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An Interesting Morning

Titans Tower

It was around ten in the morning and most of the titans were already awake. Hikari was the only titan still asleep after a long day. Robin and Starfire were in the kitchen eating their breakfast with cyborg, beastboy, and terra in the living room playing some video games. The trio woke up earlier than robin and starfire and had already finished eating breakfast. So when they finished they decided to play some video games. Terra and cyborg were playing a game called Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 (yeah I have the game so what big deal wanna fight about it).

Cyborg chose to play MVP while Terra chose to play Christian. So far Terra was doing well against Cyborg, they have played two times cyborg won the first one, and terra won the second one. Now their playing for the third time this time they were fighting in a steel cage match where Terra was beating cyborg.

"Come on Terra you can do it kick Cyborg's tin can butt" cheered beastboy from behind terra.

"Not going to let you beat me short stuff" said cyborg as he threw terra's fighter into the steel cage and tried to build some momentum to use his finisher.

"Don't underestimate me Cyborg because you still haven't seen everything yet" said Terra as she reversed an iron whip from cyborg and hit a dropkick to MVP. Cyborg pressed the buttons to try and get his character up, but Terra already had the momentum she needed, she grabbed MVP and hit Christian's finisher 'the killswitch' dropping MVP on his face and giving Christian the one, two, and three.

"All right Terra good job" said beastboy happy to see terra won.

"Told you cyborg I would win" said terra as beastboy and her did a little celebration dance.

"Fine as promise I will teach you how to drive" said cyborg as he admitted defeat. Before they began their third round cyborg and terra made a deal. If cyborg won then terra and beastboy would have to clean his car for a month, but if terra won cyborg would teach her and beastboy how to drive.

"Okay let's go then" said terra.

"Wait right now um maybe later I got to do some upgrades for the car and do some training" said cyborg trying to get out of the teaching.

"Oh no a deal is a deal cyborg so come on get off your tin butt and lets head to the garage" said terra as she got off the couch and headed towards the garage.

"Come Cy you did say you would train her so come on what's the worst that could happen?" said beastboy trying to get cyborg to go and help train terra.

"Aaah fine I'll train her might as well get this over with" said cyborg as she got off the couch and followed beastboy to the garage. As the door opened Hikari came into the room and she looked tired. Her eyes had bags meaning she hasn't slept well.

"Uuuh morning sleepy head" said cyborg trying his best to smile.

"Yeah morning Hikari did you sleep well?" asked beastboy.

Hikari looked at both boys with an annoyed look on her face. She grabbed both their shoulders, threw them out the room, and closed the door. Both boys seemed surprise and a little relief normally when she was like that she would punch them. "Huh I think she did sleep a little better than before" said beastboy.

Inside the common room Hikari walked over towards the kitchen still looking gloomy. Robin and starfire saw what she did to cyborg and beastboy. They seemed concern that Hikari wasn't getting enough sleep. Hikari went over towards the sink grabbed her bowl, spoon, went over to the covers and grabbed a box of cereal and got some milk out of the fridge. She sat on the opposite side of where starfire and robin were sitting.

"Uh Hikari are you okay?" asked robin trying to break some tension between Hikari.

Hikari looked up at where robin was and gave an annoyed expression to the leader. "What do you think robin" said Hikari in a deadpan tone.

Robin sighted, he knew that this attitude from Hikari has gone long enough. "Look Hikari I know you haven't slept well these last few days but that doesn't mean you can go around with this attitude of yours and do whatever you want" said robin in a serious tone.

Hikari stopped eating her cereal and stared at robin. "Excuse me" Hikari seemed surprise by what robin said.

"Look we asked you to join the team because we knew you would be a great member of the team…but now you have been acting a bit…" robin didn't want to sound to harsh to Hikari, he knows if he did she would hurt him.

"A bit what robin go on tell me I've been a bit what?" asked Hikari who seemed to be losing her temper.

"Friend Hikari I think what robin is trying to tell you is that you have been acting a little harsh towards your friends" said starfire trying to find the right words for Hikari.

Hikari didn't respond she knew what her friends were saying was true. She has been acting mean and harsh towards everyone. "[Sigh] your right I'm sorry guys, I just haven't been able to sleep well these last few weeks. But that shouldn't absent my attitude towards all of you guys" said Hikari apologizing to robin and starfire for the way she has been acting.

"Its all right Hikari we're just a little concern for you that's all," said robin in a more comforting tone than before.

