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End of the new day


Back at the observatory the Talsein was confronted by his old mentor Ronin Suzuki. Ronin arrived after taking out Talsein's police guards and taking Misa. As he entered the room he removed his trench coat and hat revealing himself to Talsein and raven who was a bit surprise to see the man who trained Isamu.

"Well now isn't this a surprise. It's been long time Master" said Talsein to Ronin.

"Long time indeed my old apprentice I see you have gotten old" said Ronin.

"Not as old as you Master. What it's been years since the last time we met hasn't it" said Talsein.

"Well it would have been shorter if you haven't been running away everytime I caught up to you Talsein" said Ronin.

"Well I wouldn't call it running master, let's just say I wasn't ready to see you again till I was ready old man" said Talsein.

"How about now Talsein? Are you still going to run away or are you going to man up and face me?" said Ronin as he threw his trench coat to the ground along with his hat.

Talsein smiled and laughed a bit seeing his old master wanting to fight him. But he knew that now wasn't the time for him to fight his master...not yet at least in his mind. "Well as much as I would love nothing more than to fight you and settle this score once and for all Master. I'm afraid that is a fight that will happen on another time" said Talsein.

"Too bad Talsein because I am not going to wait another few years for you to fight me. We are going to settle this right here right now" said Ronin he looked ready to take out his sword and fight.

"I see somethings haven't change huh master. Still I wouldn't do that if I was you master. See right now your apprentice and his little friends are slowly being defeated by my allies. Now we know Isamu and Hikari are all right but what about their friends the titans. They are being defeated as we speak by my new apprentice Deathstar. Now then I will him to stop if you lay down Master" said Talsein.

Hearing Isamu made raven feel a bit relief but when she heard her friends were in trouble she soon became more worried. She turned to Ronin hoping he would do the right thing in order to save her friends. "I don't think so. You think you have me beaten. You think I will lay down to save those kids. Well I would if I didn't come with a backup plan. Right now Hanako is in the soul society convincing the soul reapers that you're here. In fact with all the fighting going on I have no doubt the soul reapers will be here soon. And when that happens all of your plans will go up in smoke and you will fail Talsein" said Ronin.

Talsein knew his master was right. With all the spiritual energy going off in the area the soul society will surely know something is off and send their soul reapers to come and investigate. He looked back at his master and knew he had won…for now. He then turned to face raven and saw there was a bit of doubts in her eyes. He knew in time she will join him she just needs a bit more convincing for her to join him and then when that happens his plan will begin.

"Hmm it seems once again your right master. I suppose it is time for me and my followers to leave and to show some good faith I will order the fighting to stop" said Talsein as he went for his wrist and pressed something on his watch that began to glow red.

Jump city

Back with the fight between Isamu and Tetsip both men were completely exhausted. Isamu was barley able to keep a float in the sky while Tetsip didn't seem to have much problem. He looked down at Isamu still in disbelieve that Isamu could have not only hurt him but the power the boy had a few minutes ago. He couldn't figure out where he got the power and how he was able to transform. But it didn't matter what mattered was keeping the boy from his master.

I was tired I wasted all my power redirecting that attack of Tetsip. I could feel myself losing power. But I couldn't give up just yet not when I'm so close on beating Tetsip. I just need one more attack to end this. But then I look at my zanpaktou and saw it returned to its original form. Leaving me with little chance of ending this fight and saving my friends.

Tetsip was about to make his move when he noticed his wrist watch was blinking red which meant one thing. Talsein has finish his mission which meant for them to retreat.

"It seems this fight will have to be put on hold Isamu. Sorry but I'm afraid I have to go now" said Tetsip.

"Wait a minute what do you mean you're leaving? This fight isn't over yet I am not done with you Tetsip" I said not wanting the fight to end.

"I too want this fight to continue Isamu but unfortunately I have my orders to leave" said Tetsip as he looked back and saw Isamu who really wanted to end this fight. "I have to admit Isamu you surprised me today your powers are nothing I have ever seen before. It such a shame that this fight had to end so soon, but rest assure that we will resume this fight next time and believe me I will train hard so it will be a magnificent battle" said Tetsip.

