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Tony carefully helped Cecil up onto the small hill. She figured that Ginny could wait a few minutes more. She really just wanted to share this spot with Cecil. It was always her favourite. It gave them a really great view of Phoenix House. Tony figured that Cecil should know where she would be living for a while. 'And that is the house. What do you think?'

Carefully looking around Cecil took it all in then nodded happily. It was not Hogwarts, but it was beautiful none the less. 'It suits them. It reflects their personality.'

'You aren't wrong, but I think you are one of the first people not to be surprised. People always think they would have this huge mansion or something the like.' Tony wrapped her arms around Cecil and sighed happily. Things were looking up, and she was thrilled.

'Nah that would not suit them at all searc. But this does. Now lets get down there we are being rude and I am starving!' Cecil grinned at Tony's groan, she was well aware that she was at times impossible, but oh well that was the prerogative of all pregnant women all over the world.

'Well then hold on love this won't take a moment.' Tony grinned as she apperated them directly to the back door. She knew that Cecil hated apperition. But the face she pulled was worth the wrath she was sue to face. I am a glutton for punishment

'Antonia Weasley! I can not believe you!' Cecil stepped out of Tony's arms her hands finding their way to her hips her eyes lowering. 'You know that makes me feel ill. And to top it all off I am pregnant I do not want our child to puke in my womb!' Cecil stopped mid rant when she heard snorting fro behind her, she whirled around and promptly turned red. 'Fleur...'

Fleur laughed delighted, so Cecil had a backbone. Her daughter looked down right cowed. 'Oh no don't stop on my account it's about time someone put her foot down with that one there.'

'Mama!' Tony indignantly squeaked. She hadn't thought about the fact that they might have an audience for their little spat. Well very blond of you Tony.

Turning to her daughter Fleur grinned then shrugged. 'Oh don't mama me Antonia. You knew full well what you were getting into. I simply had the pleasure of seeing you getting your arse handed to you.' Fleur revelled in delight when Tony turned a bright red to match Cecil.. 'Now Cecil I do believe that Ginny has been cooking like a maniac. I think she is trying to impress you.'

'Food?' Cecil perked up, she really was starving. I am always starving these days. Mum did warn me about that. Mhh I hope there is enough.

'Food.' Fleur confirmed laughing loudly. She was really starting to like Cecil. She had a childlike enthusiasm for all things and a charm to go with it. And she made her daughter more open and loving than Fleur had ever seen her. 'Through there love I am sure Ginny is pacing with worry. You are late and she worries.'

Cecil wrinkled her nose in distaste. 'See I told you we were being rude!' She huffed then made her way inside. She was after all a woman with needs.

Tony blinked, she had very effectively been chastised by both her mother and her mate in one fell swoop and she had not seen it coming.

'Close your mouth baby before you catch flies.' Fleur hugged Tony sideways watching Cecil disappear into the house. 'She is lovely Antonia.'

That got Tony's attention. Her mama although not rude or anything had been decidedly cold towards her and Cecil when they all had dinner at Hogwarts. She knew it was in part her fault. She should have thought to include her, but at the time there were other things occupying her mind. Pff yes you pervert things like how best to strip your mate even fastest. Or where will be do it today! Hound! 'I really am sorry about not letting you know mama. I didn't mean to make you feel excluded.'

Fleur sighed, but she could see how earnest Tony was being. No matter how hurt she felt she couldn't truly hold it against her. 'I only ever wanted the best for you. I wish I had been involved, I admit. But I can see how good you two are together. And truly she is great. And I can not wait to get to know her better.'

'Thank you mama.' Tony grinned picking Fleur up and twirling her. Laughing when Fleur squeaked in surprise. Things were going to be ok.

Tonks knocked softly on Hermione's door. Adam had told her she was still there, but seemed to be in a right foul mood. Tonks was pretty sure she knew why. But there wasn't much she could do to change that. 'Do you have a minute?'

Glancing up from her slammed desk she nodded. 'You might just be saving me from strangling someone. I sometimes can not believe the nerve of people. They don't even have the decency to spell check their work!' Hermione bit of angrily. She just wanted to go home.

'Well I hope mine are ok.' Tonks said lightly before she plunked down across from Hermione. 'Sooo I wanted to give you a quick update if that is ok?'

Hermione rubbed her eyebrows wearily, but nodded. 'I hope it went well?'

'Better than I thought.' Tonks admitted happily. Ron had let his temper do the talking and that was never good for him. And Add Veritaserum and her was singing like a canary. 'Her really had the wool pulled over us all.'

