I'M BACK! Yes my children finally I have return with the sequel that I'm sure everyone has been waiting for. As you saw the rating will be rated M because this one will have yes for the first time a lemon scene…or several I'm not sure haven't gone that far yet.

Anyways this story will reveal secrets, dark revelations, and like I said before the death of a hero/villain who knows I could go with both like I said I'm the writer I can do what I want…so long as its on the lines of the legal crap.

Anyhoo some of the chapters will be short and won't be as long as the last one. I'm trying to see if I can make this story into a trilogy, just not as crappy like the Matrix movies. So the story will be short but will be fun as well, also I don't own anything of Bleach or Teen Titans just my OC characters, so without any further delays here is chapter one.

New Beginning

Ahhh Jump City such a beautiful city filled with so many…okay let me be perfectly honest with you people this city isn't as perfect as it sounds in fact this city is full of weirdo criminals who want to take over it. I have been in the city for three months and I have to say where do these weirdoes come from? I had to deal with a guy obsess with light, a fat guy who watches too much TV, and one of the weirdest criminal I ever met was a puppet. I wonder how mess up their life must have been to be what they are today.

Oh I forgot to introduce myself hi I'm Isamu Ishida a soul reaper now for those who don't know what a soul reaper is I don't have time to explain it so either look it up or just sit there, smile and be quite. Anyways I have been in the city for months because I was sent here to protect a certain girl from danger. Soon I realized that this would be the same girl I fall in love with, who happens to be a superhero named raven part of a team called the Teen Titans. Their a bunch of teenagers that joined together years ago and began protecting the city from criminals. They have lived in the city for years now and have done very well as hero's…maybe better then the Justice League since they saved the world so many times.

The leader of the team his name is Robin the former apprentice of Batman. He may act strict at times but he's also a good leader and is one of the toughest fighters I have ever met.

Next is Starfire she's an alien from a planet called Tamaran which reminds me a word of advice never ever let her hug you I still have bruises from the last time she hugged me.

Next is my little green friend Beastboy, don't let his size and green skin color fool you this kid is tough, he can morph into any kind of animal from little to big, to dinosaurs to aliens animals.

Next is Cyborg he's half machine and half human. This guy is very strong, smart, and can make some of the coolest vehicles you have ever seen.

Next is Terra, she can control anykind of earth material and bend it to her will. She's also one of the two only girls on the team that plays video games and has beaten me, cyborg, and beastboy in every game we have ever played.

Next is Raven, what can I say about her. Well I can say that she is an empath, has dark powers, and can heal people. She has more powers but I think those will do for now. She doesn't trust people well, first time she met me lets just say took me a while to earn her trust. But overtime not only did I earn her trust but her heart. That's right I fell for the mage of the titans and she fell for me. She may act cool and calm but between me and you guys she's a nice and a good person to be around.

The new member of the team is myself and my little sister Hikari. We were born in Japan; our parents were once soul reapers but left to raise their own family. When we were young our parents were murdered. We became soul reapers and vowed to avenge our parent's death…um anyhoo we became soul reapers we joined the titans and we have been doing well since then.

Anyways to make this story short my sister came for a visit, we were attacked my some wind reaper who warned me of danger coming, terra came back, we protected her from danger, my sister and I defeated two elemental reapers, we confronted the man who killed our parents and we let him go blah, blah, blah. Anyways since the attack I have been trying not only to get stronger but to also be a good boyfriend to raven which is where this little story will take place a few days before Valentines Day.

Jump City

It has been two months since the Talsein incident and so far nothing bad has happen in the beautiful city of Jump City. There have been some crimes in the city but nothing the hero's of Jump City cant handle. The Titans as now their being called have been doing well with dealing with criminals since their number has grown from six to eight members defending the city. The titans have been dealing with some familiar criminals from their past including Control freak, Cinderblock, Mumbo Jumbo, and Mad Mod. Besides dealing with the criminals of the titans, Isamu and Hikari have found something else to keep them busy.

For the last month and a half there have been sightings and attacks from Hollows who appeared a month after the fight against Talsein. This made Hikari and I happy since it gave us the chance to fight something we could have fun with. Though the titans wanted to help they now know that dealing with criminals is their thing while dealing with hollows is Hikari and mines thing…that and since regular people can't see the hollows it would look rather weird if they saw the titans fighting something they cant see.

It was the eleventh of February, around 3am and so far it was another quite night in Jump City. The citizens were asleep, some were going to their night jobs, and some weren't sleepy and were still awake. Everything seemed normal…if you don't mind a 20-foot tall white goat face hollow attacking the city. Just then the hollow saw something heading its way, it jumped out of the way as a ball of fire nearly hit it. The hollow looked up and saw two soul reapers floating in the sky.

