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Summary: Set during Extinction. Alice is torn between what wanting to keep the convoy safe and what her heart wants. Alice/Claire (Calice...?)

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Chapter 1:

The weapons felt at home in her hands.

It bothered her at first, how attached she had become to firearms and weapons in general. She couldn't even remember the last time she felt comfortable and secure without some sort of weapon in reach. Becoming a security operative at a young age, learning what horrors seemingly harmless people were capable of early on, it all stirred a paranoia within her. She began thinking of all people as a threat to her long before they actually were.

Alice quickly glanced over her new LDA pistols, sliding new magazines into the barrel's of each and giving them a final once over before holstering them securely to her thighs. The shotgun was next. It was a simple Mossberg 12 gauge. Running through a mental checklist, she too gave the shotgun a last close inspection before sliding it into the holster on her back.

Satisfied that she now had all her firearms in check, Alice went to grab her last pair of weapons, only to come up short. Her hand hovered over the area on the table where she was certain she had placed them just moments before. A tiny smirk touched Alice's lips as she sensed she was no longer alone in the small abandoned motel room. She suddenly felt a pair of vivid green eyes on her back, watching her closely.

"I can get you a pair of those if you like them that much." Alice said evenly, turning to see Claire casually leaning against the doorframe. The redhead took a small step farther into the room, in her hands rested Alice's kukri blades. She gently raised and lowered them experimentally, testing the weight in her palms.

"Little vicious, don't you think?"

Alice's eyebrow perked at the subtle teasing in Claire's voice. Though in all honesty, the redhead was very serious. She had seen Alice at work with the deadly blades. The way she manipulated them to slash and severe muscle tissue and bone with such ease and finesse fascinated Claire. Alice had made cutting down the undead with the two blades nearly an art form and Claire couldn't help but watch in awe at the woman's terrifying skill.

"Didn't think you cared much when it came disposing of the undead." Alice countered.

Claire's serious face faltered and gave way to an amused smile as she carefully handed the blades back to Alice, who promptly sheathed them under her long flowing coat.

It had been only a few weeks since Alice had joined the convoy after rescuing them all from a swarm of infected crows. And since then Claire has come to realize that things actually ran much more smoothly with the other woman around. With Alice's ability to sense other infected organisms and just all around enhanced abilities, it provided an extra air of comfort simply having her traveling with them. Despite the initial fear she had created upon her arrival.

Although for a while, Claire couldn't bring herself to really trust the quiet drifter. Her intense blue eyes unnerved the convoy leader. And the fact that she could never figure out what was going on inside Alice's head most the time didn't make things any better. Alice was an enigma to Claire and it set her on edge whenever she was around.

That's not to say she didn't eventually warm up to her though. Much to Claire's surprise she soon found that Alice, although quiet and often times brooding, wasn't all that unpleasant to be around. She was smart and perceptive, and the redhead had to admit, she was learning a lot from the woman just watching her.

The two were often forced to converse when it came to things such as where to hit up next for fuel, who would take what night shifts and strategies for which routes were safest to travel. On more than one occasion, they were even paired up for keeping watch over the convoy after dark.

Claire remembered that first night remarkably well.

Uncomfortable glances, half hearted attempts at conversation, they even sat at opposite ends of the campfire from one another.

It took about an hour, but eventually a legit conversation started, it may have been rocky at first, but it was progress. Claire remembered telling Alice about going out looking for her brother, which in turn lead to her getting caught up in the mess at Raccoon City and eventually her putting together the convoy. Claire remembered watching Alice's expressions closely as she spoke. The blonde had listened to everything she had to say, never interrupting once. She was genuinely interested in Claire's story.

Gradually they became more comfortable in each other's presence. Awkward attempts at conversing slowly evolved into truly engaging conversation and from that, a new respect between the two slowly formed and with that respect, a friendship even.

They began interacting for reasons other than business and survival, and Claire could even say she began to enjoy the other woman's company. Which made today all the more difficult for the redhead to swallow.

"So you think you'll be back eventually?" Claire asked.

She crossed her arms over her chest and leaned against the wall, watching as Alice finished preparations before she planned on taking off again. Alice slipped on a pair of worn looking fingerless gloves and draped her shawl around her neck, she remained silent for a few long moments.

"Depends." She finally said.

"On…?" Claire pressed. Alice shrugged weakly, her eyes avoiding Claire's prying stare.

