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The offering


Up in the hills of Jump city where the old observatory used to be. Raven had woken up after being knocked out by Misa and Deathstar. She was brought to the old observatory to meet the man who killed her boyfriend's parents and is the one responsible for Isamu and Hikari's pain Talsein Yamamoto. Talsein walked down the stairs wearing a dark robe and some dark clothing's. He made it down the stairs with a smile on his face almost happy to see Raven.

"Hello raven how have you been?" said Talsein. As he took off his robe raven used her powers to ensnare Talsein. Misa got behind raven with her sword an inch away from Raven's neck. "Misa don't" ordered Talsein towards Misa to not harm raven. Misa slowly retracted and moved away from raven. "Forgive her my dear but she can be very protective of me when she thinks I'm in danger" said Talsein who didn't seem worried.

"I don't care Talsein. What are you doing back here in Jump city?" said raven in a threatening tone.

"Well if you release me I will tell you my dear" said Talsein.

"Not going to happen. I don't know what tricks you have up your sleeve but I am not going to allow you to use them" said raven refusing to let go of Talsein.

"My dear if I wanted to harm you" said Talsein as raven kept her eye on him. But then in the blink of an eye he wasn't there anymore. "I would have done it already" whispered Talsein to raven's ear as he appeared behind her. Before she could react Talsein had grabbed her by the arm and threw her towards the wall.

Raven hit the wall hard but not hard enough to hurt her too much or knock her out. She looked at where Talsein was. She wanted to use her powers again but Misa appeared next to her with a sword near her neck again. "Please don't try that again my dear" said Misa warning raven not to try and attack Talsein. Raven hesitated at first but knew she wasn't it any position to do anything. She lowered her hands and decided to hear what Talsein had to say.

"Sorry about what I did raven but you left me with no choice. But now that we calmed down a bit I think it's time I tell you why I brought you here" said Talsein as he grabbed a chair and sat down.

"What do you want with me Talsein?" asked raven wanting to know why Talsein brought her to here.

"I brought you here my dear because I wish to make a proposition to you…I want you to come and join us raven" said Talsein.

Jump City

Back in jump city Hikari and the hollow were both fighting downtown both fighting with everything they got. During the fight Hikari was able to stab the hollow through its upper right shoulder and a bit to its left leg thigh. But so far it was the hollow who has had the advantage being able to stab Hikari in both her upper shoulders, her right side, and a cut across her left cheek. Hikari had been trying to use her zanpaktous power against the hollow but so far it has prevented her from using it. Everytime she tried the hollow would use its speed and quickness to cut her off making it hard for Hikari to end the fight.

Hikari was across the street ontop of a moving van looking up at the hollow who was ontop of the lamppost looking at Hikari. She could tell it was enjoying hurting her and was enjoying beating her. In her mind she kept trying to come up with some moves that would help her win but so far none were good enough. Damn it if this keeps up I may not last much longer…I could try using my bankai but the damn hollow would probably prevent me from doing that. Which leaves me with…no I can't use that. I can only use that when I really need it. I'll find another way to win.

The hollow continued to look at Hikari. It knew Hikari didn't have much longer before it could end the fight. All it had to do was continue wearing her down so it can finish her off.

Hikari decided to try a different move hoping it would be enough for her to win. "All right hollow let's continue" said Hikari as she got into fighting position.

The hollow got up cracked its neck and got ready to make its move. Hikari lifted her sword over her head, summoning a towering inferno of blinding white flames from the blade. The bright flames formed themselves into the shape of a feral looking four-legged beast. Several streaks of deep crimson appeared as well forming into the beast's eyes and fangs. She pointed her sword at the hollow and signaled the beast to attack it. But before the beast could attack Hikari saw something heading towards her and it crashed into her sending both her and the unknown object towards a nearby building. The object also stopped Hikari's attack making the beast disappeared.

Hikari groaned as she began to regain consciousness. She looked around and saw where she was. She looked around and saw what the object was that hit her…it was her brother Isamu and he didn't look too good.