"Damn it can't you hollows wait until tomorrow to attack, or better yet not attack I'm trying to get some sleep" shouted Hikari who didn't seem happy that the hollow woke her up.

"You know how hollow's are Hikari they don't care if you asleep or awake their always going to cause trouble because they think they can" said I said trying to calm my sister.

That's me and my sister Hikari, ever since the whole Talsein incident hollows have begun to show themselves around the city. Now I know what you're thinking where are the titans, why aren't they helping us with the hollows? Well the truth is they did want to assist us but after explaining to them that only a few humans who's spiritual energy is high will be able to see the hollows. However a regular human wont be able to see them therefore if the titans helped us the citizens will wonder what the titans doing shooting at something that's not there and might get embarrassed by the media.

So robin decided to let us deal with the hollows but in case we need help to contact them. But in truth we didn't need help taking down loser hollows like the one we're about to fight.

"Ahhh little soul reapers I thought I sensed a delicious present around this city now I know why. I haven't eaten in days so eating you two soul reapers will do just fine" said the hollow as it licked its lips at the thought of eating the soul reapers.

"[Sigh] Isamu can I kill this one please" asked Hikari if she could kill the hollow.

"Sure just don't cause too much damage around the city" I said not wanting Hikari to cause any damage around the buildings.

"Thanks now hollow we can do this three ways: 1. you can surrender and go back to where you belong, 2. you can die quick and painless, or 3. I can kill you nice and slowly…so which do you want?" asked Hikari as she landed near the hollow.

"Hmm so those are my choices soul reaper…well I choose NONE!" The hollow charged at Hikari pouncing on her and catching her in its hand. The hollow laughed when it had Hikari in its hand. But then as it opened its hand Hikari wasn't there. "Huh what hey where did you go you little morsel" the hollow looked around till it felt something tapping on its arm. As it turned around it saw Hikari smiling behind it and waving a hello gesture on it before making her hand into a fist and punching the hollow sending it to the ground.

Hikari grabbed it by the leg and began to swing it around and around. She did this for a second till she let go sending the hollow into the sky. The hollow stopped itself from going further. As it stopped it saw Hikari appeared before it and began to punch it. Hikari punched it in the gut with several jabs then a knee kick to the jaw then once again with the jabs to the gut before kicking it towards the ground. Hikari appeared before the hollow hit the ground and kicked it right back. She appeared where she kicked it originally and kicked it right back. She did this for again another few seconds until she let it hit the ground causing a huge crater.

I sat near a building to observe the fight between Hikari and the hollow. I almost felt bad for the hollow because of Hikari's mood which I cannot blame for she hasn't slept in a long time thanks to robin. Since New Years robin wanted me to train him and the others to be ready incase we encounter someone like Arthur again. This did not sit well with Hikari who didn't like waking up early; sure it was okay to wake up early when it's with Master Hanako. But with robin ooooh it wasn't pretty, it was the fifth time Hikari woke up early and she didn't want to go to training.

Robin asked me to wake her up; I told him I didn't want to wake her up since I remembered the last time I did that I couldn't sit for a week. Robin decided to go get her, after a few minutes of waiting we saw robin being thrown out the window. Starfire caught him before he landed and we saw some bruises on his face. Since then robin decided to not let Hikari joined their training which was fine with her since Hikari and I train differently than the titans.

Hikari had just finished beating up the hollow who seemed ready to surrender. Its face was covered in bruises, it was missing a horn, and it was bleeding from the tail Hikari ripped off. "Now then are you going to take option one or am I going to go for option two?" asked Hikari as she took out her sword.

"NO, no more I give I will leave. I will never return to this city again just please no more" pleaded the hollow not wanting to get hurt anymore.

"A good choice now tell your buddies that if anymore hollow's come to this city I will personally make sure they don't get option one or two but the third option" Hikari smiled innocently and put her sword away. "Now run along before I change my mind" said Hikari.

"Yes of course uh good bye" the hollow got up slowly and ran away into the sky and back to Hueco Mundo.

Hikari sighted and went towards where her brother was. "That was fun shall we go back to the tower now" said Hikari.

"Yeah sure um here's a suggestion um how about you stay at home while I deal with these hollows?" I feared that the next hollow who interrupts her from her sleep would end up suffering a wrath worse than death from my little scary sister.

"Oh no don't worry I want to help just as long as they don't interrupt my sleep" said Hikari as she headed back to the tower.

I stood there wondering which side Hikari got her ruthless aggression from, either from our mom or our dad. Because there is no way a girl like Hikari should have such an evil and ruthless side…eh probably got it from Master Hanako. I decided to think about it later and headed back to the tower.