I couldn't help but smile at the thought of having another fight with Tetsip. He is the first enemy I have ever encounter that resorted me into using my full power. I wouldn't mind fighting him again in the future. Because once I beat him I will move on and fight the boss Talsein.

"Fine Tetsip but don't get too confident I will train even harder than before so the next time we meet I defeat you" I said. Tetsip nodded and soon disappeared leaving me in the sky thinking of our next encounter.


The entire chamber room was in ruins. All the statues were on the ground in pieces. The ground was in ruins. And the ceilings looked like they were ready to collapse. In the middle of the room Deathstar was holding robin by his neck with a kunai knife in his hand. And all around him were the titans all unconscious and were all in pain. Robin was bleeding from his arm and head as he tried to mustered up any strength he had to fight back. But Deathstar had a tight grip on his neck and didn't look like he was letting go.

During the fight the titans attempted to try and attack Deathstar from all corners when Deathstar countered the attack by taking out beastboy who was in his beast form with a right house kick and then a massive piledriver causing beastboy to transform to his old self. Cyborg tried to use his speed he used against brotherblood but it resulted in Deathstar out speeding cyborg. He then grabbed both of cyborg's hands and broke his hands. He then kicking him on the neck knocking cyborg out. Starfire and robin tried to use a combo attack but Deathstar dodge their attack and kicked robin in the face and then sneaked up behind starfire when she turned her attention to robin. Deathstar used a kido spell and blasted starfire towards the ground fast and hard knocking her out leaving only robin as the last titan standing.

Robin tried to use his martial arts techniques and his weapons to defeat Deathstar. But Deathstar quickly ended this and grabbed robin by the neck holding him high in the middle of the room.

"It seems you lost robin and I won" said Deathstar as he slowly brought the blade to robin's neck. Robin tried to get out of the grip but it was too strong and robin was starting to lose consciousness. "Good bye boy" said Deathstar as he was about to slit robin's throat when he saw his watch was glowing red. Deathstar growled at the sight of the red light. He wanted to ignore it but knew if he did he would suffer the same faith as Arthur. He released robin and went towards where he put his shirt.

Robin began coughing and regained his breath. He went to check on the others to see if they were all right. He sighted in relief when he saw they were all right. He then turned his attention to Deathstar who was finishing putting his shirt back. Robin got up slowly and wanted to know why Deathstar didn't finish him off. "What are you doing Deathstar? Why aren't you finishing us off?" asked robin.

"It seems my master has given the order to leave. Too bad I was really hoping on finishing you brats off once and for all. But it seems that will have to wait for another time" said Deathstar as he turned to face robin.

"Your master? Talsein is here where is he?" said robin wanting to know if Talsein was here or not.

"It doesn't matter robin even if I did tell you which I won't. You're in no condition to confront him. Be thankful my master gave the order otherwise you would be dead right now bird boy" said Deathstar. "But next time we meet I will not hesitate to kill you and your little friends once and for all" said Deathstar as he soon disappeared leaving robin with his friends.

Robin soon collapse to the ground. He should be thankful he was close to death today. He looked around at his team who were still knocked out. He knew that if they were going to face Deathstar and survive they would need to train even better if they are going to win.

Titans tower

Back at the tower Yūjin and slade were still continuing their fight outside the tower. Yūjin has had the upper hand during the fight thanks to her speed and agility. However slade has been able to hold off her best attacks by using his powers to shield him from her swords attack. Both fighters collided again with their attacks both seem equally match at this point with neither one giving an inch. The two then pushed each other off both sliding across the field until they stopped and stared down at each other.

Slade knew this fight wouldn't last long he needed to end this fight soon and if he didn't it would end badly for him. Before he could continue he noticed his wrist watch was blinking red. He knew what it mean and knew that his plan for revenge would have to come another day.

"Let's go Slade I don't have all day you know" said Yūjin as she wanted to continue with the fight.

"I'm afraid we will have to call this fight off Yūjin. It appears Talsein has order us to retreat" said slade as his powers and the symbol on his forehead disappeared.