Few minutes ago

Back in the sky I was holding my own against Tetsip. And I have to admit he was a little tougher than Chiasa or Yemon were. Everytime we collided with our swords I would push off him quickly so I wouldn't get burned. I was glad my master trained me on how to handle the heat by training near volcanoes and train in the freaking desert. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to handle so much heat from Tetsip. I had tried to use my speed to try and cut Tetsip in half but everytime I tried he would cut me off. Not only was he strong but he was fast too.

During the fight Isamu had received some burned marks on his right shoulder and on his arm. But thanks to the gloves he received from Hanako he was able to lay some punches on Tetsip which he returned to the gut leaving some burned marks to his gut as well.

I flinched a bit as I felt the burned from my gut. It hurt a lot I have been burned before but never felt a burned like the one I'm feeling. If I don't end this fight soon I could pass out by the pain. I sucked it up a little and decided to try one more move. Hopefully it will defeat Tetsip and be able to find Hikari who he hope has already defeated the hollow.

Tetsip kept his guard up. From the information they obtained has helped Tetsip predict what Isamu would do next and help him overpower Isamu. There were some moments when Tetsip was almost beaten but thanks to the punch he delivered to Isamu the fight won't last long.

"All right Tetsip it's my move so here we go" I said as I twisted my sword back and made my move. "Urufufanguburēdo (wolf fang blade)!" I said as five fang shape blades headed towards Tetsip in a bright light.

Tetsip recognized the attack and used one of his own moves to block it. "Rise and protect me Idaina faiau~ōru (great fire wall)!" said Tetsip as a huge wall of fire stopped Isamu's attack.

While Tetsip used his attack I snuck behind him and used my attack again catching him off guard. "Urufufanguburēdo (wolf fang blade)!" I said again this time making a direct hit on Tetsip. When he was hit his wall of fire disappeared and my first attack hit him as well engulfing him in a huge light.

I smiled a bit feeling a little good that I defeated him. As the light began to disappear I looked at where Tetsip was and saw nothing there. I figured with both my attacks it must have disintegrated him. Just then I felt someone behind me and saw it was Tetsip who had somehow snuck past me punched me again in the same spot where my burned mark was. I screamed from the pain and the punch. He then grabbed me by both shoulders and threw me towards the ground. I was in so much pain I didn't have time to react much less do anything. As I looked at the ground I noticed where Tetsip was throwing me and knew this was going to end bad. I hit Hikari and we both crashed into another building breaking everything inside.

I groaned a bit as I soon started to regain consciousness. I couldn't see anything yet which means my vision hasn't returned yet. I could hear a small voice, I couldn't recognized it but it knew my name. I started to regain my vision but couldn't see anything but blurs. Then I heard the voice speak louder and then felt someone smack me where my burned was and I quickly got up with my eyes widen from the pain.

"Damn it Isamu what the hell were you doing interrupting my fight like that!" said Hikari who didn't seem happy to see her brother getting involved in her fight.

"What the hell is your problem smacking me like that where I got burned like that!" I said to Hikari as he winced again from the pain.

"Well excuse me if my own brother came from the sky and smacked me in the middle of my fight" said Hikari ignoring her brothers pain.

"Shut it will you and heal my wound before…" before I could finish I sensed something coming. I grabbed Hikari and used my flash step to get out of the building and reappear outside of it just as a huge ball of fire hit the building causing it to explode.

We both looked up and saw Tetsip and the hollow looking down on us looking like their ready for the next round. "I see you still haven't taken care of our hollow friend Hikari" I said noticing the scratches on Hikari.

"Shut up you're not doing better yourself against Tetsip big brother" said Hikari as she also saw the wounds on Isamu.

"Never mind this is no time to argue. If we're going to win we may need to pull out our ace in the hole" I said as I wiped some of the dirt off my clothes.

"Isamu I did think of using that but we can't. Remember what our masters said we would only use it if we have to. We can still win this without using it" said Hikari.

"We don't have enough power to try anything else and the pain I am feeling is getting worse. If this keeps up I might pass out and we will lose" I said to Hikari.

"But can we win? We can only use it for two minutes and that's it. Will we have enough time with only two minutes?" asked Hikari.