"We're your friends' hikari and if you need to talk were here for you" said starfire letting out a smile.

Hikari returned the smile and nodded in agreement with her friends. "Thanks guys…hey do you guys know where raven is I need to talk to her about something?" asked Hikari.

"I think she and Isamu went out for breakfast earlier, they said they would return in a little bit they were going to the mall to pick up some things" said Robin.

"Oh okay well thanks again guys" said Hikari as she quickly finished eating her cereal and used her speed to clean her bowl and plate. "Well I think I'm going to go do some meditation see ya" said Hikari who seemed in a hurry to leave.

"Hikari are you sure your all right?" asked a concern starfire.

"I'm sure guys I just need to rest a little bit and get myself ready for today…so see ya" said Hikari as she quickly left the room in a hurry. Robin and starfire seemed worried about Hikari they wondered if something was wrong.

When Hikari got back to her room the first thing she did was lock the door and shut her window. When the titans gave her, her own room she got the same size as Terra's room only the wallpaper looked like a forest. Her bed was a queen size bed, she had a table with her own laptop which she got for her birthday, and she had a little doggy pat and bed for Nicki. When she got into the room she saw Nicki wasn't there and assumed she went exploring around the tower. She asked cyborg to make a little doggy door next to the big door so she could get in and out of the room.

Hikari sat on her bed and grabbed one of her pillows and held it tight. There was a reason why she wasn't sleeping well. She didn't want to tell the others because she didn't want them to worry about it. She looked over at the picture of her brother and her friends, raven gave Hikari the picture after she gave Isamu his. She held the picture close and knew she would need to tell her brother what she needed to tell him soon otherwise something bad will happen soon.

Jump City

Raven and I were in the mall buying some clothes I needed since the last ones I wore were shredded by some hollow I fought weeks ago (damn hollow also ate my blueberry muffin and ruined my favorite shirt). Raven and the others have told me to have some clothing for fighting and some for going out. Not my fault the clothes I wear are what I use when I fight.

As we passed by some stores I noticed raven seemed a bit cautious, I looked around and saw why she was being cautious. There were some girls who were checking me out nearby.

After I became a titan I became very popular around the city. The media wanted to know more about me, where I was from, what my powers where, and was I single? At that time I was single before raven and I got together. So when I told them I was single…I was harassed by every single cute single girl in the city.

Thankfully I lived on an island with the titans, just one of the reasons why I said I was sorry to cyborg for making their base on an island in the form of a giant T. But when raven and I started dating she made sure all the girls wouldn't come near me, if they did they would be sorry. I was a little happy raven was taking care of my stalkers problem, but I think she just needs to relax a bit before she sends the next girl to the hospital.

"You know you look very cute when your serious" I said to raven smiling.

Raven looked at me and she gave a small smirk before going back on lookout. "I just don't want any problems from these girls, plus it's not just them its something else" said raven.

"What is it?" I asked wondering what could be bothering Raven.

"I love you Isamu and I don't want anyone to try and hurt you like before" said Raven with a concern look on her face.

I knew what raven meant. Even though she was wearing her hood I could still tell she was worried about me. "I know Rachel, but don't worry nothing bad will happen." I said to raven.

"What I'm worried Isamu is what Talsein might do if he comes back. He might try to take you away from me, I don't want to lose you" said raven sounding more concern.

"Don't worry I'm not going anywhere I promise" I leaned forward and gave raven a small kiss to reassure her. After the kiss she showed me her beautiful smile and she returned the kiss.

We overheard some ahhs and some whistles behind us. We turned and saw some of the people smiling and some taking a picture to put on their computer and show them around. Raven smiled innocently and used her powers to break the phones and cameras. I looked at raven surprise at what she did, she then grabbed me by the arm and we walked out of the mall before we got in trouble.

Titans tower

Back at titans tower cyborg was in the garage with terra and beastboy teaching them how to drive. And things weren't going as terra thought it would be. "Welcome class to the first ever cyborg driving class, I'm your teacher Professor Cyborg" cyborg had a chalkboard behind him, had a desk infront of him with books, papers with a red apple, with terra and beastboy sitting on some school desks.

"Cyborg I thought you said you were going to teach me how to drive like in the car not in this dumb desk" said terra who was disappointed that she wasn't going to drive like she wanted.

"Yeah and where did you get these desks anyways?" asked beastboy who wondered where cyborg got all of these school stuff.

