"So Grandpa doesn't like vampires now, is that it?" Renesmee asked, tossing another magazine aside.

Renesmee was growing up just like any ordinary teenage girl. Although with her fast reading skills, she would've gone through about five hundred magazines in the past three months.

Her bronze hair was falling in smooth ringlets to right above her waist, and she was almost as tall as I was, the top of her head reaching my jaw line. Her body was slim and toned, and her cheeks had that permanent rosy glow.

Unlike the rest of her family, Renesmee actually had her own blood and slept. In fact, her temperature was just as extreme as Jacob and his pack. Well, there were two separate packs now: Jacob, Seth, and Leah; and then the rest of the La Push werewolves.

Anyways, my point was, Renesmee was drop dead gorgeous. And don't think Jake doesn't notice it either. Anytime I catch him staring for too long I feel like yanking his eyes out.

"I don't know sweetie," I said, aimlessly rearranging the furniture in our small cottage. "He's just… overwhelmed."

"I'll say," she replied, standing up and grabbing another magazine off the shelf. "Do you think this means he won't get me a present for Christmas?"

I laughed. "Renesmee!"

"Kidding," she said, holding up her hands. She plopped down on the couch with her feet dangling in the air.

"So what did you do today?" I asked her.

"The usual. Jake came today and he taught me how to fish down by the lake," she replied.

I clenched my fists. "Since when did Jake start fishing?"

"Since we were bored as hell and had nothing to do," she said matter-of-factly.

"Language," I reminded her.

"Oh please," she scoffed.

"Why don't you try hanging out with any of your other friends? You seem to spend every moment with Jacob. Go out with your girlfriends! Have a girls' night out or something!" I suggested, sitting down beside her.

Now that Renesmee was starting to grow less and less rapidly, we enrolled her into school. She was making new friends just fine, although she seemed to always gravitate towards Jake, stupid werewolf imprinting on my daughter. Renesmee didn't know that he had imprinted on her; she didn't even know what the word meant! But she did seem to notice his attention towards her. In fact, she found it flattering, which annoyed me.

"Why do you always keep pressuring me to hang out with people, mom?" she whined. "Can't you just let me do my own thing?"

I rolled my eyes. "Ok, ok, I'll back off."

Just then Edward walked in, and my heart skipped a beat. I thought that living with him for all this time would have made me more used to him by now… that is so not happening.

"Hi," I said, standing up and kissing him.

Renesmee made a gagging noise. We turned around and glared at her.

"Ok, I'll be in my room," she said, disappearing down the hall.

Edward held out his hand wordlessly, and I took it. I followed him out the door and then dropped his hand as we fell into our familiar running pattern. We kept a steady pace, not racing this time.

"What do you think?" I asked him. He knew what I meant.

"I think you're completely right. If Renesmee keeps on spending all her time with Jacob… well I'd hate to think what would happen when she gets old enough to realize the truth."

I shivered, picturing them walking hand in hand. It's not that I don't trust Jake; it's just that it'll be weird.

"Well, I guess better Jake than some stranger," I said. "She's got nothing to hide from him."

"Speaking of which," Edward added, "how do you feel about your dad?"

I shrugged, watching the leaves whip by. "I don't know. I just hate the feeling that now he's possibly… afraid of me. I hate it."

Edward slowed down and pulled me into his embrace. "I know Bella, but everything will be alright."

"How do you know?" I mumbled against his chest. "He's probably right at home now, convincing Sue to move with him halfway across the world to get away from me."

He chuckled, letting me loose. "Come on Bella, I'm hungry."

We quickly found a herd of gazelles, which we took down fairly quickly. I had mastered the art now, so that my clothes were almost as spotless as Edward's was after hunting.

"Full?" he asked me as I dropped the last carcass from my hands.

I rolled my eyes. Animal blood never fully satisfies our thirst. It dulls it, but it never completely goes away.

"Race you?" he asked, smiling teasingly.

I hesitated.

"Oh come on, I'll give you a minute head start," he persuaded.

I took off at 'come on'. I practically flew into the forest, laughing musically as the animals scuttled out of my way and the faint sunlight caressed my diamond skin. I shot out beams of rainbow light. Another pair of lights was reflecting to my left.

Crap, he's fast.

I pushed myself faster and harder. Although I knew that no matter what I do, I'll never win a race against Edward.