"Maybe, it is a risk but it may be the only thing we have left in our arsenal that might work…I know you don't like using it but think about why we're doing it. It's not for us it's to protect everyone who is important to us, who we love. That's who we're fighting for Hikari and I am ready to do whatever it takes to protect them all" I said as I ripped off some of my sleeves and tried to wrap it like a bandage around my wound.

Hikari looked at her brothers eyes. She could see the fire in his eyes and could see he means what he says when he vows to protect everyone. She knows that's true, despite how much powerful she has become her brother would be there to protect her no matter against who or what it was he would be there for her. "Your right Isamu but if it's okay with you I would like to handle this without using it. I know I can beat it I just need to get some time enough for me to use my bankai" said Hikari.

"You sure Hikari?" I asked making sure Hikari knew what she was doing. She looked at me and nodded. "All right just be careful" I twisted my arm along with my sword and used my attack again this time aiming it at the hollow. "Urufufanguburēdo (wolf fang blade)!" I said as five fang shape blades headed towards the hollow. The hollow and Tetsip ducked out of the way as the blast destroyed much of the buildings behind them.

That moment of distraction gave Hikari the chance to use her bankai. "Bankai!" shouted Hikari as Hikari's entire body erupted into a massive white fireball. The hollow saw the bright flames and the heat as he watched them reach up to the sky. Seconds later the towering inferno began to shift and separate into several waving tendrils of flame, spraying embers everywhere. With a brilliant flash the fireball bursts into thousands of cinders, revealing Hikari standing there with a white fur cloak wrapped around her shoulders and a long white scarf that was tipped with black fur waving behind her. Above Kari's head Arturo counted eight identical double edged swords floating in the air. "Kyubi-no-Shirogitsune" said Hikari.

The hollow looked at her with a confuse look on its face wondering what happened. "Surprise hollow well you haven't seen anything yet" said Hikari as her spiritual pressure increased. The hollow could feel the air changing and was making it hard for it to move and breathe. "Like I said you ain't seen what I can do just yet" said Hikari as she charged at the hollow.

The hollow shot out a zero blast hoping it would hit Hikari. Hikari dodge the hit and used her speed to appear infront of the hollow and high kicked it. The hollow fell off and hit the wall. The hollow then charged at Hikari trying to hit her. But her new powers prevented that. She ducked one punch and delivered and uppercut as the hollow flew she grabbed the tail and began to swing the hollow around and around till she let go and the hollow hit the ground hard enough to cause a crater.

The hollow slowly got up and saw Hikari waiting for it to make a move. The hollow quickly turned around and shout out another zero blast but this time Hikari kicked the hollow in the jaw breaking it. The hollow moaned in pain as it clutched its jaw. Hikari grabbed him from behind and threw him towards the sky. "Time for this fight to end once and for all. Ignite Kyubi-no-Shirogitsune!" At Hikari's command every one of her swords burst into flame and circled around her head. As two of the flames leapt from four of Hikari's swords and homed in on the hollow and incinerating it causing it to howl in agony and pain, leaving nothing but dust.

Tetsip saw as Hikari transformed into her bankai form from the sky and what she did. He knew this fight helped him. It made him aware of the power of someone like hers bankai. But in his mind it didn't matter even if she won her powers would be useless against her. He then turned his attention to Isamu who was now across from him. "It seems your sister still has some fight left in her. But should I say the same with you? You already wasted your powers on those three attacks. I know you don't have much left in you my dear boy" said Tetsip mocking Isamu.

"Don't underestimate me Tetsip. You still haven't see my full power just yet" I said ignoring Tetsip's mocking. As I smiled since Tetsip doesn't know what I am talking about.

"Oh really so you fighting me a few minutes ago wasn't your full power. Oooh I'm shaking Isamu. Well please don't hold back anymore because neither will I show me what you got" said Tetsip mocking Isamu once again.

"All right if you insist I will" I said as I moved my hand towards my face and hundreds of tiny fragments of light began appearing out of thin air and gathered into my hand. I swiftly moved my arm to the side revealing a white Hollow's mask that had formed on my face. Tetsip was shocked at what he was seeing. Suddenly the entire area where Tetsip and I were began to shake as my true powers were revealed to Tetsip who despite in his bankai form was overwhelmed from the pressure of my powers.