"What are you talking about? This fight isn't over. Master Hanako told me if you tried anything I would be the one to kill you so you're staying" said Yūjin refusing to let slade go.

"Perhaps another time my dear, besides what I was doing up there was I was helping Hanako" said slade.

"Help? Beating terra up within an inch of her life and then tried to kill her is your way of showing help?" said Yūjin not believing what slade is telling her.

"Talsein needs terra for what reason I don't know just yet. He is keeping his plans on how to change the world quiet from me. But she is one of the key people he needs for his plan to work" said Slade as he explained his actions to Yūjin.

"Keeping her away from Talsein is another plan we could come up with not killing her. I don't care if Ronin and you made this deal which I don't think you deserve. I am going to finish this fight right here right now" said Yūjin as she was ready to end the fight.

"Your choice my dear but if you kill me then the only person who can lead your masters to Talsein will be dead. And then when you least expect it everyone you know will die and it will be on you" said slade.

Yūjin knew slade was right. As much as she didn't want to admit it he was right. Her masters needed slade in order to bring Talsein down. But she knew he couldn't go unpunished nor could he go without an explanation to his powers.

"Fine I'll let you go but I am going to inform Hanako about this and I think they are going to want to know where you got your powers" said Yūjin.

"I suppose I got time I got these powers back when Talsein killed one of trigon's kids Jarred months ago. When Tetsip killed him he drained him of all his demonic powers including the fire ones. Talsein gave them to me in exchange for me working for him" said slade as he explained how he got his powers.

"You sold out for those powers after what happened last time you made a deal to gain powers like that" said Yūjin.

"What can I say I did a lot of damage with these powers and I enjoyed using them against the titans. Now then if you don't mind I am off. Oh and tell Hanako if she wishes to speak with me I will contact her. Good bye Yūjin till we meet again" said Slade as he began to sink into the ground till he was gone.

Yūjin didn't like the fact she let slade go. But knew she had to. She looked up at the tower and saw it was damage again. She knew she had to get terra some medical attention first then she would fix the tower before the others returned.


Talsein had just finished contacting his men to retreat. Ronin could sense they were all leaving and so did raven. She sighted softly in relief that her friends were safe. But she couldn't shake the feeling of what would have happened if Ronin didn't come in time she would have accepted the deal from Talsein and help him.

"There it is done, now if you don't mind master I think it's time for me and my friend Misa here to leave" said Talsein as he slowly lifted Misa into his arms bridal style.

"Before you go let me ask you Talsein. Is there anyway for you to turn away from all of this and turn yourself in? I know you won't for me but will you do it for Hanako?" asked Ronin hoping his apprentice would turn away from his plans.

Talsein stopped when Ronin mention his daughter. Raven on the other hand didn't know why he did. She knew Hanako was Hikari and Isamu's teacher as well but why did Talsein stopped because of the mention of her name.

"[Sigh] I cannot come back Master. Not until I complete my plan. Trust me what I am going to do is for the best of everyone. For this world and all other worlds in this galaxy there will no longer be wars or conflicts just peace" said Talsein.

"It cannot be done my apprentice. You cannot change humanities…nay every single living being in this galaxy's ways. It's in their nature its only when we are willing to change our nature can we achieve peace" said Ronin.

"We have waited too long master. Humanity has ruined this planet and to its own people. If don't end this soon then everything we know will be destroyed. It's time for a change to happen and it will happen soon" said Talsein as he then turned his attention to raven. "Until we meet again raven I bit you good bye" said Talsein as he and Misa soon disappeared.

Raven sighted in relief that it was over. She soon fell on her knees glad things didn't turn out as mad as she thought it was going to turn out. She then saw a hand infront of her face and as she looked up she saw it belonged to Ronin.

"Need a hand?" asked Ronin as he extended his hand waiting for raven to accept it.

Raven grabbed the hand and got off the floor thanks to Ronin. "Th-thank you Mr. Suzuki" said raven who seemed a little nervous since this was the first time she was meeting Isamu's mentor.

"Any time oh and you can call me Ronin kid" said Ronin as he patted raven on the head softly.