Titans Tower

It was eight in the morning and most of the titans were still asleep. All but raven who woke up early to meditate on the roof, she arrived on the roof early so that she wouldn't be disturb and try to keep her powers under control. So far she has been able to keep her powers under control, but after Christmas raven was having a little trouble controlling her powers. No one got hurt except now she was worried she would hurt Isamu especially with Valentines Day was tomorrow and she knew Isamu had something planned for tomorrow.

She then heard the door opened behind her and saw it was Isamu. He was wearing his black pants pajamas with a white sleeveless shirt. "Good morning Rachel did you sleep well last night?" I said to my beautiful girlfriend.

"Yeah I did thanks…so I take it you and Hikari had to deal with another hollow" raven smiled she knew Isamu and his sister were out last night fighting another hollow.

"How'd you guess?" I said as I walked towards where raven was.

"I heard the hollow from here and saw you and Hikari leave I'm just glad you came back without a scratch" said raven as she got off her meditation and gave Isamu a hug. There was something about the hug that made raven feel normal and in peace. She felt happy and in love.

"Yeah well I did say I would try to come back to you in one piece. Glad Hikari was not in a good mood otherwise I think that fight would have taken a little longer than expected" I said as I returned the hug, raven had her head on my chest and I had my head on raven's head.

"Really I doubt that I have never seen anyone fight as hard as you. You never give up no matter what happens and even though you know what I am you still love me" said raven as she kept her head on Isamu's chest.

"I told you I don't care about what you are raven, all that matters to me is who you are on the inside. I love you Rachel no matter what happens I will always love you" I leaned forward and kissed raven on the lips.

Both couple stopped the kiss and enjoyed the sunrise together. "It looks like its going to be another fine day" I said as both raven and I saw the sun rise, it looked like it was going to be a good day.

"Yeah hungry?" asked raven.

Common Room

In the common room raven and I were in the kitchen with raven cooking us some breakfast. Funny thing about Raven, she has mastered every magic in her books, she can overshadow people, and do things no normal human can do. But the one thing she can't seem to master is how to cook. Hikari tried to teach her how to cook once which ended in disaster when raven made somekind of food monster called the appetizer. Since then raven decided not to cook anything for a long time, but since she dated Isamu she has been trying to learn how to cook right. I always cooked for her and she wanted to try and cook for me for a change, I don't mind cooking for her since it's what a gentleman would do for his girlfriend.

Raven was trying to cook something simple for me and her to enjoy, something easy for her to cook, something that wouldn't come to life and try to eat everyone. Then she decided on what she was going to try to cook…some waffles. But so far it wasn't going as she thought it was, she put the waffle mix in the iron but set the dial a little too high and the waffles burned. I unplugged the waffle iron and raven used her powers to get the waffles out of the iron. But the damage was already done, they were partly burned on both sides; raven had a sad look on her face. She hated cooking and she thinks that cooking hated her too.

I didn't want raven to feel bad about breakfast, she has since we have dated try to do some of the things a normal girlfriend would try to do for her boyfriend. I knew I didn't want her to feel bad so I did what any boyfriend would do for his girl. I sucked it up and took a piece of waffle, put some syrup on it and took a bite out of the waffle. It made an interesting crunch when I bit into waffle; some of the waffle still had some taste while the other was burned. I tried his best to make it sound good with chewing on it and trying to swallow the entire burned piece. When I swallowed the waffle I told raven it was good before drinking some of my orange juice and taking another bite of the waffle.

Raven could tell Isamu was faking it; she let out a small smile and knew Isamu was trying to make her feel good. And it was working; she of course didn't want him to suffer so she took a plate and got some of her waffles. Isamu saw her grab some of the waffles and knew she was going to try it. Raven took a small piece of the waffle into her mouth and began to chew on it. She noticed that it was burned most of the parts and when she bit down on it, it made a loud crunch. When raven finished chewing on it she tried her best to swallow the waffle piece which made it almost impossible. Finally she was able to pass it down and drank some of Isamu's juice to wipe the taste from her mouth.

There was silence in the air; I knew raven knew I didn't like the waffles. It was the only way she would even try them. "Well Rachel that was probably the most 'delicious' waffles I ever tasted."

Raven looked at me and knew; she looked down on the plate and looked at her waffle. She gave a small smile and moved the plate away from her. "Not one of my best works I guess" said raven.

"It wasn't that bad; at least it didn't move or try to eat us. I would say Rachel that your improving" I gave raven a small smile.

"I guess your right I am improving…so do you want to get something to eat I'm sure you don't want to continue eating this" said raven.

"Anything better than this" I said as raven and I left the kitchen and headed out into the city for some breakfast.

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