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Two figures stood outside and looked up at the Castle they both knew and loved so well. It had been years ago since they lived there, but these days they seemed to be visiting it with increasing frequency.

'I can't believe we're here...again!'

'Yes well the twins always did like to make an impression. Always having to prove they are just as much of a hand full as their sisters.'

'I fully blame this on you.'

'Oh no you don't, they might get their love of trouble from me, but their smarts? Love that's all you. And together, well put together we get to spend a lot of time back in school.'

'You two will never change I imagine?'

The new voice startled the other two. 'Jeez Professor you scared us.'

'Me scare the Minister of Magic and the Captain of the Holyhead Harpies? Well I must be talented.'

'Please Professor how many times do I have to tell you to just call me Hermione.'

'And me Ginny!' Ginny piped up laughing at Hermione's blush. Hermione still had a problem with people calling her Minister. Don't know why though.

'I will start calling you that when you start calling me Minerva.'

Hermione winced, the thought of actually calling Professor McGonagall Minerva made her slightly queasy. 'What about Granger?'

McGonagall's lips thinned, but eventually she nodded. They had been doing this for the last year ever since Hermione had become Minister. Every time the Granger-Weasley children had gotten themselves in trouble. It was part of their ritual. 'Very well Mrs. Granger, Mrs Weasley.'

'So that's a no to Ginny then?' Ginny asked rhetorically, what she got for her trouble was a stern look from both McGonagall and Hermione.

Hermione eventually turned away from Ginny and turned back to McGonagall. 'So what have our twins gone and done?'

'Ah yes, your twins. I really thought that after Jane calmed down a bit that we could handle anything the Weasley-Granger offspring could throw us. But the twins?'

Hermione and Ginny both groaned, they had all sorts of things going threw their heads. They were very familiar with the pranks the two could pull. 'Do we want to know?' Ginny finally asked.

'Well if you follow me you can have a look.' McGonagall led them into the castle and straight to the great hall and stopped.

Ginny bit her lip, she didn't know whether she should laugh or cry. 'Oh bloody hell.'

Hermione closed her eyes and pinched her nose. 'Watch your language Gin. I'm guessing you can't break the spell?'

McGonagall arched an eyebrow. 'Yes, we have been unable to break it. And truth be told I have a riot on my hands. Not one of the other houses are pleased with the sudden change of house colours.'

Hermione winced, she could understand why. Slytherin was now a very bright pink and and yellow, Ravenclaw was a very bright green and orange, Hufflepuff was black and red and Gryffindor was gold and silver. 'If you have a little patients I can break the spell.'

'You know they will have made it harder to crack from when they did it the last time. It took you almost three hours then.' Ginny murmured.

'They wrote this spell themselves?' McGonagall sounded impressed despite the situation. It was only the twins first month at Hogwarts.

Ginny sighed. 'They are very clever and extremely good with spells. I can't keep up with them. Luckily I have Hermione.'

'Well I would be grateful if you could change the colours back to what they should be.'

Ginny smiled as she watched Hermione get to work. Another minute and she would forget that they were even there. 'Hermione will deny this, but she loves it that our children keep her on her toes. They are just as clever as their mum.'

McGonagall smiled she could see how much Hermione was enjoying this. 'You are both exceptional mothers, I don't know how you manage seven girls.'

Ginny laughed, they got that a lot. It was insane when everyone was at home. With that many women in one house? Utter mayhem. 'We have a lot of bathrooms, that's all I have to say.'

McGonagall frowned for a moment the chuckled. 'You always did have a good sense of humour, even when you were here at school. I see that in all of your children too.'

Ginny blushed slightly. 'Well thank you I guess. Do the twins actually know that we were owled?'

'No, they are refusing to talk to anyone, not even to their sisters. They are very stubborn.'

'We'll just see about that.'

Hermione laughed loudly and with a final swish of her wand repaired what her twins had done.

Ginny looked impressed, it rarely went this fast. 'They didn't change it?'

'Oh no they did, but they made a mistake. It was actually simpler. I am very sorry about this Professor.' Hermione's stance changed. 'So now I think it's time we have a little talk with the twins. If you don't mind Professor?'