Raven would have said something about the head patting but she didn't want to say anything bad to the man who saved her and her friends life. "Oh oka-okay than well thank you again Ronin for the assistance" said raven.

"Anytime Rachel" said Ronin as he walked around to inspect the area to see if Talsein left something that would give him clues on where he is hiding.

"Ho-how did you know my real name? Did Isamu tell you or Hikari?" asked raven surprise Ronin knew her real name.

"They did but I actually knew your name before…in fact you may not remember me but we actually met when you were born" said Ronin as he inspected the cups and teapot Talsein left behind.

"We did? How and why didn't anyone tell me?" asked raven as she followed Ronin towards where he was.

"I was an old friend of the people of Azarath. They helped me when I was injured one time and I accidently stumbled across their dimension when I was a young soul reaper. The monks of Azarath asked me to come to Azarath to keep an eye on you and help keep your father's influence from affecting you. I doubt you remembered me because you were around four when I left" said Ronin as he explained to raven how they met.

Raven kept silent for a bit trying to remember. She could see some images of meeting a man that looked like Ronin and then she remembered when Ronin came one day to visit her and he took her across the halls of Azarath on his shoulders till they came across the gardens of Azarath. The memory made her feel happy because it was one of the few times she was able to have fun at her age.

As raven lost herself in her thoughts she felt someone remove her hood and saw it was Ronin. He seemed to be looking at her which made her feel a little uneasy wondering why he was staring at her the way he was. "You have grown up haven't you? You remind me of your mother" said Ronin as he then put the teapot and cups into his trench coat and carried them.

"So you knew my mother then?" asked raven still surprise by Ronin's compliment.

"I did and I know she would be proud of you for everything you have done. Not just of doing good things as a hero but of living your life the way she wanted you to live it. Being happy with people who love you" said Ronin.

Raven's mood soon changed from a worried mood to a happy mood. She was glad that Ronin did come by and save everyone. If he didn't it would have turned out badly for everyone.

"Now then shall we go see if your friends are okay I figure their going to need some medical help" said Ronin as he was leaving the observatory to assist the others. Raven listened to what Ronin said and soon followed him to help the others.


A few hours later back in Russia up in the hills of the abandoned mansion Talsein returned to his home. He ordered Misa to take Tetsip to be healed while Deathstar went to the laboratory to hand over his findings on his fight against the titans to help update their robots. Talsein ordered Slade to remain behind to in his base to keep an eye on the titans while he returns to Russia to set his next plan to motion. Talsein was sitting in his chair in library looking out the window. He seemed disappointed that his master got involved in his business. But still it didn't matter he did what he needed to do and all he had to do was wait for the right time to bring raven to his side. Talsein began to make some tea while he thought things through for his next plan.

Talsein then heard a noise behind him in the dark corner of the library room. He knew who it was. Talsein poured himself some hot tea and took a sip before getting off his chair and walked towards the window looking out into the city as morning arrived. "You know it's considered rude to come into someone's home without permission" said Talsein.

In the dark corner of the room stood a hooded figure, he slowly came out the darkness wearing a hood covering his face and wearing some dark clothes. "Sorry about that Talsein but I figure you wouldn't mind seeing as we're partners" said the dark figure.

"Partners we may be but even partner's show respect towards one another. So next time you come to my home inform me first. Now then what brings you here to Russia?" asked Talsein to the dark figure.

"I heard what happened in jump city and wanted to know if everything went according to plan" said the dark figure as he slowly walked towards where Talsein was.

"It did, slightly" said Talsein.

"What do you mean slightly?"asked the dark figure.

"My old master got involved before I could seal the deal. But not to worry she just needs a little more convincing before our plan can work. Then once she agrees to help us we will move on with our plans" said Talsein as he finished drinking his tea and settled down the cup next to the pot.

"And if she refuses to join us? People in this dimension mostly your heroes are a little harder to convince than the people in my dimension" asked the dark figure as he walked next to Talsein looking out the window.

"She will help us; she cares about her friends and Isamu too much to not join us. She will in time and soon the galaxy will forever change for the better" said Talsein.

