The Second World

This is my 1st story so I hope you like it!

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In the depths of the netherworld in the Overlord's castle a hot headed boy sat on the throne hand on his chin with a bored expression on his face.

"Etna I'm bored" the boy wined.

No sooner then he said that a girl with bright red hair in pigtails that looked more like two palm trees sticking out from her head came. She had tanned skin, blood red eyes, and pointed ears with little skull earrings. She wore black revealing clothes that didn't match her 14 or so year body and did I forget to mention the bat wings and spear head tail she had.

"Well what do you expect me to do" she stated in a sassy pissed off tone.

The boy frowned at her answer and looked in the other direction and sighed.

"Well what did you expect when you became the overlord? To become as great an overlord as your father was over night." She said.

This time the boy glared at her with his bright red eyes which signaled the girl to shut up with didn't seem to work since the girl looked like she would continue when a tapping sound was heard from down the hall. A girl with long blond hair and a blue large bow came running down toward them. She had fair color skin, ocean blue eyes, and wore a white gown and puffy white shorts. She also had little white wings hidden by her long hair.

"Laharl, Etna you got to come with me to the gate keeper some thing happened" the girl said between pants.

"What happened Flonne?" Laharl asked.

"Please just come with me" Flonne stated. Too tired to have given an explanation any way. Laharl stood up from the throne his navy blue hair and antenna swayed slightly as he got up. His large tattered red scarf flowed gracefully behind him as he walked down the steps to follow Flonne. When he was standing next to Flonne and Etna he was a head shorter then them.

"Flonne lead the way" Laharl stated as Flonne started to hurry off while he and Etna followed closely behind. After running around the castle they finally made to the gate keeper where three people where waiting. One of them was a man in his 20's with brown hair and dark blue eyes in an overly flashy space suit. The second person was a woman also in her 20's she had blond wavy hair and wore a revealing red outfit that showed of her nice body. The last person was a robot with a dome head and cylinder body (if it helps think of R2D2 from star wars only brown)

"So what happened" Laharl said in an impatient tone for having to wait so long to find out. Laharl looked over at the people and shrieked when he saw the woman.

"Didn't I tell you to keep you sexy body away from me?" Laharl yelled at her.

"Aww I thought you would have gotten over that fear by now" the woman said as she moved closer to him her breast fairly close to his face he panicked when she got close and scrambled backwards and hit the wall and he still try to press himself as close to the wall to keep as possibly far from her as possible.

"It's okay Ms. Jennifer it's not his fault he hates women with big breasts" Flonne said trying to cheer Jennifer up.

"I suppose" Jennifer said in a bit of a depressed voice.

"So what was it you wanted to tell us?" Etna asked unaffected by the incident that just occurred.

"I can tell you that" The man said with a loud obnoxious laugh.

"Well it all started when we where trying to use our space ship to get back to the human world" Jennifer stared.

"When we got stuck in moving colors and lights" Gordon said excitedly.

"Gordon what you are describing is a worm hole blip bloop" the robot said.

"Thank you Thursday as I was saying when we where in the worm hole. We didn't know what to do so I pressed the hyper drive button." At this point Laharl slapped him self in the face for his stupidity while Etna rubbed the bridge of her nose while Flonne …well she was so into the story her eyes where burning with determination.

"At that point we where able to escape the worm hole" Jennifer said taking over the story.

"And there was Earth but…"

"But what, but what?" Flonne said excitedly like a kid in a candy store.

"But it wasn't our Earth!" Gordon blurted out. As he said that Flonne was in shock as was every one else.

"What do you mean it wasn't your earth" Laharl asked now interested in what they have to say.

"Well to be precise the technology of this earth is far more primitive to ours blip bloop" Thursday said.

"I believe the time period is the 18 century based on what we observed" Jennifer stated.

"Another Earth you say" Laharl said to himself as he rubbed his chin in thought.

"This is just what I needed to get rid of my boredom" Laharl smiled at the thought.

"Gordon do you have the coordinates to this world?" Laharl asked.

"Yup we can go their though this portal right Jennifer!"

"Yes Gordon I was able to transport the coordinates on Thursday's memory disk to the gate keeper so we can travel their without the need for the spaceship."

"Excellent" Laharl said. He then walked in front of the portal.

"Okay every one we're going to this "New" Earth to concur it like I did with the other" Laharl said this in great pride.

"Ahahahahaha" he laughed evilly in the thoughts of concurring all 4 worlds (the Nether world, the human world, and Celestia with he felt he concurred even though he didn't)

"Come on vassals where heading out now"

"What? Prince really right now" Etna complained. "I just finished getting the blood off from my spear."

"Well to bad where going whether you liked it or not!" he yelled and walked though the portal.

"Wa…wait for me Laharl" Flonne said as she hurried off into the portal herself.

"Oh brother" Etna sighed as she took her sweet old walking though the portal.

So this is the introduction to the characters of Disgaea. I hope you liked it and please send in your comments. Thanks…