Tetsip couldn't believe what he was seeing. One minute he was beating up a boy who he didn't consider much to be a threat. Now the boy's powers went straight to the roof and now Tetsip is worried about how the results of the fight might turn out.

"Its time for this fight to end Tetsip. As much as I want to hurt you slowly I don't have much time so let's end this quick" I said in a distorted voice as I lifted my sword and got ready to end this fight.

Tetsip not wanting to fail his master summoned up enough of his powers and launched a powerful attack on Isamu. "Take this then Jigoku no hi no taihō (inferno fire cannon)!" said Tetsip as he shot out a huge fire ball towards Isamu.

As the fire ball almost made contact to Isamu. Isamu disappeared and appeared in front of Tetsip. Before he could react Isamu had connected with his blade slicing Tetsip across the chest. Tetsip was able to heal since he was made of fire but the blade still hurt him. Before he could fully recover Isamu threw his sword up and began to lay several punches and kicks towards Tetsip. When Isamu landed the last kick he caught his sword and tried to slice Tetsip. Tetsip moved out of the way of the last blade and tried to connect some with his own. But as soon as he missed the last one Isamu jumped kicked Tetsip sending him across the sky.

Tetsip stopped himself and flew higher up into the sky. He looked down and saw Isamu looking up. Tetsip was a bit pissed off. He never met someone who was powerful enough to hurt him much less do much damage to him in his bankai form. "Damn you boy I will not allow you to beat me like this. No way, no chance in hell am I going to lose to you" said Tetsip in an angry tone. "I am going to wipe you out once and for all" said Tetsip as he raised his hands and suddenly a huge fireball emerged and continued to grow until the size was enormous (around the same size as freeza's deathball from dragonball z). "Good bye boy Inferuno jigoku no bakuhatsu (inferno hell blast)!" shouted Tetsip as the fireball headed towards Isamu.

I looked at the huge fireball and knew I had a choice to make. I could dodge the fireball but it would result in it hitting the city and wiping out a lot of innocent people which I couldn't allow to happen. Which leaves me with one choice, which I hope when I do this I have enough power to finish this fight. "All right Tetsip let's end this. Here comes a new attack you have never seen before" I said as I gathered as much of my powers as I could and got ready to unleash my most powerful attack. "Ookami no ikari no bakuhatsu (wolf rage blast)!" I shouted as a huge white wolf face beast headed towards the fire blast sending it back towards Tetsip.

I could hear Tetsip screaming as the power of my zanpaktou reflected his attack back with ease covering him in a huge gulf of light. After a few more seconds the light soon disappeared I smiled because I knew this time I won. My mask began to crack and then shattered as my time ran out. It sucked that I could only use the mask for two minutes but it was worth it. But as I looked up I saw something that I couldn't believe was there.

It was Tetsip and he was still alive. He was using somekind of barrier made of fire protecting him. But he looked tired so much that his power had been reduce to about the same level as Isamu is. Damn that was way to close. If I hadn't use my fire barrier to protect me I would have been killed. If that happened I bet that stupid bucket of bolts would be happy I was dead.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing not only did Tetsip survived but he withstood my best attack. Heh I guess Yemon and Chiasa were right this guy is not only tough but he is much stronger than both of them combined. I wonder if the others are having better luck than Hikari and I.


Back at the library the titans robin, cyborg, beastboy, and starfire were having trouble beating Deathstar. So far Deathstar has been toying with the titans by countering all their moves and overpowering the titans with his speed and strength making the fight against Deathstar that much harder to beat. That however hasn't stop the titans from continuing their fighting in order to beat Deathstar and find out where he took their friend raven. But from the looks of things the fight wouldn't last long since Deathstar still looked like he could go all day while the titans were becoming exhausted from the fighting of the robots and trying to beat Deathstar.

"What's the matter titans getting tired? I thought you said you were going to beat me and rescue your friend" said Deathstar as he was mocking the titans noticing that beastboy and starfire were panting, cyborg clutching his right arm from one of deathstars attack, and robin was bleeding from his forehead after deathstar headbutted him.

