tell me?"

"Well sir you see." He was cut off by the front door closing and a giggling sound as Kurt walked in along with a blushing Carole.

"Dad please leave Noah alone. Can't you see he is scared to death?" Kurt said walking over and sitting by the jock. He looped his arm around Noahs and laid his head on his shoulder and Burt glared even harder at the jock.

"I just asked him what happened while I was gone Kurt. He still hasn't given me an answer yet." Burt said turning back to the jock who just sat there not knowing what to say.

"Dad all we did was hang out, go to the mall and confess our love for each other. You know normal teenager stuff." Noah's facial expression was blank as he couldn't believe Kurt said that to his father whose face matched the jocks. Carole broke out into giggles as she was informed about everything a few seconds ago.

After a long argument between Kurt and his father about this the older man finally gave in and started on the dating talk. Noah's face was solid red as Kurt rolled his eyes and let out a sigh.

After the talk was over Carole asked if Kurt could tell Finn about all this when he came home and Kurt agreed as he knew Finn would be all mad if no one told him.

A few days after the dating talk it was the fourth of July and Finn was home that morning. Dreading the talk Kurt sat Finn down with Puck with him and told him everything.

At first the clumsy teen looked confused, but when it sank in he accepted it. He was kind of sad, but when Puck said that dating Kurt meant he would be seeing the Mohawk teen a lot more and Finn face light of with excitement

Kurt made Finn promise that he wouldn't tell Rachel because they didn't want a lot of people knowing yet. Finn agreed that he wouldn't tell her until they were ready.

The summer was almost over when Mercedes returned home and when she set foot in Lima the first house she went to was Kurt's who all but jumped out the door at her.

Having his best friend, in person, was something Kurt had wanted all summer. Mercedes had arrived when Kurt and Noah had the house to themselves and she shot all sort of questions at them.

Satisfied with all the answer she had gotten she deemed Noah worthy of dating Kurt. She told all about her summer and Kurt did the same even though she knew everything that happened through the whole summer.

As there summer started to come to a close with only a week left till school started the one thing Kurt couldn't stop thinking of how were they suppose to return to school. He knew for year what bullying was like and when he came out it got worse.

If people found out about him and Noah dating then that would ruin the jocks reputation and Kurt would get bullied more.

Not knowing what to do Kurt decided he would talk to Noah about it.

It was only a couple of days left of summer and Noah was spending the night. Kurt's dad didn't let Noah sleep down in his room with him, but instead he slept in Finn's room. But in the middle of the night the jock would sneak down and crawl under the covers with him.

"Hey babe you were quiet at dinner. Something on your mind?" Noah said kissing him on the forehead and running a hand through his hair.

Kurt was silent for awhile trying to get everything together."What are we going to do about school?"

Noah was confused at his question."Well I imagine were going to go to school and try and get it over with. This is our junior year so we won't have long to go till we graduate." Noah said putting his arm under Kurt's head and scooted closer to the small body.

"That's not what I mean Noah."He said as he let out a breath as he continued." I mean what are we going to do about us dating?"

Noah chuckled."I figured we would walk into school holding hands and letting everyone put two and two together and figure it out on their own."

Kurt understood why Noah wasn't laughing. He hasn't been thinking about this like he was.

"Noah I'm being serious. I'm kind of scared." It was true that he was scared of what was to come if they returned to school as a couple.

He didn't want any trouble, but he knew he would have some, but if Noah was with him it wouldn't matter. But Noah wouldn't be with him all the time and the bullies would find him when he was alone.

Kurt felt himself being pulled in closer and into a hug." You don't have to be scared Kurt. I won't let anyone hurt you."

"I know I won't be able to be around you all the time, but Quinn, Santana and Brittney can and they will watch out for you when I can't. So you don't have to be scared." Kurt felt better after hearing him say that.

After this whole summer with Noah he knew how safe he was. He didn't feel scared at all when he was near him and he didn't care what anyone said about him ether.

"Ok Noah. I won't be scared as long as you promise not to leave me." Kurt said as he slid his fingers into the jocks.

"I won't leave you as long as you won't stop making me feel this." Noah said burying his head into Kurt's hair.

"Make you feel what?" Kurt asked and he heard a chuckle from the jock.

"Make me feel love like this."Kurt blushed and lifted his head up and pressed his lips to the older teens.

Pulling away they both had a smile on their face."I promise Noah. I love you." Kurt said as he laid his head on Noah's chest.

"I love you to Kurt." Noah said pulling him closer.

Kurt didn't care what would happen at school, but he was it wouldn't be good for nether. He really wanted to just have a normal life with Noah, but some people won't let that happen.

Kurt knew Noah would protect him, but he could protect himself. It was Noah who would need protection because he didn't know what they would do to him.

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