"Hikari said that she and Isamu used them when Hanako was home-schooling them. Terra your sitting in Isamu's desk and BB your sitting in Hikari's desk" said cyborg.

Terra and beastboy looked at the desks and saw some handcraft markings on the desk. One was an 'I hate Hanako' with a little doodle of Hanako as a fire breathing monster which meant the one terra was sitting on was Isamu's, and the other one with a 'Hikari rocks' with a small doodle of Hikari saying she's awesome writing meant it was Hikari's.

"Hey how come I got to be in this class I know how to drive" protested beastboy.

"Playing a racing game doesn't count as driving" said cyborg.

"Well I would have learned if you let me drive the wheel" said beastboy.

"I let you drive the wheel before" said cyborg remembering he did let beastboy take the wheel.

"Dude that doesn't count I only held the wheel while you fought off those weird little gremlins in that race" said beastboy remembering that he only held the wheel while cyborg fought off the gremlins of Ding Dong Daddy.

Terra who didn't know what beastboy and cyborg were arguing about decided to end it. "That's enough you two the sooner I finished this class is the sooner I can drive" shouted terra wanting to get this class over with.

"Okay fine so lets begin class" said cyborg as he began his lecture about driving.

Terra in her mind knew this was going to be a long class.

Titans tower

Raven and I got back to the tower and headed towards the common room. I needed a drink and raven wanted some tea before she went back to do some meditation. I wanted to ask her why she needed to go meditate since she already did it this morning. But if there's one thing I learn about raven is if she needs to do something I should just let her. When we got to the tower we saw robin and starfire were in the living room watching some TV.

Robin and starfire turned to see their friends return from their breakfast sooner than they thought. "Hey guys back so soon huh" said robin surprise to see Isamu and raven return so soon.

"Yeah well we hit a snag at the mall and decided to head back to the tower" I said as I went towards the kitchen. "Raven you want me to make you some tea?" I asked raven if I could make her some tea.

"Sure you do know how to make it right?" asked raven as she sat near the couch.

"Raven I have been making tea for my master, my parents, and Hanako when I was a kid. In fact I am going to make the same tea my parents used to drink. Anyone else wants some tea?" I wanted to know if anyone else wanted to drink some tea.

"Sure you don't mind Isamu" asked starfire.

"No problem it's just so happen I brought some of my own tea from home since I got here" I went to the covers and found the little white box I asked no one to touch which contained my tea bags. I took them out and began to make some tea.

Robin went over to the kitchen to see what Isamu was making, while starfire went towards were raven was and sat near her. "How did you enjoy your day raven?" asked starfire on how the breakfast date went.

"It went fine we ate at a little restaurant, we later took a little walk, and went to the mall to buy Isamu some clothes" said raven.

"I am happy for you raven, I am glad you found someone to love you as I did with robin" said starfire who was happy for her friend.

"Thanks star he's a good man and I love him" said raven as she saw robin helping Isamu with the tea.

"He is a good friend and we are all so happy that each of you two found someone to be with" said starfire as she referred all to the titans who were glad raven and Isamu we're now together.

"Yeah, but I am concern. I'm concern that he might get himself hurt like last time" said raven as she referred to the fight between Chiasa and Isamu. When raven was healing Isamu she saw his wounds and was concern that the next time he fights his injuries could get serious.

"Don't worry too much raven, Isamu is stronger than he looks and I believe he will be all right" said starfire reassuring her friend that everything would be all right. Raven gave a small smile to starfire and knew she was right. But still was worried a little.

"Okay ladies and robin here is the tea now be careful cause its still a little hot so blow on it before drinking it" I pulled a small tray carrying four cups of tea. But before I got to the table the door opened and out came my least favorite person. Nicki came into the room and tackled me, fortunately robin caught the tray and tea before it fell while the damn dog began to lick my face. "Damn it Nicki stop doing that" I hated when Nicki tackles me and licks me.

Robin put the tray down and gave a small whistle to the dog. Nicki got off me and headed over to robin who began to pet her. "That's a good dog Nicki good girl" said robin as he began to scratch Nicki on her belly.

"Dude what the hell you could have done that a little sooner" I got back up and was surprise to see all I had to do to get her off me was have robin call on her.

"Well if you trained her a little she wouldn't be jumping on you every single time" said robin as she stopped petting Nicki and grabbed his cup of tea.

"Well if a certain little sister would teach her to not jump on people we wouldn't be having this discussion now would we" I wiped the drool off my face and went over to the kitchen to clean my face of dog smell.