"Umbrella may still be able to track me, Claire. I can throw them off my trail quicker by traveling alone. Being around you-the convoy….I can't risk them finding me." Alice reasoned softly. Claire's eyes narrowed slightly, her stern expression never letting up.

"It's been weeks now. Don't you think if they were able to find you they would have by now?" Claire asked, forcing her voice to remain even, diplomatic.

Alice's eyes slid shut for a moment, she shook her head sadly.

"It's not that simple Claire."

"Then explain it to me." The redhead demanded, letting her cold, neutral expression slip for a brief moment.

Alice sighed and looked Claire dead in the eye, silently pleading with her to stop making this harder than it already was.

"I'm not safe, Claire. I will not jeopardize you and all the others."

"And what about you? You think it's safe to be roaming around the desert all on your own with no backup?"Claire challenged stubbornly.

"I can take care of myself, Claire." Alice said. Her tone one of reassurance rather than the usual cocky manner in which those words were normally spoken.

"Don't worry about me. You've already got enough to worry about, I don't want to add to that." Alice all but whispered the last part. She slung her pack over her shoulder and turned to face Claire. The convoy leader's hard, defiant stare never faltering. Her arms still firmly crossed in front of her. Their eyes locked again.

"Yeah, well tough shit Alice. You're one of us. People here care about you. You're friends care about you." Claire said forcefully. Alice felt a painful knot form in her throat, making it hard for her to swallow. Her eyes softened.

"And I care about them. So you have to understand why I need to leave." Alice said wistfully, her voice cracks despite her best efforts to even it out. She took a step forward and placed a gentle hand on Claire's arm. Their eyes met again. Alice's, a silent pleading for Claire to understand and Claire's, still narrowed into a cold, hard stare.

Wordlessly, Alice walked past the redhead, her hand lingering on Claire's arm for just a few moments, before she silently made her way out of the motel room and into the harsh daylight of the Nevada desert.

Alice quickly slung her pack onto her bike and strapped it down. She spared one last glance around the area, her eyes going between the line of armored vehicles and the few individuals who were hanging out around them, caught up in conversation. She had already said her goodbyes to Carlos, Lj and even K-Mart. Though she had hoped Claire's would've gone more smoothly. Alice sighed and swung her leg over the bike and inserted the key into the ignition. Pulling her helmet on, she turned the key and the bmw roared to life. She took one last glance back at the old motel that still held Claire inside and sighed. A heavy ache had formed deep in her chest, ebbing away at her resolve slightly.

Revving the engine, she nudged the kickstand back and took off, leaving nothing more than a cloud of dust in her wake. Within seconds it was as if the mysterious woman had never even been there at all as she quickly turned a corner in the distance and drove out of sight.

Claire had yet to move from the spot she had kept through the whole conversation. Her eyes glazed over as she listened to the hum of Alice's BMW motorcycle starting. It wasn't long till she was listening to that very sound begin to fade as the distance between Alice and her grew before it disappeared completely.

Claire let out a painful sigh and leaned against the wall, letting herself slide to the carpeted floor. She rested her head against her hand and looked back towards the door Alice had just gone through just minutes before. Claire knew loss. She knew the biting sting of losing friends by the dozens. Losing people she'd grown to care about. But something about Alice leaving was more. The hurt wasn't just a sting. It was a tearing ache in her chest, something that threatened to consume her. She rested her forehead in the palm of her hand and shut her eyes tightly, letting her face fall to mirror the overwhelming torrent of emotions flowing through her at that moment. A nagging voice in the back of her mind reminded her that the moment she stepped foot out that door she'd have to bottle it all up again. She had to hide her weakness from the ones who depended on her to show strength. Still, Claire couldn't help but be thankful for the cover the abondoned building had to offer from the prying eyes of her convoy. She was thankful for the silence and the few, fragile moments of peace.

Claire jumped slightly as a rapid knock broke the stillness of the room.

"Claire, you in there?" Carlos called through the door.

Claire scrambled to her feet and made her way to the door just as Carlos was about to knock again.

"Hey, Alice still around or did she take off already?" Carlos asked pleasantly.

"Nah, she took off about 5 minutes ago. Why?" Claire said, carefully keeping a mask of indifference in place. Carlos shrugged.

"Just curious. You ready to get moving?"

Claire nodded and followed the former cop out of the motel room and towards the convoy. Hoping she could somehow leave the hollow ache in her chest locked in the dark, musty room as the door slammed shut behind her.

To Be Continued…

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