The titans stared at deathstar with angry looks. They all knew they couldn't keep the fight up much longer. If they don't come up with a countermove they would surely fail and die.

"Dude I don't know how much more butt kicking I can handle" said beastboy feeling very tired and sore from all the hits he received from deathstar.

"I know the feeling BB but we can't quit now. We have to find a way to beat him no matter what" said cyborg.

"But how he has counter every move we have used against him. As if he could read our mind" said starfire.

"We will find a way to beat him guys we just need to be patient and wait for him to make a mistake once he does that is when we will make our move" said robin. The titans agreed and knew they had to hold out as much as they can for them to beat Deathstar and rescue their friend wherever she was.

Titans tower

The fight between terra had gotten from bad to worse. Terra was currently using her powers to block slade's fireballs. When Slade revealed his powers to terra she asked him where he got them and how it was possible for him to get them. Slade explained that months ago Talsein had killed Jarred the son of Trigon the terrible and the brother of raven. When Tetsip killed him he drained him of his powers and gave them to slade provided he joins Talsein and uses his new powers to help him. Slade agreed and now the powers he once used against the titans when he worked for Slade are back and he plans to use them on terra.

Terra had attempted to counter Slade's attacks by using her powers but so far they weren't strong enough against Slade's powers that were much stronger and dangerous than terra's powers. Terra's last attack was countered when she tried to summon earth golems like she did against the titans and order them to attack Slade. Slade counter the golems incinerated them all in a pile of dust and smoke. When terra couldn't see Slade he reappeared from behind and threw her into the tower door. When she hit the door Slade used his powers and launched a fireball at terra who summoned a wall of rocks to protect her. The fireball hit the rock but it didn't hold much as it was destroyed, terra used her powers to lift herself out of the way of the blast. When slade saw her up he used his powers to blow the column that was lifting her, terra saw this and jumped through one of the towers windows before she could fall.

Slade saw where terra was. He lowered his hands and used his powers to help him fly towards where terra was. Terra saw slade coming towards her so she used her powers to lift two big rocks hands to come out of the ground and try and swat slade away. Slade dodged them and used his powers to destroy them. Terra summoned a giant wall that covered where she was and stopped slade from approaching. Before slade could destroy the wall terra used her powers to create on the otherside of the wall thousands of spikes covering the entire wall from the bottom to the top up. She then launched all of the spikes directly towards slade. Slade saw this and created a wall of fire to incinerate the spikes. Some however broke through and some almost hit slade. One hit slade across his upper right shoulder cutting through. Slade looked at his wound and saw it was bleeding. This made slade mad but behind his mask made him smile.

Hmnm it's been a long time since I have seen my own blood…and a long time since anyone made me bleed. Slade knew this fight would have to end soon. He could not risk terra defeating him or kill him again. So he gathered what power he had and soon it began to grow into a giant fireball. Terra could see what it was and created two more walls of rock to protect her and the tower. Slade began to minimize the fireball till it was the size of a beach ball. Slade then twisted his body and arms and launched the fireball at terra. Terra braced for impact and hoped the walls could hold off the blast. The blast broke through the wall till it hit the last wall and caused the entire walls from the inside to implode and then explode. The impact send terra all the way across the tower till she hit the other side. The blast broke all the windows and shook the tower.

Terra lost consciousness and the last thing she saw was a black figure heading towards her before she blanked out. Slade entered the tower and saw terra on the floor unconscious. She was bleeding from her head and had cuts all over her body. Slade lifted her with his left arm from her shirt and held her on the wall. "I don't know why Talsein needs you but if he does then by getting rid of you will spoil his plans" said slade as he lifted his right arm and ignited his hand and aimed it at terra. "Sorry Hanako but I'm afraid in order to stop your father the girl must die" said slade as he was ready to kill terra. However before he did he heard a growl behind and saw Nicki bouncing on him and biting him on the neck. Slade let go of terra and tried to get the dog off him. The dog let go and slade backed up away from terra and the dog as Nicki was between slade and terra.

"You stupid mutt you should have stayed down where I left you. Well I suppose killing you and terra at the same time will be good enough for me" said slade as he ignited both his hands.

"Not if I take care of you first slade" said a voice coming from Nicki.

