Mommy? part 2

"So what should we do?" Flonne asked with a finger on her lips. Oz and Gilbert both sat on a couch opposite of her. It was a wonder how Gil could be so calm now compared to a few minutes ago when he was so embarrassed being called Oz's dad. "Oh I know how about an amusement park?" Flonne said getting excided. "We could ride a roller costar, go on a fairs wheel or we could even go watch a Prism Ranger show!" Flonne said getting really excided, especially about the "Prism ranger" thing.

"Um Flonne…. What's an amusement park?" Oz said innocently.

"Flonne none of those things have been invented yet" Etna said in a flat tone from across the room.

"So they don't know what Prism Rangers are?" Flonne said freaked out.

"Uh, I don't think that is something to be concerned about" Etna said sweat dropping.

"Flonne how about we have a picnic." Oz said drawing all the attention on him.

"That's a great idea Oz, I mean son!" Flonne said with a huge grin on her face.

"Oz is fine, you don't need to call me son" Oz said looking slightly embarrassed.

"Okay I'll cook!" Flonne said excitedly.

"NO!" Etna and Laharl yelled at once. The others turned to stare at the two.

"You put me in a coma for a week after I had that steak!" Laharl yelled pointing an accusing finger at Flonne.

"Yah I had to pay for the medical bill. Do you know how much hell I used to pay that damn mage? I could have bought pudding with that money!" Etna yelled.

"Well I can cook." Gil said. The party turned stared at him.

"But the mommy's supposed to cook for the child!" Flonne said getting all defensive.

"Well you can switch to with Gil, so that you're the dad and Gil's the mom." Oz pointed out. Gil's face started to turn crimson.

"But, I always wanted to be a mommy!" Flonne cried out.

"Fine, fine you can be the mommy." Oz said laughing a little to himself, Gil was some what relived when he said that. "So I guess we can't have a picnic then." Oz said slightly disappointed. Flonne started to panic (she was doing it for him after all)

"Why don't you go out to eat?" Laharl asked as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Laharl you're a genius!" Flonne yelled running over to him and hugging the living day light out of him.

"FLONNE GET OFF ME!" Laharl yelled; Flonne quickly let go and turned to Oz.

"Um…You have café's in this era…. Right" Flonne asked concerned on the answer.

"Yah we have café's. There should be a few in town." Oz said.

"Great let's go!" Flonne yelled grabbing hold of Oz's hand and rushing out the front door.

"Wait up!" Gilbet yelled running after the two.

"WOW! This….this is ….Fantastic!" Flonne yelled running wildly around the town.

"Uh Flonne the café is this way." Oz said pointing in the opposite direction from where Flonne was running.

"Oh woops." Flonne said running toward Oz.

"Ugh, why do I have to do this?" Gilbert asked himself while pulling out a cigarette with was quick slapped out of his hand. "What the hell?" Gilbert yelled.

"No cigarettes!" Flonne snapped.

"But I haven't gotten my fix yet." Gil said getting irritated. "Now if you would please give me back my cigarette." Gil said holding his hand out. Flonne looked at Gilberts hand then at his face.

"But I want you to live long." Flonne said this almost in a whisper.

"What did you say?" Gil said edging closer to her.

"I WANT YOU TO LIVE LONG BECAUSE YOU'RE MY HUSBAND AND I'M YOUR WIFE! AND I CAN'T THINK OF A WORLD WITH OUT YOU!" Flonne yelled out; Gil jumped back from the yell. He cautiously looked around there where a few people looking at him with disgust, pity or they where just glaring at the poor servant.

"Flonne you know that where not actually husband and wife; right." Gil whispered to the angel.

"I know that but…" Flonne then looked directly into Gil's golden eyes. "But I want to be with you as long as I can and this cigarette will ruin your heath so that I might… never see you again." Flonne said tears starting to well up in her ocean blue eyes.

