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Chapter 3: Gift of the Goddess - The Bracelet of Twilight.

There was no sound in the cathedral; even the faint droning music that had hung in the back of their minds had stopped as Naruto rose, shaking, from the cold stone floor in front of the altar to Aura. He could still see the glowing ring flaring around his arm, though it was now ghostly and translucent, and he could feel the strange throbbing pulse of the energy the bracelet had dragged out of the monster. It was terrifying. He had seen this power destroy his friend when wielded by that strange beast, and now he had dealt the same brutal attack to the monster that had attacked him here. A ragged chill began to drive its way up his spine as the winged knight turned cold black eyes on him. The eyes reminded him of Sasuke, he realized absently, and that made the man's piercing gaze even more withering.

"To think I was saved by someone like you..." the statement held such focused loathing that Naruto staggered backwards into the altar.

"I don't..." the blond haired boy feebly exclaimed trying to compose himself.

"Don't lie to me! I came to the cathedral to hunt down cultist of Morgana who have been unleashing these... creatures onto our lands, and I find you, wielding that same dark power." the man stepped forward with deliberate force, drawing his longsword with an echoing ring of steel on steel and leveled it at Naruto's face, "Draw!"

Perhaps it was Kaito's influence deep within him, or the fact that this unknown man kept reminding him of Sasuke throwing a tantrum, but Naruto steadied his stance and waved his hand free of the strange power in front of him in a motion of blatant and possibly suicidal defiance, "No, I won't"

The man took a frenzied half step forward his voice losing its calm venier, "Draw your sword! Now!"

Naruto shook his head and stepped forward, fists clenching in anger "I wont! There's no reason to do that!"

the older warrior's face registered a sudden flash of remorse and pain, "There is for me..."

Before Naruto could respond, or the stranger elaborate, Hinata was suddenly between them, her hair sparking as her lightning spirit's energy boiled just under the surface of her obvious displeasure with the armored man. who, to his credit, back-pedaled away from her, and by extension Naruto, a look of confusion and annoyance etched onto his face. With a venom Naruto had never seen in the young girl before, Hinata almost yelled in the older male's face, "Hey! what's wrong with you? thats no way to treat the guy who saved you!"

The winged man narrowed his eyes at the girl and spat out his responce "You don't understand, Hyuuga"

Hinata was undeterred by the use of her clan name, a clear challenge even Naruto had no trouble recognizing, "You're the one who doesn't understand! he hasn't done anything to you so back off!"

The man paused, as if considering his options for a moment before slowly sheathing his sword with a deliberate and shaking sigh. "Very well then, I will go. But if I find you had anything to do with those monsters," here he turned eyes that were now a piercing swirl of red and black on Naruto, "I will kill you" with that, he turned and walked out of the cathedral the way he had come. In the back of his mind Naruto could here the chanting music begin again as if some unseen choir had guessed the danger had passed. Hinata turned to him with a look of utter exhaustion and gave a faint smile. "Are you ok, Kite?"

Naruto nodded weakly as the rush of Adrenaline that had been pumping through him began to recede, and stumbled forward as the world went black around him


Outside, Uchiha Itachi frowned as he marched deliberately away from Hulle Granz before he did something he would regret. it was only the Irksome note of a voice from behind him that stalled his feet, "That was rather childish for Balmung of the Azure Sky, The Decendant of Madara"

He turned, expecting to see the speaker behind him, and saw no one, then he heard a chuckle from above that lead his eyes up to the spires of the cathedral. there, standing on the flat section of roof between the two towering steeples, was a blond-haired woman in ornate white robes. Her heavy helm sat low on her face, hiding her eyes from view, but her mouth was set in a small subtle smile. Itachi frowned and turned his back on the woman, his scowl deepening as he muttered. "I dont speak with spirit-warpers"

The woman's smile disapeared and she spoke in an even and stacatto tone. "That boy. He's a friend of your partner."

Itachi turned, eyes opened slightly in surprise, but the woman was gone. "Of Orca's?" he shook his head and gated away, he would have to consider things more carefully it seemed.