"Oh raven Hikari earlier said she wished to speak with you" said starfire remembering that Hikari was looking for raven.

"Did she say what she wanted?" asked raven wondering what Hikari wanted.

"No just that she wanted to talk to you" said starfire.

Raven sight and decided to go see what Hikari wanted. "Well I guess I should go and find out what she wants" said raven as she left her tea on the table and headed out the door.

I looked over my shoulder and saw raven left. When I asked robin and starfire where she went they told me she went to go see my sister. I wondered what that was all about but decided that whatever it is was personal and not his problem.

Hikari's room

Raven found Hikari's room and knocked on her door. The opened slightly when Hikari saw it was raven she opened the door. "Uh hey Hikari starfire said you wanted to talk to me" said raven wondering what Hikari wanted with her.

"Oh raven yeah I needed to talk to you come in" said Hikari as she waited for raven to come in.

"Sooo what did you want to talk about?" asked raven as she entered Hikari's room.

"Well first of all you're a mage right?" asked Hikari, she knew raven was a mage but wanted to know something else first.

"Yeah I am" said raven.

"Okay well can you see things…like see into the future?" asked Hikari.

"A little sometimes, but not all the time Hikari why are you so interested in the future?" asked raven wondering where Hikari was going with this.

"Well because I think I was able to see into the future" said Hikari sounding scared and her expression changed to sadness.

"What did you see Hikari?" asked raven, seeing Hikari looking sad and could sense she was scared of something she may have seen.

"I-I think I saw Isamu fighting Talsein and you were there too" said Hikari who didn't want to say what she saw but knew she needed to say what she saw.

Raven walked towards Hikari and placed her hands on Hikari's shoulders to calm her down. "Hikari please tell me what you saw, its okay" said raven wanting to know what Hikari saw.

"I saw Isamu and Talsein fighting just parts of their fight and then I saw…" Hikari's eyes began to form tears, but Hikari held them back by shutting her eyes and tell raven what she saw. "I saw Isamu die" Hikari finally broke into tears and hugged raven.

Raven was shocked by what Hikari said, Isamu dies and by Talsein. "Hikari are you sure? Could you have seen something different instead?" asked raven she didn't want to believe what Hikari said. She didn't want to believe the one person who loved her and would die for her is going to die.

"I have been having the same dream for the last few weeks raven. I thought at first it was fake but…raven I'm scared" said Hikari as she let go of raven and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Hikari I need you to tell me everything from the beginning to the end, okay?" raven wanted to know everything about the dream and hoped she could change it before it comes.

In an underground facility

Meanwhile in an abandon carnival outside the city was a man observing the past fights between Hikari, Isamu and the hollow through some monitors. Although the monitors shouldn't be able to see the fight he was able to see the fight meaning he could see soul reapers and hollows.

He was looking at the fight and was amused at what he was seeing, in his mind he was impressed by what he see's. "Impressive, these children are becoming much stronger than I once though they were. It's a shame I can't make them my apprentice thanks to Hanako, oh well I'll find someone else to fill that position. Hopefully one who will not betray and try to kill me like last time" the masked man was looking over the tapes of Hikari's fight and looked over the past fights Isamu was in, including the ones of his past fight with raven's brothers and Chiasa.

The masked man saw how Isamu and Hikari's powers work and knows how to handle them should he ever encounter them, but in his mind there was more to what he wanted out of these kids but knew he couldn't. "I may not be able to harm them but Hanako never did say anything about them coming to me. Then once they join me things will finally go as I want them to go" was what the masked man was thinking as he continued to observe the monitors and plot his next move. Before he did he heard a sound behind him and saw it was Misa Talsein's assassin.

"Here to kill me Misa or have you come with a message from your master?" the masked man saw Misa approach him with two masked assailants. They were wearing black's ninja clothing's and a ying yang mask on their faces.

"My master has a job for you Slade…in fact if you do well on it you can join us and become one of his new Generals" said Misa as she handed Slade a folder.

Slade opened it slowly and in it was a piece of paper with instructions on it. After Slade finished reading underneath his mask he was smirking at what Talsein wanted him to do. "When does the big bad wolf arrive?" asked slade.

"Tomorrow I hope you will be ready by then?" asked Misa as she and her men left the room.

Slade looked down on the paper and knew tomorrow was going to be an interesting day indeed. "Hmm it looks like it's going to be a interesting Valentines day indeed" said Slade as he crushed the paper, threw it away and went back to his work before tomorrow.

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