"Uh Flonne I under stand your concern but,.." Gil stopped in mid sentence to slowly turn to the angry people ready to rip him to shreds.

"How disgraceful!"

"You make me sick."

"What a monster, treating a sweet girl like that."

"Oh my god, he's so cruel to her."

Theses where just some of the many comments from the angry passbyes.

"Hey you two love birds aren't we going to a café?" Oz yelled out. Flonne seemed a little flustered by the comment and ran over to Oz. Gil nervously looked over his shoulder to see the crowd of passbyes slowly start to leave but still give him a good long glare.

Great just great…

"Hello there table for 3 I assume." The waiter asked.

"Yup!" Flonne said with a large smile on her face.

"My, my that is the cutest outfit I have ever seen. Oh and you even have cute wings to compliment it." I waiter said (Obviously not knowing that the wings where real)

"Oh thank you…" Flonne said getting embarrassed.

"You have a really nice bunch of kids here." The waiter said looking at Gilbert.

" there not my…." Gil said trailing off. Oz looked at Gil a deviant smile crept onto his face.

"Hey dad aren't we going to eat I'm starving!" He said in a childish voice. Gil's face flashed a shade of red.

"Right this way please." The waiter said leading the trio to a near by table with a window that over looked the town. Oz and Flonne exchanged a "wow" at the same time. Gil quickly sat in his seat hoping that none of the passbyes from last time weren't following them.

"So… how do you like having a mother and father for the day Oz?" Flonne asked a worried look on her face.

"It's great." Oz said with a big grin on his face. Flonne's face lit up with joy.

"I'm so glade I was worried you weren't enjoying yourself." Flonne explained with relief in her voice. Just then a young man with dusty brown hair walked up to the table.

"Hello my name is Allen I will be your waiter today. Do you have a drink in mind for today?" he asked with a pleasant smile.

"I'll just have water thank you." Gil said.

"Peppermint tea" Oz said looking over the menu.

"Um… I'll have demon blood please." Flonne said. They all stared at her with a confused look on there face.

"Oh whoops, can I change my order to witches breath?" She asked with an innocent look on her face. Allen looked very confused and disturbed by the order. Oz grabbed Flonne's shoulder and pulled her down under the table.

"Flonne none of that stuff existents in our world" Oz whispered.


"I think you should try ordering something not from the netherworld"

"Gotcha" Flonne said with a big goofy smile on her face when she and Oz got up from under the table.

"I would like to order petals of love!" Flonne exclaimed. Oz looked like he might have fallen out of his chair.

"Flonne I thought I told you not to order any thing from the netherworld" Oz whispered to her.

"But it's not from the netherworld it's from Celestia" Flonne whispered back a confused look on her face. Gilbert turned to the waiter.

"She's having what he's having." He said pointing at Flonne then at Oz.

"Gotcha" he said writing it down on his little notepad. "Okay please wait a little bit" Allen bowed and went off to the kitchen.

"So Flonne, how the netherworld?" Oz asked thinking about the abyss. The ire blackness that seemed to continued on and on. The place he was thrown into and meet Alice.

"Well it's not what a lot of people think of it to be honest."

"Really in what way?" Gilbert asked getting interested in the conversation.

"Well I do admit there are demons and it is quite hot down there but besides from that it's pretty much like it is over here. With towns, banks, stores just instead of humans; demons wander around."

"I see well it doesn't sound that bad to be sent to hell." Oz said chuckling to himself. It sounds much better then the abyss by a long shot, Oz thought.

"Yah but you would have to a prinny though." Flonne said spacing out. "By the way Miss Alice said something about a "Chain" thing yesterday. Could you so kind in telling me what it is." Flonne asked looking at Oz and Gil with pleading eyes.

"A chain… well it's kind of… well it's …um" Gilbert tried to explain.

"It's pretty much a demo… I mean a monster that came from the abyss!" Oz said panicking slight when he almost said something insulting. Thank god Flonne didn't know what it was.

