Damn plot bunnies.

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Sam squeezed his eyes shut, tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Dean, this is gonna be fucking hard to say…I love you Dean. You may not love me, and you may not even want to see my face after this, but you're the one for me, and I love you Dean."

Dean's eyes opened, an anger filling his features.

"I might be the one for you, but I'm going to hell if you're the one for me."

Sam held Dean's cold body closer to him, sobbing uncontrollably. Sam looked up at the sky, rain pouring down on him and his lifeless brother.

"Why?" he shrieked, pointlessly yelling for no reason. He lowered his head till it was buried against Dean's chest, the wet t shirt clinging to his body.

And somehow, miraculously, Dean took in one deep, shuttering breath, his eyes opening.

"To hell with it, I love you Sammy," he gasped, pulling his brother's head to his, smashing his cold lips against Sam's warm ones.

"I love you too Dean, so fucking much," Sam grinned, pulling their bodies closer.