"Speaking of the boy do you think he will join us?" asked the dark figure.

"He will in time as well the boy just needs a little more convincing than raven. But in time he will join us one way or another" said Talsein as he sounded confident the Isamu would join him.

"I talked to my spy she told me Isamu's powers have changed. She told me his powers are similar to that boy in Japan, the orange hair one (hint hint). She thinks the boy has become stronger than Tetsip, her, and you" said the dark figure.

"I know how powerful he has become I could sense it from where raven and I spoke. Indeed he has become very powerful, but that doesn't mean he still poses a threat. He's strong but still not strong enough against me. And if he doesn't join me his faith will be the same as his parents" said Talsein.

Both Talsein and the dark figure looked out the window and saw the morning sun hovering over the city. "I did my part Talsein I hope you do yours as well. Because if our enemies figure out what we are planning we are finished" said the dark figure.

"Not to worry my friend. By the time they figure it out it will be too late and once they are out of the way operation Utopia can soon begin. And then we will finally have peace" said Talsein smiling at the thought of the new world he hopes to create.

Titans tower

Back at the towers the titans were all in the medical wing resting from their battles against Talsein's men. Hikari and Isamu arrived first and found terra in the medical room unconscious and injured. They wondered what happened when raven arrived with the others. Cyborg, beastboy, and starfire were still out cold while raven and Hikari began healing everyone's wounds. Ronin arrived after erasing all civilians of the incident and reconstructed everything so that no one knows what happened and there is no evidence anything happened.

Robin and Isamu were outside the hall waiting to hear of everyone's condition. Isamu had little wounds thanks to Hikari. After Tetsip disappeared Hikari healed Isamu's wounds and he did the same for her. Robin on the other hand felt like he failed. He was sitting on the floor thinking about how he almost got his team killed and now they're in the medical room beaten and bruised. And it was all his fault they were in the condition they are in.

I was across the hall from robin and could tell he was feeling bad he almost got his team killed. I knew I should be telling him it's not his fault and that sometimes these things happen. But for some reason I didn't want to say it because I knew it wouldn't help robin. So I decided to try a different approach. I walked towards where robin is and sat down next to him.

"Robin I know you think what happened today was your fault. And you think I am going to say it's not your fault and the whole these things happen speech. Well I'm not however sitting here on your ass and feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to help either. So you made a mistake that's what happens when you're the team captain/leader. You make mistakes everyone on this team has done one mistake in the past. Hell I've made some when I was younger" I said hoping it would lighten robin's mood a bit or at least enough for him to talk.

"This is different Isamu. I didn't just make a kids mistake I made a huge one. One that almost cost my team their life, I had a plan for us to escape and had a moment to use it but I turned it down because I thought we could win. And we force Deathstar to tell us where Talsein is so… you wouldn't go after him alone and get killed" said robin.

"Robin I know you think if I find out where Talsein is I will go after him. But don't worry I won't. Fighting Tetsip made me realize that I am still not ready against Talsein. My best attack didn't even get through Tetsip's defense. That made me realize I am not ready to confront him. So please don't worry about me going off after Talsein like some craze revenge nut who wants revenge. All I want however is to beat Talsein within an inch of his life and bring him to justice" I said to robin.

"That's good to hear but it still doesn't excuse what I did. My team is hurt and now I don't even know if I should still remain leader after what happen" said robin.

"Robin you're a great leader…there is a reason why you were chosen to be the leader. Look at what you have accomplished in these last few years as leader. You stopped slade, saved the city, the world from demonic fathers, and a super power evil organization. That is more than anything I have ever done since I became a soul reaper. Robin you're a great leader and one of the best I have ever met" I said to robin.

"Thanks Isamu" said Robin as he started to feel better and knew Isamu was right.

"No then about Hikari you dont mind letting her back on the team right? I know she said she quit but we need her. Mind giving her a second chance" I said pleading for robin to let Hikari stay.

"[Sigh] fine but you may need to talk to her about that" said robin knowing Isamu was right about them needing Hikari.