"Here are your drinks." Allen said laying out the cups and glass on the table.

"Thank you!" Flonne said.

"Oh my goodness this… this… this is amazing!" Flonne said after her first sip. She was so happy that it almost looked like she was glowing with joy.

"Well I'm glade you like it" Oz said taking another sip of his own tea.

"Would you like to order now?"

"I'll have the salad"

"I'll have the clam chowder"

"And I'll have the steak!" Flonne said with pride.

"You know how much that costs? Right…" Gil asked a bit of worry in his voice.

"Yes I know and don't worry I'll be paying for the meal." Flonne said smiling. Gil gave out a little sigh.

"Will that be all?" Allen asked.

"Yah you can leave." Gil said waving him off. Allen nodded then walked back to the kitchen. Oz then let out a sigh of relief.

"Oz what's wrong?" Flonne asked.

"Oh, I was worried that you'll order something weird again that's all" Oz said rubbing the back of his head.

"Huh? But what I ordered is from the netherworld" Flonne said slightly confused. Gil and Oz looked at Flonne with a confused look on there face. "The steak, it's made from dragon meat right?" Oz gave off a worried laugh while Gilbert scanned the other costumers to see if they heard anything.

"Here you are" Allen said setting down the food in front of the trio.

"Wow it looks great! Thank you" Flonne said beaming at Allen.

"No problem it's my job" Allen said slightly embarrassed "I'll be back later with the bill" he smiled and turned to leave.

"Wow this looks great." Flonne said. "Thank you for the meal!" she said clapping her hands before grabbing the fork and knife. Before Flonne was even able to take a bit out of her stake a loud banging sound began coming from the window. The trio turned toward the window to stare at Alice face firmly pressed agents the glass, her eyes wide, mouth open and drooling.

"Alice? What are you doing here?" Oz asked slightly confused. Alice didn't even flinch at the words.

"Maybe she can't hear you?" Flonne asked innocently moving slowly toward the widow.

"Don't" Gil said but it was too late Flonne opened the window with Alice fell though. Gil let out a loud sigh while Oz softly laughed to himself. Once Alice got up she ran over to Flonne's spot and began to devour her steak.

"Hey that's mine!" Flonne cried. Alice cocked her head to look at her.


"So it's not nice to eat things that aren't yours!" Alice rolled her eyes at Flonne and continued to devour her steak. Flonne then looked like she might cry.

"Flonne it's okay me and Gil will give you some of our food." Oz said giving her an honest smile as well as Gil. Flonne wiped her watery eyes and grabbed a seat next to Oz and Gil. A few minutes later Alice had finished the steak in record time with her stomach slightly bloated as she let out a burp.

"Why can't you gain some table manners you stupid rabbit." Gil muttered.

"What did you say seaweed head?" Alice said getting up from her seat.

"What was that?" Gil said getting up also.

"Please don't fight!" Flonne said standing up. Alice and Gil glared at each other then sat back down.

"So, Alice why are you here?" Oz asked trying to break the uncomforting silence.

"Yah we where fine until you came" Gil muttered under his breath when a spoon hit him square in the fore head. "Oww. What the hell was that for?" Alice let a smirk emerge on her face.

"Nothing just for being a seaweed head" Alice said Gil was furious by now but, managed to calm down slightly. "I'm here because the bug insisted on it." Alice said looking away for them.

"Bug?" Flonne said to herself. "Oh, you mean Laharl?" she said finally getting it.

"Yah he should be right over there." Alice said pointing to the window. Flonne got up and walked over to the window.
"I guess he's not here any more." Flonne said walking back to the table a hint of disappointment in her voice.

"Um… are you all done eating" Allen asked looking at us but, mostly Alice.

"Yah" Gil said. Allen smiled and placed the bill on the table. Flonne quickly grabbed the bill.

"Flonne you don't need to pay for it all." Gil said. Flonne shock her head.

