Jocasta's Pain

It cannot be true.

How could I have known?

The son that bore to you,

Murdered you and has become my husband.

Oh Laius, forgive me!

Our marriage bed is tainted

By incestuous impurity,

And forbidden children.

Oedipus, our king,

The man I bore children to.

I tear off my wedding ring,

And wail and weep and mourn.

Oh mighty Zeus, why?

What sins have I done,

For you to let my husband die,

By the hand of our child?

I have loved a murderer

And my son as well.

Great Aphrodite do you purr,

At the sounds of my regret?

Oedipus is close by.

I can hear him in his rage.

I know it is my time to die,

For I cannot face him.

Hades, Lord of the Dead,

Have mercy on my soul.

I would have never taken him to my bed,

If I had known the truth.

Apollo, you were right,

In all your prophecies.

It is now in the fading light,

That I hang and die.

This was a school project. Short and dark, I know. Still, I like it. Review`and I'll give you a toga. Why? TOGA'S ARE COOL!