Ronin came out the door and saw the two boys on the floor. As soon as they saw Ronin come out the two boys got off the floor and waited to find out what Ronin had to say.

"Robin your team is all right still unconscious but if you want you can go in and see them" said Ronin.

"Thanks Ronin…um sir I want to say thank you for assisting us against Talsein's men. And thank you for sending Isamu to us months ago. He has helped us a lot since joining out team and has saved us a few times in the past as well" said robin as he shook Ronin's hand in respect.

"No problem kid I am actually glad he has done well here with you. He has also seem to have mature a bit as well" said Ronin.

"Thanks master" I said glad my master said I have matured a bit. Though I always thought I was already matured before.

"Now then robin mind if I have a word with my apprentice?" asked Ronin. Robin nodded and went into the room to check on the others leaving Ronin and Isamu alone in the hall.

"What's up master?" I asked wondering what Ronin wanted.

"Hikari told me you used your hollowfication on Tetsip" said Ronin.

"Yeah and before you tell me why did it it's because…I had to master. Tetsip was powerful maybe even more than my bankai. In his form I couldn't hurt him not even with my best attacks. But when I transformed I was able to do more damage to him. Even if it was for a short few minutes it was still enough for me to do damage to him and hurt him enough for me to finish him. But it didn't end the way I wanted it. Master I'm sorry if I used my hollowfication to fight Tetsip which I know you told us not to, just know I did it for a good reason and I hope you understand my reason" I said hoping master Suzuki understood why I did what I did.

"Isamu I know why you did it and I am not mad you used the hollowfication. I'm glad you did. I told you to only use it when it's necessary not all the time. You could have used it in the past against guys like Jarred, Jacob, Jesse, Yemon, and Chiasa but you didn't. You used it responsibly and you did it without losing control. Isamu I am proud of you and glad you have become a much better man than Talsein ever did" said Ronin.

I was shocked and a bit surprise by what Ronin told me I was a bit speechless and a bit surprise at what he said. I felt happy and honored that glad he said I was the better man than Talsein. "Thanks master" I said to Ronin which is all I could actually say at the moment.

Raven came out of the room and she had her hood down. She looked tired and exhausted not that anyone could blame her with the day she and the others have had its understandable their all a little tired.

"Well I think it's time for me to hit the old dusty trail. Mind telling me which room I am staying in?" said Ronin as he stretched out his arms.

"Well I'll ask Hikari if there is an extra room for you to stay in master" I said offering Master Suzuki a place to stay.

"Thanks kid…well I better go and ask your sister if she has a place for me to stay. Good night you two" said Ronin as he entered the medical room leaving Isamu and raven alone.

"Hey you okay?" I asked raven noticing something seemed to be bothering her.

"I'm fine just a little tired" said raven trying her best not to show she was being troubled by something.

"You sure nothing's bothering you Rachel?" I asked knowing she was troubled.

Raven could tell Isamu knew she was troubled. By what she only knew and hoped Isamu doesn't find out. "I'm sure…but I could use a hug" said raven. Isamu approached raven slowly then gave her a big hug which she returned as she got on her toes trying to put her arms around his neck.

We held the hug for a minute and I could tell she was feeling better already. This made me happy that I came back in one piece like she wanted and she was okay. "Better now?" I asked.

Raven nodded and let go of the hug. She looked at Isamu staring at his eyes glad he was all right and she got to see him again. She looked at his watch and noticed it was midnight which meant it was Valentine's Day. She went in for another hug which Isamu returned and she leaned in forward as much as she could and whispered something to his ear. "Happy Valentine's Day" whispered raven.

I let go of the hug and saw it was midnight which meant it was Valentine's Day. "I guess it is with everything going on today I almost forgot about it being today" I said.

"Sooo should we wait until tomorrow to celebrate it or should we do it now?" asked raven.

I want to celebrate it now. But I am still nervous on doing what I have planned; I didn't want to ruin anything between me and raven. But I knew if we were going to go further into our relationship I would need to at least try.

"I think we should do it now if it's okay with you?" I asked waiting for raven's response.

"Sure let's do it" said raven.