"No it's my treat." Flonne said as she took out her coin purse. She then opened it and turned the coin purse upside down. The coin purse flowed golden coins out of it like a river (a golden river) the trio watch wide eyed as the river of money went on and on till Flonne closed it. "I think this is enough" she said as she began to count all the gold coins.

"What is this?" Allen asked slightly confused by the pile of unidentified coins on the bill.
"That's the payment" Flonne said

"No but what is it; I've never seen a coin like this before." He said flipping the coin around so that he can see the strange symbols on it.

"Oh that's hell (HL). Why is something wrong with it?" Flonne asked. Allen looked at Flonne's worried face then back at the coins.

"Could you please wait here?" Allen asked as he ran off to the back of the shop. When he returned he had a middle aged man with looked a little on the heaver side with a sinister look on his face.

"What is this about there money?" The man asked slightly annoyed and angry. Allen grabbed a coin from the pile and gave it to him. "What the hell is this?" He said rage filling in his voice. He slammed the table. "Do you think this is some kind of joke?" He said glaring at Flonne who had tears in her eyes.

"Hey you don't need to yell at her! She's a foreigner so she doesn't know the currency here." Gilbert said eyeing the man.

"Well you shouldn't have come here if you don't got the money! I hope you have enough or else you'll have to be working here to pay it off" the man said with a sinister smile that sent a chill down your spine. Allen was eying the man with a bit of concern and worry. "This money is worthless here so…"
"This money isn't worthless." Oz interrupted, the party turned to stare at Oz.


"This money isn't worthless, did you ever consider what these coins are made of?" Oz asked with a confident smile.

"Well no but..."

"These coins are made of real gold" Oz said taking a coin and biting it. He then tossed it to the man whose eyes widen when he inspected it. He then picked up a coin himself then took a bit of it also.
"They are gold!" He said eyeing the gold then at Flonne.

"I think you owe some one an apology." Oz said with a smug smile. The man glared at him then turned to look at Flonne.

"I am extremely sorry for this misshape." He said.

"Oh no I'm sorry for using this type of money" Flonne said innocently.

"Well we'll be going now" Gil said standing up to leave.


The party turned to the window to see smoke and debris flying everywhere.

"What the hell?" Gil muttered just as one of the buildings near by fell down. Alice then grabbed Oz's hand and ran out side.

"Alice!" Gil and Flonne both yelled at the same time before following them outside

"So is it chains?" Gil asked looking at the chaos in town. There was smoke and debris every where while faint screams could be heard in the distance.

"No not chains something else." Alice muttered.

"Over Lord Wrath!"

The party turned to the direction the words where spoken. Flying out of the smoke was a man in his twenties with long violet hair. It was kind of hard to see his face but you could defiantly see his long pointed ears. He was wearing nothing but a jacket that exposed his chest and navy blue jeans. Let's not forget the pair of bat wings attached to his back.

"Die mid-boss!" Yelled a figure speeding toward the so called "mid-boss"

"My names not mid-boss it's…"the other figure didn't have enough time to finish up his sentence when he was thrown across the sky by the speeding figure.

"Laharl?" Flonne cried.

"Wait, that's Laharl? Then who's that?" Gil asked pointing at the man with long hair.

"That's Mr. Mid-boss he's a rival of Laharl." Flonne exclaimed watching the battle in the sky. "Mr. Mid-boss wants to be the Overlord even though Laharl already received the title" Laharl raised his blade to strike Mid-boss. "He's very persistent." Flonne added as Laharl threw his blade down fiercely on Mid-boss who plummeted down to the ground leaving a large explosion. "Let's go!" Flonne yelled running toward the explosion.
"Flonne wait!" Oz yelled running after her followed by Alice and Gil.

I hope you liked it and sorry it's been like 3 months since I updated this thing. Also I got a question for the fans out there reading this. What pairing should I do for this? I was originally thinking Oz x Flonne but now I'm leaning toward Gilbert x Flonne. Any who please review