Hermione shrugged non committally. 'I always knew he was a right low bastard. And on some level I simply ignored the signs.'

'Hey no blaming yourself here. He had help. You might have known that he was a bloody bastard, but I doubt even you could have known everything he got up too.' Tonks got up and rounded the desk taking Hermione's hands in her own. 'Blaming yourself will not get you anywhere. You are doing everything you can now. You are not to blame. No one is except Ron.'

Hermione snorted softly. Tonks had more or less verbatim told her what she had told Ginny. 'Thank you. I think I needed to hear that.'

'Any time.' Tonks grinned then went to sit down again. 'I have enough info to organize a raid. And I would dearly love to push threw a few transfers before then.' Tonks handed Hermione a stack of papers wincing softly. 'I hate to add to your workload. But I could use the back up.'

Nodding Hermione riffled through the stack. One name had her attention though. I never thought I would see this! 'Tony? Really?'

'Her idea, not mine. Although I have to say I am thrilled. She is a real asset and I know I can trust her completely. I have no idea why though.' Tonks shrugged. When Tony had approached her she nearly fell of her chair. It didn't happen often for an Unmentionable to ask to be transferred to Auror department. But she was not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Hermione grinned, at last a bit of hope on this never ending day. 'I might have some idea why. I just didn't think she would transfer to a different department.'

'Want to enlighten me?' Tonks watched as Hermione signed all the paperwork without question. A sure sign that she trusted her completely. And that was a very good feeling indeed.

Hermione glanced up, there really was no reason not to. And it was sure to get her into a semblance of a good mood before she headed home. 'Tony found herself a mate. And said mate is very pregnant. I guess she wants to be closer to home.'

Tonks blinked a few times then grinned. Spunky little Tony is going to be a mother. 'Well I'll be a monkeys uncle! That''s wonderful I always worried about that one.'

'Well worry no more.' Hermione grinned, yes she was feeling better. 'Now you mentioned a raid?'

'Yes, with the full moon. So I don' have much time getting it set up. Bill is already staking out a pub that Peter had mentioned to Teddy. As for the rest I have a lot of work.' Tonks said seriously getting back to business. 'All the details are in my report. I'll get it to you in the morning.'

'That's fine then. I am glad that you got what you needed. And Ron?' Hermione asked the last question tentatively.

Tonks smiled sadly, she knew that Hermione just simply wanted to make sure that he was still where he belonged. 'Oh he is still there, I didn't see any reason to move him. The Muggles believe him to have some Muggle decease. I don't think he'll be going anywhere any time soon.'

'Good.' Hermione let go of a breathe she hadn't even known she was holding. There was now no reason to try and get through all the papers strewn across her desk, it would still be there in the morning. 'Now I am going to be very rude and thrown you out. I need to get home.'

'Well say hi to Gin.' Tonks said as she got up and headed for the door, she had figured that Hermione had been waiting for her before she went home. And the sooner the better. 'I'll see you soon Hermione.'

'You know your mate sucks!' Jane grumbled as he fell onto the couch next to Liz.

'Liz arched her eyebrow, she had a pretty good idea why Jane was so grouchy, but she was enjoying it to much to let her know that. 'Why?'

'Oh don't even Liz! You know full well why. She had me reporting Mandrakes! Mandrakes Liz! You know how much I despise them.' Jane growled angrily her ears were till ringing and it did nothing for her over all disposition. And to top it all off she missed Alexa who seemed to have disappeared of the face of the planet.

'Yes I remember.' Liz snickered softly. Jane had fainted the second she had seen the Mandrakes in her First year. A fact Liz took complete pleasure at.

'And I have to say I have never seen a student try to out scream a Mandrake before.' Dine said from the door of her rooms. She had nearly had a heart attack when she had first entered her Greenhouses earlier. 'But I have to say it really was a tie. Although you outdid them when it comes to cursing.'

Lizzy nearly fell of the couch she was laughing so hard. 'You didn't? Seriously Jane? You were fighting with plants?'

Jane who at this stage was bright red simply shrugged. What could she really say, it was a little ridiculous she knew but she couldn't help herself. 'They had it coming!'

'And you sure showed them.' Diane remarked dryly making Liz laugh even harder.

Jane crossed her arms petulantly. 'I hate you!' She pouted at Diane who burst out into laughter. 'You both suck you know.'

'You are just grouchy that Alexa isn't around.' Liz finally managed. Tears were running don her cheeks, but she had finally stopped laughing.

