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I gulped, my hand hesitating over the door. The rain was continuously pouring down behind me, and right now I was just happy Charlie had moved into a house with a covered porch.

After the whole Volturi drama was over, Charlie and Sue… well, they got married. Who would've thought, right? Anyways, I'm really happy for him. They both decided to start new and bought a new house. It's still in Forks, but it's bigger (they have to fit the ever-growing werewolf Seth inside too) and in a smaller neighborhood.

Edward and I had this massive discussion last night, about whether I should tell Charlie what I was or not. He is actually the only one under his roof who doesn't know that vampires still exist, or that one of the largest covens besides the Volturi lives nearby… or that his daughter is part of it.

Edward and all the other Cullens were all for me revealing us to Charlie. After all, we were vegetarians; how much harm could we do?

I took a deep, unnecessary breath, calming my mind.

Just think through your options, Bella.

What options? You were all but forced out of the house to come here; don't you think Charlie deserves to know?

Yeah, but at what cost? Who knows when the Volturi could come back again? Anyone associated with me becomes associated with danger.

Better leaving him prepared then, don't you think?

Ok, shut up now.

All this internal confliction was happened to me in less than two seconds. Hey, I was a vampire now. My mind was extremely fast.

You know what? An extra day couldn't hurt.

As soon as I had the thought, the door swung open, and I was instinctively by my car door in half a second.

"Bells?" Charlie asked, stunned.

"Um, surprise?" I replied, raising myself from my crouch. "I just, dropped something," I said.

He smiled at me, his eyes crinkling up and he ran his hand through his dark hair. Cautiously, I stepped forward, smiling as convincingly as I could.

"It's good to see you Bells," he greeted, hugging me.

He had gotten more used to my cold skin, but I could still sense the tiny shivers that ran down his back every time we hugged.

"You're looking good, dad," I commented.

"Aw, you know your old man," he said, blushing faintly. "You look… the same as I last saw you," he said confusingly.

I gulped, suddenly very interested in the tiny snowflakes falling through the air.

"Bella!" Seth interrupted, saving us from our awkward moment. He bounded over and wrapped me in his long arms. His unnatural body heat stood out against the winter atmosphere. Actually, anyone who would hug him would just about faint. It's not everyday that you find someone alive with a temperature of 108 degrees. Those are werewolves for you.

"Hey, Seth! It's great to see you!" I said, pretending it hadn't been just last week when we met.

Charlie was allowed to visit regularly, but we rarely went over to visit him. Even if the weather was mostly overcast, we just couldn't risk it anymore, especially when word got out of Renesmee. People were starting to wonder.

To the public, Renesmee was Edward's orphaned niece, loosing both her parents in a tragic car accident. To everyone else, she was the biological daughter of Edward and I.

Renesmee had grown at an amazing rate. Just last year, she was the spitting image of a healthy four year old. Right now, she resembled a striking fourteen year old.

Ten years in one year.

We had been worried that she was going to live a short life, but we soon realized she would stay permanently frozen at around sixteen, just like the rest of us. Of course, now she was starting to respond to Jacob's attention.

Jacob had imprinted on my daughter. I know, weird, right? I mean, not everybody experiences their best friend falling in love with their daughter.

"Should we go inside?" Charlie asked, interrupting my thoughts.

"Yes, please. I think I'm going to freeze if I stay out here any longer." Might as well act a human as I can before I break the news to him.

We walked inside, and let me tell you, it was amazing compared to our old house. This one was properly lit and felt warm and cozy, instead of having a grim feeling all the time and empty cupboards. I could smell bread pudding baking in the oven… in exactly seven and a half minutes they would be perfect. What can I say? Vampire senses.

"Oh my goodness, Bella?" Sue asked, coming out of the kitchen. She had an apron and mittens on. Her hair was up in a loose bun with a bandana pushing it up. It was the perfect stereotype image for a housewife.

At first glance you wouldn't have guessed she was part of the Council of Elders back at La Push. When her husband Harry Clearwater, a good friend of Charlie, died, she was automatically placed in his position in the community. Of course, this helped a lot, because not long after his death, her son and daughter turned into werewolves. It was expected for Seth, but Leah was the first female werewolf. Ever.

"Hey, Sue," I greeted. We hugged awkwardly.

Things had never really been that great between Sue and I, but ever since her and Charlie got married, she's been slowly getting more used to me.

"Hmm, is that bread pudding I smell Sue?" I asked her, smiling.

She laughed. "I decided to try my hand at baking. I'm still skeptical."

"My guess is that they'll be done in about seven… no wait, six minutes," I whispered quietly.

"So dad! What's new with you?" I asked him as we all sat on the sofa.

"Oh, you know Bells. Same old. Nothing's been going on around here lately. No crimes, murders, or kidnappings… thank goodness for that."

"Great," I murmured, staring at the pale pallor of my flawless hands. "So Edward and I were discussing last night… and we came to a decision."

He sat up warily. "A decision? What the hell is that supposed to mean? I swear Isabella, if you dare disappear like you did last time…."

"Geez, dad, relax that's far from what I was going to say. Although it is related in some way."

Seth and Sue shot me warning glances, and I felt Seth tensing beside me.

"I think he needs to know," I said quietly, staring at the floor.

"Hey, whatever you think is best," Seth replied. "The treaty doesn't hold any violations about this."

"Wait, Seth knows? And what is this treaty?" Charlie asked, standing up.

"Honey, please," Sue pulled him back down, "just relax and listen to what Bella has to say."

Charlie gave a grunt, and waved me on.

So I began at the very start. I gave him a brief history of vampires.

"Bells, I know we just passed the Halloween season, but I don't need you to distract me with vampire history," he scoffed.

"I'm not just telling you vampire history," I explained. "I'm telling you the Cullens' – and now my own – history."

Charlie stared at me uncomprehendingly.

"Dad," I took a deep breath, unnecessary again, "the Cullens… they're not what everybody thinks they are. They're not human."

"What is the meaning of this Bella?" he asked, his posture rigid. "You mean to say they're directly related to vampires or something?"

"The Cullens are vampires."