Slade's eye widen when he heard the dog talk. "What the-who are you?" said slade.

"Hikari and the others call me Nicki…but my real name is…" said Nicki as she began to glow and soon transform. The light blinded slade for a moment till the light disappeared and standing before slade was a women in her 20's wearing a gray ninja outfit with gray shoes, gloves, and wasn't wearing any sleeves. Her hair was blond and her eyes were black. "My real name is Yūjin and I have been sent by Master Hanako and Master Ronin to protect Isamu, Hikari, and their friends from anyone who works for Talsein. That means you Slade" said Yūjin.

"So Hanako send you to protect her brats and their friends. Well it seems you didn't do a good job protecting little blondie over there" said slade as he pointed to terra who was still unconscious.

"Well I would have if you didn't knock me out. Plus I couldn't reveal myself infront of the others since I was send here to protect them without them knowing. But regardless I am here now and I will keep my promise and protect terra. And since you broke your word I will do what Master Hanako asked me to do and that is take you out slade" said Hanako as she took out her sword and prepared to attack slade.

"Too bad my dear that Hanako will never know since you will be dead" said slade as he was about to fire off another blast when Yūjin appeared infront of slade and kicked slade in the gut sending him all the way out the tower. Slade had time to fall on his feet but as he did Yūjin came out of the tower and shouted out something. "Let's go Inu no hogo-sha (dog guardian)!" shouted Yūjin as her sword transformed into two double blades.

Slade launched his fireball at Yūjin but as soon as it was close to her she disappeared and reappeared behind slade. She tried to slice him in half but slade jumped over her before the blades connected and tried to hit her. She moved out of the way wand tried to hit him with her blades. But slade so far has dodged most of them but cannot seemed to make a counter. Her speed and quickness made it hard for slade to fight back. When she tried to hit him again slade caught her by the left wrist as she tried to hit him with the other blade he caught that one two. He soon began to use his strength to hurt her wrist and was pushing her down making hard for her to hold on to her blades but also push slade back. As she was on one knee she dropped her swords rendering her defenseless. Slade assume he had this fight won but soon Yūjin made a surprise move she mustered what strength she had and lifted herself back on her feet and then jumped off the ground and kicked with both her feet at slade's face. Slade let her go as he walked back Yūjin grabbed her sword and tried to cut slade's head off. Slade saw this and backed off as fast as he could before her blade made contact with the front part of his mask.

Slade backed off away from Yūjin and saw that she pierced a bit of his mask where his right eye is and Yūjin saw nothing was there. Slade growled a bit and sounded very angry when Yūjin hurt him. "You stupid bitch now you're going to get it now" said slade.

"Bring it on old man" said Yūjin as she got her other sword up and got ready to continue with the fight.


Back in the observatory Talsein was sitting on a chair sipping some tea he had set up while raven had her back against the wall with Misa holding the blade by her neck. "Why would I join you Talsein? You're a murder and you're a criminal the only place your going is jail" said raven. Talsein had just told her he wanted her to join him, she was a bit surprise Talsein was offering her to join him. Granted she was offered that same deal before but by his employees but never from the boss himself. Which in raven's mind could mean this was a bad thing.

"I want you to join us raven because I see much potential in you. Your powers are much more powerful than your friends. Not only that you know things that can help me in achieving my goal" said Talsein as he took a sip of his tea and walked towards the stairs.

"I would never help you Talsein. You hurt a lot of innocent people and killed Isamu's parents. Why would I help you achieve anything" said raven as she looked ready to attack Talsein again till Misa brought her blade closer to raven's neck.

"Misa leave us" said Talsein ordering Misa to leave.

"But master last time I did that she tried to harm you. Please let me stay and make sure she doesn't try it again" pleaded Misa wanting to stay by her master's side.

"If you stay you will do more than keep her from harming me and that's something I cannot allow you to do. Besides raven already has seen what will happen if she tires anything again" said Talsein. Raven knew Talsein was right. As powerful as Talsein claimed raven was she was no match against Talsein. And she knew it.

Misa was going to continue arguing but decided not to. She knew her master was right and decided to not continue arguing. "I understand master I will await outside the observatory and make sure no one interrupts you" said Misa as she bowed to her master and left the room.