"Okay I will meet you in your room with your gift" I said as I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek and ran towards my room to get her gifts.

Raven smiled and headed off to her room to prepare for Isamu's gifts. As she walked down to her room thoughts kept coming to her mind. As she entered her room she went towards her closet and took out Isamu's two gifts one was a movie and the other was a new jacket she bought hoping he will like it. But her last gift required her to go to her drawer. She opened the left top drawer and there she saw a box of condoms she bought three days ago. Three days ago rave has felt certain urges since her last date with Isamu. At first she has tried to restrain her feelings as best she could by mediating but so far it hasn't been going well. So she decided later that day to give in to the urges and she bought a box of condoms and sneaked them back into her room. So when Valentine's Day came she would try and take her chance to see if Isamu and her would try it.

I came back to the room and saw raven near her desk holding something. When she saw me come in she put whatever she had back to her drawers and turned to face me. She looked nervous about something I wanted to ask but decided to ask later. "Here Rachel happy Valentine's Day" I said to Rachel as I gave her, her gifts.

"Thank you Isamu…here happy Valentine's Day" said raven as she handed Isamu his gift.

I went first to open my gift and I smiled at what I got. A dvd movie and a black jacket. "Thank you Rachel now it's your turn" I said to Rachel as I waited to see if she liked her gifts.

Raven took the gifts and slowly opened them. One was a new book and the other was a necklace with a locket in it. Raven opened the locket and in it was a picture of raven and Isamu when they went to the carnival weeks ago. She remembered going to the carnival that was being held on the docks with the others. Beastboy and cyborg got a stomach cramps for eating too much cotton candy and popcorn. Terra and Hikari were competing against each other to see who would win the most prizes and most games. While robin and starfire went to the Ferris wheel to have some alone time, Isamu and raven on the other hand decided to go to the end of the docks to get some quite and alone time as well. They found a bench nearby and sat down to look out into the sea and sky. Raven rested her head on Isamu's shoulder and moved in forward for a hug. Isamu laid his head on raven's and put his arm around her head. Both Isamu and raven then closed their eyes and let themselves drift off to sleep.

Raven smiled remembering that day. She wished that day would never end. With all that has happened she would do anything to relieve that moment again. Raven leaned forward and gave Isamu a passionate kiss which he returned as well. They continued the kiss for a few minutes till they stopped to catch their breath. "I love you Isamu" said raven.

"I love too Rachel" I said to Rachel. In my mind I wondered if this was the right time to say what I needed to say but I was too nervous to ask. I loved Rachel too much to ruin this moment by asking that.

What Isamu didn't know is that raven was reading his thoughts and blushed a little at what he wanted to ask her. She was a bit glad Isamu was willing to go to the next level. But the question was if she was ready. Despite what her urges are asking her to do she was still too nervous to ask. She mustered up what strength she had and decided to say it in a way she hoped Isamu understood. She leaned in forward and asked. "Isamu I know what you want to ask me…let's do it" said raven as when she said it she blushed a little more.

I could feel my cheeks light up by what Rachel said. I was surprised that she read my mind and she found out what I wanted to ask her. "Rachel are-are you sure your ready for this? I don't want to rush anything if you're not ready" I asked.

"I know Isamu I don't want to rush things either. But I don't care Isamu I love you and if two people love each other as much as you and I do. Shouldn't we express it in the way we want to express it" said raven as the more she talked about it she would glow more red.

I looked into Rachel's eyes to try and see if was had some doubts. I didn't want to force her to do something she didn't want to do. I could see she didn't have any doubts. I sighted and decided if this is what she wanted I would do it for her. I leaned foward and kissed her. We both had our eyes closed enjoying the kiss, i stopped the kiss and looked into her beautiful purple eyes. "If this is what you want then all right then" i said.

Raven smiled and kissed Isamu again deeply this time. She then strated leading Isamu towards her bed still kissing. She was nervous but knew this would be the right time and the right moment to show Isamu how much she really loved him. Isamu removed his coat and she removed her cloak as both laid on the bed kissing and were ready to express their love on Valentine's day.

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