Jane growled displeased, but really Liz had hit the nail on the head. She missed Alexa. And had this burning need to be close to her. 'I am not grouchy.'

'Oh no you are a ray of sunshine.' Liz frowned then got back up on the couch. 'Where is your less grouchy part anyway?'

'She's talking Isabelle and Dominique and apparently Artemis about the Right.' Jane grumbled. And as per usual I get stuck here. How is that even remotely fair.

'They aren't excluding you on purpose Jane.' Diane said as she finally plopped down next to them. 'I think that a lot of this has to do with Alexa's family. And I think even you have to admit that she has the right to tell you about all that in her own time and not because of necessity.'

Jane reluctantly nodded her agreement, she just hated being left out. 'Ugh I hate this! And then of course she still drives me up the walls!'

'Yes we are all very aware.' Liz said as she cuddled up to Diane sighing happily. 'At least you haven't decked someone today.'

'Not for lack of trying.' Jane growled, she very nearly had another run in with Alexa's mother. And had it not been for Jessie distracting her she might very well have ended up in McGonagall's office again.

Diane groaned, very sure she didn't want to know about this. 'Dare I ask what happened?'

'Ugh well nothing, which is why I said nearly. I just nearly had another run in with my future mother-in-law.'

'Autch, well luckily this time you didn't break her nose.' Liz winced in sympathy. Lillian was a nightmare. And she knew full well that she pushed every single button Jane had. 'While we are on the subject what happened to Michael? I haven't seen since the courtyard indecent.'

That did get Jane lightening up somewhat. 'Well it seems that Michael decided that Scotland wasn't for him after all. He transferred.'

'I bet with some very staunch hinting from our esteemed Headmistress.' Diane chuckled, she really was starting to believe that the boy would become a ready made target if something didn't give.

Jane shrugged, she hardly cared did she? He was gone and that was the main thing. 'Well good riddance.'

How quick things can change when you meet the right person. 'I did have a question for you though Jane.'

'Sure?' Jane eyed Liz suspiciously, family favours often got her in a lot of trouble. And she really was trying to keep out of it.

Liz grinned she could see the cos turn in Jane's mind. The problem with Jane was she always thought there was some sort of angle to everything. And she was going to like seeing her stress herself about this. 'I wanted to ask you to be my maid of honour?'

Jane blinked a few times. 'Well who the bloody else were you going to ask. Of course I will.' She finally blustered happily.

'Who indeed.' Liz shook her head. She wondered whether Jane even knew exactly what that entailed. With my luck she'll ask the twins...then help me Merlin it will be something else.

Alexa sighed frustrated. She had hoped that she would be able to find away to finish The Right, but it seemed they had no choice but to simply sit back and wait. That was not something she liked, and neither would Jane. 'There truly is no way around it?'

'I am sorry, but none that I know of.' Artemis squeezed Alexa's shoulder. She had been rather shocked how little she had known about the Right. 'I wish I could tell you more, but the Veela have always guarded their secrets fanatically.'

'Oh yes, I am well aware.' Alexa grumbled glancing up towards a stony faced Dominique and a frowning Isabelle. 'At least I have some more information now. That is not nothing.'

Artemis nodded. 'Knowledge is power. And As I said before if you need me you can call me any time.'

Isabelle cleared her throat. 'And we thank you for that.'

'I think I would like to return to Hogwarts now.' Alexa got up bowed to Isabelle and was gone. She needed to be close to Jane, it was all but a burning need.

Artemis sighed as she sat down and faced the other two. 'You really have limited understanding of this all. And it is playing havoc on those two.'

'It was not intentional.' Isabelle laced her fingers together in thought. 'Or maybe it is somewhat. Our society has always been so paranoid of outsiders and now it has come back and bit us in the arse. I do appreciate your help.'

'As I said I am always willing to help. Keep an eye on them. And if you can get them away from the school for a few days. It will help calm them down. They dearly need the quiet.' Artemis said thoughtfully before getting up. 'But now I take my leave. My wife will be antsy with me one so long. You know where I am.'

Dominique watched Artemis leave and sighed loudly. 'Well that was not very promising.'

'No not at all.' Isabelle agreed.

'I will speak to Minerva. I am sure we can come up with a better solution.' Dominique pinched the bridge of her nose. Minerva was not going to be pleased.

Hermione stood in the door. She had somehow managed to go unnoticed, but then again everyone in the kitchen were laughing loudly and generally having a good time. And it was what mattered, family. And she and Ginny had always put them first. 'I hope you have room for one more.'

Tony jumped up and made her way to Hermione. 'You rock Aunt Hermione. You bloody rock!'