When Misa left raven looked back at Talsein thinking if she should try and escape, she could try and teleport but she knew if she tried Talsein would stop her. So for now she would just listen to what Talsein has to say and when he lets his guard down she would strike.

"Now that we're alone shall I continue raven?" asked Talsein. Raven nodded allowing Talsein to continue. "Good now to answer your question I have never harmed an innocent person. I have only punished those who have harmed the innocent and have tried to commit serious crimes like murder. Second I only killed Isamu's parents because they tried to harm me raven. I tried to knock them out but they refused to stay out so I did what I had to do. Is defending myself such a crime now" said Talsein as he tried to act innocent towards raven.

Raven didn't believe him she knew he could be lying into making her believe he was a good person like the way his disciples look at him.

"I can sense you don't believe me. That's fine I didn't expect you to believe me but I am hoping your smart enough to listen to what I have to say before you say no" said Talsein as he walked towards next to where raven was. "After all raven the answer you give me will result in the faith of your friends…and boyfriend" said Talsein.

Raven looked surprise that Talsein knew about her and Isamu. She backed up a bit away from Talsein trying her best mot to let her be intimidated by him. "I-I don't know what you're talking about" said raven trying to make sure Talsein didn't know about her and Isamu.

"Don't deny it my dear I know. It's actually interesting really. I never imagine you and the boy together. I was actually surprised when I found out about you two. But soon that surprise turned to happiness. I was glad the boy found someone to love and someone who can help him with the pain he has felt when his parents died. Thank you raven" said Talsein almost in raven's mind he sounded like he was mocking Isamu and her.

"Why would you be happy that Isamu was happy Talsein? What's in it for you?" said raven.

"Well I'm happy because since Isamu seems to trust you and would do anything to protect and make you happy I would think you would do the same for him as well. After all you wouldn't want to see him get hurt or worse right?" said Talsein.

Raven didn't like where Talsein was going with this. She wondered what Talsein wanted but now was thinking she didn't want to know.

"Where I'm going with this raven is that boy would give up his own life for you and would go hell and back to bring you back. Which stands to reason you would do the same if you had the chance right?" said Talsein as he walked back to the table and drank more of his tea till it was gone. "It seems Isamu's power has been drain. His fight against Tetsip has worn down the poor boy which means if someone was to go after him right now he wouldn't stand much of a chance now would he" said Talsein as he poured more tea into his cup.

"What are you talking about Talsein?" asked raven what Talsein meant.

"Oh right you can't sense what's going on well allow me to show you" said Talsein as he raised his hand and soon raven could sense Isamu and everyone's spiritual energy. Hikari's power was low, the others were slowly losing power, terra's was small meaning she must be hurt, and Isamu's was near where terra was.

"What did you do Talsein? What have you done to my friends and Isamu?" demanded raven walked near where Talsein was.

"I didn't do anything my dear. I measly told my people to fight your friends while I talk to you. Deathstar was given orders that if your friends denied my deal he would kill them. Tetsip must of combined the hollows with a special pill I created to fuse them together to form a powerful hollow to fight hikari. Slade's orders were to go and punish terra for backing out on our deal but not to kill her of course. And Isamu well it seems he and Tetsip have been fighting and it looks like the boys power has been drained. But Tetsip on the other hand I can sense he still has just enough to deliver the final blow" said Talsein as he was about to drink his tea raven summoned her powers again tackled Talsein and pushed him against the wall holding him by his shirt collar.

"You will tell your men to let my friends go or I will kill you where you stand" said raven in an angry tone with her eyes glowing red and her powers glowing around her.

"We both know you won't do anything raven. You're not strong enough to kill or harm me. And if you do somehow my men are told to finish off your friends if anything happens to me. So my dear I suggest you let me go and let me continue. Because what I have to offer will let your friends and your boyfriend live" said Talsein who didn't seem worried by raven's threat.

Raven knew Talsein was right. As much as she wanted to kill him she knew she couldn't as it would result in her friend's death. She slowly began to let go of Talsein and backed up a bit to let him speak.