Naruto blinked and found himself in a featureless room, a thin layer of water on the floor. the sound of falling drops hitting the surface echoed around him, and a heavy breathing punctuated the silence in between the staccato note of the falling liquid. Turning about in the empty space around him he was relieved by the appearance of a glowing line of red in the shadows. Thinking it to be a light from under a door he took a feeble step forward, but then staggered backwards as it spread outwards into a red glowing eye that was quickly joined by three more. With a rush of noise like a great form shifting, the eyes rose into the air, and, accompanied by the heavy pounding of massive footfalls, the glowing orbs moved towards the dim ring of light in which Naruto now realized he stood. As the eyes passed into the curtain of light, they were revealed to be affixed to a massive head reminiscent of a fox, save for its skeletal appearance, wisps of blue flame silhouetting where ears should be, and an extra set of eyes. the head was followed by a body, long and massive but clearly emaciated, of a white fox with ragged fur that sparked with energy. Its forelimbs slammed down before the boy, paws skeletal like its head, and wreathed in ghostly blue flame. Naruto noted through his amazement and terror that the beast's neck was ringed by a giant version of the ring that now sat on his arm, giving the creature the appearance that it was wearing a giant glowing collar. two of the arms of light the ring sprouted when it was used stretched out over the fox-thing's back and disappeared into the darkness that its hindquarters still sat obscured within. It tilted its head to stare at Naruto with lidless red eyes and spoke in a voice Naruto recognized with a sudden chill, "So, the Keeper has come to meet with me at last. Boy, can you not wield The Daughter's blessing without falling unconscious? You are truly a pitiful little creature."

Naruto stared at Kaito for some time, his face reflected in the crimson of the beast's massive eyes, until after what had seemed like an eternity the young twin blade was able to speak, "What... are you?"

Kaito's massive form dropped to the ground before naruto like a dog that had decided to lay at its master's feet, its huge skull-like head nestled on its flame wreathed paws, "I Am the hidden one, guardian of the Twilight Dragon... or I was, thriteen years ago."

Naruto blinked, "Was? what happened? did you get fired?"

the fox like creature leaned forward to place its snout near the boy's face and snorted loudly, a blast of blue spirit like flame buffeting naruto's face "I was bound to you. That is all you need to know." the creature raised its body to stand over Naruto and glared down at him, "It's time for you to leave here boy... take care of the Tasogare no Udewa, Naruto no Kaitou" Naruto suddenly gasped as the sensation of being hurled backwards thrust through his body and mind before he blacked out a second time.


he awoke to the relieved gasp oh Hinata, and to her face, etched in concern hovering of him. her eyes showed clearly her worry and panic, though the second faded quickly as Naruto righted himself. "Black-rose? what happened?"

Hinata either did not notice the reference to her alternate persona, or simply ignored it, and frowned as she continued to fuss over him, "After that rude man left you passed out suddenly. I was worried he had done something to you until you woke up just now. Im glad your ok." She grabbed him in a sudden hug. Naruto sat for a few moments before he reached out to return the gesture. A few short second later Hinata's more shy persona regained the forfront of her mind and she sqeeked and pulled away her face a bright red.

Before either could speak further the doors of Hulle Granz flew open and a squad of Protectors burst into the catherdal weapons at the ready. Naruto's eyes widened as he recognized the three as some of the veteran Protectors that had helped him as he grew up. The first through the door was a man in tribal face paint with a simple longsword glowing with wind energy who Naruto recognized as Asuma, the old Sarutobi's son. A well known blademaster and wind wave user, Asuma had often helped Naruto as a small child with school work, as the boy was often seen around the Sarutobi household in his early years before he had been given his own place at age ten. The second one Naruto became aware of was a man holding a large lance on his shoulder while he posed dramatically in the aisle, his bright green armor that was polished to an almost chrome like shine giving him away as the eccentric Maito Gai. The Partisan warrior who often referred to himself as "Mac Anu's Green Beast" was the one who had taught naruto self-defence when it was realized the boy would be living on his own. Lastly Naruto's eyes caught sight of the man who had been his unofficial guardian since he had been a toddler. Hatake Kakashi stood between the other two Protectors, the black steel blade of the Kubikiri Hanchou arcing with his massive Lightning wave power.

Kakashi's eyes scanned the cathedral before he caught sight of the two and rushed over in shock and concern. "You two are alive after all? thank Kami!" the silver haired Jounin ranked protector said as he reached the altar. "Are the two of you alright? we recieved a report that the … thing that attacked you and sasuke had attacked Hulle Granz and killed all of the priests. Itachi was sent in first, but he never reported back, and the sensor units at Mac Anu detected a massive power surge here, so we were sent to investigate. On top of that, Hiashi told us that he feared Hinata had come here talking you with her, Naruto." we were afraid you both had been killed, or rendered comatose like Sasuke."

Naruto shook his head, a slightly confused look on his face, "No Sensei... the Cathedral was empty when we got here... until a strange monster ogre appeared anyway. But we never saw that... Thing."

Kakashi frowned, staring at Naruto's arm, were the Bracelet was still glowing faintly. Just as the grey haired protector was about to ask what it was, it vanished in a pulse of light. desiding it best to leave that discussion for later, he turned to the two young protectors, offering a hand to each to help them stand, "Come on, Lets get back to Mac Anu"