Hermione blinked completely confused, but swatted Tony none the less. 'Put me down you big loon!' She laughed loudly when Tony shook her head and twirled her around. 'I am going to throw up on you Tony.' That seemed to get Tony's attention as she gently put Hermione down.

'We showed them the attic.' Ginny said as Hermione made herself comfortable in her lap. Her arms wrapping around Hermione on their own accord. 'They love it. We really did do a smashing job there love.'

Hermione grinned relieved. She was loathe to admit but the house was so very quiet without the girls. So having Tony and Cecil there and maybe even the little one for a while was soothing her empty nest fears. 'Well I wanted them to feel at home didn't I?'

'Well you can make me feel at home any time Hermione.' Fleur teased lightly. She truly did appreciate what Hermione and Ginny had done. The attic was a small but beautiful little flat. Giving Tony and Cecil all the privacy they wanted. And although she would have loved to have them with her, she understood that Phoenix House was the better choice it was closer to where both Tony and Cecil worked.

'You turn up on my doorstep with a lovely pregnant mate and I just might.' Hermione laughed as Ginny pulled a plate closer for her. She hadn't even noticed how starved she was until then.

Fleur snorted then cocked her head innocently. 'So all I have to do is knock up my husband? Well why didn't you just say so.'

'She said lovely not but ugly.' Ginny teased getting Fleur's hackles up. 'Blimey don't look at me like that. He's my brother Fleur. I'm allowed.'

Fleur glared at Ginny then suddenly grinned. 'So you think Cecil is lovely?'

'Well yes course I do.' Ginny answered a little perplexed. Way to state the obvious Fleur.

Hermione snorted loudly, she could see exactly what Fleur was up to and Ginny bless her heart was walking into it eyes wide open. 'Love you should quit while you're ahead.' She kissed Ginny's temple softly.

Tony pursed her lips and nodded. 'Yea Gin you never win these sparring matches with mama.'

'Oi I am not sparring with anyone!' Ginny indignantly said pouting. It was true though Fleur always seemed to get the last word usually turning Ginny a bright red.

'Keep telling yourself that mes amie.' Fleur hooted delightedly. She dearly loved her and Ginny's bickering.

'All I said was that Cecil is a very lovely woman. And its true!' Ginny stubbornly said not just willing to throw in the towel if she didn't even know why she should.

Cecil finally took pity on Ginny. The woman had after all few her to the gills. She was a fantastic cook. She got up and lent down so that only Ginny would hear her speak. 'Fleur us trying to set you up. She is trying to get you to just about admit that you fancy me.'

Ginny's eyes went wide, well now that she knew it was so bloody obvious to her. 'You evil wench Fleur! She is the same age as my kids!'

Fleur shrugged. 'I am Veela and you insulted my mate.'

'He's my brother.' Ginny huffed. 'I get to do that.'

'Well that's your choice, but I bite back.'

Cecil turned to Hermione who was steadily eating and seemed to be ignoring Fleur and Ginny. 'Are they always like this?'

'No, only when they are in the same room for any length of time.' Hermione shrugged. Ginny and Fleur were sometimes hard to explain. 'It's a sister thing...I think.'

'Right then.' Cecil blinked, that did not explain it at all. But that didn't seem to matter as Ginny and Fleur kept up their bickering. This is a very interesting family.

Alexa softly knocked and waited. She knew Jane was there, which was still new, but their bond did seem to be getting stronger by the day. But she wasn't really feeling all that thrilled. She had a lot to tell Jane and she would not be happy of that she was sure. 'I'm sorry to just show up.'

Liz frowned at Alexa. She didn't think she had ever seen her look that bedraggled or sad. Something tells me she did not find what she hoped for. I hope they can figure it out. 'Don't be, she is driving me mad. And she has been missing you terribly. Although she will never admit that.'

That did get a small grin out of Alexa. Because she had been nearly going insane missing Jane. It was good to know she wasn't alone. 'Well she always drives me up the walls.'

'Then I guess I am in the best of company.' Liz chuckled then found herself flat on her back as Jane barrelled past her and straight into Alexa's arms. Nearly toppling her over in the process. 'Don't mind me.' She said to no one in particular, it was obvious that Jane hadn't even really register her presence. 'I'll just leave you to it.

'Where the bloody blazes have you been all day?' Jane angrily asked before smashing her lips against Alexa's enjoying the strangled moan from Alexa.

Alexa took a few desperate breathes. 'Merlin's balls Jane.' She finally managed. Not that she was complaining. She just about her own name with that kiss. 'That was wow.'