"Good girl now as I was saying they will die unless of course you take my deal" said Talsein as he picked up his tea and drank some of it.

"I don't speak for everyone Talsein. I can't force everyone to join you" said raven in a calm tone.

"Your mistaken raven this deal I am offering doesn't mean the titans will join. I want them to join when their ready. That also includes Isamu, hikari, and the others. No I am making you this deal because I believe you can help me achieve our goal" said Talsein.

"Long ago I found a scroll that can help me achieve my goal. But for it to work I need several things. At that time I didn't have what I needed till I found an ally who could help me achieve that goal. As for the rest of the items I needed there was one I needed in order for it to work. A powerful sorcerer who's powers surpasses any living being. And raven that sorcerer is you" said Talsein as he finished drinking his tea.

Outside the observatory was a car pulling up the road. It stopped halfway when the patrol cars that escorted the limo stopped the vehicle to prevent it from going up the road. "Sorry sir but the road is closed off this area is off limit to civilians" said one of the officers.

The driver side door opened and out came a man who stood eight feet tall wearing a trench coat and a dark hat.

"Sir I told you the area is closed off get in your car and turned around" said the officer as he had his hand ready near his gun.

"Sorry but I'm afraid I can't do that. I'm here to see an old friend I haven't seen in a long time" said the man as he smiled and soon closed his car door.

Back in the observatory raven was listening to Talsein's deal. And so far what he has been saying to her has made her rethink of her plan to escape. Knowing if she did her friends and Isamu would be killed and it would be all her fault.

"This is my deal raven I will spare your friends, Hikari, the rest of the titans, and Isamu if you pledge your loyalty to me. But if you betray me like your friend terra did then the result will be with their blood on your hands. Now I know you don't want that do you raven?" said Talsein as he walked near raven. "To be alone knowing their deaths could have been prevented have you accepted my deal and obey me. Is that what you want raven? To be alone for the rest of your life?" said Talsein whispering to raven all the things that could happen to her friends and loved ones if she didn't listen.

Raven kept remembering what hikari saw about Isamu being killed by Talsein. She knew she couldn't let anything happen to him. She lost her home and mother, the last thing she wanted was to lose everything.

"Now I know what you're thinking. What if you do accept the deal and tell Isamu or the others. Go ahead and tell them but if you do then knowing Isamu he will come after me and try to kill me. Well let me let you in on a little secret. Tetsip's power is only half of my true power. I have become more powerful than your father and every soul reaper in the soul society. And soon my old master. That's right my dear I know because I used my powers to defeat your father and destroy him completely" said Talsein as he told raven he defeated her father.

"Fighting Isamu he won't last more than a minute against me in fact I would very well kill him now if I wanted to" said Talsein as he pulled away from raven after his last statement to raven.

Raven was surprise to hear that Talsein's powers are superior than Isamu and her father. Someone that took all of her powers to defeat and now Talsein has destroyed him. She didn't know what to do she knew if she did tell Isamu he would go after Talsein and he would die. If she doesn't take the deal her friends would die. What could she do?

"Now then my dear that I have told you what could happen if the deal is not accepted its now all up to you. Deal or no deal? Your friends and loved one's face is all in your hands now" said Talsein waiting to hear raven's answer.

Raven knew what she had to do. For her friends and Isamu she would have to make the right decision even if that meant taking the deal from the devil himself. "I-I ace…" before raven could finish a loud explosion was heard outside the observatory. Raven and Talsein looked out the door and heard somekind of commotion outside. Then a few seconds later Misa was thrown out of the door and headed towards the wall when Talsein jumped in the way and saved her.

Raven was surprise by what she saw and thought it was Isamu or the others. But what she was sensing wasn't Isamu's or anyone else's power. Talsein slowly put Misa down and saw she was unconscious. He looked at the door and soon saw a dark figure heading towards the door. The doors opened and the eight foot tall dark figure entered the room. Raven didn't know who it was but when she turned to Talsein he had a small smile on his face meaning he know who it was.

"Well now it's been a long time hasn't it my old apprentice" said the man in black as he entered the room and began to remove his trench coat and his hat.

"Indeed it has been a long time Master Ronin Suzuki" said Talsein.

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