McGonagall simply nodded, once again impressed. The whole staff had been trying to lift the spell to no avail. It took Hermione less than half an hour. 'Like I just said they refuse to talk to any one.'

'We'll just see about that.' Hermione echoed Ginny's earlier statement.

McGonagall led the two other women towards her office taking a less crowded way. All she needed was for people to notice Ginny and Hermione there. They would be swamped by people long before they could reach her office. 'We're nearly there.' She apologized.

Hermione was about to assure McGonagall that they didn't mind when she stopped in her tracks. She would know that red hair anywhere. The silvery white hair she had no idea whom that belonged to. But she was going to find out. 'Elisabeth Lilly Weasley-Granger!'

At the same moment McGonagall saw the same thing Hermione did. 'Professor Seville!' She shouted at pretty much the same moment Hermione did.

Ginny who was partially blocked from what the other two were seeing was perplexed, until she moved a little bit forward. 'What the bloody hell!'

Elisabeth and Professor Seville jumped apart as if burned. Their lips bruised from kissing and their clothes askew. Both had eyes the size of dinner plates. 'Mum! Professor.' Elisabeth managed.

They were all just staring until what McGonagall said registered with Ginny. Then she turned a bright red. 'Professor? As in a teacher?'

Hermione could see this all going to hell very fast. Ginny had a temper all the Weasley's did. And she tended to loose it easily, and before she got all the facts. And if she wasn't wrong there were some really important ones here. 'Gin love, calm down.'

'Calm down? Calm down!' Ginny yelled. 'Our little girl is being assaulted by a teacher and you're telling me to calm down?'

Professor Diane Seville was completely and utterly scared to death. She knew exactly who Elisabeth's parents were, and that eventually she would have to talk to them, but not like this. Elisabeth's mum looked ready to kill her. 'M...m..min...'


Hermione turned to her daughter to see her fall to the floor with what seemed to be an unconscious Professor Seville. She rushed over and helped Elisabeth gently lay the Professor on the floor. 'Oh Lizzy what have you gotten yourself into this time.' Hermione admonished softly.

McGonagall crouched down as well. 'Oh Diane you should have come to me you foolish child.'

'She's part Veela?' Hermione asked, knowing full well that Ginny was still spitting mad. And that she would have to try and explain all this to her. She wasn't looking forward to it.

'Yes, I'm afraid I have some explaining to do.' McGonagall put a calm hand on Lizzy's shoulder. 'Go to the Hospital wing and get Madame Pomfrey.'

Lizzy shook her head tears running down her face. 'Please I don't want to leave her. She's petrified of my mum's. She's so scared mum.' Lizzy looked at Hermione pleadingly.

Ginny's jaw clenched and unclenched. She was spitting mad, but seeing Lizzy cry broke her heart it always had and proabaly alway would. And she had a feeling she was missing something. 'I'll go.' With that she walked of leaving the other four women alone. It would give her some time to calm down.

Hermione gently took Diane's hand pushing her sleeve up a little. Sure enough there was the bonding mark. 'How long Lizzy?'

Lizzy wiped her tears with one of her sleeves and took Diane's other hand. She didn't even think of playing dumb, she knew her mom wouldn't be fooled. 'The day after my eighteenth birthday.'

'So you have been bonded to her for more than a month?'

'I tried to tell you, but I didn't know what mama would say. I knew she wouldn't understand, but I love Diane so much.' Lizzy couldn't meet her mother's gaze.

'You don't give her enough credit baby. Once she understood she would have come around.' Hermione looked at the woman who's hand she held. She really didn't look much older than Lizzy herself. 'How old is she?'

Lizzy smiled. 'She's only a year older than me mum. She teaches Herbology, she is so brilliant at it!'

Hermione smiled at Lizzy's obvious pride. 'I just wish you would have told me Lizzy.'

'I didn't want to disappoint you.' Lizzy sobbed again.

Hermione pulled her oldest child close to her holding her tight. 'Lizzy you could never disappoint us, shock us? Well you all seem good at that, but not disappoint us. We have always only wanted what was best for you. So don't you worry baby it will all work out.' A moment later Madame Pomfrey and Ginny returned. Madame Pomfrey then took Diane to the Hospital wing while McGonagall led the others to her office. There seemed to be a lot to talk about.