'Mhhh I've been saving that one for the right occasion.' She winked happily then scowled again and slapped Alexa's arm. 'Now where the hell were you?'

And there she is my insolent, angry sweet and always stubborn mate. Alexa sighed though. She had hoped to have a little alone time before they spoke, but she had known that would not happen. 'Can we go somewhere away from everyone?'

'I...'Jane frowned, there really wasn't. Their rooms were pretty isolated, but she was sure that that was not what Alexa was pleading for. And that worried her. Alexa looked so tired now that she took a real look at her.

'Poppy.' Diane said as she helped Liz to her feet. When Jane and Alexa both looked at her perplexed she simply shrugged. 'The Greenhouses are always completely abandoned by now. And it is quiet and private. Just don't make a mess.'

Jane nodded. 'Thanks Diane. Maybe you aren't unredeemable after all.'

Diane snorted, that was a likely story. 'Git you two.'

'Yes Professor.' Jane saluted smartly then pulled Alexa after her. They obviously had things to talk about. And she was sure that she was not going to like a lot of them. Just one break, is that to much to ask for?

'I wonder what happened?' Diane mused as she and Liz made themselves comfortable.

Liz shrugged as she cuddled closer to Diane. 'I don't know, but by the looks of it not what they were hoping for.' Liz worried her lips, she really was worried about them. They seemed so on edge and yet tired. She couldn't imagine how it felt to not have an off switch for her temper. It had to be horrible.

Dominique kissed Minerva's temple and sat on the edge of her desk. She figured this was where she would find her. Minerva was as much a workaholic as she was. 'You almost done?'

Minerva lent back into Dominique's touch arching her eyebrow. 'You look as if you have had better days.'

It wasn't a question that Dominique knew, but she was a little unsure if it was an invitation to speak. But then she figure it was. And she did need to speak to Minerva. Might as well jump right in. 'It did not go well. I think the whole thing upset Alexa even more. And I don't think the information will make a damn bit of difference. They are still stuck in the same situation.'

Minerva turned around so she was facing Dominique. She knew they had hoped that Artemis would know something to help out Alexa and Jane, but apparently that did not go according to plan. 'Well what can we do?'

Dominique took Minerva's fingers in her hand and gently played with them. 'Artemis seems to think that being in such close quarters to so many hormonal teenagers is making it worse for them. She suggested that they get away somewhere where there are very few people around.'

'That does actually make sense, I can only imagine how it could affect the situation. We should have thought of that.' Minerva narrowed her eyes as she tried to think a solution that everyone could life with. 'Well I guess there are a few options, none of which I am particularly fond of.'

'Such as ?' Dominique asked, hoping that they could come up with a solution.

'Well they can stay at Pheonix House and do some sort of correspondence learning. But that is not ideal since we do not have that set up and it would take time. Two we could put them in the Shrieking Shack that would mean that Jane could see her Professors if she needed to. But it is such a dreary place and I know that Ginny would absolutely forbid it. Then there is option three.' Minerva sighed this was the one she was least fond of, but in the end it could very well be the one that would have to be chosen.

Squeezing Minerva's shoulder Dominique waited for her to finish her thought. It was obvious that Minerva did not want to go for option three.

'Hermione and Ginny are fabulous mothers you know.' Minerva finally started, she felt the need to explain. 'And their children...they are quite literally the best of both of them. Brilliant in School work without trying and athletic and kind, enthusiastic and funny and I could go on. Being such bright sparks Hermione taught them as much as they would let her when they were younger.'

'Meaning they are probably way in front of the rest of their peers.' Dominique nodded seeing where Minerva was heading. She had noticed that, but hadn't been sure if it had only been her liking the Weasley-Granger children so much.

'Years in fact. I mean they do all have their particular strengths which Ginny and Hermione made sure to pay special attention to.' Minerva had very rarely seen parents who were more involved or knew their children better than Ginny and Hermione. 'Jane is Ginny, but just as smart as Hermione ever was. So option three would be for her to sit her NEWTS now, and she would excel at them I know. But I hate that option. She would miss so much. She would miss out on her last year of school. And Quidditch. And I do so dearly love watching her.'

Dominique nodded, she understood. She really did. Minerva wanted Jane to enjoy the last bits of childhood. The second she took her NEWTS that would all change. 'We should lay all the options out for her. And we should talk to Ginny and Hermione.'

'I hate this.' Minerva grumbled as she let Dominique pull her into a tight hug. She should not be worrying about all this while still so young.